Cyanide & Happiness Compilation - #18

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It's time for a brand new compilation!
Cyanide and Happiness delivers daily comics to your face-hole on since 2005!
Lab Results
Rainy Day
The Renaissance Man: Part 1
The Cowboy Funeral
The Homestead
Good Dog
The Rubber: Part 1
HaHa Hobo
The Shelter

adriano elblanco
adriano elblanco 22 timmar sedan
Wholesome af
The 8 Yeeters
The 8 Yeeters Dag sedan
2:48 did he just nod to say like, “do it Dad”, that’s messed up bro.
beatmaster plays
beatmaster plays Dag sedan
I'm not even religious in any way but this chanel has committed to many sins the writers and artists should go to hell for this you dark-empath of a channel I am unsubscribing!!!!!
Justin Pehrson
Justin Pehrson Dag sedan
How do they make something like tumble butts make me feel something
Astro Masto
Astro Masto Dag sedan
The ancient power of the tumble buts they take whom ever they see and leave the child as a witness and that child is the soul survivor that will hunt them down
UwU TwT Dag sedan
Anyone else want to see a real Tumble butt series
Halal Pig
Halal Pig 2 dagar sedan
Dare to criticise Islam, commie.
xX_ultra_instinct_gamer_Xx 551
xX_ultra_instinct_gamer_Xx 551 2 dagar sedan
ExotiqX 2 dagar sedan
There was a Por* advert and now mt teacher think I watch por*
Frits Wijnen
Frits Wijnen 2 dagar sedan
Why didnt u name them bumbleweeds
Camera Vice
Camera Vice 2 dagar sedan
18:19 fuckin gets me every time
Tiffany Miranda
Tiffany Miranda 3 dagar sedan
9:02 i think is a ball. me: motherfu-
Mr.Angel10 3 dagar sedan
mr dog
mr dog 3 dagar sedan
0:00-1:17= what happens when your mother is an antivax
nrwd2002 3 dagar sedan
Tumble butts are gorons
Jason Nicely
Jason Nicely 3 dagar sedan
The tumble butts thing was sad
EmirGamesLD 3 dagar sedan
Tex had the most expensive funeral in the world
Carrie Lare
Carrie Lare 4 dagar sedan
Ariel Contreras
Ariel Contreras 4 dagar sedan
Luke Brundidge
Luke Brundidge 4 dagar sedan
Tex’s death 💀 made me think about how felt Ted averys death
A Aa
A Aa 4 dagar sedan
Bro most of these r soo sad
bay sapka
bay sapka 5 dagar sedan
Ohh and youuu deaf😯
Rimuru-sama 5 dagar sedan
When boys sing in class Good When girls sing in class Cringe
Rimuru-sama 4 dagar sedan
@Ian Tan also you can like your own comment?
Rimuru-sama 4 dagar sedan
@Ian Tan I didnt like my own comment lmao
Ian Tan
Ian Tan 4 dagar sedan
When you like your own comment
xXsimply_niyahXx 6 dagar sedan
I feel more bad for the horse then tex.
Mysterion McKormick
Mysterion McKormick 6 dagar sedan
YOU GOT NOROVIRUS is that a thing
Levi Verstappen
Levi Verstappen 6 dagar sedan
Oh I love this
dumbo catrian
dumbo catrian 7 dagar sedan
dumbo catrian
dumbo catrian 7 dagar sedan
your lad music
your lad music 7 dagar sedan
If tumble buts their legs to their mouth..... That means they suck there own pp...... AHHHHHHHHH
Ian Duke
Ian Duke 7 dagar sedan
Homestead actually made me cry
Hopping H
Hopping H 7 dagar sedan
on the canned soup, they they have about 8x3 rows of cans on each shelf. (24) and they have about 4 shelves. So in total they have (about) 96 cans. There are three people that have to divide the food equally, so in their time in the bunker they will each get about 32 cans. The average human body can go about three weeks without food so that would mean they will go for about 96 weeks with the food and an extra three weeks. So in total they should survive for about 1 year and 10 months. But that is without keeping in mind that the wife is Pregnant and will have to eat more and when their baby is born they will have to feed them. So no, that food will not last them decades.
LEROXE GT 8 dagar sedan
türçe çeviriyi hangi kral yaptı
Manon S
Manon S 8 dagar sedan
"Realizing you're fifty shades of fucked" Love subtitles
WWestwego 9 dagar sedan
the purple space suit
the purple space suit 9 dagar sedan
The shelter could make you think it's a horror movie at first but then it just turns into a random movie
DrugRug Slayden
DrugRug Slayden 9 dagar sedan
Tumble Butts Violin will make you cry
The panda army
The panda army 10 dagar sedan
The soup one felt weird on my hands
[ R E D A C T E D ]
[ R E D A C T E D ] 10 dagar sedan
he has every disease in the world.
Mocanu Patrick
Mocanu Patrick 10 dagar sedan
3:08 Next time on the rainy day DO WHAT THE PAGE SAYS >:)
Imane Radi
Imane Radi 11 dagar sedan
The soup is so funny guys
KristaEger 11 dagar sedan
For lab results
KristaEger 11 dagar sedan
Wait why no Covid
Origami Gaming
Origami Gaming 12 dagar sedan
4:54 I just noticed, it’s flight of the bumblebee! That’s really fitting!
