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Tallyban JoJo
Tallyban JoJo Månad sedan
Just watched a cartoon dude nut to a armpit fart😐
A Fork
A Fork Månad sedan
Nugget Theory it's my proudest
Soaring Faithfully 1111
Soaring Faithfully 1111 Månad sedan
*Falls to knees & looks at hands in acceptance of realistic lifestyle* "omg..."
Slasherdeath070 Månad sedan
@ExplosmEntertainment that's the best thing I've heard in my ENTIRE LIFE! 🤣🤘
LOL FACE Månad sedan
Saint-Tubercule wait what
LOL FACE Månad sedan
Nugget Theory wait what
Gavin Adams
Gavin Adams Dag sedan
Christina Davies
Christina Davies 5 dagar sedan
I don't know why I like this so much. Golly I always find weird things and like them.
Christina Davies
Christina Davies 5 dagar sedan
If you don't then look it up
Spaghettiman 8 dagar sedan
Fart fetish is an actual fetish, just so you all know.
EmberEyes Official
EmberEyes Official 20 dagar sedan
I don't know what to comment nor reply to this
Lasajnaè Nae
Lasajnaè Nae 23 dagar sedan
Washing his underwear everyday would be REALLY TIRING
Kyle Martin
Kyle Martin 24 dagar sedan
God damn it...i laughed to hard at this
Sans The Skeleton
Sans The Skeleton 25 dagar sedan
*”Well, that was idiotic! Off to hang myself, watch and learn-“*
King JOKER__
King JOKER__ 29 dagar sedan
Some odd reason I got hard and laughed at this
Selina Abraham
Selina Abraham Månad sedan
Lightinguy20 Månad sedan
Snow Fox
Snow Fox Månad sedan
This is going to suck when his dad farts
Gak R
Gak R Månad sedan
Say hello to my little friend
Clay Soggyfries
Clay Soggyfries Månad sedan
Cheetah the Cat
Cheetah the Cat Månad sedan
I hate this
订阅 Månad sedan
Made me chuckle
King Of White Powder
King Of White Powder Månad sedan
Wow now I'm horny, weird.
Just a kid who makes content
Just a kid who makes content Månad sedan
Doctor: Jim why are you like this
BAK Robert Johnston
BAK Robert Johnston Månad sedan
Hey no stop
lisa tombs
lisa tombs Månad sedan
Watch Episode 8
LegendaryCat245 Månad sedan
I don't know how many times I can watch this, I will just start to die laughing it hurts XD
SomeFlatSoda 987
SomeFlatSoda 987 Månad sedan
Oh sh*t I didn't disconnect the Bluetooth speaker
Glitchy Månad sedan
Wish I thought I was the only one
Insert Name
Insert Name Månad sedan
Didn't expect a Ahegao Face lol
roboninja saur
roboninja saur Månad sedan
how much did you have to pay someone to utter that noise
ZHANG YUAN Månad sedan
I don’t get it?
tyrantdawn V
tyrantdawn V Månad sedan
We need a "New Years Eve" series one!!!!!
Lime_Gradient Månad sedan
What happened to the d***?
Roypadclashing Månad sedan
I don’t know what I expected but it wasn’t that
Darkstar248 Månad sedan
I'm dying.....Hahahahahahaha!
???????? Månad sedan
I was expecting something funny but this was weird funny
Wars of the Blade
Wars of the Blade Månad sedan
MemeTeam! [MT]
MemeTeam! [MT] Månad sedan
Benny Månad sedan
Well that guy knows rule 34 applys to anything That rule 34 infected
Tanzerite Nye
Tanzerite Nye Månad sedan
Just think, someone animated this lol good job guys!
HotBistroGaming Månad sedan
Only people who didn't come from tiktok are worthy of liking this
Damon Aura
Damon Aura Månad sedan
C U Y. I couldn't tell if it was immature or premature he said.
Alpha raccoon
Alpha raccoon Månad sedan
Imagine pitching this idea for an animation “Yeah so basically this guy nuts to an armpit fart” “Yeah and then what?” “...That’s it”
:O Månad sedan
Regan Richardson
Regan Richardson Månad sedan
Apocryphus X
Apocryphus X Månad sedan
just got up back after drop-dead-laughter!
Plague Doctor
Plague Doctor Månad sedan
I found this on an abandoned discord with a post just labeled "Cum.mp4"
Nameless King
Nameless King Månad sedan
That was kinda hot
Ian Kensington
Ian Kensington Månad sedan
OwO UwU Månad sedan
Someone *scripted* this, someone had *draw* this, someone had to *ANIMATE* this, *SOMEONE HAD TO VOICE ACT THIS*
Nunuk Nyiarti
Nunuk Nyiarti Månad sedan
How Giorno said the n word:
Ajakks Månad sedan
Eh sometimes it really do be like that.
