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It's time to get back to school, and back to shorts!
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Book Report
Ladder Part 2
The Note
Shark Dad
Gym Class

IamNotFynixx BG
IamNotFynixx BG 23 minuter sedan
0:32 His shirts says “Phi-Gamma-Delta” (ΦΓΔ). I’m not Greek. I just memorize the Greek Alphabet.
Cat Lover1069
Cat Lover1069 11 timmar sedan
Takeria Davenport
Takeria Davenport 14 timmar sedan
desiree deliz
desiree deliz Dag sedan
desiree deliz
desiree deliz Dag sedan
Ruby is a Savage
Lebron James
Lebron James 2 dagar sedan
Sharkrads son needs a talk with Dr. Phin
Neville Rodriguez-Vogel
Neville Rodriguez-Vogel 2 dagar sedan
What goes around comes around laws of physics and karma and the boy that got paralyzed got karma for making fun of suzie
Truth Lewis
Truth Lewis 3 dagar sedan
I wish they do part 2 with Rudy in the after life.
Shadow Gaming
Shadow Gaming 3 dagar sedan
0:03 0:09 1:07 1:18 1:30 1:45
Rimuru-sama 4 dagar sedan
Billy: This is a boys party *literally a girl is in the party*
Gaming Time
Gaming Time 5 dagar sedan
His last word was, Sh**
Ejjrin Productions
Ejjrin Productions 5 dagar sedan
A Gamer's Life Torture
A Gamer's Life Torture 5 dagar sedan
That kid who lives with a damn shark as his father, whos superhero is a shark, literall same body looks, is actually 0:17
CJ the small gamer
CJ the small gamer 6 dagar sedan
CJ the small gamer
CJ the small gamer 6 dagar sedan
When shark dad walked in he was dripping yet
Raimundo Bosman
Raimundo Bosman 7 dagar sedan
Thats me in than class
80 dreams
80 dreams 7 dagar sedan
4:25 WHAT? But they dont have fingers!
Vitor Oliveira
Vitor Oliveira 8 dagar sedan
The orange made me laugh
Cloudy Puff
Cloudy Puff 11 dagar sedan
That kid disrespectful as hell. Shark rad is just trying to be a good shark dad :(
M4sterGasterYT 11 dagar sedan
Rudy: “shhhiiiiiiiiiiiittttt” Rudy's wife: EvErYboDy dO tHE fLoP
KristaEger 12 dagar sedan
SupBro50000 12 dagar sedan
Who here likes susie
NotExactlyBatman 13 dagar sedan
Damn guys Rudy only got 8 more years..
Dave THM
Dave THM 13 dagar sedan
Billy was a prick his dad was wanting to make him happy and billy was selfish as hell cuz he doesnt like his dad. Also gotta love how the wheelchair bound girl shows up everyone
Stop Motion Stories
Stop Motion Stories 13 dagar sedan
Shark Dad was actually the saddest one there
Eduards Vilkasts
Eduards Vilkasts 13 dagar sedan
Wait a min why did starting from 3 people nobody was insulted
ken gaming
ken gaming 14 dagar sedan
Mars 14 dagar sedan
How is the teacher still alive?
Kaleb Brown
Kaleb Brown 15 dagar sedan
Can’t go your whole life cussing people life me: cussing people out until I die. me again: I COMPLETED MY LIFE
aphale26 15 dagar sedan
Holy fuck what is wrong with the kid he wanted to study
Alexander Jackson
Alexander Jackson 15 dagar sedan
When a kid says “what a shit birthday” that’s when you know you fucked up as a parent
Juan Rafael
Juan Rafael 16 dagar sedan
R.I.D.R It ain't r.i.p anymore it Rudy Was Damn Right.
The B!TCH That HIKES 17 dagar sedan
That gym girl was the COOLEST sh!T I have seen in anything human or cartoon. The extensive planning of how she used every part of her wheel chair ingenuity and even the regular chair is SO FVCKIN COOL AND SPOT ON AND NO WONDER YOU GUYS ARE #1!!! RIGHT ON YEAH!!!🤗🤗🤗🤗
Nathaniel Greene
Nathaniel Greene 18 dagar sedan
Teach: Rudy you can't be rude you whole life! Rudy: HOW BOUT I DO THAT ANYWAYS
gmartineli 18 dagar sedan
Okay are we gonna ignore that on Rudy’s grave it says 1950 through “2029” EXCUSE ME 2029 GODDAMN THIS MAN IN S ALTERNATE DIMENSION
gmartineli 18 dagar sedan
Lol literally when he Is a kid he already has a deep ass voice
Omitted Cookie
Omitted Cookie 18 dagar sedan
Severed finger even though they dont have fingers..
Gideon CS
Gideon CS 18 dagar sedan
The fact that the teacher is litteraly 100+ years old is imppresive
Bomber 19 dagar sedan
Shark rad is sad story
Cereal 123
Cereal 123 20 dagar sedan
Rashad Johnson
Rashad Johnson 21 dag sedan
And the generation continues
skin skinok
skin skinok 21 dag sedan
I disliked it because the shark rud part is not funny
Viny Pig_120
Viny Pig_120 22 dagar sedan
1 opsicle course can cripple a kid in 3 seconds?
