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Created By: Rob DenBleyker, Kris Wilson, Dave McElfatrick
Directed By: Rob DenBleyker
Screenplay By: Dave McElfatrick
Story By: Michael Rousselet, Rob DenBleyker, Joel Watson, Connor Murphy, Mike Salcedo
Voice Actors:
Milton: Rob DenBleyker
Cloud Dad: Dave McElfatrick
Himmels: Joel Watson
Animation Director: Bill Jones
Supervising Animator: Matt Thurman
Animation: Seth Gordon
Character Design: Paul Blair
Background Art: Denise Magdale
Animatic: Connor Murphy
Editor: Taylor Ransom
Supervising Sound Editor & Mixer: Ben Governale
Sound Design/Foley: Nic Federle, Ben Governale
Music: Steve Lehmann
Produced By: Adam Nusrallah
Production Manager: Autumn Soeder
Production Assistant: Michael Stewart

Nightwing438 Jian Roman
Nightwing438 Jian Roman Dag sedan
His tears are rain
Connor Dorman
Connor Dorman 3 dagar sedan
Bigby’s dad be like.
TrashDragon 13 dagar sedan
Now, this would be a very ambitious crossover, but hear me out: Cloud dad meets airplane dad meets ladder dad.
Princeofthe Lilim
Princeofthe Lilim 18 dagar sedan
"Everyone hates me* Sad larry: ARE YOU CHALLENGING ME?
mike epps
mike epps 28 dagar sedan
That was a great way to sponsor 💯
that one guy
that one guy Månad sedan
The alternate timeline version of airplane dad.
Severus Reee
Severus Reee Månad sedan
Is dad is a jojo reference isnt he
سعيد البطل
سعيد البطل Månad sedan
d e d e d a n k
d e d e d a n k Månad sedan
he do be a cloud
Josh Draws
Josh Draws Månad sedan
Sad Larry but its not actually Sad
Three Strikes
Three Strikes Månad sedan
Mufasa: I thought I was the only cloud in the sky
BananiClapi Månad sedan
Derrick Mallory
Derrick Mallory Månad sedan
Make part 3
Arvid Andrén
Arvid Andrén Månad sedan
Kung fury reference?
Lasajnaè Nae
Lasajnaè Nae 2 månader sedan
*That's how genetics work, son*
Danny Tubbs
Danny Tubbs 2 månader sedan
Guess you could say he’s “partly cloudy” nyeh heh heh
Scout Boi
Scout Boi 2 månader sedan
Sad Larry meets cloud guy, they both get hate
Jackson Gamble
Jackson Gamble 2 månader sedan
Since there's no other animation of the whole advertisement thing I guess the ending is he just got lost and was never found again
Star Platinum Za Hand
Star Platinum Za Hand 2 månader sedan
Weather report be like
Rage 2000
Rage 2000 2 månader sedan
Idk man, I’m not a nord
Purple Raven
Purple Raven 2 månader sedan
The Lion King in a nutshell XD!!!
Snowtube Yay!
Snowtube Yay! 2 månader sedan
Why this dude got sheep wool
Brian Scott
Brian Scott 2 månader sedan
"I'm part cloud?!" Yeah. That's how genetics work, idiot.
Redby 2 månader sedan
well we are all part clouds
Z Achilles
Z Achilles 2 månader sedan
He cries more than Deku
AFriendlyBloke 2 månader sedan
But... what about Argonian VPN? Racists!
AFriendlyBloke 2 månader sedan
John Battman clearly put his dad in a cloud.
Nabiha Jacques
Nabiha Jacques 2 månader sedan
If he was a superhero what would his name be ?😟
Kawaii Cooki UwU
Kawaii Cooki UwU 2 månader sedan
Why make the cloud hair have side burns? I can't deal with how ridiculous it looks! 😂
Ace Of All Trades
Ace Of All Trades 2 månader sedan
Cloud Strife YT
Cloud Strife YT 2 månader sedan
Hmmm cloud
Sans 2 månader sedan
Aren’t everyone made of water. Does that mean he’s made out of more water.
Warren Chow
Warren Chow 2 månader sedan
Does this remind of some scene?
Warren Chow
Warren Chow 2 månader sedan
Charlie XG
Charlie XG 2 månader sedan
Is hair is a cloud
Joao Paulo
Joao Paulo 2 månader sedan
I challenge you to create a video game
Wahjergah 2 månader sedan
Surprised no one’s made an FF7 joke yet
Mugurlu TR
Mugurlu TR 2 månader sedan
He got his hair from his father
Ktm 85 is the best
Ktm 85 is the best 2 månader sedan
How didn’t he realize that he was part cloud if lightning comes out his eyes when he cries
Ballistic Boomerang
Ballistic Boomerang 2 månader sedan
Why do all the dads look the same
No Numbers
No Numbers 2 månader sedan
If he is part human and part cloud, he should be called a humanulus.
하 스타스Coral
하 스타스Coral 3 månader sedan
cyanide and happiness isnt that funny anymore ;-;
Nicolas Vega
Nicolas Vega 3 månader sedan
heck they don't try hard to make it funny anymore
Fan here
Fan here 3 månader sedan
Imagine you start crying and literal lightning start coming out.
Delta Frost
Delta Frost 3 månader sedan
How the hell did a cloud bang a female human?
Dan Deo De La Cruz
Dan Deo De La Cruz 3 månader sedan
what's so bad about being a cloud
Gabrielle Smithers
Gabrielle Smithers 3 månader sedan
“No, you idiot..... I’m a cloud.” 😂
idk man seems gay to me lol
idk man seems gay to me lol 3 månader sedan
I see so many JoJo reference here 1. Newton = Weather report 2. Cloud dad = Weather report (stand)
Esposa de Jimin
Esposa de Jimin 3 månader sedan
This look like how simba see he's dad..!
