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We animated a classic Cyanide & Happiness comic! Let us know if you wanna see more of these.
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Oscar Perez
Oscar Perez 5 timmar sedan
humixmusic4lyf 9 dagar sedan
this wasn't too bad of a skit.
SilverKunoichiDraws 13 dagar sedan
Wait a minute...that ‘Oh my god!’ sounds familiar. Wasn’t it used in different C&H episode?
Devo YT
Devo YT 14 dagar sedan
12 clowns that’s the whole circus
Liam Ralph
Liam Ralph 26 dagar sedan
g r o s s
lisa tombs
lisa tombs Månad sedan
Watch Episode 5
Mr. VevoVEVOpain
Mr. VevoVEVOpain Månad sedan
Ew gross!
d e d e d a n k
d e d e d a n k Månad sedan
what a bunch of clowns.
onion juice
onion juice Månad sedan
Out of 12 clowns only 2 apologized
Josh Draws
Josh Draws Månad sedan
I was expecting one of them to slip on it on accident
Credible Jumper
Credible Jumper Månad sedan
This is a car insurance commercial except there wasn't a dead dog they just hit the guy's car
random person
random person Månad sedan
My mind during a test :
James Garnett
James Garnett Månad sedan
Pope Francis
Pope Francis Månad sedan
twitter ran over a cat!
TheDeadCobra Månad sedan
Good Clowns terrible drivers
Daisy Duck
Daisy Duck Månad sedan
Is goofy ok
Butter Ball
Butter Ball Månad sedan
Hey they did a video about my ex girlfriend
Rafael Chia Ruijie Index 27
Rafael Chia Ruijie Index 27 Månad sedan
0:09 there are head, 4 legs, tail, what’s the seventh one sticking out?
Altharyenne Lumétoile
Altharyenne Lumétoile Månad sedan
I'm sorry we don't need any more *CLOWNS*
The Wild Watchers 7
The Wild Watchers 7 Månad sedan
Erin Farmer
Erin Farmer Månad sedan
0:25 gross 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢
Sebastian the cat
Sebastian the cat Månad sedan
I really hope that wasn't a cat and it's not because I'm a cat it's cuz my cat recently died 😞
blessed chijioke
blessed chijioke Månad sedan
I don't know what I was expecting here
ROBLOX Xooyasd
ROBLOX Xooyasd Månad sedan
Clown: so sorry kid: your a monster. Clowns: kidnapped the child
Tig Manzueta
Tig Manzueta Månad sedan
I'm just curious about what kind of helpless animal got turned into that amorphous blob of skin and blood
Nietabs Månad sedan
g r o s s
Lewis Allison
Lewis Allison Månad sedan
No Name
No Name Månad sedan
Wow,how did you get all of the Pokimane fans together?
Emily Belkowitz
Emily Belkowitz Månad sedan
Coulrophobia is alive and kicking
Random Person
Random Person Månad sedan
I'm in this picture and I don't like it
MattapoisettPatton27 Månad sedan
Plot twist: I’m bad at coming up with plot twists
ZX GALAXY Månad sedan
Isabel Marquez
Isabel Marquez Månad sedan
Great job
Sebastian Dziekanowski
Sebastian Dziekanowski Månad sedan
So sad
The Jingo
The Jingo Månad sedan
When you look at the actual comic you’ll see that the clowns are eldritch being about 3 times the normal human size
0BucketMask0 Månad sedan
No, he's a kid and they're adults, so the clowns are bigger. Don't know why they changed him to an adult in the animation.
The Lamb Sauce
The Lamb Sauce Månad sedan
I wonder why the background is all white?
Eddie crane
Eddie crane Månad sedan
I'm yes
Ssbu Lord NeZo
Ssbu Lord NeZo Månad sedan
Christian Rukavina
Christian Rukavina Månad sedan
Make sad Larry happy
Jessa Suarez
Jessa Suarez Månad sedan
awesome guys
The clown revolution has begun
Cotton Candy
Cotton Candy Månad sedan
I do Not like imagining how they're all positioned crammed in there.
Cotton Candy
Cotton Candy Månad sedan
@David Cappadoccia Oh god.... how many clowns per suburb!?
David Cappadoccia
David Cappadoccia Månad sedan
There’s a quantum field inside each clown car. You can fit an entire suburb in one.
Josiah Morris
Josiah Morris Månad sedan
Well that was boring
Jenifer Lazaro
Jenifer Lazaro Månad sedan
George Master
George Master Månad sedan
Nice effort, but Indians could fit more people in that car.
