Cyanide & Happiness Compilation - #14

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4 år sedan

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It's time for a new compilation!
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The Decision
The Leak
The Apple
Making Out
The ER Visit
The Tragedy
Gym Class
The Prosthetic
The Farmer
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Hopping H
Hopping H 19 timmar sedan
3d animation from explosm? What is this?
Nikinator x
Nikinator x 2 dagar sedan
Legend says rudy still curses today as an orange
Trik Stari
Trik Stari 2 dagar sedan
I lost it a "david bowie's locker".
ChooChoo Mamalis
ChooChoo Mamalis 2 dagar sedan
why is 3:48 drawn sO BEAUTIFULLY???
Luke Brundidge
Luke Brundidge 2 dagar sedan
What was that farmer doing
PaperBoi 2 dagar sedan
2:14 it says Welcome home in the top right corner XD
Shadow Gaming
Shadow Gaming 2 dagar sedan
0:17 1:44 3:21
Daniel 3 dagar sedan
Ha ha his legs dont work no more.
Wild Gamer
Wild Gamer 3 dagar sedan
Mikee the local happy potato
Mikee the local happy potato 4 dagar sedan
Rudy is my favorite short of all time
Dtron198 4 dagar sedan
The bull doe😳
Karloka 4 dagar sedan
Look at Cyanide and Happiness, Putting a whole different meaning onto "Playing with a Dead man"
Neon Da Noob
Neon Da Noob 6 dagar sedan
Read this You just got coconut mall’d Read more
Neon Da Noob
Neon Da Noob 6 dagar sedan
Us thinking explosm will make one wholesome video... Plot twist
Francesca Manenti
Francesca Manenti 6 dagar sedan
Things always go bad in dary always!!
TIMMEH 6 dagar sedan
Shoe Chew
Shoe Chew 6 dagar sedan
Super Cruz
Super Cruz 7 dagar sedan
Who’s watching in 2021 leave a like
pogger 8 dagar sedan
Eyesack Niuton
CheaterPlaysGames 8 dagar sedan
1:39 got me dying
Hairiel Bakri
Hairiel Bakri 9 dagar sedan
If yuo set the speed 0.25X of killgore when that guy gliches can see what is happening
Markarth Guard
Markarth Guard 9 dagar sedan
Plot twist the cows were male
M. A.
M. A. 9 dagar sedan
The space skit seems to have taken *a lot* of inspiration from the BBC "Mitchell and Webb Sound" audio skit of "Space Trek and Wars".
calvin albertson
calvin albertson 9 dagar sedan
16:29 imagine his last words
Thesack 6969
Thesack 6969 9 dagar sedan
The 1st one wtf
Drake Q Master
Drake Q Master 10 dagar sedan
Cording to rudies grave stone he was 79 when he died Just if you wanted to knowww...
Tom Felton
Tom Felton 10 dagar sedan
Nobody gonna talk about how literally only one person was sucked into the vacuum of space when a big ass hole was ripped into the shuttle? No. Oh, ok...
Reaper God
Reaper God 11 dagar sedan
12:48 dude why?
Reaper God
Reaper God 11 dagar sedan
1:46 i did not see that coming 8:08 thats a crazy grandma
Jason Fellows
Jason Fellows 11 dagar sedan
14:42 hackers when they lose in a fight in a game
Jackloker173 11 dagar sedan
HMm David Bowie
Fedai Inanir
Fedai Inanir 11 dagar sedan
Eduards Vilkasts
Eduards Vilkasts 13 dagar sedan
and this video got baned
Mahad Dhoulkefly
Mahad Dhoulkefly 14 dagar sedan
"Ok you heard her get the fu*k outa here
Morgan Hawkins
Morgan Hawkins 14 dagar sedan
Please please pleaseeee stop using gd
Philip Prange
Philip Prange 16 dagar sedan
Wat h 14:05 at .25 speed n tell me that isnt sum whack shit
undead night
undead night 16 dagar sedan
The first one was really funny
Gabriel Marino
Gabriel Marino 16 dagar sedan
killgore.exe has stopped working
Matthew Christeson
Matthew Christeson 16 dagar sedan
Gym Class is one of my favorites. I love the coach at the end mocking the boy after he mocked the handicapped girl. Moral of the story? Don't ridicule someone for their misfortunes or shortcomings, and rise above your handicaps as best you can. You are capable of so much more than it may seem.
Tryhard Nub
Tryhard Nub 16 dagar sedan
15:18 Minecraft characters when you have more than 10 ping.
