Granite 11 timmar sedan
Del Sa
Del Sa 11 timmar sedan
hen thanos snapped, he was originally going to meet the cosmic tribunal. They decided to change it in the movie cuz it would have benn too hard to explain to the normies
Erfan 81
Erfan 81 11 timmar sedan
Those kids deserve to get yeeted....
Roy 12 timmar sedan
Is this gonna be the explosm-verse?
Antisimex 12 timmar sedan
This is now my favorite anime
אה לא!
אה לא! 12 timmar sedan
C&H Cinematic Universe
charblsaur 12 timmar sedan
All of it led up to this
Lewis Family
Lewis Family 12 timmar sedan
The ultimate match up
Khukri_Wielder XXX
Khukri_Wielder XXX 12 timmar sedan
Will part three have.... Buy one get one free Fred?
Moboots 12 timmar sedan
Still waiting for a joe zombie finale
Daemon Bloodrose
Daemon Bloodrose 12 timmar sedan
Ladies Night made me laugh so hard
Aloha 12 timmar sedan
The one man even thanos is scared of
SadSovietSpy 12 timmar sedan
Oooo dam C&H lore be getting a big boost today!
Loveleen Abante
Loveleen Abante 12 timmar sedan
Ew the fart is in jar im killing this video
Technoslime :/
Technoslime :/ 12 timmar sedan
It’s better than marvel wtff
Zachary Campbell
Zachary Campbell 12 timmar sedan
Yes!! I have been waiting for a sequel to half off Oscar, I was literally just thinking about half off Oscar and then I open my SEpost and the first thing I see is half off 2.... if that isn’t fate I don’t know what is.
No Advertising
No Advertising 12 timmar sedan
Chop vs Clap Hahahha XD
Xyler Koss
Xyler Koss 12 timmar sedan
There is no limit to his power
MULTIplayerRK Media
MULTIplayerRK Media 12 timmar sedan
With their superhero-themed shorts being released every now and then- I’m guessing they’re really itching to set up for a Cyanide & Happiness Cinematic Universe, or CHCU
Jake Harney
Jake Harney 12 timmar sedan
Him saying on the double was suuuuper fucking ominous
Keisha Robinson
Keisha Robinson 12 timmar sedan
need more mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmoooooooooooooooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
NGHD 141
NGHD 141 12 timmar sedan
You predicted infinity war bc of half stuff
TheSuperduperzach 12 timmar sedan
This one's good it made me laugh
Nick Ferrazza
Nick Ferrazza 12 timmar sedan
It's worth mentioning that a 2-for-1 sale is fundamentally the same thing as a half price sale, except you have to buy two for the sale to go through.
ToonGamer Studios
ToonGamer Studios 12 timmar sedan
Half off Oscar is my favorite so awesome
Light Zang
Light Zang 12 timmar sedan
Thought Ted Bear was gonna make the ultimate comeback telling us how to survive getting cut in half.
Caleb Peters
Caleb Peters 12 timmar sedan
***they clash***
Oyska_G 12 timmar sedan
Sinytulo 12 timmar sedan
Mha’s one for all vs all for one in a nutshell
Jerome Alday
Jerome Alday 12 timmar sedan
Ngl i had chills all over my body
Ziro animations
Ziro animations 12 timmar sedan
Don’t like this comment? I’LL CUT IT IM HALF!
Sai Krishna
Sai Krishna 12 timmar sedan
I love his bgm!
Archerd Agreste
Archerd Agreste 12 timmar sedan
That doesn't make sense they haven't come out of there house in years and how did that baby survive it didn't have any food or water and he still grew that makes no sense
Flobothe Hobo
Flobothe Hobo 12 timmar sedan
What about your children two for one
Copycat 12 timmar sedan
oh no he knows the kamehamehalf thats the ultimate half move
Kaiser Maximal
Kaiser Maximal 12 timmar sedan
This is a better story than half of the things that Hollywood makes.
HorrorExpressCossackfan1972 live
HorrorExpressCossackfan1972 live 12 timmar sedan
0:07 top 10 saddest anime moments
Spedyganzals 12 timmar sedan
The plot thickens
Red Riot 5661
Red Riot 5661 12 timmar sedan
The half off guy looks like he has "One For All", you know from "my hero academia"???
Robert Patrician
Robert Patrician 12 timmar sedan
I am more invested in the C&H worldbuilding than I am in the DC Universe.
Andrew Chia
Andrew Chia 12 timmar sedan
0:43 was kinda expecting him to say "half of everything"
Ender Phantom
Ender Phantom 12 timmar sedan
OffKey Arts
OffKey Arts 12 timmar sedan
This was amazing.
AwesomeNick94 12 timmar sedan
The best animated they’ve ever done?
Volfan 1630
Volfan 1630 12 timmar sedan
New avengers movie leaked
Phil Landsberg
Phil Landsberg 12 timmar sedan
"the last drop of my infinite strength..?"
Neetu Rai
Neetu Rai 13 timmar sedan
I didn't even notice he's the Thanos of the cynaide and happiness universe
cookiegirl14uwu 13 timmar sedan
that was.. actually really helpful, and I'm not being sarcastic.. yeah I know it was a funny video, but it made me think more deeply about how limited our time is that we have with each other.. and how sometimes we neglect spending enough time with our family and friends.. relationships are something we should hold close to us like a candle in the dark, keeping us warm and shining on the path we walk together
MultiPlatform Gamer
MultiPlatform Gamer 13 timmar sedan
MultiPlatform Gamer
MultiPlatform Gamer 13 timmar sedan
Nitro Bomber
Nitro Bomber 13 timmar sedan
Granny got some cake
Christian Q. Encierto
Christian Q. Encierto 13 timmar sedan
new meme template 0:31
Skinny Jeeves
Skinny Jeeves 13 timmar sedan
I want half off to win cos he sounds like Arthur Morgan
Aaron Demming
Aaron Demming 13 timmar sedan
Loved it
Gabe, The Prowler King
Gabe, The Prowler King 13 timmar sedan
I swear if 2-for-1 guy happens to pull a Iron Man scene I'm gonna cry ;w;
crafty boi
crafty boi 13 timmar sedan
All the non-Catholics :P
R.C. Jones
R.C. Jones 13 timmar sedan
Yasssss. I love this dude.
Patrick La Rose
Patrick La Rose 13 timmar sedan
That dentist one is giving me nightmares
Enjie Bethrin
Enjie Bethrin 13 timmar sedan
I wish all it took to travel was just coats (and stamina)
Brave Sir Robin
Brave Sir Robin 13 timmar sedan
It’s enough to make a grown man cry 😢
aidan shehee
aidan shehee 13 timmar sedan
Ah yes the big amusing
NCR Veteran Ranger
NCR Veteran Ranger 13 timmar sedan
I need this drug now for uh research
SOSHELP王 13 timmar sedan
cut it half!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
F_X 13 timmar sedan
I actually would pay to see what happens next, this is real good 🔥💯
romanhardware 13 timmar sedan
I'm rooting for Oscar
Vince Christian Clariza
Vince Christian Clariza 13 timmar sedan
EchoBravo Gaming
EchoBravo Gaming 13 timmar sedan
Never in my life have I needed something so much and never known until I received it... - TFS Vegeta
Feenix 13 timmar sedan
Can't wait to see you guys for Half off 3 in 2023
Joel Lauzon
Joel Lauzon 13 timmar sedan
Yes I am.