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Master child man 08
Master child man 08 6 dagar sedan
I think the fact that the content was 1 second and the other 24 seconds was intro and outro is hilarious
YouTubeRocks76 18 dagar sedan
Who else was expecting this to be longer?
Baldibruh965 waterson
Baldibruh965 waterson Månad sedan
high horse
Brandon Brekke
Brandon Brekke Månad sedan
I don't know what I was expecting. It wasn't that. 🤔
Emsanii Månad sedan
Hi high horse Baddum ching
Clark Luduweiss
Clark Luduweiss 3 månader sedan
They probably got a lightning in a bottle
VictoBoi 3 månader sedan
The intro is longer than the actual video
LaShante' Fisher
LaShante' Fisher 3 månader sedan
I had to watch twice. I thought the horse had gold grills. I never would of realized that he was holding and smoking a blunt until the second time I watched it. Maybe because I was on my high horse 🤣😂😂
Vyjz 3 månader sedan
I love how there's more intro and outro than there is actual video
maximo SSSavedra
maximo SSSavedra 3 månader sedan
Is that it?
Richard Westlake
Richard Westlake 3 månader sedan
Horses don’t smoke 🚭
Brandon Moore
Brandon Moore 3 månader sedan
Wait until the horse smokes him
Sawyer Neilson
Sawyer Neilson 3 månader sedan
I’ve said this before, but C&H should take these shorts and just do their own ASDF movie
constuff 3 månader sedan
MarushinGaming 3 månader sedan
I vomit watching this
Riru Rieu
Riru Rieu 3 månader sedan
Sir I'm always watch your video And I'm to much motivated from your chennal and I just start creating cartoons
Old_Tech 3 månader sedan
I expected a laugh track
Jamaya Howard
Jamaya Howard 3 månader sedan
this was faster than my online classes
Federico Beltrame
Federico Beltrame 3 månader sedan
Very scarce content. I miss the old videos
SmashLiXs 3 månader sedan
this made me laugh harder than it should've
This is My dog Hailey
This is My dog Hailey 3 månader sedan
Btw the song in the beginning and end is called gaiety of the golden age
Honey is Sweet
Honey is Sweet 3 månader sedan
Well that was unexpected
KittyMeow 3 månader sedan
Short and sweet
Alaa alnajjar
Alaa alnajjar 3 månader sedan
wait, is this just an intro and an outro?
steveskol 3 månader sedan
Someone is watching key and peele sketches...
Tahmoney X
Tahmoney X 3 månader sedan
Next video should be leader America it’s like Captain America but cyanide and happiness version of him The primary color should be red in the secondary color should be blue
Sir Parupple
Sir Parupple 3 månader sedan
Can you just upload the Happines show outro ?
saiful islam khan
saiful islam khan 3 månader sedan
LGA virul me
XxLegitScopesxX 3 månader sedan
Bring back purgatony
Valjin 3 månader sedan
When the intro is longer than the actual video lul
John Loewin Bagano
John Loewin Bagano 3 månader sedan
Enrique Ortega
Enrique Ortega 3 månader sedan
I love stupid jokes
Siyano 3 månader sedan
25 seconds video for a 5 seconds joke
yes 3 månader sedan
no short pls
Reflex Gamez
Reflex Gamez 3 månader sedan
Isn't there a similar joke in a Key and Peel skit? The lightning in a bottle one?
Ethan Cosgrove
Ethan Cosgrove 3 månader sedan
It’s like the same joke
Mohammed Ali
Mohammed Ali 3 månader sedan
Haha so so funny LOL
Kaio Santos
Kaio Santos 3 månader sedan
Fas um video brasileiro porvavor
M M 3 månader sedan
that horse looks pretty high....yeah nice feeling
Florin Geukens
Florin Geukens 3 månader sedan
When the intro and the outro are longer then the content
Steve Robbins
Steve Robbins 3 månader sedan
Short and sweet.
Navu 3 månader sedan
Just started and ended.. its like you said hello to someone going across the street
Fadli Saputra
Fadli Saputra 3 månader sedan
Lexy Martinez
Lexy Martinez 3 månader sedan
Please make a compilation#28 i want to see more
Malone_ Epic
Malone_ Epic 3 månader sedan
I joined the discord and was in it for a few days and I got banned for no reason, unsubbing..
Muffin.Digital 3 månader sedan
Great, the Horse was get high
Will Cribb
Will Cribb 3 månader sedan
The short itself was literally just 4 seconds long. We all clicked on a 25 second video for 4 seconds of actual content. What are we doing? Why are we doing this? Is there really nothing else?
Sir Gerald
Sir Gerald 3 månader sedan
Bruh this one wasn't even good
Qual comm
Qual comm 3 månader sedan
Only drug addict understand this
Kiddojaythegreat 09
Kiddojaythegreat 09 3 månader sedan
StarLord YT
StarLord YT 3 månader sedan
what is this abut? i don't get the joke...
