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🎵 He's Jimmy! Jimmy three balls, he's got three balls on him 🎵
Cyanide and Happiness delivers daily comics to your face-hole on since 2005!

Ahsangamer 27 #4 IM NOT A NEW YOUTUBER
Ahsangamer 27 #4 IM NOT A NEW YOUTUBER 2 dagar sedan
Sof iane
Sof iane 3 dagar sedan
1:34 I'm dieing 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣💔
Your Bizarre Monke
Your Bizarre Monke 6 dagar sedan
666th comments also I love noodles is their 3rd video
ItsInvis Mitell
ItsInvis Mitell 11 dagar sedan
I love noodles has such a refreshing feel with the old art style
Jordan Gamble
Jordan Gamble 12 dagar sedan
Why are their legs so long
Julio Mejia
Julio Mejia 16 dagar sedan
Am I the only one who wants the Jimmy three balls song on spotify to listen to every day? XD
phoenixfireblazer 17 dagar sedan
I kinda wanna see noodles remastered
Nosleep Knight
Nosleep Knight 17 dagar sedan
That’s the quickest wholesome to wtf ever
Nosleep Knight
Nosleep Knight 17 dagar sedan
Wow he REALLY loves noodles
exogator 18 dagar sedan
Damn man, the noodles one, pretty sure I seen that when it came out.
swixle 20 dagar sedan
So how much do u love noodles
Renaicide 20 dagar sedan
3 balls of fun
Brin Vix
Brin Vix 21 dag sedan
Someone in my class has 1 ball
Jack-In-The-Box James
Jack-In-The-Box James 21 dag sedan
I don’t like how I’m also named Jimmy
Blake Faunce
Blake Faunce 22 dagar sedan
Still want a noodle remake
Ryan Moore
Ryan Moore 23 dagar sedan
I remember when that noodle thing came out lol
Luxurius Litten
Luxurius Litten 24 dagar sedan
Their missing the big one in lab results
Nonku 24 dagar sedan
Jimmy should be happy
superdude311 24 dagar sedan
Jimmy three balls is great
Tomahawkfromscandinavia 25 dagar sedan
He didn’t love noodles Noodles loved him
WalkingDead97 25 dagar sedan
and yet they didnt put lab results
iced_coffeelvr 25 dagar sedan
Holy shit I remember when the noodles video was uploaded! Damn now you made me feel old.
Ana Scarlet
Ana Scarlet 25 dagar sedan
@NoodleLoveThing, There are two types of men in this world - and we all know that the creators of C&H are the second type (:
ZAC 25 dagar sedan
I overheard the cover of the song in this video
Adam Keach
Adam Keach 25 dagar sedan
I forgot about the original art piece that is "Noodles"
DuckaDoo 25 dagar sedan
Damn, noodles hit hard
ßaron 25 dagar sedan
I didn't expect him to like noodles this much... Fuck.
Nero Phommavongsa
Nero Phommavongsa 25 dagar sedan
God Damn. That noodle skit was so long ago. Makin me feel old and horny as heck. I remember watching it on Newgrounds. Amongst other things.
Kane Xiong
Kane Xiong 25 dagar sedan
Mans just trying to live his life😂
lilkhanya 26 dagar sedan
silver runner
silver runner 26 dagar sedan
To trash a place like that ...the balls on this guy
The puppet house Show
The puppet house Show 26 dagar sedan
This isn,t a sing along because they forgot the words at the bottom
Isaiah Miracle
Isaiah Miracle 26 dagar sedan
Oh Jimmy Three Ball (Screaming) 😱
Alex Cheung
Alex Cheung 26 dagar sedan
Why can’t I find it on Spotify
Gramma Mom
Gramma Mom 26 dagar sedan
No Jimmy Three Ball
california236 26 dagar sedan
There was a Jim he had three balls/Jimmy Three Balls was his name-o
carniver 27 dagar sedan
The definition of love from a woman vs from a man!
Patriotic Z
Patriotic Z 27 dagar sedan
3:09 the classics lol
Phenex Jacks
Phenex Jacks 27 dagar sedan
I mean ngl that noodle song fucking slapped. Like I felt that
Mr Lemons
Mr Lemons 27 dagar sedan
they didint even include the short where the doctor wrote a song about his patients diseases
Stephanie Mirabito
Stephanie Mirabito 27 dagar sedan
Why does Jimmy's tantrum represent my daily internal mood
Josh Hutchison
Josh Hutchison 27 dagar sedan
He doesn’t have three balls anymore he had a severe medical condition and but now he only has one ball
Shadownode 27 dagar sedan
Wow, Whitney Houston loved the noodle song so much, she ripped it off!
Lil Weedle Gaming
Lil Weedle Gaming 28 dagar sedan
NIKHIL V 28 dagar sedan
I have set this song as my Ringtone 🤣
emty rashed
emty rashed 28 dagar sedan
3 ball
Joseph Stalin
Joseph Stalin 28 dagar sedan
Man I wish I had three balls he is so lucky
Idfk HowToDraw
Idfk HowToDraw 28 dagar sedan
That’s a lot of testosterone
EMMM Yea 28 dagar sedan
I can’t believe I forgot about the I love noodles song... and him doing the noodles... huh.
Samuel Ribeiro
Samuel Ribeiro 28 dagar sedan
Damn, the old noodles video. Takes me back to the old days
Słoik Ogórków
Słoik Ogórków 29 dagar sedan
Beavis Likes nachos
Beavis Likes nachos 29 dagar sedan
Wish they included the barbershop quartet
1 Of the boys
1 Of the boys 29 dagar sedan
This is me when i hear sesame street music
R. Daniel Ramirez
R. Daniel Ramirez 29 dagar sedan
Where's the doctor giving the patient his test results?
