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Parenting is hard! Watch this compilation for parenting tips!
Want more parenting techniques? Check out our book!
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Birthday Boy
Step on a Crack
Weight Loss Program
The Decision
The Punishment
The Homestead
The Waterpark

Infinity Knuckles Snowball
Infinity Knuckles Snowball 11 dagar sedan
3:04 he does the sonic spindash
Zapikel [GMD]
Zapikel [GMD] 13 dagar sedan
7:30 is too fucking sad
An Avocado
An Avocado 14 dagar sedan
The "Step on a crack" one was pure gold
Anime_Freak_YT 15 dagar sedan
I worry about everyone at Explosm
TheGamingGraff 24 dagar sedan
This just came to mind is this anime
Louis Cordaro
Louis Cordaro 27 dagar sedan
You guys are so funny
Muffinator 27 dagar sedan
He protecc He attacc But most of all He never tumbles bacc🥲 RIP 8:29
Makai Morris
Makai Morris 28 dagar sedan
“Step on a crack” is the original DNA testing method 😉
إبراهيم الجهيني
إبراهيم الجهيني 28 dagar sedan
Get noob babes
Rapadash The two sided Human 2nd
Rapadash The two sided Human 2nd 29 dagar sedan
If anyone's wondering what the picture said it was "I'm loopy for dinner"
Stick Man Animations
Stick Man Animations Månad sedan
7:11 That noise made it sound like an alien invasion.
Trevor Costa
Trevor Costa Månad sedan
Why is it that everytime someone names a character trevor he has to be gay
Husni Mubarak
Husni Mubarak Månad sedan
In the last part called the punishment the boy is with four gay girls
Meysam Salehi
Meysam Salehi Månad sedan
" Uh-Uh-Uh not so fast son, This isn't just a pony, For within this pony is the vaccine. An vaccine you ask why? THE VACCINE FOR THE POISION ( I meant to say A guy with covid Spit on this cake and dad bake it ) THAT WAS IN YOUR BIRTHDAY CAKE " - Dads in 2021
Dan Butcovan
Dan Butcovan Månad sedan
poor kid in water park
Queeino _ferret
Queeino _ferret Månad sedan
6:34 Pico’s dad be like
Syed_ Tawqeer120
Syed_ Tawqeer120 Månad sedan
What was the audio used in the tumble butts scene?
Quirrkyz *
Quirrkyz * Månad sedan
8:59 is that a ifruit phone
mr. keeg
mr. keeg Månad sedan
moments when the boys cried 7:56
Joshua Bennington
Joshua Bennington Månad sedan
Wyatt Blaker
Wyatt Blaker Månad sedan
Addison Gonzales
Addison Gonzales Månad sedan
Gold Månad sedan
6:56 is the saddest thing ever
I love it i love the channel
Sukia nosuko
Sukia nosuko Månad sedan
When your dad takes April fools to serious
Mohammed AR Haider
Mohammed AR Haider Månad sedan
In that tumble but one how in the hell did they get out of that place I mean the dad litteraly locked it with his poisons trident thing or what ever that is
Kyaw Joshua
Kyaw Joshua 2 månader sedan
A joke dad you idiot I want an xbox
Guilherme Goldman
Guilherme Goldman 2 månader sedan
Now i want some cyanide & happiness beer
Theoren Djurovic
Theoren Djurovic 2 månader sedan
I’m cool as fudging beans
Merisa Antoszewski
Merisa Antoszewski 2 månader sedan
i am gonna give explosome entertainment credit for the funniest youtube channnel ever!!!
Merisa Antoszewski
Merisa Antoszewski 2 månader sedan
ummmm how is a lesson killing a horse
asmodeus 2 månader sedan
Vedi nel parchetto spaccio cocaina nnacc o cul mnnacc a cardarell
Anthony D
Anthony D 2 månader sedan
the start of the parents thinking about kids really made me thing that it was going to be wholesome
rory prayana
rory prayana 2 månader sedan
Not interesting anymore,because its gay thing,this cartoon is awesome if its not gay,please remove it
HereWeGoAgain 2 månader sedan
The water park one was sweet.
