Cyanide & Happiness Compilation - #26

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The Bet
Something Spacey
Dog Tricks
Bundle of Joy
Shark Attack
The Morgue
The Tall Boys Hit The Town

Amanda Elgakhlab
Amanda Elgakhlab 18 timmar sedan
At 9:06 I love how the guy from the "ILL CUT THE PRICE IN HALF!" Commercial is just like "HE CUT HIM IN HALF! "
Deadzone6 Dag sedan
That stork had me fucking rolling lmfao
john bailey
john bailey Dag sedan
But on the first one, he was conscious for 18 seconds, not 15...
michael nyakurwa
michael nyakurwa 2 dagar sedan
That's not our daughter's...
Lord Cloakimus Prime
Lord Cloakimus Prime 2 dagar sedan
I need something spacey.
That dope Moth
That dope Moth 2 dagar sedan
1:30 that’s a pretty good song ngl
just passing
just passing 2 dagar sedan
Where do I sign up for the "SPACEY" high?
Desmond Schneider
Desmond Schneider 3 dagar sedan
I like the broken ripoff Switch
DeadGaming 115
DeadGaming 115 5 dagar sedan
Dad wtf
Beast boy55
Beast boy55 6 dagar sedan
At the first clip if only we can self destruction
Kaleb the Wolf Boy
Kaleb the Wolf Boy 6 dagar sedan
We need more tall boys
Pryzm 6 dagar sedan
“Now now, whenever you’re ready.” *doesn’t even wait half a second for them to say they’re ready*
whitney casado
whitney casado 7 dagar sedan
Wow that's sexy
NAAZREEN TAILOR 7 dagar sedan
إِنَّا لِلّهِ وَإِنَّـا إِلَيْهِ رَاجِعونَ
Player 922
Player 922 7 dagar sedan
2:48 HUH neat
ArifinIlham 8 dagar sedan
The Storks one gave me a goddamn seizure.
Laniyah Prince
Laniyah Prince 8 dagar sedan
0:30 was just like among us it looked just like when you snap someones head off.
corona vios
corona vios 9 dagar sedan
How did he tech to fly and destroy with lating and hve wings can someone tell me if no I will eat you to nite
Aboufatax Youssouf
Aboufatax Youssouf 9 dagar sedan
The cut it in half guy is back
Fantesy pup Pilarski
Fantesy pup Pilarski 13 dagar sedan
Who else died when the shark atack one came on 😂😂😂👏👏👌
JaxoLantern 13 dagar sedan
Among us dead bodys be like: 0:29
Kai Morris
Kai Morris 14 dagar sedan
Imma watch “something spacey” again while I’m high 😌👌🏾🤣
MishaG4mer 14 dagar sedan
2:02 Breaking the 4th wall, eh?
Ádám Szepesi
Ádám Szepesi 15 dagar sedan
Cedric Schmunk
Cedric Schmunk 15 dagar sedan
gilette abdi
Laurie McAfee
Laurie McAfee 15 dagar sedan
I got so freaked out when the stork was throwing around the bag...
Back 2 Sleep
Back 2 Sleep 16 dagar sedan
9:05 Who Remember That Guy on The Left?
Kenny Official
Kenny Official 16 dagar sedan
perfect visualization of a dmt trip. specially when space spits you back out.
Anthony Neal
Anthony Neal 17 dagar sedan
Meds ur getting life
salazar mk2
salazar mk2 17 dagar sedan
Oliver Kellum
Oliver Kellum 17 dagar sedan
Where can I find that riff. That was kick ass.
Chara 18 dagar sedan
Solo4life X
Solo4life X 18 dagar sedan
So full of science did anyone know that white holes exist white holes are the opposite of black holes and pretty much regurgitate matter
Faristic GaMeR
Faristic GaMeR 19 dagar sedan
0:31 among us
Car About To Hit you
Car About To Hit you 16 dagar sedan
That’s what I thought
Lucia Amarodejesus
Lucia Amarodejesus 20 dagar sedan
Lucia Amarodejesus
Lucia Amarodejesus 20 dagar sedan
Lucia Amarodejesus
Lucia Amarodejesus 20 dagar sedan
Ian Bernardo
Ian Bernardo 20 dagar sedan
Red kiiled yellow i vote red
Walter Perry
Walter Perry 20 dagar sedan
Well the LSD WAS wearing off tonight
BugAnims StickNodes
BugAnims StickNodes 20 dagar sedan
0:29 Among us lol
Jayzie Animations
Jayzie Animations 20 dagar sedan
0:30 when the imposter kills someone
Kingkai 10
Kingkai 10 20 dagar sedan
Quickest baby to come out world record 2020
Carlos Leonardo Arciniega Flores volví :D
Carlos Leonardo Arciniega Flores volví :D 21 dag sedan
Porfa pasen lo A Español
Carlos Leonardo Arciniega Flores volví :D
Carlos Leonardo Arciniega Flores volví :D 21 dag sedan
Por fa pasen lo A Ingles
Sen Pai
Sen Pai 21 dag sedan
He cut em in half
Chill_Forest 22 dagar sedan
smell spicy
Arc Trooper Omega
Arc Trooper Omega 22 dagar sedan
Among us in a nutshell
Ya Dig
Ya Dig 22 dagar sedan
1:47 looks like corona virus
Just A random person lolersz
Just A random person lolersz 22 dagar sedan
Deathnote2539 23 dagar sedan
What everyone wants is more purgatony, what we get is crap.