Lol lol 69 gaming
Lol lol 69 gaming 17 dagar sedan
Rudy said ass everyday
Julian Cline
Julian Cline 17 dagar sedan
The bull one was so [Barfing sound] weard
agentshadow13 18 dagar sedan
The cow one disturbs me....
ya_boi_Jb 19 dagar sedan
9:18 Bruh just snap her neck she can't do that no more if you do that
Kyurem The frozen
Kyurem The frozen 20 dagar sedan
man that vegetable is strong in that Gym
Bodhj Hahn
Bodhj Hahn 21 dag sedan
15:35 look at the menu
tiltd dryll
tiltd dryll 21 dag sedan
Kochigo Satoka
Kochigo Satoka 21 dag sedan
That is a good idea for a crime ngl the docter is cool.
KillerCoyote Gaming
KillerCoyote Gaming 21 dag sedan
the cows face though
*-Mich Berry-*
*-Mich Berry-* 21 dag sedan
16:31 is so funny XD
Seymour Gale
Seymour Gale 22 dagar sedan
14:06 glitches be like:
SpilledCobra872 23 dagar sedan
Looks like the animators were playing with 3D animation. NEVER AGAIN
B E A N 22 dagar sedan
I agree.
Memë_ Lōader
Memë_ Lōader 23 dagar sedan
Unpopular opinion: Most unpopular opinion posts are actually very popular
Monika 23 dagar sedan
Nobody Me: 15:19
CHARLEE SANTOS 26 dagar sedan
Killmonger: my face: 😦😖😠😟😶😯😮😯😬😕😬😕😐😵😐😤😦😲😷😎😎😤😈😓😴😓😴😤😠😱😱😠😡☺😃😜😙😚😙🐣😥😁😭😂😥😥😭😥😰😁😣😛😘😘➡⏪⬅↖↗🔼🔤🔼🔄↙⏪➡◀🔼⏫🔤⏬🔤↩↩🔢🔠🔠ℹ↔⤵⏬⏪⏬⏫⏩⤵⤵↕⤵⤵↪⤵⤵↪↩ℹ↩↩↩ℹ↩↩ℹ↩↩🔄↩↩🔄↩↩↩↩↩◀⏬◀⏬🔽🐔🐴🐼🐴🐮🌾🍂🌛🌏🐅🐄🐅🐄🐄🐅🐼🐍🐑🐰🐥🐸🐯🐗🐺🐍🐑🐍🐘🐥🐽🐤🐲🐲🐅🐲🐖🐉🐂🐄🐄🐃🐏🐚🐚🐏🐐🐳🌻🌳🌼🐴🐘🐔🐘🐣🐮🐰🐨🌠🌏🌛🌛🌏🌒🐄🐟🐞🐝🎇🎊🎄💝🎥🎈📷📷💽📹📹🎊🎐🎇💿🎆🔕🔕🔕💡📞🔇📡⏰🔕📢📟📢📟📟📟📟📟📟📟💴💊📂📄📫📈📄📉📋📭📋📈📄📄📈📄📄📈📄📈📃📄📈🚿🚿💊🚿🛀🔩🚬🏯🌉🏭🏯🗽🌃🏬🏤🌄🏬🌄🚋🚠🚲🚲🚠🚲🎫🚠🏮🎰💈🎰🚦🚒🚡🚨💈🚨🚨🚘🚨🚡🚒🚲🚒🏮🏮🚜🎫🎰🎰🎰🎰🎰🎰🎰🎰🎰🎰🎰🎰😞😝🐮🐮😛😝😍😉😉😜😁😝😁😞😭😒😔😉😚↙⏪🔽⏫⏩ℹ⤵⤵⤵↪⤵↔♋♏♋♋♈♋♻🅾📴🅾♏♒♒♉♋♉💠📴🅾❓🔝💱🔝❓🕑🔝🔛🕐🔛🕧❓🕛➕♣✔🕥🕤🕕🕖🕤🕞🕕🕕🕚🕤🕦➕🕦🕤🔱🔶🔻🔵🔹🔹🔹🔹🔶🔹🔳🔹🔳🔳🔹🔳🔹🔳🔹🔳🔹🔳🔳🔹🔹🔳🔹🔗🔗🔗🔘➰
Jack Gibson
Jack Gibson 12 dagar sedan
honey bee
honey bee 26 dagar sedan
you heard her GET THE FUC-
thibautisserant 26 dagar sedan
4:51 What did you expect ?! He had no more blood in his brain already !
sadboyxsune 27 dagar sedan
Susie is suppose to use her legs not her wheel chair so that's cheating
Brandon Wheeler
Brandon Wheeler 28 dagar sedan
What made that man get all freaking glitchy what contaminated him beating the s*** out of him or was it just getting breathed on
Hedgehog Power
Hedgehog Power 29 dagar sedan
12:40 okay that was unexpected .w.