DoctorX17 Månad sedan
That last one popping up and going "...gross!" Is my favorite
melissa Spees
melissa Spees Månad sedan
scout Månad sedan
The discord mods after giving my friend a ban for no reason and being assholes about it:
Shoddy Peasant
Shoddy Peasant Månad sedan
Comedy gold
6K Subscribers Without Videos Challenge
6K Subscribers Without Videos Challenge 2 månader sedan
If you read this comment .. Youll be happy all day long ! :D
ED Supay
ED Supay 2 månader sedan
One of my favorites
Devoured Eagle
Devoured Eagle 2 månader sedan
Hey! I didn't knew the Democrats liked to go around in a single car, squashing little dogs 🤣
Nutmeg Ninja
Nutmeg Ninja 2 månader sedan
The ending music sounds like adventure capitalist
E.J.E Gamer
E.J.E Gamer 2 månader sedan
Omg can't stop laughing from the 0:23 lol
Jose Murcia
Jose Murcia 2 månader sedan
It’s a lot of clowns but it’s so sad his dog died
color phone
color phone 2 månader sedan
Tallone ran him over, he did it, ARREST THAT CRYPTID
- Orfeo - {LustInk, Male}
- Orfeo - {LustInk, Male} 2 månader sedan
Americans stepping out of a car
Julian Direiter
Julian Direiter 2 månader sedan
The quality of Cyanide and Happiness shorts has really plummeted lately. I love the show, but still.
RetroToons 2 månader sedan
Your Content Are Awesome i Mean I like It
Leniwy Ziemniak
Leniwy Ziemniak 2 månader sedan
Oh hey, would you look at that, after watching 1D Reunion theory this showed up-
FNwC _
FNwC _ 2 månader sedan
Damn my twins made it to the vid
BrokenHeart1080 2 månader sedan
TCTS Studios
TCTS Studios 2 månader sedan
no humor? no 🤡🤡🤡🤡
Brandonduluxe 2
Brandonduluxe 2 2 månader sedan
phillis graham
phillis graham 2 månader sedan
They're not clowns they're not even the circus there the whole entire industry
A. W.
A. W. 2 månader sedan
Comic cynide its not as funny but it's better for you
Marcelo Betanco
Marcelo Betanco 2 månader sedan
They are not the the whole circus,they’re the entire comedic industry
Alex Benton
Alex Benton 2 månader sedan
1/10 not enough clowns
Ankha Waifu
Ankha Waifu 2 månader sedan
Nick Rameau
Nick Rameau 2 månader sedan
**Notices the hard-on of the deceased dog** **Grooosss**
Yaw Obi
Yaw Obi 5 dagar sedan
can't unsee it now.
donado xie
donado xie 2 månader sedan
This is not a video! This is just a stupid advertisement for ohra!
Latios Hunter
Latios Hunter 2 månader sedan
They got a whole society in that car.
1217 BC
1217 BC 2 månader sedan
I just get a kick out of all the clowns being the same person doing voices. They jammed all these clowns into one car and one voice
Runaway Cat
Runaway Cat 2 månader sedan
Krusty: "Hey-hey! :D...hoh...oh boy, oooohh, hey could someone get this kid an animal balloon?"
Anders Åsblom
Anders Åsblom 2 månader sedan
Read it in his voice.
Hanzllenardkim Sacdalan
Hanzllenardkim Sacdalan 2 månader sedan
You gotta admit the classics have their charms.
Law Boy
Law Boy 2 månader sedan
Extra!!! EXTRA!!!!!!!! READ ALL ABOUT IT! Local clowns murder a pikachu Pokemon fans enraged
Yehezkiel Siahaan
Yehezkiel Siahaan 2 månader sedan
That cat lived in a society
Old Sport
Old Sport 2 månader sedan
Stalin 2 månader sedan
I'm gonna be honest this is one of the worst cyanide and happiness shorts I've ever seen
I need a break
I need a break Månad sedan
You mean classics
Erika Szabova80
Erika Szabova80 2 månader sedan
ABDULLA AL MASUM 2 månader sedan
nono, misleading thumbnail
Ethan Adlawan
Ethan Adlawan 2 månader sedan
Le. Dracky
Le. Dracky 2 månader sedan
When will be the game released?
Noobz - Roblox
Noobz - Roblox 2 månader sedan
This distracted me to the fact I peed on my pants twice
kenji makmur
kenji makmur 2 månader sedan
Any time about putting a deppresion comic?
YTMS_29 2 månader sedan
If the road was abandoned they will kill him too
Md Shariful Islam
Md Shariful Islam 2 månader sedan
This is exactly what Thomas Wayne was talking about.
SPOOOKKY 2 månader sedan
blue cats
blue cats 2 månader sedan
markponicki 2 månader sedan
Quit clownin around and show us the actual comic classic!
Brycen Walker
Brycen Walker 2 månader sedan
did uh... did farmers insurance rip you guys off?
RONAN Killer
RONAN Killer 2 månader sedan
So they do read the comments
Logan Merryman
Logan Merryman 2 månader sedan
I was half-way expecting the first one to pick it up and blow in it like a balloon then twist it into the shape of a dog
Ishan Bagchi
Ishan Bagchi 2 månader sedan
As fun as usual I love cyanide
Derek Blin The Great
Derek Blin The Great 2 månader sedan
I just want to say that this reminds me of the "Ice cream and Sadness" book you guys published, I think there was two clown jokes on it, my bad the copy of the book I had was shredded to pieces.
Ish Jain
Ish Jain 2 månader sedan
How many clowns are there in that car? 😁
Ash Mohd
Ash Mohd 2 månader sedan
You guys really scraped the barrel with this one 😅
Jonathan 2 månader sedan
I somewhat expected a wave of clowns to come out of the vehicle
The Video-Beast
The Video-Beast 2 månader sedan
... So which one was the driver?
Ty Cleo
Ty Cleo 2 månader sedan
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