Burger Boiz
Burger Boiz 22 dagar sedan
Rudy lived until 78
Aiden Tyre
Aiden Tyre 22 dagar sedan
love you guys
Inspector Roy
Inspector Roy 22 dagar sedan
At the shark rad one, billy was holding a real gun to play with his action figures
Legend Davis
Legend Davis 23 dagar sedan
they used spider man for shark rd song
The_ SmokeArtiste
The_ SmokeArtiste 23 dagar sedan
2:34 can someone explain this cause I don’t understand
Glitchy Z900
Glitchy Z900 24 dagar sedan
Ru-dy 🤦🏽‍♂️....... of course 😌
Hello There
Hello There 25 dagar sedan
I find it funny how his name is Rudy
Xyryn khae Paguirigan
Xyryn khae Paguirigan 26 dagar sedan
Col haha oh yeah hi hehe byee
It’s Game Time
It’s Game Time 26 dagar sedan
Rudy’s grave: (sticks out middle finger)
C3 26 dagar sedan
Stupid n word.... this is the reality.
creepy and funny
creepy and funny 27 dagar sedan
The Dead birthday
creepy and funny
creepy and funny 27 dagar sedan
There was a girl there and how come he didn't want a cupcake lol
LittlePotisMan 27 dagar sedan
In the last clip say i someone could do that in my school they would just get a d- if they didn’t get good grades at the another gym activities
zzyx xyzz
zzyx xyzz 27 dagar sedan
7:28 When you realize that the kid is playing with a real gun.
Dusty _Eagle2310
Dusty _Eagle2310 28 dagar sedan
Shark rad theme sounds like TASM Theme
The_Lone_One 28 dagar sedan
Don’t mind me, my liked time 1:57
Darren Theodore
Darren Theodore 29 dagar sedan
InvertedNonsense 29 dagar sedan
5:38 “oh ho ho I’m gonna stab ya!”
Szariq Månad sedan
10:46 If you look closely she moves her legs. She fakes being disabled.
Foxie Yt
Foxie Yt Månad sedan
When the part in cpr,it became opposite day
Warmdfjk Månad sedan
No one: Not a single soul: SEpost at 5:06: [applause]
liquid nitrogen
liquid nitrogen Månad sedan
Awwww poor shark rad
ugly idiot
ugly idiot Månad sedan
How the hell does Rudy come up with these insults
TriggeredMLP Månad sedan
Shark... Do your homework... Me: FRICK ITS 9PM ON A SUNDAY AND I dId NOT DO MY HOMEWORK
Bill Kling
Bill Kling Månad sedan
Susie’s fricken awesome!
Hilmir Örn
Hilmir Örn Månad sedan
The fact how Rudy had a deeper voice than the teacher
Drew McIntyre
Drew McIntyre Månad sedan
His grave stone said 🖕
Sansic the skelechog
Sansic the skelechog Månad sedan
4:19 No one cares about the kid with a gun
Rimas issa LoSeR
Rimas issa LoSeR Månad sedan
His wife is still blinking slowly after his death lol
Tiarna Marshall
Tiarna Marshall Månad sedan
Wait has anyone noticed on the Rudy one the teacher was alive longer then Rudy when Rudy was younger
Drake Q Master
Drake Q Master Månad sedan
How is rudies teacher still alive before he died?
SkullXenator 679
SkullXenator 679 Månad sedan
Rudy is the second Lamar
David onword
David onword Månad sedan
I feel bad for Shark Rad.
Embers Månad sedan
2:24 sans in a nutshell
Pyro Stefan
Pyro Stefan Månad sedan
Rudy is still alive! He is going to die 2029! I mean.... yeah....
Rec room FFA
Rec room FFA Månad sedan
How did he get caps if he wasn’t pressing shift with the paper
Sarah Stephens
Sarah Stephens Månad sedan
Cap lock on caps lock off
Disco 0
Disco 0 Månad sedan
His grandson will keep the legacy
Sid Malapitan
Sid Malapitan Månad sedan
Why did the teacher survived longer like 10 seconds
يزن امجد
يزن امجد Månad sedan
Wow dude he's gone his whole life with an insult with one huge insult how is his teacher alive
Theodore Tobuscus
Theodore Tobuscus Månad sedan
Does that gun guy insert magazine up his butt or what
Keishawn Begay
Keishawn Begay Månad sedan
10:00 sounds like a little girl
idle gameplay
idle gameplay Månad sedan
I wonder what Rudy would say during sex🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
Justin Wayne
Justin Wayne Månad sedan
Aslo poor shark rad the. Child is a karen the dad is. A really good dad
Justin Wayne
Justin Wayne Månad sedan
captain kayzo
captain kayzo Månad sedan
How could he said that until the end how about his air
KermyX Månad sedan
I love that Suzie was honestly god tier at the obstacle course.
Embers Månad sedan
And the guys sucked
Alexander-Maurice Mill
Alexander-Maurice Mill Månad sedan
I read "black to school". What does that say about me
Robyn Elam
Robyn Elam Månad sedan
When the crush you rejected does comes back as a spider and is into vore *gulp* See you later.
johann ramos
johann ramos Månad sedan
Every end of each of his sentences ended with ass
haramb3_ Månad sedan
Does anyone else feel bad for SharkRad
Katrina Boucher
Katrina Boucher Månad sedan
The plot twists in these😭😭even when I expect one never the ones that happen❗😭
ItsCompliKated Månad sedan
*how do i comment*
Zadyn Moore
Zadyn Moore Månad sedan
So no one is gonna talk about how the kid pulled a finger out of his lunch when none of the people even have hands?
Callofduty 24
Callofduty 24 Månad sedan
johann ramos
johann ramos Månad sedan
Yeah rudie
Abbas Hamad
Abbas Hamad Månad sedan
When the person was about to eat the orange he did not peel it
Abbas Hamad
Abbas Hamad Månad sedan
Ok how did Rudy die before his teacher 🙃🙃
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