Louise Tanjay
Louise Tanjay 14 timmar sedan
8:05 nikado avocado has joined the chat*
Jon Baritua
Jon Baritua 14 timmar sedan
Hahahahahahah.. man why did you have to say im cheating ... with a fly aahahahahahahaha
OnePunchMan 14 timmar sedan
died at 27 F
Angry Grievous
Angry Grievous 14 timmar sedan
Checked the 5 second preview and Im pain
Phillipsulphur 14 timmar sedan
so thats where batman gets their fortune
Thanatos 14 timmar sedan
Did I assume that he'll start shouting to inspire his colleagues? Deymn.
{DDLC} Model
{DDLC} Model 14 timmar sedan
Bruh the second dude pissed himself as soon as he put the vr headset on
Cody Emel-Miller
Cody Emel-Miller 15 timmar sedan
Call me crazy but Jimmy Williams sounds like Joe Biden
May Lam
May Lam 15 timmar sedan
how can they breath
Lexos aka alex
Lexos aka alex 15 timmar sedan
Bro this is the best channel on SEpost XD
General ZodTheGod
General ZodTheGod 15 timmar sedan
Good exercise
Rey Luis
Rey Luis 15 timmar sedan
I thought octo cant ready? How did he read his wife message
Mickie Valley
Mickie Valley 15 timmar sedan
Bullets r made of led...
Someone 15 timmar sedan
Gta v be like:
Jeff 15 timmar sedan
Man they didnt wrap it "up"