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Moses, come forward...
Cyanide and Happiness delivers daily comics to your face-hole on explosm.net since 2005!
Created By: Rob DenBleyker, Kris Wilson, Dave McElfatrick
Directed By: Bill Jones
Screenplay By: Bill Jones
Story By: Bill Jones, Joel Watson, Dave McElfatrick
Voice Actors:
Burning Bush - Joel Watson
Satan - Joel Watson
Minion - Dave McElfatrick
Moses - Connor Murphy
Animation Director: Bill Jones
Supervising Animator: Matt Thurman
Animation: Kris Behr
Character Design: Bill Jones, Stacey Silva
Background Art: Shawn Coss
Animatic: Connor Murphy
Editor: Taylor Ransom
Supervising Sound Editor & Mixer: Ben Governale
Sound Design/Foley: Nic Federle, Ben Governale
Music: Steve Lehmann
Produced By: Adam Nusrallah
Production Manager: Autumn Soeder
Production Assistant: Michael Stewart

Ian Corcuera
Ian Corcuera Dag sedan
Mason Dominate Peralta
Mason Dominate Peralta 25 dagar sedan
Where is that game
You’re Gay
You’re Gay Månad sedan
Why does God sound like MindSmash
InstantGore Månad sedan
why does satan sound like cartoonz?
Peter Månad sedan
*The burning bush* Me: Oh cool. *ExplosmEntertainment* Me: Uh oh
Moses Musa
Moses Musa Månad sedan
Stop playing with God! Repent
The HespI
The HespI Månad sedan
is there a mobile version of the cyanide game ?
Andrew Whitley forever
Andrew Whitley forever 2 månader sedan
Not cool dude
pancake 51
pancake 51 2 månader sedan
I showed this to my Christian family now I’m not allowed to go to church anymore with them
Anonymous AJ
Anonymous AJ 17 dagar sedan
I'll take Bullshit for 400, Alex.
Brandon Månad sedan
Adrian Rene
Adrian Rene 2 månader sedan
Freak apocalypse
Bartek S
Bartek S 2 månader sedan
F1zzy 2 månader sedan
Fun fact: the bush that was burning contained DMT
Soe Oo
Soe Oo 2 månader sedan
this video i like it
russtralia òwó
russtralia òwó 2 månader sedan
Imma show this to my grandma
Andrew Prahst
Andrew Prahst 2 månader sedan
Proof it was the Demiurge all along
Y 2 månader sedan
God was really there because that bush didnt turn into ash or didnt get worn down
SILENTSNIPER760 3 månader sedan
“Turn around and make your butt-cheeks talk.”😂
Emma Rickerby
Emma Rickerby 3 månader sedan
There's a gossip that were this is practically happens.
Wilton-gaming Ferrera
Wilton-gaming Ferrera 3 månader sedan
It's make me lugth
master tirador
master tirador 3 månader sedan
The owner of this video is Disrespectful to the god I hate this channel 😠😡
Millwater Publishing
Millwater Publishing 3 månader sedan
Seems theologically legit.
Akia Jacalne
Akia Jacalne 3 månader sedan
Why did you did this this is cyberbullying for christians
Matin Shariati
Matin Shariati 3 månader sedan
thunder Walker
thunder Walker 3 månader sedan
That is so fucked up for people who like the Prince of Egypt story
TIR66D 3 månader sedan
I love his bum sooooo sexy
Billywolf216 gaming
Billywolf216 gaming 3 månader sedan
on the high way to hell
Bíblia nossa de Cada dia
Bíblia nossa de Cada dia 3 månader sedan
MR々Iraq IRAQ 3 månader sedan
Infidel m Kowloon
Omar Hassan
Omar Hassan 3 månader sedan
This is not cynical at all
tea party Time!
tea party Time! 3 månader sedan
尤忠惟 4 månader sedan
黑人抬棺 TNT
c h i l l
c h i l l 4 månader sedan
Imagine what life would be like today if this happened in real life.
