Barbershop Quartet GONE SEXUAL | Cyanide & Happiness Monday Mashup

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Enjoy the musical stylings of a Barbershop Quartet followed by a Duet
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Crippled Pig Toy
Crippled Pig Toy 8 dagar sedan
In all seriousness I hope they got payed well
Andres Gutierrez
Andres Gutierrez 20 dagar sedan
0:45 this is like first real song they actually sing
DanielTheDaring TV
DanielTheDaring TV 27 dagar sedan
This is sick in a good way. Especially at the end when the guy cries as if he stubbed his toes.
The Nerd Beast
The Nerd Beast 28 dagar sedan
"I need someone with bigger balls" Me: How about that baritone? baritone: "Because she's fucking meeeeeeeeee...." I knew it
Sahil Kulkarni
Sahil Kulkarni Månad sedan
Coffin dance people are in cartoon😄
Adrian Juarez
Adrian Juarez Månad sedan
0:46 straight to the song
Jayzel Joseph Gutierrez
Jayzel Joseph Gutierrez Månad sedan
akamax Månad sedan
freak a leek moe neek
Heather Wilson
Heather Wilson Månad sedan
They are great singers
Yama UduakThanks be to God
Yama UduakThanks be to God Månad sedan
Patrick Wang
Patrick Wang Månad sedan
Him: “How much did this even cost?” Quartet: “It was allllll freeeeee...” Oldest of the quartet: *”Because she’s fucking me...”* Him: *whimpers* XD
bearking studio's
bearking studio's Månad sedan
Before they said because she's tucking me I knew they are gona say that
Jack's imagination
Jack's imagination 2 månader sedan
This is a very good video I really like it this one really make me laugh 😂
Chocolate Milky
Chocolate Milky 2 månader sedan
Where can I buy the album
C. ArtisticStudios
C. ArtisticStudios 2 månader sedan
Indeed the songs are hilarious as hell, but the singers... JUST GORGEOUS VOICES. I CAN'T AAAAAAAAAAAA-
Tim Kirven
Tim Kirven 2 månader sedan
We are not freaks
DangerIncreased 2 månader sedan
Enough trap nation music for today 😅
Dameon Ryan
Dameon Ryan 2 månader sedan
The guy in surgery died instantly thats not their fault
Big S
Big S 2 månader sedan
The choirs are great like what fhe frick
Yonathan Meyerzon
Yonathan Meyerzon 2 månader sedan
Nae Nae
Nae Nae 3 månader sedan
Who else was reminded of the vultures from the jungle book?
Conner Scoggins
Conner Scoggins 3 månader sedan
SkyBrigidRain 3 månader sedan
HOLY SHIT! Freakpocalypse is gonna be playable on SteamOS + Linux!!! Wishlisted the hell out of it!!!
Romanus Dracovin
Romanus Dracovin 3 månader sedan
Freakpocalypse should give you the choice to create your own character. That would be hella fun
Shred III
Shred III 3 månader sedan
Holakase 3 månader sedan
My god THE GIRL IS PAM!! - - > 2:37
Xx_AvakiNator_xX 3 månader sedan
I can't be the only one that misses the old intro
Epic 3 månader sedan
1:54 turn on captions [Laughter]
Violet Purcell
Violet Purcell 3 månader sedan
is it bad that i want to work for these guys ;v;
Deity games
Deity games 3 månader sedan
I have a switch yay
osreveR lE
osreveR lE 3 månader sedan
This quartet need to sing Bohemian Rhapsody... Betcha they'll sound amazing
LIT Productions
LIT Productions 3 månader sedan
Herofish Lab
Herofish Lab 3 månader sedan
Um will the game coming this summer be free or you need to pay? PLEASE SAY YES I HAVE A NINTENDO
The predator
The predator 3 månader sedan
Hope if they make game for Android 😬
ron h
ron h 3 månader sedan
Ponytails and titties!!!
Dalibor Tepsic
Dalibor Tepsic 3 månader sedan
is best song ever
LõñÊ WæRRÌôR 3 månader sedan
Holly shit...they got angel voice...
yrussq 3 månader sedan
I like how the Heart-Rate Machine harmonized with sliding the pitch aaand the line on the screen 2:10 :))) lol
BLUE DRAGON BANDIT 3 månader sedan
Oh My gooooood Subtitle: laughter
Sam Farek
Sam Farek 3 månader sedan
That last one though
Three Microseconds Building Incorporated
Three Microseconds Building Incorporated 3 månader sedan
I like how the chorus is in harmony with the cardiogram’s D
Random Person
Random Person 3 månader sedan
A Classic
Max ghost105
Max ghost105 3 månader sedan
I thought that taxi was going blow up when hit that tree
Cherryblossom ink
Cherryblossom ink 3 månader sedan
Is it already out on the switch the game
Mason Mayes
Mason Mayes 3 månader sedan
Notice how the bigger the mustache the lower the voice
Robert 917
Robert 917 3 månader sedan
I think I have seen these forms along time ago
hot bread
hot bread 3 månader sedan
The mustaches evolve in the first short
aiboyswich 3 månader sedan
they have returned
Perry the Blyatapus
Perry the Blyatapus 3 månader sedan
Who cyanide and happiness blow to get their game on switch
monte's ent
monte's ent 3 månader sedan
When they started dancing they mutted🔥🔥
neodarkend 3 månader sedan
I never noticed that the Quartet was lined up by mustache size.
