Cyanide & Happiness Compilation - #27

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Sad Larrys Day Off
A Man Buys Fruit
Dr. Realdoctor
Stevie McShortstuff
Burning Bush
The Sniper
Jimmy Three Balls
Tiny Style 2
MEDS Las Vegas
MEDS Miami

StinkyMonke Timme sedan
Damn ik it was the point of the joke but the make a wish one was fucked up
Guilherme Villafan
Guilherme Villafan Timme sedan
Liam Vanyo
Liam Vanyo Timme sedan
The Baby can't talk
Brenden Stahl
Brenden Stahl 2 timmar sedan
N P 2 timmar sedan
B's driver's license expires in April,oh no
Randomram 5 timmar sedan
i am the brother of moses
DinonuggetBryce 1234
DinonuggetBryce 1234 12 timmar sedan
Rip tho for little jimmy
bardock UwU
bardock UwU 15 timmar sedan
bullet buster seems *fun*
Carl Wheezer
Carl Wheezer 16 timmar sedan
5:56 Epstein’s island be like:
lucasgabriekll 17 timmar sedan
imagine doing a 3 hour surgery on a person save her life and at the end hear her saying *thank you god* i would be completely pissed
KlatschEI 20 timmar sedan
That no value killed me
Tech_R 20 timmar sedan
7:20 how does the heart rate monitor keep beeping?
Joshua Ostach
Joshua Ostach 21 timme sedan
The “no value” had me
Arthas Menathil
Arthas Menathil 22 timmar sedan
That kid was so close to dying by stevie
jimmy morgan
jimmy morgan 23 timmar sedan
8:08 except he's no longer in risk of dying, so the contract no longer has any meaning
Veikra Dag sedan
MEDS las vegas and MEDS miami need a second season
Just Carolina
Just Carolina Dag sedan
I think everyone did scroll back when the fruit man said what did i say
Naruto Uzumaki
Naruto Uzumaki Dag sedan
Lil Stevie is the quite kid and the kid with the blue hat pulled an ak to a guy with the missile launcher
grag willams
grag willams Dag sedan
WTF on steviy no one wants to mess with him
Skizzits2 Dag sedan
9:35 Greatest Prank Of All Time
Skizzits2 Dag sedan
When The Mugger Put The Gun To His Head LMAO
Out of content • 21 years
Out of content • 21 years Dag sedan
“No value” thats comedy gold
hunter orion
hunter orion Dag sedan
Copycat was legendary
Whitefirewolf Dag sedan
Lol poor spy
Miguel Lopez
Miguel Lopez Dag sedan
How do these people manage to create a twist you don't see coming everytime
Malicious Memes
Malicious Memes Dag sedan
Tbh sad Larry annoys me
M X Dag sedan
Did anyone else notice that the guy talking to Larry is the grown up baby from the hospital room where he was born lol?
jared karl L. johnson
jared karl L. johnson Dag sedan
Stevie is cute ngl
StealthBlade Dag sedan
Don't make fun of God
の深淵ナイトメア・ノクターン Dag sedan
As a short person, this is very accurate
Parrain 2 dagar sedan
Lil Jil please come take care of Corona.
Bikers ride
Bikers ride 2 dagar sedan
4:56 hey look at the bottom left
Movie Mountain
Movie Mountain 3 dagar sedan
4:28 I’m very short and this is what I like
montystwin 3 dagar sedan
Stevie short was smart. If y’all seen that banned anime
Meh_plays 3 dagar sedan
Rudi Maartens
Rudi Maartens 3 dagar sedan
This is a little wierd
Thatonecouchpotatoe 3 dagar sedan
Sad Larry net worth: NO WORTH
rgparadox 3 dagar sedan
im glad they've never changed
Lillian Collins
Lillian Collins 4 dagar sedan
That baby in copy cat is so cute
Marlon Moore
Marlon Moore 4 dagar sedan
I like how Stevie just freaken kills someone then just walks like it never happen and the music starts again
Marlon Moore
Marlon Moore 4 dagar sedan
1:53 that's just sad
Mathew 4 dagar sedan
Why does the wrestler from Wishes sound like Daruk from Legend of Zelda?
Stevie McShortstuff
Stevie McShortstuff 5 dagar sedan
Yusei Fudo
Yusei Fudo 5 dagar sedan
14:52 jokes aside we are currently trying to make nano bots that can remove these hard to react problems that normal surgery can't handle. Many tumors if remove on a cellular level will do minimal damage compared to a surgeon digging into your skull
kako mol
kako mol 5 dagar sedan
16:44 among us
Caleb Robinson
Caleb Robinson 5 dagar sedan
6:53 is that hulk hogan
Kennley Gibbs
Kennley Gibbs 5 dagar sedan
Meds New York City
kevin jackson
kevin jackson 6 dagar sedan
ben Le Roux
ben Le Roux 6 dagar sedan
uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu no
Finlay Evans
Finlay Evans 6 dagar sedan
In the stevie one the end was just XD
Julianne Reigne Alintana
Julianne Reigne Alintana 6 dagar sedan
Grace Koli
Grace Koli 6 dagar sedan
Jimmy three balls?
Grace Koli
Grace Koli 6 dagar sedan
Pikachu SpongeBob Power rangers Magic school bus His father!?