Puzzled Månad sedan
Spongebob must be like porn to him
Killer B zero
Killer B zero Månad sedan
*lonley island playing* "i just did an arm fart, then i JIZZED IN MY PANTS!"
Little Game Dude
Little Game Dude Månad sedan
just imagine if somebody had taco bell
Diogo Souza
Diogo Souza Månad sedan
"Im sorry"? This is like a superpower.
Balthazar Nielsen
Balthazar Nielsen Månad sedan
Here's your 19997th like, C&H. Sorry i couldnt give you the 20000th like
Jaune Arc
Jaune Arc Månad sedan
Im still wondering if they made some dude nut on cue
Furrys Are the best
Furrys Are the best Månad sedan
Milli Kitty
Milli Kitty Månad sedan
What The fu-?!
Sithirak Yin AstronX-51
Sithirak Yin AstronX-51 Månad sedan
The dude on the thumbnail has a green shirt
kittensandkats mk
kittensandkats mk Månad sedan
Well then...
Mastjh 21
Mastjh 21 Månad sedan
First time?
Michael Buehler
Michael Buehler Månad sedan
A good play on words.
DODO Månad sedan
Well, this is the most bizarre thing I have seen on SEpost today
Itachi Uchiha
Itachi Uchiha Månad sedan
Me at 11pm watching 'cool' vids 0:14
Sakuya Izayoi
Sakuya Izayoi Månad sedan
Great day today this animation was posted on the day of my birthday
Dark lord
Dark lord Månad sedan
First To say that There not first
Can I get 69k subs?
Can I get 69k subs? Månad sedan
Well .....this is not getting monetized..😭
Can I get 69k subs?
Can I get 69k subs? Månad sedan
Can I get 69k subs?
Can I get 69k subs? Månad sedan
This channel went from 200k subs to 10.5 makes me feel old....
BABA YAGA Månad sedan
Bring back Purgatony!
HuevitoShinno Månad sedan
Girls trying to get more suscribers in 2020: 0:14
Alexx Blacksong
Alexx Blacksong Månad sedan
They left out a card: "And that's how I met your father."
OMGitsWILLIAM Månad sedan
So he can't watch cyanide and happiness anymore. How tragic.
jesse mogeni
jesse mogeni Månad sedan
Dude what should I say😆
gamer boy høilund
gamer boy høilund Månad sedan
i think i am crazy.
Joseph Campanil
Joseph Campanil Månad sedan
I DONT GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Someone tell me I DONT GET IT
Danish MSk
Danish MSk Månad sedan
Fastest Man Alive
Rajarshi Biswas
Rajarshi Biswas Månad sedan
Imagine being so good that finally your stereotypical fans stop writing "Plot twist" in the comments
Minecraft Boyz
Minecraft Boyz Månad sedan
The hell?
Valerie Ewald
Valerie Ewald Månad sedan
Well that escalated quickly
010 101
010 101 Månad sedan
Andrew Li
Andrew Li Månad sedan
imagine scrolling through the memes reddit page
Idc2 Månad sedan
He watched too much Hentai I think…
m k
m k Månad sedan
Weirdo 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Supremacy 98
Supremacy 98 Månad sedan
Now that’s some childish ejaculation...
Entertainment for dummies
Entertainment for dummies Månad sedan
Warning issued in public interest : Never, again I say, never ever watch C&H videos while eating food. Regards
Sheeple Slayer
Sheeple Slayer Månad sedan
Of course 🤔
Peter Astorga
Peter Astorga Månad sedan
Baha Månad sedan
I don't see how bad ducks have anything to do with this
VAULT-BOY CULT Månad sedan
Maybe he likes it?
the blue deadpool
the blue deadpool Månad sedan
He should avoid florida. Very little maturity here
Gilles kpade
Gilles kpade Månad sedan
Honey give me some more
Unlawful tea Productions
Unlawful tea Productions Månad sedan
Excuse me what
consicedisc Månad sedan
Well... I gotta stop spending so much time on this platform man
Beanz Bamboozled
Beanz Bamboozled Månad sedan
kattastic9999 Månad sedan
Fifteen thousand dollars well spent!
ochou333 Månad sedan
Donkey Kong In Your Comments
Donkey Kong In Your Comments Månad sedan
Imagine being able to nut at will
Polizard Månad sedan
What is this a hentai
Polizard Månad sedan
Person Månad sedan
this is just not funny at all
Aaron Watanabe
Aaron Watanabe Månad sedan
Julian Molina
Julian Molina Månad sedan
That face tho
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