Cloud Dad: Part 2 - MASK VERSION! - Cyanide & Happiness Shorts

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The puppet house Show
The puppet house Show 14 dagar sedan
Why can’t they talk
Medic 15 dagar sedan
Alternate title: pyros talking to each other
NinjaMagic 2 månader sedan
Everything: muffled and quiet Suddenly, thunderclaps. Me: OH SHOOT MY VOLUME IS ON HIGH GOD DAMN IT
MrWhatdafuBOOM 2 månader sedan
Even clouds have more brain than Karens.
Ahmed ComedianTehObjectThingy
Ahmed ComedianTehObjectThingy 2 månader sedan
0:03 muffled talk
Planet Saturn
Planet Saturn 2 månader sedan
But I thought voices and sounds can pass through face masks
Mr. Biscuit
Mr. Biscuit 2 månader sedan
How people should when I ask them to repeat themselves:
Mikey Boy!
Mikey Boy! 3 månader sedan
I can barely hear their sentences
Icybunz Animations
Icybunz Animations 3 månader sedan
10/10 audio so funny
Ryiah Muise
Ryiah Muise 3 månader sedan
Huh, I Can't Hear There Voices.
NoobMations 3 månader sedan
This is not the official safe version the *Credits* don't have masks on
Dededank 3 månader sedan
Stay safe.
Dank creeper [2nd channel]
Dank creeper [2nd channel] 4 månader sedan
That is the work mask i have ever seen.. Masks have never muffle my voice
IlIAsaulterIlI Geometry dash
IlIAsaulterIlI Geometry dash 4 månader sedan
0:59 the loudest part of the episode was the rain and thunder
Gerardo Macias
Gerardo Macias 4 månader sedan
All I hear is Kenny
roxy dacres
roxy dacres 4 månader sedan
I couldn't hear anything
Prompthorizen 12
Prompthorizen 12 4 månader sedan
That's the point
Approved Charisk
Approved Charisk 4 månader sedan
Hey that one looks like a mushr...
Modhumangol Thiyam
Modhumangol Thiyam 4 månader sedan
zephy hulse
zephy hulse 4 månader sedan
FEAR Is just a illusion
FEAR Is just a illusion 4 månader sedan
Can someone please make a subtitle in the comments please !!!!!
Lurie Jane Marte
Lurie Jane Marte 4 månader sedan
Wow. C&H has never made a sequel so fast before. Makes me wonder
Emmett Doyle
Emmett Doyle 4 månader sedan
It reminds me of silence at the movie theater or the kabuki theater. ^^
Father Maxi
Father Maxi 4 månader sedan
I find it funny how everyone knows what his dad looks like
Alansar Trignot
Alansar Trignot 4 månader sedan
Nobody: My mind when I heard “hey, it looks like an elephant: “hey, that one looks like a *BBBBBWWWWWWAAAAGGGGHHHHHHH*
Jules Bad
Jules Bad 5 månader sedan
Cloud dad pt 2 just sounds like tf2 Pyro having a conversation with his son
oversized biscuit
oversized biscuit 5 månader sedan
you shouldve made it your custom made masks
chadwick boseman
chadwick boseman 5 månader sedan
lazy pizza ship
lazy pizza ship 5 månader sedan
Charlie Brown background characters be like
BOBO MO 5 månader sedan
You dont need mask if you had a ladder
Rey Rex
Rey Rex 5 månader sedan
Get you a partner who won’t tell you they are shockingly part half not whatever you are
Mersh Gang
Mersh Gang 5 månader sedan
Face masks are so fucking stupid like dude it's just a way for controlling the population
Za i
Za i 4 månader sedan
shut up Karen
Orange lavender
Orange lavender 5 månader sedan
It’s crona vires
Abiyassha Ramadhan
Abiyassha Ramadhan 5 månader sedan
Plot twist : The voice actor record their voice while muffled in their pillow
T- 5 månader sedan
もちだいこん 5 månader sedan
Corona is hard in Japan in Tokyo。 A mask is mandatory for the second wave。
Unfortunate Son
Unfortunate Son 5 månader sedan
They aren’t social distancing. Shame.