Logan Pittam
Logan Pittam 23 dagar sedan
Red I mad sus
lil bleus
lil bleus 25 dagar sedan
0:26 I didn’t know the imposter could kill himself
Power man
Power man 25 dagar sedan
Im the 77677th like
Tinker Thinker
Tinker Thinker 26 dagar sedan
Man Meds !!!! Need it ASAP
ADA6ST9 26 dagar sedan
Okay if you look 6 minutes and 40 seconds into the video you can see in the background is it literally a guy with no skin only muscles and that is just pure nightmare fuel
IdkWhatGoinOn E
IdkWhatGoinOn E 27 dagar sedan
9:06 half off oscar I recognize that voice and those clothes
The PlushVerse
The PlushVerse 27 dagar sedan
Sammy Schroeder
Sammy Schroeder 27 dagar sedan
I haven't watched this in a while i forgot how muched I loved it
Big Z
Big Z 27 dagar sedan
Goddam birds
Lillian 27 dagar sedan
Among us be like: 0:28
Miles Jackson
Miles Jackson 27 dagar sedan
0:36 when the imposter realized the person they killed had family
Joel Oliver
Joel Oliver 28 dagar sedan
Who else thinks that “Something Spacey” would be a ligit Pink Floyd video
Ahmed ComedianTehObjectThingy
Ahmed ComedianTehObjectThingy 28 dagar sedan
2:04 it's reanimating!
Timothy Seth Cortez
Timothy Seth Cortez 28 dagar sedan
First clip Among Us ^~^
Rencxy_ 3
Rencxy_ 3 29 dagar sedan
and im james charles
saflor bolanio
saflor bolanio 29 dagar sedan
Gman's Gnarly Science Show
Gman's Gnarly Science Show 29 dagar sedan
Wanna smell something spacey? Cocaine has entered the chat room.
Rob Walsh
Rob Walsh Månad sedan
I want to smell something Spacey 🙃
R.I.P Rick May The Mann Himself
R.I.P Rick May The Mann Himself Månad sedan
MEDS is just over simplified surgery
botslayer 0
botslayer 0 Månad sedan
JAWS in a nutshell
HI DE Månad sedan
The spacy part looks like a colab
TertiaryZeus Månad sedan
Red was the impostor
Avery Marchese
Avery Marchese Månad sedan
What the hell
Novawara Månad sedan
1:18 music name ?
Triggered kermit
Triggered kermit Månad sedan
Who else thought that that was his mustache in the thumb nail
I love cats kitty power
I love cats kitty power Månad sedan
Hey do you want to smell something spacey
Kamen Rider Wizard
Kamen Rider Wizard Månad sedan
They must be fired
Enoch Brown
Enoch Brown Månad sedan
That was some spacey
Jericho Bernal
Jericho Bernal Månad sedan
9:05 really got me in half!
Maya Dunstan-Hackett
Maya Dunstan-Hackett Månad sedan
that first part gave me Amobg Us flashbacks
Johannes Kruse
Johannes Kruse Månad sedan
Spacey time •_• D: :D Me: THE BLACK HOLE RUN
Glennisr Månad sedan
Wats the anatomy of one of these guys
MafiaGuy Månad sedan
9:01 best collab ever
Teej Månad sedan
the meowfather
the meowfather Månad sedan
1:11 oh no he is high on flesh (yes you can get high when eating someone)
Nathanael Nickels
Nathanael Nickels Månad sedan
i want more of the meds
RuthlessXodre Månad sedan
Red Imposter killed Yellow crewmate
XD Gingerbread
XD Gingerbread Månad sedan
I love the show meds
Dave Weller
Dave Weller Månad sedan
i WiLl LiKe DiS
billel ziane
billel ziane Månad sedan
The white boy on top 😏
VAULT 111 BABBLE HEAD dakota couture
VAULT 111 BABBLE HEAD dakota couture Månad sedan
dude me too
DARKPRO BG Månad sedan
6:21 was sooooo cute 😊
Mrboomer135 Månad sedan
He cut him In haylf!
JellyMiaou The Killer Puff
JellyMiaou The Killer Puff Månad sedan
At 9:06 I just realized it's half of Oscar from half of Oscars's half of emporium
ONE THIRD MAYO Månad sedan
Meds, more like crazy diamonds
the flying mountains
the flying mountains Månad sedan
I'm pull my head off now
mulee NG
mulee NG Månad sedan
Half off Oscar wants to cut my sen-
Dott Månad sedan
I Scott
I Scott Månad sedan
The fact the y’all boys are still alive is amazing
I Scott
I Scott Månad sedan
Make meds a show or your going to get life for not doing it
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