Aviraj Pandey
Aviraj Pandey 2 månader sedan
How the fuck did the dad get the x box inside that pony??
Ryheem Mccain
Ryheem Mccain 2 månader sedan
To funny
mistery 591
mistery 591 2 månader sedan
Cool Kids dont smoke
2xAzzy 2 månader sedan
@Sherlock Muffin tumble butts
RyStillTries1209 2 månader sedan
When the kid kills the pony the kid on the right pressed f to pay respects
Nyma 2 månader sedan
what was the classic music played when the butts started coming?
Mr FeelGood
Mr FeelGood 2 månader sedan
The story of the water park is cute till the man is slowly drowning
efrics gaming
efrics gaming 2 månader sedan
Tumble butts seams like it could actually be an amazing Netflix show
Kellie Mac
Kellie Mac 2 månader sedan
That's sick
E-MAN 3 månader sedan
1:37 most don’t find out till they are 18 lol
Tone 2Dope
Tone 2Dope 3 månader sedan
Bruh when that ass came crashing through the cellar door I lost it 😂😂
Luke Channel
Luke Channel 3 månader sedan
1:29 dad Is a idiot for make. Kid kill a pony
Hydro Sh4rk
Hydro Sh4rk 3 månader sedan
Im just watching this on my bday
kateri beason
kateri beason 3 månader sedan
im the kid in the red shirt realizing that the cake is poisoned :'(
Security Man
Security Man 3 månader sedan
Guy: *breaks his spine* SEpost Subtitles: [Applause]
Moneyless Mods
Moneyless Mods 3 månader sedan
5:00 Yoooooo lmaooo they was having a real conversation but that was so unexpected when he threw his kids out😂😂
Jason Irelan
Jason Irelan 3 månader sedan
f*cking dad
Milo Ybarra
Milo Ybarra 3 månader sedan
8:33 I love how they drew butts in the clouds too
Weeb Girl
Weeb Girl 3 månader sedan
I love the dark humor in these
Cat 58
Cat 58 4 månader sedan
5:28 That mom part XD
P_Dawg777 4 månader sedan
step on a line and you break your fathers spine *neighbors spine breaks*
Efraime Domingos
Efraime Domingos 4 månader sedan
Hi guys go watch my channel
Hdhd Dhdb
Hdhd Dhdb 4 månader sedan
Daimon Johnson
Daimon Johnson 4 månader sedan
Even Xmas on have go up please just📆🍴🍟🍔🍣🍷
CJ THE FOX 4 månader sedan
Poor Pony WTF why would you think of that
Jo Ann Castillo
Jo Ann Castillo 4 månader sedan
I thought the step on a line part was step on a line and you break a father spine
Lana Iyanu
Lana Iyanu 4 månader sedan
It is
Jacob Leyva
Jacob Leyva 4 månader sedan
In the tumble butts you can die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain
enthusiasticGeek 4 månader sedan
i love the twister remake
Red Ace Wavy Baby
Red Ace Wavy Baby 4 månader sedan
why does this never pop up when I'm high lmao this shit is hilarious. 😂😂😂😂
Max Cruz
Max Cruz 4 månader sedan
Sorry man
Xx_demon boy_xX
Xx_demon boy_xX 5 månader sedan
I love da gay 10:14 and is that dude okay??!! 10:44
Xx_demon boy_xX
Xx_demon boy_xX 5 månader sedan
4:14 awwwww
Funny man Right \bro 66
Funny man Right \bro 66 5 månader sedan
The first one was definitely made after watching saw
Rommel Espejo
Rommel Espejo 5 månader sedan
I hate how jack is fat
AnotherJoJoFan 4 månader sedan
dannish 1705
dannish 1705 5 månader sedan
That kid gonna be scarred for life
iszekcall 5 månader sedan
am i did only that cried while watching homestead
Dévine Aj
Dévine Aj 5 månader sedan
Imagine Nikki Minaj is the queen of the tumblebutts😂😂💆
Mirthe van Zwol
Mirthe van Zwol 5 månader sedan
Imagine if they made a realistic apocalypse action movie of the tumblebutts
The Skiing Musician
The Skiing Musician 5 månader sedan
10:40 of course we can't have a wholesome short without something happening lol
Veljko Djokic
Veljko Djokic 5 månader sedan
My father said that he will buy me ps4.I hope i will not get horse...