Grace Koli
Grace Koli 6 dagar sedan
Yeah that is really fucked up
Grace Koli
Grace Koli 6 dagar sedan
Grace Koli
Grace Koli 6 dagar sedan
Grace Koli
Grace Koli 6 dagar sedan
Moses what are you doing
Grace Koli
Grace Koli 6 dagar sedan
Bruh stevey
Grace Koli
Grace Koli 6 dagar sedan
Grace Koli
Grace Koli 6 dagar sedan
He is short
BlueAnimated 7 dagar sedan
Girl: i only date 6 feet guys. “Stevie who has/is only 2 feet
Cassie's Animations and Gacha Life
Cassie's Animations and Gacha Life 7 dagar sedan
7:48 whos heart monitor is that
Aarryn Evans
Aarryn Evans 7 dagar sedan
7:00 caught me off guard😭😭
nakeema haze
nakeema haze 7 dagar sedan
Three balls
Bager Agnig
Bager Agnig 8 dagar sedan
15:04 that's phages they can't hurt humen cells and it kills bacteria instead, it can also help us too
skreller gamer
skreller gamer 8 dagar sedan
dwarfs are dangerous
LucasMeme 8 dagar sedan
I feel Sad Larry, everyone makes my expectations so low I don't care anymore.
CALEB NGUYEN 8 dagar sedan
ethel estorgio
ethel estorgio 8 dagar sedan
hey everybody this channel is the most dump channel that me and my friend ever watch
Cthulhu, The Old One
Cthulhu, The Old One 8 dagar sedan
Lil’ Jill killed the wrong microorganisms, those were bacteriophages, they eat bacteria.
LaZy-BlizZaR 8 dagar sedan
god damnit Larry Happy...Fucking... Birthday "crying noise"
Isaac Mitrovski
Isaac Mitrovski 8 dagar sedan
geez 90s kids,pretty fed up man telleing orders-2020
Turtlelover 8 dagar sedan
Did anyone recognize the color of the balloons or was it just me ❤💛💚🍃🚬💀😂
Biwwy Gaming
Biwwy Gaming 8 dagar sedan
I feel bad for this wrestler
protonightingale 8 dagar sedan
the scanner saying no value it hit me like a bullet to the brain
Tanya Regina Carino
Tanya Regina Carino 9 dagar sedan
On the Stevie part when the baker said short bread tiny bread then Stevie killed him and on the sign that says today’s special the bread and a gut made a private part.
Debbie Holness
Debbie Holness 9 dagar sedan
Every one loves Stevey
THEyoungROOK 9 dagar sedan
Stevie mcshortstuff never stoops down to some1
Jessie Salas
Jessie Salas 9 dagar sedan
Ya sad
Marcus Gutierrez
Marcus Gutierrez 11 dagar sedan
That sad Larry one was pretty sad
Tech Wizard
Tech Wizard 11 dagar sedan
*no value*
Dollsly 11 dagar sedan
do not touch the child: don't speak ill of stevie:
Andrew Simmons
Andrew Simmons 11 dagar sedan
First I was confused when the kid was sick and the kid met his fav wrestle then when he beat him up and the kid was cured then the guards and the doctor and the parents had a mean face the I relized that the kid said I want u to beat me to 💀 death and then I relized why
Pamela Bell
Pamela Bell 12 dagar sedan
Love the new video
Karl Otto
Karl Otto 12 dagar sedan
Little helmut
Ace Villanueva
Ace Villanueva 12 dagar sedan
jimmy the tree balls
Cobalt Prime
Cobalt Prime 12 dagar sedan
Can Sad Larry have a happy ending? I feel so bad for him!
NFSHeld 12 dagar sedan
The guy from MEDS looks like Chief McNickles from Kung Fury.
TRACER OVERWATCH 12 dagar sedan
My favorite 1Is at 1:52
ma7mmad 12 dagar sedan
Sad Larry even make me cry more ☹️
Walter806 12 dagar sedan
15:04 fun fact: those thing actually kill harmful bacteria
Jacob Nieto
Jacob Nieto 13 dagar sedan
4:40 pay attention to the “TODAYS SPECIAL” sign
Krystle Thomas
Krystle Thomas 13 dagar sedan
david LUIS
david LUIS 13 dagar sedan
I hit yoy the store the guy who's that guy who wrote in the face of him
salvatore rose.
salvatore rose. 14 dagar sedan
The no value on the cash register while Larry cried is the perfect touch
Afinogen Khomiak
Afinogen Khomiak 14 dagar sedan
Chic 🎉
lxkman 1
lxkman 1 14 dagar sedan
3:10 this has got to be the best one yet
brian bailey
brian bailey 15 dagar sedan
Anyone else think the meds las vegas would be an actually good show?
Clebert Sebro
Clebert Sebro 15 dagar sedan
Stevie's a nice guy... *As long as you don't call him short.*
Clebert Sebro
Clebert Sebro 15 dagar sedan
Stevie short takes a *really dark turn*
DJ HADEX 92 15 dagar sedan
Wow🤣🤣🤣 90s kids best of my life back then🤣🤣🤣
Charlie Cox
Charlie Cox 15 dagar sedan
Archer Crowe
Archer Crowe 15 dagar sedan
Stevie looks like a legoman
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