LuigiBro74 Månad sedan
David Bowie's locker is one of my favorites
UnderControlSP Månad sedan
I watched the first one 2 years ago. I knew there was a plot twist and assumed they would start killing children. These guys never disappoint me
Justin Stovell
Justin Stovell Månad sedan
4:22 never noticed the license plate
loser Månad sedan
How medic actually lost his medical license
The Murderer
The Murderer Månad sedan
Last words: shit
Ra Ban
Ra Ban Månad sedan
ᴊᴜᴊᴜ ᴛʜᴇ_sʟᴇᴇᴘʏʜᴇᴀᴅ
ᴊᴜᴊᴜ ᴛʜᴇ_sʟᴇᴇᴘʏʜᴇᴀᴅ Månad sedan
𝙻𝚘𝚟𝚎 𝚒𝚝! ♥︎☜︎︎
xXCrumbednuggsXx Månad sedan
Dun dun dun dun dun no no no no no no no no dun dun nnnn I still see your shawdows in my room cant take back the love that I gave you it’s to the point where I love and I hate but I cannot change you so I must replace you up easy to say but I thought you were listening to my heart instead of my head I found another one but i am the better one I won’t let you forget me you left me falling and landed inside my grave I know that you want me dead I do it all over again I didn’t want to and I shouldn’t have gone that way I should’ve listened to my friends with the shit in the past I don’t want it to last you were made out of plastic fake I was tangled up in your drastic ways who new evil girls had the prettiest face I gave you a heart that was full of mistakes I have you a heart but made heart break you were my every think though civil of a wedding ring now I’m just better off dead I do it all over again I didn’t want it to end I should’ve listened to my friends but I’m just better off dead💀
supergamer1122 Månad sedan
14:25 Im getting fallout76 ptsd
•bad vibes forever•
•bad vibes forever• Månad sedan
The farmer: Ever guy before November.
B E A N 15 dagar sedan
May Månad sedan
Me:heart attack fire attack die effect barb attack
Gem Månad sedan
Slept right next to my laptop for the first 3/4 and it caused me to dream about some of these... 2:02 was scary let me tell you... Not sure which one cause me to dream about shrinking and growing though
B E A N 15 dagar sedan
What about Killgore?
B E A N 15 dagar sedan
That's interesting
NyxiesPyxies Månad sedan
The first one is lit
I Crowned SpaceMan I
I Crowned SpaceMan I Månad sedan
You could make Kilgore a figure and I think most people would buy it
SVAFnemesis Månad sedan
God Susie is so hot! 8:25
Carboard On Cola
Carboard On Cola Månad sedan
Killgore (AKA Cyberpunk 2077)
HoudiniJr Gaming
HoudiniJr Gaming Månad sedan
They have black teeth
rasp berryboo
rasp berryboo Månad sedan
Doctors be like 9:55
Homeboi Månad sedan
I loved the Killgore one
pier cookz
pier cookz Månad sedan
My girl friend when she beats me once in a video game 7.56
AFedUpBrit Månad sedan
These shorts are why you need context
Dyl Apple
Dyl Apple Månad sedan
0:57 “with everything going on” oh god if only you knew what would start in 2020
toaster eater
toaster eater Månad sedan
The killgore scene was funny af
Ahsen Imtiaz
Ahsen Imtiaz Månad sedan
Rudy was the greatest character to ever live !
Ahsen Imtiaz
Ahsen Imtiaz Månad sedan
The cow at 12:50 lmao !
Nandan8055 Månad sedan
Nandan I really want to touch the lava 😰
Trey 816
Trey 816 Månad sedan
12:51 USMC OPEN UP!!
Quantum Månad sedan
Holy shit I haven’t seen this video since 2017
Moknuba Tomara
Moknuba Tomara Månad sedan
The first one had me dying
Edward Oliver
Edward Oliver Månad sedan
Anyone see tha butttt shark
D V Månad sedan
I love how in the crippled suzie one there was literal barbed wire in the school like its nothing
Pizofsoda Månad sedan
i should probably stop watching this and go back to studying
King T
King T Månad sedan
4:59 does anyone hear that?
Scousywowsy Gamer
Scousywowsy Gamer Månad sedan
Susie isit yo
Bryan Roshan
Bryan Roshan Månad sedan
Finest mahogany double coated with WUT
Michael Snowden
Michael Snowden Månad sedan
“You know doc it’s crazy, I stuck a mouse up my ass, cause ya know, it feels good”
Blok Vader
Blok Vader Månad sedan
"David Bowie's Locker" is genuinely one of the funniest things I've ever heard.
The little wolves
The little wolves Månad sedan
That bull... I loved that part
Weirdo Gameo
Weirdo Gameo Månad sedan
7:05 No one gonna talk bout that shark fin? No? Okay 8:03 No one gonna talk bout them looking so similar?
Cursed Soldier
Cursed Soldier Månad sedan
10:47 mhh, I think I have seen him before in Family Guy.. just a little... older?
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