Eliana Oleta
Eliana Oleta 5 månader sedan
They birthday boy didn’t want a horse, but he didn’t wanna kill it either... 😔 He still felt sad even though he already got his Xbox
Zack Sack
Zack Sack 5 månader sedan
Zack Sack
Zack Sack 5 månader sedan
Thank me later
fadeswrath !
fadeswrath ! 5 månader sedan
This is relateble
How to channel Daniel
How to channel Daniel 5 månader sedan
King Bill Cipher
King Bill Cipher 5 månader sedan
Lmao me laughing on rollercoasters at everyone who's scared of it 2:48
Kahmon Walker
Kahmon Walker 5 månader sedan
That crack doe 1:40
Pointless 5 månader sedan
The Tumblebutts story is like attack on titan
Memecat 5 månader sedan
I remember when I killed my first pony for my life on my birthday
DownSoutHeat 1
DownSoutHeat 1 5 månader sedan
1:30 I thought that the dad had left and he was the new dad but she cheated on him and she is not her daughter
Manuel Mejia
Manuel Mejia 5 månader sedan
What’s the what’s up
Standard HEAT
Standard HEAT 5 månader sedan
0:56 I am gonna do that to my kids! Thanks for the idea!
Fug guy
Fug guy 5 månader sedan
Lol first part of this video just LOL
[Lemon_the lesbian Wolf playz]
[Lemon_the lesbian Wolf playz] 5 månader sedan
1. Whyed you give your son a house to kill with an house in that is nasty and disgusting and will make them die the kids are so sad you devil he is just a kid 2. Why did you kill your parents now get home alone and ya gonna die without food and then you guys are going to become poor until your brother is a teen then you both will be mad for growing up with no parents and having no dad or mom 3. Why do you do that to your son he threw up that’s really dumb and mean you bad mom and dad you 4. You.. wha!? Just why JUST WHY!!!!! YOU KICKED YOUR KIDS OUT YOU MEANIE JUST WHA!!!!!!!! If you don’t put them up for adoption... your bad parents you meanies you guys are married and did that you meanie parents!
Justin Trujillo
Justin Trujillo 5 månader sedan
Step on a crack and u break your father spine dad:*DRIVES THRU GARAGE*
Donieb 13
Donieb 13 5 månader sedan
I hate this one cause of the last one
F_BOY_TK KGOSI 5 månader sedan
i love how the father is washing him
Kevin Yang
Kevin Yang 5 månader sedan
3:03 thats how u lose weight my friends
Stick Man Animations
Stick Man Animations Månad sedan
Yeah just burn it. Literally.
Kurger_Bing 6 månader sedan
qwerty 6 månader sedan
I feel like if tumble butts weren’t butts it would make a surprisingly good movie scene ngl
Cory1772 6 månader sedan
*the horses last words were"neighhh"*
cyborg short
cyborg short 6 månader sedan
The rolling butt's story make me cried 😢
Liam Chiasson
Liam Chiasson 6 månader sedan
Justin Hunt
Justin Hunt 6 månader sedan
I love how pops said Tumble but
Noice CommentMate
Noice CommentMate 6 månader sedan
U Can't suck your own PP Cyanide : 8:20 *HUH! NONSENCE!!*
Bacon General Roblox YT
Bacon General Roblox YT 6 månader sedan
i want to take homestead seriously but its just so funny
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