Warby Productions
Warby Productions 3 månader sedan
I watched this at RTX 2018 lol
[Insert Text Here]
[Insert Text Here] 3 månader sedan
I love it how they have different levels of mustache
Retard Gang
Retard Gang 3 månader sedan
*ʸᵒᵘ ᵍᵒᵗ ⁿᶦᶜᵉ ᵗᶦᵗˢ*
Just watching
Just watching 3 månader sedan
Excited to play the game!! Totally going to download it
V I 3 månader sedan
oh so you copy the southpark video game?
NazoGirl1 / 謎ガール1
NazoGirl1 / 謎ガール1 3 månader sedan
Doncarlo Agustino
Doncarlo Agustino 3 månader sedan
I got an extra kick from how useless the auto-generated captions were 😂
Ester Elvira
Ester Elvira 3 månader sedan
Why do some people have many subcribers but their views is less?
Faygo 3 månader sedan
That singing was amazing ngl
Tom Spiegel
Tom Spiegel 3 månader sedan
That last bit was way too loud.
KelleGaming24 3 månader sedan
Little mustache to big mustache lol
Fahad B
Fahad B 3 månader sedan
I like how the mustaches gradually get thicker
Reaper 3 månader sedan
Check Traffic cone boy Check traffic cone boy now
Check Traffic cone boy Check traffic cone boy now 3 månader sedan
The end
Check Traffic cone boy Check traffic cone boy now
Check Traffic cone boy Check traffic cone boy now 3 månader sedan
Epic Gamer
Epic Gamer 3 månader sedan
I like how the quality gets progressively worse, then back up again
MoonFlux 3 månader sedan
Next time i see my GF: 3:10
PickledPie 270
PickledPie 270 3 månader sedan
iBersk 3 månader sedan
What are he and she singing? Someone tell me plz?
Garrett Parks
Garrett Parks 3 månader sedan
is it free?
Jam M
Jam M 3 månader sedan
The Duet's one of my favourite shorts. And the barbershop quartet is just great in general.
Mmmm Homie
Mmmm Homie 3 månader sedan
We aren’t gonna talk about how their mustaches get smaller per dude
amina ebrahim
amina ebrahim 3 månader sedan
My sister got the idea to dump her bf from the first one
Rukh Talos
Rukh Talos 3 månader sedan
Plot twist: The Bass was actually catfishing the guy.
1000 subs with no videos Challenge
1000 subs with no videos Challenge 3 månader sedan
Time traveler here: C&H are releasing a new short: Dating App. -Jul 2, 2020 @ 10:11 AM PST
SLAPPICO Holo 3 månader sedan
And they had lots of sex after that
Ethan Guy
Ethan Guy 3 månader sedan
I'm a sucker for barber shop quartets
Miles Martin
Miles Martin 3 månader sedan
Plot twist: when he said she's fucking me, he meant she is me.
Amino games
Amino games 3 månader sedan
Is this game will be aviable on Android
Purpellent 3 månader sedan
only steam and switch
Dennis Taylor 3
Dennis Taylor 3 3 månader sedan
Make a Ted bear 3
Matthew Rolling
Matthew Rolling 3 månader sedan
The ending is always the best part
Alex Davis
Alex Davis 3 månader sedan
The mustache evolution
Miami-san Tioca
Miami-san Tioca 3 månader sedan
I dont speak english (I live in Russian) but this amazing :)
Devin Daniels
Devin Daniels 3 månader sedan
I’m so hyped for when they drop a release date for Freakpocalypse
ItsProf 3 månader sedan
Awesome cool person
Awesome cool person 3 månader sedan
The first one was great
usuario ordinario
usuario ordinario 3 månader sedan
espero la traduccion para el juego uwu
MischievousLich 3 månader sedan
Getting tired of them constantly re-posting old skits like make some new ones ffs
blake avila
blake avila 3 månader sedan
Explosmentertainment stopped being capable of making a video I liked 5 years ago
Michael Buckley
Michael Buckley 3 månader sedan
Will freak game be on mobile
Purpellent 3 månader sedan
switch and steam
music weeb
music weeb 3 månader sedan
Nice mushtash
Ola Chaberek
Ola Chaberek 3 månader sedan
Taxi driver was the best!
Jethilius Avalar
Jethilius Avalar 3 månader sedan
H34 THR? What's that a reference to?
DreddDizzah 3 månader sedan
When you haven't watched C&H for a year so some of the mashup sketches are new to you
Caliph Champion
Caliph Champion 3 månader sedan
Hear me out: 2020 recap by the Quartet
bink 3 månader sedan
Widać że zgapiają projekt szczur
Maftuh Billah Tri Saputro
Maftuh Billah Tri Saputro 3 månader sedan
3:13 Is this country music? 🤔
Jonathan Volsky
Jonathan Volsky 3 månader sedan
Oh come on guys! Social distancing
Armin Abdi
Armin Abdi 3 månader sedan
That's too many barbershop quartet videos.
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