Alterna Masaki
Alterna Masaki 3 månader sedan
When the intro and outro are longer then the actual animation.
The Ganjacologist
The Ganjacologist 3 månader sedan
I mean a high horse would be the most docile horse. I'd ride his ass before I got on a sober one. If horses are even sober to begin with. Crazy bastards.
Regular Invader
Regular Invader 3 månader sedan
The bigger question is, who gave the horse a joint?
autin jones
autin jones 3 månader sedan
Probs just just some hippy "Sharing the love" ):
Jyavant 3 månader sedan
I love-hate these shorts. While they’re entertaining, they’re just as long as the intro (
music Studio
music Studio 3 månader sedan
BlueSpark 3 månader sedan
Good just that the animation is less than 1/5 of the video lol.
Ninja Hombrepalito
Ninja Hombrepalito 3 månader sedan
Simple, but it hit the spot XD
Bailey Angus
Bailey Angus 3 månader sedan
High horse hehehe
emanh4keem _san
emanh4keem _san 3 månader sedan
Highest in the box
Keith Sulite
Keith Sulite 3 månader sedan
Shrek 3 månader sedan
Robbie Steel
Robbie Steel 3 månader sedan
Green Shirt Guy: Get off that high horse!
Kushal Sarda
Kushal Sarda 3 månader sedan
How many of you felt, the video ended even before it started? 😁
Clay Soggyfries
Clay Soggyfries 3 månader sedan
Straight to the point
Ho Mina
Ho Mina 3 månader sedan
The thumbnail lied to me...
Daniel Reinhardt
Daniel Reinhardt 3 månader sedan
Play this game called Roblox
Nintendo Antarctica
Nintendo Antarctica 3 månader sedan
I hove how the skit itself is like 3 seconds and the other 22 seconds are just the intro and outro
Play king
Play king 3 månader sedan
I no longer need my work because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
TheMarkDavis 3 månader sedan
Why the credits longer than cartoon??
PsychedelicPez 3 månader sedan
That horse is blitzed out of it's mind lol
Slime Soup
Slime Soup 3 månader sedan
"Man i wonder what cyanide and happiness is up to" *ok*
meh whatever
meh whatever 3 månader sedan
Uhhh When did Cy anide and Happiness became this short?
Isaac _
Isaac _ 3 månader sedan
I blinked and missed it
Aryan Jha
Aryan Jha 3 månader sedan
Rayanxmanettes 3 månader sedan
Ahh yes the classic
VAIBHAV GURUNG 3 månader sedan
A joke so simple it goes straight through you like you was a hole.
TCTS Studios
TCTS Studios 3 månader sedan
because what's safe for you is... getting from town to town in your Cadillac 🚗
Aron Que Marr
Aron Que Marr 3 månader sedan
Key and Peele did in this pun in the lightning in a bottle video.
LJG 3 månader sedan
Love that the intro is longer than the actual content hahaha
Jason Jones
Jason Jones 3 månader sedan
Matija Djurica
Matija Djurica 3 månader sedan
I like how the short is 5 seconds long and the video is 25
Faizan Mulla
Faizan Mulla 3 månader sedan
I watched 30sec ads for this high horse 😑
42jwiener 3 månader sedan
Look at that horse. That horse is amazing!
Sardor Gang
Sardor Gang 3 månader sedan
Hossein Heyatzadeh
Hossein Heyatzadeh 3 månader sedan
Credits more than the content.
GreenGamer2401 3 månader sedan
make again purgatony
mincraft game
mincraft game 3 månader sedan
كم عربي في هاضا الماقتاع😁😁😁
PlugPlayz YT
PlugPlayz YT 3 månader sedan
XEGON 3 månader sedan
BRUH too short ,sorry not that good
Oromie X
Oromie X 3 månader sedan
That horses face reminds me of the demon rape horse from berserk
_m4dzz 3 månader sedan
I get a notification 15 hours later. Well done youtube
I 3 månader sedan
i am satisfied
Cekrom 3 månader sedan
A timeless classic =D
Carson Baker
Carson Baker 3 månader sedan
This must be a record profit margin for this short - miniscule new animation needed. The horse doesn't move and the other guy blinks once.
Nerwik 3 månader sedan
such a lazy content xD :D:D
preston plas73
preston plas73 3 månader sedan
I am never goi
Cj Plays
Cj Plays 3 månader sedan
for some reason this joke isnt funny
GB 3 månader sedan
Wait. Isn't that the horse from horsing around?
Mark Jade
Mark Jade 3 månader sedan
You guys..... Are hilarious
Max ghost105
Max ghost105 3 månader sedan
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