Cyanide & Happiness Compilation - #25

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Time for a new Compilation!
Cyanide and Happiness delivers daily comics to your face-hole on since 2005!
Who is Mothman?
Mr. Cobbler's Neighborhood
The Park
The Park 2
Blind Date
Bowling Night
Gun Fight
Agent 7: Part 2
Half Off

Some Random Person On The Internet
Some Random Person On The Internet 7 timmar sedan
Your telling me this guy was living right where he cut the world in half so that it cut his house perfectly in half?
Tiffany Miranda
Tiffany Miranda 14 timmar sedan
Red Crimson
Red Crimson 14 timmar sedan
Aot in a nutshell 4:13
Camden Grohs
Camden Grohs 2 dagar sedan
In the short “The Park” theres a reference to Futurama when the mosquito stabs through someone to drink the person behind him
ikl Hernais
ikl Hernais 3 dagar sedan
Half off dude can beat goku
CALEB BRUNO 3 dagar sedan
1 like = I prayer for mister sniffle
GlutenBoi 4 dagar sedan
Attack on Titan looks different
krazye 5 dagar sedan
Cut it in half man is... godamn over powered af lmao
Yeetus Le fetus
Yeetus Le fetus 5 dagar sedan
Video: *pans out to show how he cut everything in half* me: you did it, you crazy son of a bitch, you did it
Baby Yoda
Baby Yoda 5 dagar sedan
Roy Liu
Roy Liu 7 dagar sedan
...the family gold?
Nnadozie Emezi
Nnadozie Emezi 7 dagar sedan
I had a long, drawn out comment lined up to show how much I enjoyed these shorts...but I CUT IT IN HALF!✋
Drake Q Master
Drake Q Master 10 dagar sedan
Cut in half
gia huy bùi
gia huy bùi 10 dagar sedan
Luke Brundidge
Luke Brundidge 10 dagar sedan
Sounds like spongebob
ryan motilall
ryan motilall 11 dagar sedan
That bird skipped leg day
Kainnen Smith
Kainnen Smith 13 dagar sedan
I feel like mothman is just a guy with serious adhd.
Colorboy Gaming
Colorboy Gaming 14 dagar sedan
The cut it in half guy deserves new content
JT fade out
JT fade out 14 dagar sedan
They need to make a the park 3
Tell tale Creations
Tell tale Creations 11 dagar sedan
They have I think
Caca Rot
Caca Rot 15 dagar sedan
Cut it in half!
Jalen Harris
Jalen Harris 16 dagar sedan
Boring fact : the Answer is Judy Garland Roger Williams was a Theologian and he died before the Ed Sullivan show was even a thing (1603-1683) Elvis Presley .... they clearly just said that wasn't the answer And Louis Armstrong is black they wouldn't let a black man on the show because almost every white person was racist at the time honestly looking this up was kind of the most boring thing I did
José Vix Jayoma
José Vix Jayoma 16 dagar sedan
Cyanide and happiness predicted the *_S I M P S_*
WaffleGames 17 dagar sedan
5:39 "We have who wants to be a millionaire at home"
joe jones
joe jones 17 dagar sedan
He gave the other half of earth to aliens when they came to take over.
Alberto Pirela
Alberto Pirela 17 dagar sedan
Who is cyanide and happiness
Something Alive
Something Alive 19 dagar sedan
Grandma: Gives offer of probably more than a million Him: DAMMIT GRANDMA, WE HAVE $500 ON THE LINE
Patrick Lau
Patrick Lau 20 dagar sedan
How much ‘guns do they have?’
Jobe Hickernell
Jobe Hickernell 20 dagar sedan
Big ass mosquito mean fort polk louisiana
Nakhira Asia Brown
Nakhira Asia Brown 17 dagar sedan
Asuki Folxfer
Asuki Folxfer 20 dagar sedan
The half off short is my favorite
Sofia H
Sofia H 21 dag sedan
I like the one that goes m'lady
Funniest Comment
Funniest Comment 21 dag sedan
What happened to Donovan duck
Arcader 813
Arcader 813 21 dag sedan
Think this commercial’s too long? Cut it in hal- *gets an ad for premium seafood.*
Scorch Dragon
Scorch Dragon 21 dag sedan
The mosquito park already exists it’s called Australia
Luke Schreffler
Luke Schreffler 22 dagar sedan
10:00 after eating the chili dog at 711
William Muhammad
William Muhammad 24 dagar sedan
Mothman:*flaps around room Me:OH WTH Mothman:stairs* Me:...
Jaylin V
Jaylin V 25 dagar sedan
Half off ad: “think this ad is too long? cut it in ha-“ Actual ad: “half price off-“
Zxonia Xonzia
Zxonia Xonzia 25 dagar sedan
Exsplosm: VRV Me: What’s that
halo 25 dagar sedan
This made me cry poor evil professor
Lance Christopher Mambo
Lance Christopher Mambo 26 dagar sedan
Mothman is the cousin of cockroach man
JAMES LE 26 dagar sedan
So originally the vidio was over 30 minutes long
THE DARKZ 28 dagar sedan
Simps be like
Hades Dogs
Hades Dogs 28 dagar sedan
Welcome to Jurassic ass
hyper_499 28 dagar sedan
17:14 you could say he has unlimited power
Asher Hockersmith
Asher Hockersmith 29 dagar sedan
Let's get Grandma on the line. "We have lost Objective Charlie."
