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#comedy #cyanide&happiness #healthcare
Doctors, Dentists, and Therapists oh my! Enjoy this compilation of medical malpractice!
Cyanide and Happiness delivers daily comics to your face-hole on since 2005!
The Barbershop Quartet Performs Surgery
No Brainer
The Prosthetic
Lab Results
Critical Condition

Dexter Ordaz
Dexter Ordaz 17 timmar sedan
His name mr Mackey Mk
Carol-Ann Thurlow
Carol-Ann Thurlow 2 dagar sedan
0:01 worst doctors ever
ToneDef Marmalade
ToneDef Marmalade 3 dagar sedan
Curiosity killed the cat, and also has your spit attached
Myrrh 5 dagar sedan
The dentist one makes me uncomfortable
Hiraya Hiraya
Hiraya Hiraya 6 dagar sedan
“An Apple A Day... means medical staff and equipment cut backs. Try a burger.” - spotted YEARS after I first watched it
Bob 8 dagar sedan
The guy doesn't need a brain
Markarth Guard
Markarth Guard 8 dagar sedan
Plot twist: they were trying to bring the motorcyclist back
Blackreaper 15 dagar sedan
8:11 classic know it off by heart
Blackreaper 15 dagar sedan
6:19 might actually work
manlike noah
manlike noah 23 dagar sedan
The dentist one makes me genuinely feel sick
Rapadash The two sided Human 2nd
Rapadash The two sided Human 2nd 29 dagar sedan
8:13 he just has all the medical problems •3•
sLeEp iS foR wEakLiNGs
sLeEp iS foR wEakLiNGs Månad sedan
The densits one is gonna haunt me ,_,
Michael Hinkle
Michael Hinkle Månad sedan
"WE'RE LOSING HIM WHERES THAT IV." Seems like a reputable hospital to me.
Michael Hinkle
Michael Hinkle Månad sedan
The quartet: "If only we were doctors" Also the quartet: **about to use a scalpel for something.**
dark1729 GAMING
dark1729 GAMING Månad sedan
emmanuel shonaike
emmanuel shonaike Månad sedan
me: **laughs in NHS**
Maxim Miller
Maxim Miller Månad sedan
I got an ad once the thumbnail popped up
Envy-Sensei 2 månader sedan
Could have just put together 4-8 crazy straws and save him
Shawns Yeets YT
Shawns Yeets YT 2 månader sedan
"Step on a line and break your fathers spine" the dude that actually had his spine broke was the father of the girl 0.o (The person that was using a hose was the "dude" in this case)
Hernando Mak
Hernando Mak 2 månader sedan
Hahahahahahha , so funny I can't stop laughing
generalmouse 2 månader sedan
new tabel i guess
Domanic Williams
Domanic Williams 3 månader sedan
The puppet one is funny
James Earwicker
James Earwicker 3 månader sedan
8:06 to 9:25 is very funny
Imperial Bricks
Imperial Bricks 3 månader sedan
The marriage counseling one is actually really wholesome.
John Patrick
John Patrick 3 månader sedan
Get out of here budddy....
Rumbidzai Samuwi
Rumbidzai Samuwi 3 månader sedan
4:10 lmao
Miqel Holmes
Miqel Holmes 3 månader sedan
funny how i knew most of what he was saying in lab results lol
Tenobaal 3 månader sedan
Woah 5:40 is called recursion
avy 3 månader sedan
therapy was deep.
White boy hot chocolate 2
White boy hot chocolate 2 3 månader sedan
I’m still confused on why the doctor was just killing people and puttin wood on them instead of just building a table......... o wait it’s cyanide and happynes
Marcus Murray
Marcus Murray 3 månader sedan
4:11 discussing
MUSTUFA TAILOR 4 månader sedan
CJ Nassar
CJ Nassar 4 månader sedan
“Ribs” is sooooo messed up
I'm pig Oink oink
I'm pig Oink oink 4 månader sedan
02:02 THAT hurts my bones
Little Waffle Lover 2.0
Little Waffle Lover 2.0 4 månader sedan
The crazy wood doctor: Who's neeeeEEEEeEeeeeEeEeeeext???
Mason Climax
Mason Climax 4 månader sedan
I find it funny how it immediately goes from that guy learning that a man is sipping his spit to "Therapy"
Snoopy _
Snoopy _ 5 månader sedan
I actually almost threw up on the dentist
Volt 5 månader sedan
... :c, Therapy was the only show that's sadder that Waiting for the bus..
TISHAWN_ SAVAGE 5 månader sedan
Jk jk.....jk jk jk......jk lol
Demilade Oyerinde
Demilade Oyerinde 5 månader sedan
4:07 I'm never going to the dentist again
Kira Circul
Kira Circul 5 månader sedan
Leewayne Fungatira
Leewayne Fungatira 5 månader sedan
The bones look weird an uncomfortable the way that move when he heats tham
Zack Lepplin
Zack Lepplin 6 månader sedan
When you put lab results on 2x speed that doctor could out rap everybody if he tried
Aaron Solon
Aaron Solon 6 månader sedan
I wish doctors sang your symptoms to you
Kimani Estime
Kimani Estime 6 månader sedan
I swear to god , the pitch of the flat line changed
Anthony Everett
Anthony Everett 6 månader sedan
Pause and go to 1:14 read the green poster then go to 1:24 now read the green poster
Globox Moment
Globox Moment 6 månader sedan
How did the old man live longer then them in “Therapy”?