кицунэ 5 månader sedan
This just isn’t funny
Ta’Nya 5 månader sedan
Who else thought there earbuds were broken-
Bent Rod
Bent Rod 5 månader sedan
Heres the closest to a script i could make out: Girl: Hey, that one looks kinda like an elephant. Cloud boy: Hehe, yeah. Hey, that one looks like a giant pile of broccoli. G: Um, yeah. Hey that one looks like... it looks like your dad! CB: Dad?! Cloud dad: Hello son, having a good day/date? CB: Dad! Leave me alone, I’m on a date. CD: Oh don’t mind me, I was just passing through. CB: Get outta here, I’m getting my game on. Go away! CD: Just pretend I’m not here son, I’m going away, don’t worry I’m going away. (Something i couldnt understand) G: You’re part cloud?! What the fuck?! Why didn’t you tell me you were part could?! CB: No wait! I’m also part human too! Cant understand the rest.
Kinghezie05 5 månader sedan
This is the best shit ever, I love it
Trần Minh Đức
Trần Minh Đức 5 månader sedan
I'll get IELTS listening 9.5
dooplooptro 5 månader sedan
it feels like humming
king jojo the 1st
king jojo the 1st 5 månader sedan
I love how everything is muffled and you can't hear anything.
Professor Pillow
Professor Pillow 5 månader sedan
They should have captions
Sunset Shimmer Gaming
Sunset Shimmer Gaming 5 månader sedan
Okay, wasn't expecting the quiet muffled audio. Lolz
Lizbert Puyawan
Lizbert Puyawan 5 månader sedan
ill wait for the rebellion
DaviFN 5 månader sedan
How the fuck are we supposed to understand what is being said? Pretty hard...
Mrak is otn elar.
Mrak is otn elar. 5 månader sedan
Watch the original and then this one.
Jerick Gomez
Jerick Gomez 5 månader sedan
That mask protect the covid 19
▪ Turn off your TV screens man. It's con job I9. 🧱🧱🧱🧱🧱🧱🧱
TheSharkiestShark 5 månader sedan
They had to make this..
corrupt nj
corrupt nj 5 månader sedan
It feels peaceful
The Weird One1
The Weird One1 5 månader sedan
Anyone speak mask?
H1RuX Lopez
H1RuX Lopez 5 månader sedan
1.1k dislikes are Karen’s
Aniken Skywalker
Aniken Skywalker 5 månader sedan
When the lightning came out of the guys eyes I SEpost crashed for me
channing robinson l
channing robinson l 5 månader sedan
We can barely hear them and that's not what people sound like wearing masks no offense
Dom Donuts
Dom Donuts 5 månader sedan
Dom Donuts
Dom Donuts 5 månader sedan
Ahhhhhhhhh is what I said muffed
Unknown Random Comment
Unknown Random Comment 5 månader sedan
FuzzNiner 5 månader sedan
Sounds like my neighbors arguing
Chris Suarez
Chris Suarez 5 månader sedan
*Call or Duty chat in 2013 be like:*
Karenos The god
Karenos The god 5 månader sedan
Explosmentertainment: cloud dad. Mask version. Me: barbershop quartet. Mask version
TurtleMaster 1
TurtleMaster 1 5 månader sedan
Im not that quiet in a mask
Dennis it is
Dennis it is 5 månader sedan
ngl it takes a lot of brain power to get what they are saying
普羅旺斯河谷的亞洲象 5 månader sedan
Cute Loner
Cute Loner 5 månader sedan
*Them talking* Me: WHAT👂🏾
Good Guy
Good Guy 5 månader sedan
i liked the part where they wore masks
▪ It's a scamdemic dude Wise up . ⬛
Alexander 5 månader sedan
when you run out of content
Azure-Crimson Revival
Azure-Crimson Revival 5 månader sedan
Must be a tight mask they got on.