Miranda Bryant
Miranda Bryant 3 månader sedan
1:13 *lots of fast talk*
Diamond Coatley
Diamond Coatley 3 månader sedan
Jesse Martinez
Jesse Martinez 3 månader sedan
Go get em billy!
林夕紫 3 månader sedan
Rick Martinez
Rick Martinez 3 månader sedan
Like the lion king and tron
sartorian darkstorm
sartorian darkstorm 3 månader sedan
i tried using a vpn once and wanted to test out the log onto another country like usa and when i did i had so much lag that i could basicly not even watch anything on netflix
Grand-User Reddit
Grand-User Reddit 3 månader sedan
Cyanide and happiness make sponsorships funny
LoL Man
LoL Man 3 månader sedan
It’s sad Larry’s cosine
history mapping, not me
history mapping, not me 3 månader sedan
Lmao hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Daniel Potashov
Daniel Potashov 3 månader sedan
i remember this being talked about in Heres An Idea! so funny, talking about what else Mufasa could do with cloud dad powers
Crewmate Ceci
Crewmate Ceci 3 månader sedan
Sad Larry: *FIRST TIME*
ArithmetiK MilitantPoetry
ArithmetiK MilitantPoetry 3 månader sedan
Shit usually when i use cyanide anywhere i just get years off my life
ArithmetiK MilitantPoetry
ArithmetiK MilitantPoetry 3 månader sedan
Clout dadd - father of rappers
KG Guitar
KG Guitar 3 månader sedan
Do you happen to visit Cloud Dad often? Oh, what am I saying, of course you don't.
Merc at Arms
Merc at Arms 3 månader sedan
atroameAB 3 månader sedan
It looks like they had 666k views on this video.
Kanvo _Fn
Kanvo _Fn 3 månader sedan
That was my wallpaper
Pedro Mendez
Pedro Mendez 3 månader sedan
1:10 i hear hot line Miami
MattXplores 3 månader sedan
Lion king reference?
simon warnke
simon warnke 3 månader sedan
Is Nord VPN rly worth the Money?
Roblox96 Gamer75
Roblox96 Gamer75 3 månader sedan
And On 1:40 To !
Roblox96 Gamer75
Roblox96 Gamer75 3 månader sedan
Mr. JoE
Mr. JoE 3 månader sedan
Make sad larry's life do a 180°
Aiden 3 månader sedan
*Unknown person's dad got hacked* Me: *Using Free and fast VPN app from play store*😆
LAU PACO 3 månader sedan
i can see there is few %20 phone to use nordvpn
Mumphler Fumperdink
Mumphler Fumperdink 3 månader sedan
He keeps crying up a storm!
Self loathing Narcissist
Self loathing Narcissist 3 månader sedan
Haha I guess you could say he is partly cloudy..... I’m gonna go rot in the corner now
Steve Rogers
Steve Rogers 3 månader sedan
He can summon lightning with his eyes
TMAS 3 månader sedan
McCarthy was right.
TMAS 3 månader sedan
Milton Pearson
Milton Pearson 3 månader sedan
Really 😑 thts the cloud boys name 😂
Ayum Loemintu
Ayum Loemintu 3 månader sedan
Hacher Unfriended
Hacher Unfriended 3 månader sedan
Mufasa is savage
extreme players
extreme players 3 månader sedan
Don’t swear
Poonyathorn (Poon Poon) Boonlarptaveechoke
Poonyathorn (Poon Poon) Boonlarptaveechoke 3 månader sedan
The internet background look like the digital hero set background in pixel gun 3D
Rich Chigga99
Rich Chigga99 3 månader sedan
His hairstyle look like spongebob when the singer lost his wig lol
thanosfort 8
thanosfort 8 3 månader sedan
Sergi Sanz
Sergi Sanz 3 månader sedan
I have Turkish Netflix from Spain
ninja45125 3 månader sedan
cloud = clown
Luigi Viking
Luigi Viking 3 månader sedan
If you have Firefox you just need to go to your add-ons and have tons of vpns that are free that actually work I know what I want and it works perfectly and then once a month to ask if you want to buy the full version when she just say no and everything else is perfectly free
FG 3 månader sedan
Why is he annoyed that his dads a cloud
Joseph Taylor
Joseph Taylor 3 månader sedan
So... and air genasi?
Techno warrior
Techno warrior 3 månader sedan
So is he now 125% water
uabir 3 månader sedan
Golden Kirby
Golden Kirby 3 månader sedan
Why does the internet background look so familiar Am Album or something?
patrick elwood
patrick elwood 3 månader sedan
You can’t even use nord to watch more Netflix. Netflix changed it up and blocked it anyway
Seth Elliott
Seth Elliott 3 månader sedan
When the ad is better than the actual short. LOL
I am Mc Donald’s
I am Mc Donald’s 3 månader sedan
Awi Sintaro
Awi Sintaro 3 månader sedan
Kinda perfect match for Larry
michael newport
michael newport 3 månader sedan
Nordvpn cost money
An Xlusive
An Xlusive 3 månader sedan
I appreciate the vaporwave background in stuck in the internet 2
Danny Plays
Danny Plays 3 månader sedan
Did his mom did IT with a cloud
Nicholas Persad
Nicholas Persad 3 månader sedan
I just realised that the intro voice sounds like Fred from Scooby doo.
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