Legendoflaw21007 Whittle
Legendoflaw21007 Whittle 6 månader sedan
I had to pause the dentist one. I remember what it was and didn't feel like gagging.
blue sky
blue sky 6 månader sedan
I saw the patients butt 1:29
Skydive 6 månader sedan
just realised, when you watch the cyanide and happiness "lab results" short with captions, isnt it supposed to say "realising your 50 shades of fucked" when the doctor shows him the clip board?
Skydive 6 månader sedan
9:11 when you realise your best friend has covid-19 and he doesn't know it
ROUGE gaming
ROUGE gaming 7 månader sedan
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh why not find it now not that from hes deaf
Nathan Roberts
Nathan Roberts 7 månader sedan
anyways... Zhat's how i lost my medical licence.
Epic Ev0
Epic Ev0 7 månader sedan
4:18 oooo sheeeeeeet, Like if u see it
you hobo's are ready to haha
you hobo's are ready to haha 8 månader sedan
Hehadshsjsywhwgab jkjkjkjk lololololo -the random dentist
Good Stuff
Good Stuff 8 månader sedan
The prosthetics guy looks like the dude from family guy with the wood limbs
gaming_wolf9911 8 månader sedan
8:06 the best
Harvey K
Harvey K 8 månader sedan
in "Therapy" the BGM requiem piano version is so good.
Existence Is Pain
Existence Is Pain 8 månader sedan
Child: Has a mild cough Doctor: Just rest a bit and take some medicine and you'll be alright. Internet: 8:10
Katarina Stamenkovic
Katarina Stamenkovic Månad sedan
YES 😂😂😂😂
Kevin Hiddleson
Kevin Hiddleson 2 månader sedan
Dianna Vasquez
Dianna Vasquez 5 månader sedan
_Voltzz 8 månader sedan
"Dentist" got me 💀
Gabe The Borking Dog
Gabe The Borking Dog 8 månader sedan
In cyanide and happiness, "all men ARE same"
Rogelio Gaspar
Rogelio Gaspar 8 månader sedan
I think they missed an N in Connor Murphy in the credits of "Critical Condition".
Maximiliano Isaac Lopez Gomez
Maximiliano Isaac Lopez Gomez 8 månader sedan
what happen to tiny style 2 ?
Jamika Hay
Jamika Hay 8 månader sedan
ira vego
ira vego 8 månader sedan
The prosthetic reminded me of the one movie tusks
Cowta Playz
Cowta Playz 8 månader sedan
I got this dumb commercial , here’s how it goes. One day Kristy fell down on the gym floor. *True Story*
Happy Person
Happy Person 8 månader sedan
in the lab results i think the doctor says corona virus
Charizard 8 månader sedan
Well, Mr. Watson, we've got your lab results back, and well.....
God King Slayer
God King Slayer 8 månader sedan
This was sick
HungerBloxx 9 månader sedan
This deserved more likes
abcddcba09 9 månader sedan
2:29 it bothers me so much that he can play the Bumblebee like it's nothing but he struggles with the Cucaracha!
Dal the Warrior
Dal the Warrior 9 månader sedan
how is this monetized? i got an ad in the middle of it.....
Mark Bourgeois
Mark Bourgeois 9 månader sedan
Healthcare means no care
Grumbi 9 månader sedan
0:00 the American health care system
Xavier Alchin
Xavier Alchin 9 månader sedan
per son
per son 9 månader sedan
Zorry 9 månader sedan
1:39 This dude looks like the rake
Petite papaye DeMadagascar
Petite papaye DeMadagascar 9 månader sedan
Holy Potato
Holy Potato 9 månader sedan
Unknown chromosomes.
Demon Kxng 101
Demon Kxng 101 9 månader sedan
Plot twist: none of them are real doctors
Lord Asher
Lord Asher 9 månader sedan
Where’s covid 19
My Name Is Irrelevant
My Name Is Irrelevant 9 månader sedan
Chris Arnolds, the one man quartet
miss miss
miss miss 9 månader sedan
J'adore même si je suis française je comprend se qui se disent
Cinnamonroll - Chan
Cinnamonroll - Chan 10 månader sedan
8:00 Tenya Iida
William Cox
William Cox 10 månader sedan
Dentist is the one that I can't stand but Lab Results will always be my favorite.😦😯😂😂
Hac Sec
Hac Sec 10 månader sedan
2:00 Flight of the Bumblebee - Rimsky-Korsakov 2:13 Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 - Liszt 4:50 Lacrimosa - Mozart
Hac Sec
Hac Sec 10 månader sedan
2:00 twoset should react to this
Ehsan Ahmad
Ehsan Ahmad 10 månader sedan
Looks like the guy off master chef Canada
Nuri Rahman
Nuri Rahman 11 månader sedan
That therapy one tho...
Yash Patel
Yash Patel 11 månader sedan
Therapy along with lab results are some of the most fucked up ones in this compilation.
Global Tunage
Global Tunage 11 månader sedan
8:38 I feel bad for him he looks so happy...
The last one was pretty funny
SCP- 049
SCP- 049 11 månader sedan
Mom: it’s just a cough Doctors: it’s just a cough Bing: 8:12
beastbrother89 11 månader sedan
Mario Ochoa
Mario Ochoa 11 månader sedan
4:10 That got me so hard 😂😂
kenneth muna
kenneth muna 11 månader sedan
You people must be geniuses
Gantuya Tuya
Gantuya Tuya 11 månader sedan
Damn it right every body
Gantuya Tuya
Gantuya Tuya 11 månader sedan
Ho is make dentist i hate it he is eating ...... I can't talk
Mai Lor
Mai Lor 11 månader sedan
When it ends it should be loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool
YouTube's Hero
YouTube's Hero 11 månader sedan
@4:04 diploma says A real diploma Dr.(nonamegiven)
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