Seth Springborg
Seth Springborg 5 månader sedan
oml the moment he started crying it literally started raining irl.
Shubhay Piyush
Shubhay Piyush 5 månader sedan
Mr Mystic
Mr Mystic 5 månader sedan
I think your just trying to make more make MORE
Spartan S-419
Spartan S-419 5 månader sedan
They forgot to mention how uncomfortable those masks get when they get wet.
Jalangkote Pedas
Jalangkote Pedas 5 månader sedan
Why tf do i watch this-
Onenamechanged 5 månader sedan
Why tf are you even here
Nico Romero
Nico Romero 5 månader sedan
even cartoons know better than the anti maskers such a shame
Caleb Peters
Caleb Peters 5 månader sedan
hmm, I was very surprised to see that there were no captions for this video, wonder why...
LOVER BOY 5 månader sedan
Chs should Reupload with clear sound support by liking
SuperPlayz 5 månader sedan
They did
Paul Lahner
Paul Lahner 5 månader sedan
Why do they sit on a Baveria flag?! I think, it is Anschluss-time again!😠😉😄
lishferns 5 månader sedan
Tanner Edward
Tanner Edward 5 månader sedan
Coronavirus version.
Bob herobrine
Bob herobrine 5 månader sedan
Thats alot of no oxygen
LevieExists1942 _
LevieExists1942 _ 5 månader sedan
Dont talk it hurts my ears SPECIFICALLY THEIR CRIES
Ruben Régnaud
Ruben Régnaud 5 månader sedan
Did anyone noticed that their mask goes all around their head since they have no ears ?
Mary Ann
Mary Ann 5 månader sedan
Am I the only one who think it sounds like hindi 🤔🤔
Jerkoi 0409
Jerkoi 0409 5 månader sedan
imagine a cloud wearing a mask
doubleb120 5 månader sedan
Bane has a son
Fan here
Fan here 5 månader sedan
I can’t hear
Darthckrinckles 5 månader sedan
Sounds like propaganda on an incredibly awful and severally muffled radio.
LOL FACE 5 månader sedan
Mmm mm mmmmmm m m mmm mm mm mmmm m Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmm m m m mmm mm mm m mmmmh mmmmmh Mmmm mmm mm m mmmmmm mmmmmimmmm mhhhmmmmmm mmmmhmmm Mmmmmmm mmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmhmmmmm hmmmhmnmmmmmm mmmmm Mmmmmmmmmmmm Mmmmmmmmmm mmm mmmmm Mmmmmm mmmmm mm Mm m “Takes of mask” like the story
The Better Terra Blade
The Better Terra Blade 5 månader sedan
This is so relaxing to listen to
Rembrant Kurnia Wijaya
Rembrant Kurnia Wijaya 5 månader sedan
Oh god why did i clicked on this
Pinky Bhelle
Pinky Bhelle 5 månader sedan
They sounds like mmmhhh hmmm mmmmmhhh
Kidale Smith
Kidale Smith 5 månader sedan
Too muffled
Eat Pants
Eat Pants 5 månader sedan
I'm the governor of a southern state and I disapprove of this message.
فهد الروقي
فهد الروقي 5 månader sedan
Well that's one way to improve a video
PABLO ORTAG 5 månader sedan
The father: Only one who doesn’t really need a mask Also the father: The only one that is understandable
The Vidimator
The Vidimator 5 månader sedan
I understood all of them 😌
p00tis 5 månader sedan
m 3 v 0 n
m 3 v 0 n 5 månader sedan
Only OGs can tell what they're saying!
jacob kadjo
jacob kadjo 5 månader sedan
i can't hear noting
Flamin Lambert
Flamin Lambert 5 månader sedan
I feel like I'm playing special needs charades
Nickolas Benson
Nickolas Benson 5 månader sedan
youtube won't let me hit the notification bell even though i'm 78 and it says it's turned off for content made for kids
Roberto Garcia Lopez
Roberto Garcia Lopez 5 månader sedan
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