Mentos Animations
Mentos Animations 29 dagar sedan
I have an idea sad Larry and sad Marty’s first date
Vinn Szeto
Vinn Szeto 29 dagar sedan
Wow....just wow No comment i did not expect the last to be in cynide but then I know why😑
Tony Hamm
Tony Hamm 29 dagar sedan
Bruh the love for noodles is what showed me your channel
Dipper Gleeful
Dipper Gleeful 29 dagar sedan
Really disappointed. I saw 'Sing-A-Long' and thought there was gonna be subtitles with the little bouncing ball like an actual sing-a-long episode.
Alain Jacob Flores
Alain Jacob Flores 29 dagar sedan
Plot twist: the guy singing is his third ball
Glocken Fist
Glocken Fist 29 dagar sedan
I want die 😢
Tommy Collia
Tommy Collia 29 dagar sedan
Subtítulos en español
24isthebestracecar 29 dagar sedan
We need more songs
LeeWAM 29 dagar sedan
Normal = 2 balls Jimmy = 3 balls Josuke = 4 balls
Richard Jude
Richard Jude 29 dagar sedan
Ahh yes the classic noodles
Kriss Månad sedan
This is funny
Kichi Wafles
Kichi Wafles Månad sedan
I love noodles is my favorite short of all time I’m so happy
Tooty Gamer
Tooty Gamer Månad sedan
Can you make a Joke animation about spider man where he shoots spider webs out his ass like real spiders 🤣🤣
Vinícius Silva
Vinícius Silva Månad sedan
Freddy Månad sedan
The Noodle one needs a remake
Liebe Månad sedan
He's pretty "ballzy" wrecking that shop.
Jake The Dog
Jake The Dog Månad sedan
BRING PURGATONY BACK GUYS. That show could rival Rick and Morty.
RedDragoon24 Månad sedan
I feel bad for Jimmy three balls, its not easy dealing with the world with 3 balls
Crown 28 dagar sedan
Did you know Jacksfilms actually voiced him?
Mohammadreza Tghavi
Mohammadreza Tghavi Månad sedan
Jimmy three balls picking Avocados 🥑 for his fourth ball.
jackson bonald
jackson bonald Månad sedan
So how much do you love nooddles?
Baby Girl
Baby Girl Månad sedan
So we gon ignore the fact that we still don't know who mothman is
Arun Suthar
Arun Suthar Månad sedan
He could have just dropped his pants and proved them wrong
Revrse Palndrome
Revrse Palndrome Månad sedan
Missed a chance to include Lab Results in the compilation
3ICE Månad sedan
I cannot sing along without lyrics...
Dorime Hame No Hame No Latsiva
Dorime Hame No Hame No Latsiva Månad sedan
I remember seeing that top ramen animation decades ago
D Jeffree
D Jeffree Månad sedan
I have an art style like theirs and I’m proud.
Nova XM0nsterX
Nova XM0nsterX Månad sedan
Wasnt that clip of noodles like 7-10 years ago?
A Thatcher
A Thatcher Månad sedan
A normal two balled fellow would not have gotten that mad Only a three balled person has enough testosterone to get that angry
A Thatcher
A Thatcher 16 dagar sedan
@Jimmy Three Balls oh, right, suuuure you do, mate... sure you do...
Jimmy Three Balls
Jimmy Three Balls 16 dagar sedan
MagicCardboardBox Månad sedan
Huh, I was expecting the singing diagnosis doctor one
Cartier231 Månad sedan
I see nothing wrong having three balls, at least you have an extra ball so calm down fr
Xorifelse Månad sedan
Thanks, this brightened up my mood. Society can use a little less complaining and a bit more country
Dionne’s Life
Dionne’s Life Månad sedan
Hey!!! It’s Jimmy 3 balls!!! Song is so catchy and this was too funny!!!
Dream Catcher
Dream Catcher Månad sedan
Cam we get this on spotify and Apple music?
Farrdawg Joker
Farrdawg Joker Månad sedan
Watch out for anyone who says fuck those noodles!
White Crow
White Crow Månad sedan
2:09 The second clip is like 1999 animation
Gutherr Månad sedan
This comment will never be pinned
Shadownode 27 dagar sedan
Wow, that’s right! How’d you know?
Riley Fletcher
Riley Fletcher Månad sedan
Holy freak that noodle song, I just found my new theme tune
•Turk3yD1ckN1gga• Månad sedan
You can really tell how much this channel has progressed
OGHiddenpaw Månad sedan
Well bought your game can’t wait for season two to drop.
59 Master
59 Master Månad sedan
Jimmy 3 balls can fuck 3 woman at the same time lol
Jaime Jimenez
Jaime Jimenez Månad sedan
The animation style has grown so much. 😌 it’s quite remarkable
King Fearless
King Fearless Månad sedan
Did he just American pie those noodles 😂 if he would have screamed Stifler's mom I would have died 🤣
Lil' Mao
Lil' Mao Månad sedan
Don’t worry guys, Jimmy’s getting his 3rd ball in jail
Rafi Gross
Rafi Gross Månad sedan
I was singing along with the Jimmy Three Balls song
_Voltzz Månad sedan
My man wasn't playing when he said he loved noodles 😭
Carlma2 Facts
Carlma2 Facts Månad sedan
But what about THE RAILROAD MAN
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