Flying Dog
Flying Dog 4 månader sedan
explains a lot about the devil (saten) himself, First adam and eve, and then moses
Piano IL
Piano IL 4 månader sedan
I think it kind of shames the jewish people when you'r becomes a ancient story abot how Moses ad god took out the jewish people from Egypt
Vitor 4 månader sedan
shahar salamon
shahar salamon 4 månader sedan
Crucified Yt
Crucified Yt 4 månader sedan
Mohamad Ali Al-aaraji
Mohamad Ali Al-aaraji 4 månader sedan
😑 الغاء اشتراك
ما خلف الكواليس.
ما خلف الكواليس. 4 månader sedan
يا ملاعين الوالدين
Ivan Coco
Ivan Coco 4 månader sedan
I’m Dying😃
Unigamer 4 månader sedan
•PIKACHU_WOLF ŪwŪ• 4 månader sedan
Ho May goď
ItzLilAce 4 månader sedan
And tht Ladies and Gentlemen is why Lucifer aka Satan is in the place he in now
lee kirby
lee kirby 4 månader sedan
I thought god was gay
True Jamaican
True Jamaican 4 månader sedan
Moses “ Omg is the lord” The devil “ heheehebeheh” God in heaven “ FOR FOC SAEK
Anh Tran
Anh Tran 4 månader sedan
Random comment 21: when i saw the thumbnail and the title, i thought he was gonna piss on it to put it out
Andrew Nyamful
Andrew Nyamful 4 månader sedan
please show some respect for the bible but anyway when i heard that he should remove everything i knew something was wrong
Malak Meki
Malak Meki 4 månader sedan
Nesya_Anggen sdkpaskal
Nesya_Anggen sdkpaskal 4 månader sedan
Alexander Langford
Alexander Langford 4 månader sedan
Excuse me explosm is freakpocalypse on iPad or computer
Tyrant-Den 4 månader sedan
I thought he was just going to get grief for not being circumsized because he was raised by Egyptions.
An Xlusive
An Xlusive 4 månader sedan
SEpost said this video was made for kids...
xian rafael Gungob
xian rafael Gungob 4 månader sedan
Dont make fun of god or I well nerve subscribe and like share any more I well dislike it
Blight Wright
Blight Wright 4 månader sedan
Honestly thought Moses would be like Screw this! And piss on the bush to put it out
Paradox Fox
Paradox Fox 4 månader sedan
how do i commit dewete bwain OwO
Frenchfri94 4 månader sedan
I clicked on the video and I got an ad about training your spiritual senses I'm done.
JB Studios
JB Studios 4 månader sedan
Damn Moses be *THICC*
Last Gamer
Last Gamer 4 månader sedan
I am a Christian and I love this animation
Abood Naser
Abood Naser 4 månader sedan
صباح الخير. و. و قد تم الحصول على مدونة مجانية
EPiC BLAZE 4 månader sedan
I'm a burning bush and I find this offensive
Tiko Fan
Tiko Fan 4 månader sedan
Please try not to make any that are basically mocking god He wouldn’t like that
Marina Ashley
Marina Ashley 4 månader sedan
CursedBot 4 månader sedan
“I’m gonna full screen this one” -Andrew 2020
Abood Naser
Abood Naser 4 månader sedan
صباح الخير. في هذا في كل من ساهم فى العالم العربى و الاجنبى قسم خاص بعرض الحائط من جديد. لا تستطيع تغيير مسمى ايجابي بريء بين الناس لا يعلمون والذين لا اله إلا
henry steinhauer
henry steinhauer 5 månader sedan
Baby Carmela Gaudia
Baby Carmela Gaudia 5 månader sedan
Emma Gilliam
Emma Gilliam 5 månader sedan
I swear I thought the Burning Bush was Abraham i am so dumb
Samuel Cho
Samuel Cho 5 månader sedan
I knew he was gonna command him to strip naked and it wasn't really God, but I didn't expect satan, himself
Evee Ren
Evee Ren 5 månader sedan
How dare you make fun of God
The Puppet Man
The Puppet Man 5 månader sedan
Nice Lemonade
Nice Lemonade 5 månader sedan
I bet this guy goes to hell for this
Thrifty_ Doge
Thrifty_ Doge 5 månader sedan
I hope I wasn’t the only one who thought that he was going to piss in the bush to put the fire out
Mark Z Z
Mark Z Z 5 månader sedan
YoN_SuN ProGroMist
YoN_SuN ProGroMist 5 månader sedan
It's ok, demon goes naked every day, he is think is ok.