Leo Gapen
Leo Gapen 29 dagar sedan
ok the cobbeler oe was sad
Kristofer Kamzarov
Kristofer Kamzarov Månad sedan
So basically she is jesus
W U T Månad sedan
Wow , somebody do an art of mothman
AJ the Great 332
AJ the Great 332 Månad sedan
What kind of police department has that many guns? 12:39
EthanGPlays Månad sedan
EVERYONE TO THE BUNKER 15:26 0.25x speed
Matt Omalveney
Matt Omalveney Månad sedan
Moth: ima go NUTS Police: stop Moth NOOOO
What would happen if Half Off Oscar tried to cut infinity in half?
Joshua Adams
Joshua Adams Månad sedan
There is no limit to that man's power! He'll cut it in half...
Tighlia Månad sedan
I want to know the tabs for the guitar at the end. That's nice music, there.
HighIqHuman Månad sedan
The 3rd coat pile wasn't miladied
Bercea Ion Daniel
Bercea Ion Daniel Månad sedan
With every episode I watch I seryously question the sanity of the makers
Darrius Meggie
Darrius Meggie Månad sedan
"Cut in half"
Jake plays Games
Jake plays Games Månad sedan
Gunfight was blessed
Arkteris Nation
Arkteris Nation Månad sedan
rip captin cupcakes
rich cool guy
rich cool guy Månad sedan
I know a short cut
Taiteraide Månad sedan
11:01 nuketown
thatsnotsoup Månad sedan
4:50 *guren no yumiya plays*
Demonhood Månad sedan
*”Wanna buy a 1000 dollar TV!? Cut the price tag in half!! Now you have a ten dollar TV”*
Monster Truck
Monster Truck Månad sedan
Big ass mosquito park oh my fuck yess
JetSmile Månad sedan
Damn! I laughed a lot after Chivalry! So truly)
Memento Mori
Memento Mori Månad sedan
You want to have a 2 babies but you only got 1? "Cut it in half!!"
DonutTheWizard Månad sedan
1:20 Simps at their finest
Lucas Vicente Fano Costas
Lucas Vicente Fano Costas Månad sedan
Who was the artist who made famous in that show in 1958?
Alderart39 Månad sedan
Oscar did ehat Thanos wanted but with his own bare hands.
Noah Freedman
Noah Freedman Månad sedan
11:53 on the board
Mke Wade
Mke Wade Månad sedan
Wtf kinda bird was that bro😂😂
Damian Y
Damian Y Månad sedan
4:48 On that day, mankind received a grim reminder. We lived in fear of the Titans and were disgraced to live in these cages we called walls...
McDieun Philidor
McDieun Philidor Månad sedan
1:02 The very meaning of "simp".
R.L Bevi
R.L Bevi Månad sedan
At 15:25 I really felt bad for the evil scientist
me CAROFIGLIO Månad sedan
The park 3
me CAROFIGLIO Månad sedan
Jurassic world
Carolyn la loca
Carolyn la loca Månad sedan
11:45 I know it's kinda obvious but... Is that a Spongebob reference?
GG Mathi
GG Mathi Månad sedan
That guitar part in the end, where do i find that? I love it xD
Henry Livingstone
Henry Livingstone Månad sedan
Regular ass dinosaur park ! 😂😂😂
Adeeb Hendri M Ridzuan
Adeeb Hendri M Ridzuan Månad sedan
I missed the very awesome "vomit sound" since cyanide and happiness shorts compilation #2. R.I.P vomit sound (cyanide and happiness shorts compilation #2 - #24)
Gaming time YT
Gaming time YT Månad sedan
How dat chicken so buff
masterboy Månad sedan
Ft. Tomska
Shadow Smith 2
Shadow Smith 2 Månad sedan
O money Ferg
O money Ferg Månad sedan
15:30 I felt bad for him he lost his son and his cat 💯
Aiden Nabors
Aiden Nabors Månad sedan
Captain cupcakes😭
NevaehArodi Månad sedan
DeathDragon1730 Månad sedan
How does this have ads
Endergamer Månad sedan
0:48 so relatable
Jay NoneYa
Jay NoneYa Månad sedan
the heavy metal and cut it in half guy was awesome!!!!!!! 15:45
The mall in your City
The mall in your City Månad sedan
There's 1 mothman among us
EPapi Månad sedan
That one where the villain was trying to kill agent 7 and the cat dies will haunt my dreams forever
EPapi Månad sedan
That mr cobbler one was actually super sad tbh
FredDoesStuff Månad sedan
5:10 i really love the "lovely day in the neighborhood" reference
Bitskit Månad sedan
That metal riff for the cut it in half commercial is lit.
Bitskit 22 dagar sedan
@Omega Knox No idea. I pulled a 17 second audio from the end of the video and tried to do a search for it online, but I got no results.
Omega Knox
Omega Knox 22 dagar sedan
Any idea what song it’s from or who it’s from?
RDE Gaming
RDE Gaming Månad sedan
what song lol 11:01
Mixed Muffins
Mixed Muffins Månad sedan
4:15 New AOT season looking pretty good
TalentlessArtist Månad sedan
The first ones were the original simps
fuzzy pizza
fuzzy pizza Månad sedan
There is no limit to his power
Totallykewl Dog
Totallykewl Dog Månad sedan
4:50 Attack on titan fans wya
Demolition 343
Demolition 343 Månad sedan
i don’t like how “half off” is after “agent 7 part 2”
FBI Månad sedan
The 007 is way too dark holy shit
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