Ruby Roony
Ruby Roony 12 dagar sedan
FUCK YOU 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
Ruby Roony
Ruby Roony 12 dagar sedan
daze 12 dagar sedan
*realizing you're fifty shades of fucked*
Rajavardhan Reddy
Rajavardhan Reddy 13 dagar sedan
Don't tell me this wasn't written by an actual doctor
Teletummy 13 dagar sedan
I hate the idea that the tumblebutts are like an scp that take people to be one of them
Kainnen Smith
Kainnen Smith 13 dagar sedan
I like how the dad is so bad at being a dad he has to use a book for help.
Anthony Cortez
Anthony Cortez 14 dagar sedan
Tex was the best Space Viking Cowboy! To Tex!
Violet Wiseley
Violet Wiseley 14 dagar sedan
"It's the fucking Renaissance bitch."
Aiden Lowe
Aiden Lowe 14 dagar sedan
Ye no that guy is 70 shades of fucked
Rowena Hedocil
Rowena Hedocil 15 dagar sedan
I was ner vis that i read the mirder your som🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Hop Duong
Hop Duong 15 dagar sedan
He could’ve just left the soup in the microwave
Zapikel [GMD]
Zapikel [GMD] 15 dagar sedan
7:37 made me cry so fucking hard
Anime_Freak_YT 15 dagar sedan
I worry about the people who make these
Kristopher Szaflarski
Kristopher Szaflarski 16 dagar sedan
16:00 look at the shirt
Morgan Hawkins
Morgan Hawkins 16 dagar sedan
I need a lyric video for the first one please
Blackreaper 17 dagar sedan
"Realising your fifty shades of fucked"
Bekolois 17 dagar sedan
Why he didn't place suop back to micrpvawe lmao XD
Potato God
Potato God 17 dagar sedan
Why am I laughing
Mika BoMS
Mika BoMS 18 dagar sedan
9:31 ST34L3R
Khalif 18 dagar sedan
guardian fortress
guardian fortress 18 dagar sedan
Kevin Murphy is a comedy legend. Glad these guys got him on here. :)
Toxicpleblord 18 dagar sedan
Omg it's the Renaissance bitch!! LoL 4:20
Spy The Box
Spy The Box 19 dagar sedan
When you dont vaccinate your kids: 0:05
GordonTDM Brush
GordonTDM Brush 20 dagar sedan
The lab Acheivment get!: How did we get here?
zackrm gaming
zackrm gaming 20 dagar sedan
ARandomGamer 91
ARandomGamer 91 21 dag sedan
The first skit could not end any more funny then it already was, and yet, it was. Fantastic work
pr0xZen 21 dag sedan
The one glorious thing all the greatest vikinging, cowboying and spaceing have in common. Taxes.
The Yan way
The Yan way 21 dag sedan
pterodactyl Man
pterodactyl Man 21 dag sedan
pterodactyl Man
pterodactyl Man 21 dag sedan
Tumble butts
Right to Left
Right to Left 21 dag sedan
*realizing your 50 shades of fucked* killled meeee
Jose Mari Mataga
Jose Mari Mataga 22 dagar sedan
"A rash we don't know what it is!" Probably dermatitis or hives or something else idk i know only those two types of rashes
Count the ways Funtime Freddy
Count the ways Funtime Freddy 22 dagar sedan
R.I.P Tex
Snow Kitty Gang
Snow Kitty Gang 22 dagar sedan
Man the tumble butts one that...that really changes a person
Adam Said
Adam Said 22 dagar sedan
“James barthelomew pretzel nuggets”
Davina VanDerLike
Davina VanDerLike 22 dagar sedan
What what a freaking plot twist
Davina VanDerLike
Davina VanDerLike 22 dagar sedan
Lol Funny
Davina VanDerLike
Davina VanDerLike 22 dagar sedan
Davina VanDerLike
Davina VanDerLike 22 dagar sedan
Why are these so hilarious
John M.
John M. 22 dagar sedan
tumble buts soundtrack reminds me of the village soundtrack
Bog Pepper
Bog Pepper 23 dagar sedan
The rubber is a youtuber 0-0
Justin James Gagasa
Justin James Gagasa 23 dagar sedan
Rest in peace... Tex
Tarulata Tarun
Tarulata Tarun 23 dagar sedan
Even I am also vibing on "lab results"
king birb
king birb 24 dagar sedan
Ronica_the_fox 24 dagar sedan
The fact that he could of worn gloves
Practical_Memer08 25 dagar sedan
My favorite was the first one. Also, reply your favorite part via time during the video.
Ashutosh Kataria
Ashutosh Kataria 27 dagar sedan
The homestead's BGM reminders me LAST OF US.......what a story
Mxntality_ 27 dagar sedan
The rainy day one could be a horror movie about a scent or a chemical from the rain causing people to do irregular things and have hallucinations. specifically things like corpses, or writing in blood, and it would be cool to see perspective changes between children and parents, or any other family member
Richard P3
Richard P3 27 dagar sedan
"Ohhhh, I hate that Michelangelo!" Me:well maybe you shouldn't make someone work for 4 years straight asshole
Christian A
Christian A 28 dagar sedan
The TEX one was sad enough to make me cry
CookieMonster - Inator
CookieMonster - Inator 28 dagar sedan
Notice were the tummblebutts mouths are 0_0
Oscar Avina
Oscar Avina 28 dagar sedan
The Cowboy Bebop reference👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼
hype playz
hype playz 29 dagar sedan
The first one was do into the song until he saw
Black Thorn
Black Thorn 29 dagar sedan
That tumblebutts clip is kind of terrifying.
Sub_If_ur_a_PRO 29 dagar sedan
Jack Smith
Jack Smith 29 dagar sedan
Reject Humanity, Return To Tumblebutt.
Leo Gapen
Leo Gapen 29 dagar sedan
cereal is soup
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