BB4 5 månader sedan
Thats a total disrespect the bible gods voice and the fact that there where demons
Luna Studios
Luna Studios 5 månader sedan
Nerbit 5 månader sedan
I see where this is going...
Jätkä Helsingistä
Jätkä Helsingistä 5 månader sedan
AIPAC disapproves.
Salim Sajjad
Salim Sajjad 5 månader sedan
I am deeply offended by this type of content and so are all Muslims. Please don't upload something like this about god or holy prophets. Thank you.
The boi Zypeo
The boi Zypeo 4 månader sedan
Nobody cares
Prompthorizen 12
Prompthorizen 12 5 månader sedan
It's just a joke
SiNKarnage 5 månader sedan
So does this mean the Devil was god this whole time in Trolley Tom?
Impostor 5 månader sedan
Please stop. Your ruining the bible.
Jarome67 2 Hicks
Jarome67 2 Hicks 5 månader sedan
Nitelox 5 månader sedan
This sketch is an example of an actual scene that happened as we muslims believe in islam. It should not be made fun of. I am very disappointed
Jack Fables
Jack Fables 5 månader sedan
Well, that explains a lot of things 😹.
b0r3d0n1ine 5 månader sedan
Make your butt cheeks talk...HAHA
JM-Kun Animations
JM-Kun Animations 5 månader sedan
Eyyy...thats blasphemy😠
Prompthorizen 12
Prompthorizen 12 5 månader sedan
It's a JOKE
PizzaRoll #69
PizzaRoll #69 5 månader sedan
That animation may be the reason i am satanic
Kahoot Master
Kahoot Master 5 månader sedan
The real bible story:
Long Haired Lioness
Long Haired Lioness 5 månader sedan
I thought someone was gonna pee on a burning bush
Christian Oliver
Christian Oliver 5 månader sedan
I dont remember this part of the bible
Christian Oliver
Christian Oliver 26 dagar sedan
Kandy Boy i know i was also joking
Kandy Boy
Kandy Boy 26 dagar sedan
It's a joke, when Yahweh first met Moses he appeared as a burning bush and told Moses to remove his sandels.
Ree Swift
Ree Swift 5 månader sedan
he do be serving us 🎂 tho
Ash Campbell
Ash Campbell 5 månader sedan
Explosm: burning bush Australia: ReALLy bAd JoKE yOu gUyS 😭😂
Josper Joestar
Josper Joestar 5 månader sedan
Cant stop laughing XD
Michael Playz
Michael Playz 5 månader sedan
Dont make jokes of god you will not be blessed
Dhruv Thakur
Dhruv Thakur 5 månader sedan
When ad is more interesting
LifeAsANoun 5 månader sedan
are we able to choose what we look like in your game?
Hortense terrell
Hortense terrell 5 månader sedan
Do you are disgusting for putting these on there their butts on here
Jan Rychlý
Jan Rychlý 5 månader sedan
Your grammar is pretty disgusting too.
Таня Стели
Таня Стели 5 månader sedan
Ramzy Eltoukhy
Ramzy Eltoukhy 5 månader sedan
I saw your game but my mum said I can't get it and I'm sad and bored
toto good
toto good 5 månader sedan
That's a sin
Mackerel Zhou
Mackerel Zhou 5 månader sedan
I thought the bush wants to f..k him after saying took of all the clothes
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