Danger Dudes | Cyanide & Happiness Monday Mashup

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Just a couple of the most dangerous dudes around!
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That Asian SkaterYT
That Asian SkaterYT 20 timmar sedan
In the sweet flips one why were they mongo pushing? Posers
Patrick Star
Patrick Star 15 dagar sedan
my cat from hell lol -Cosmo -fire is like cats
why creepy
why creepy 15 dagar sedan
F*** Samsu‌ng
CherryCherryDc2 15 dagar sedan
Those are the same police from the "Don't read the sign" video from 10 years ago
Eat your cereal
Eat your cereal 17 dagar sedan
Ita because his black
CherryCherryDc2 15 dagar sedan
@Eat your cereal ... Who says ita? And YOU MEANT ITS NOT IT- Ok your grammar sucks kids nevermind dude
Eat your cereal
Eat your cereal 15 dagar sedan
@CherryCherryDc2 ita basically how all black ppl say it just search up bad cop and you could hear someone saying it like that
CherryCherryDc2 15 dagar sedan
@Eat your cereal Your grammar still sucks so what is ur point?
CherryCherryDc2 15 dagar sedan
@Eat your cereal ik talking about ur comment not ur reply
CherryCherryDc2 15 dagar sedan
@Eat your cereal .-. Bruh what's with kids guessing my age
Fearlessashdo9 19 dagar sedan
GTA be like
Poison~Kimchi 19 dagar sedan
That's what I call a wildfire
Daniela Gentile
Daniela Gentile 20 dagar sedan
0:27: she necessario to assert her domince. Is she an animal???? I was wrong, they all are
egg flaireon
egg flaireon 21 dag sedan
2:15 fidget spinner hole
1lmb 22 dagar sedan
i love my fire
The Arguing Brothers
The Arguing Brothers 23 dagar sedan
WildFire 23 dagar sedan
The fire whisperer has a fire extinguisher in his car, that’s the equivalent to a veterinarian having a gun
robert Tsmith
robert Tsmith Månad sedan
Killing police officers. Hahaha! So funny! Grieving families. Haha! So funny! Killing random civilians. Hahaha! So funny! And you see nothing wrong with any of this?
wolf beans
wolf beans Månad sedan
Its all fun and games till blue fire comes
Fuad Khan
Fuad Khan Månad sedan
finally ....facebook.... let him go ... we lost too many.... :D
carbonfizz Månad sedan
3:35 what the hell is in her mouth
Josh son ofZeus
Josh son ofZeus Månad sedan
SupBro50000 Månad sedan
How did that guy not get prosecuted
Toxic_ Acid73
Toxic_ Acid73 Månad sedan
The skateboarding one is GTA V
AJ TheBored
AJ TheBored Månad sedan
She needs help *seriously*
Emmet Shaner
Emmet Shaner Månad sedan
G48DownX Månad sedan
Ohh look content from last hear wow.
mike_ toreno
mike_ toreno Månad sedan
This is like a show i wach
chris uhercik
chris uhercik Månad sedan
She had such a bad fire issue she had to call guy fieri
James Wolf
James Wolf Månad sedan
return of the mongo push
Purple Poet
Purple Poet Månad sedan
"A rare soul, a life well-done"
Zhyted Månad sedan
Should've called guy fieri
Quinten De Bruin
Quinten De Bruin Månad sedan
Hell yeah dudio
GM WR Månad sedan
Looks like there was a fire pet on the loose in the world trade center after it got mad at two airplanes in its territory
Navu Månad sedan
The record botton was not even on
KillerQueen msp
KillerQueen msp Månad sedan
mystic drag
mystic drag Månad sedan
You guys make my day while im sick i may go to the hospital soon im not asking for anything accept an F in the comments
crystal jones
crystal jones Månad sedan
Tait Månad sedan
Next have him tame a wildfire
awesome Nikto
awesome Nikto Månad sedan
Always makes my day
lowesan Dune
lowesan Dune Månad sedan
😂 his hat says ill as in sik very cool skateboarding kids skating
FTNKED Månad sedan
Reminds me of a Gordon Ramsay from another universe
Angela Connell
Angela Connell Månad sedan
Next up the water whisper
Kamruzzaman Tauhid
Kamruzzaman Tauhid 2 månader sedan
So ironic that Cesar Millan sounds just as stupid.
Mc Scrotum
Mc Scrotum 2 månader sedan
His voice reminds me of nikoli
Beroun 2 månader sedan
3:45 does the leftmost woman have poop in her mouth?
Lanman X7
Lanman X7 2 månader sedan
No skateboarding at the skatepark lol
Sien Beck Cohen
Sien Beck Cohen 2 månader sedan
ugh i get its hard and i dont want to complain but right now all this channel is are reposts
WoogLums 2 månader sedan
Idk but his face looks like heinz ketchup
Deyan Kolev
Deyan Kolev 2 månader sedan
Karen: *D E A D* *Everyone liked that*
Touhid 2 månader sedan
Dead! Still Dead!! Made my day. Love you Cyanide & Happiness. 💛💯
awesome Nikto
awesome Nikto Månad sedan
Yes indeed Bhai
Geoffrey Asare
Geoffrey Asare 2 månader sedan
What is in her mouth at 3:45
KRISHNAYAN DEY 2 månader sedan
Caesar Milan in some parallel universe.
Patrick's Music
Patrick's Music 2 månader sedan
4:03 does he have no neck?
GreenGuy 2 månader sedan
3:45 does that juror on the left have poop in her mouth?
Average Disc
Average Disc 2 månader sedan
What About A Water Shouter
Johnny Silverhand
Johnny Silverhand 2 månader sedan
i love how much expression they can portray through glorified stick figures
Egg Garnish Austin
Egg Garnish Austin 2 månader sedan
instructions unclear lost everything on the bright side THAT PARTY WAS LIT
Moloko Rasefate
Moloko Rasefate 2 månader sedan
Dontfuxwme Unknown???
Dontfuxwme Unknown??? 2 månader sedan
3:06 Damn
Adrian figueroa
Adrian figueroa 2 månader sedan
I want to see a colab with you guys and the Simpson’s
myipad900 2 månader sedan
3:09 i Feel Like The Grenade Explotion Are From Gta San Andreas
Satan Claus
Satan Claus 2 månader sedan
All I remember from this is "Pick up Butt"
weebly master
weebly master 2 månader sedan
I live in Canada 👿🤬😡don't judge a book by its cover dick am I gonna get drafted? Hmm hmm
Tas Ahmed
Tas Ahmed 2 månader sedan
And that’s how he got sponsored by Thrasher.
Asim 2 månader sedan
Why does it feel like I've watched this year's ago?
Fluffy Panda
Fluffy Panda 2 månader sedan
No skateboarding at a skatepark.
احمد محمد
احمد محمد 2 månader sedan
Peace, mercy, and blessings of God be upon you. I am an Islamic preacher. My name is Ahmed. I invite you to His servants, the One God, the One for Him, the King of the Heavens and the Earth, and you believe in His Messenger, ourMaster Muhammad. And you read the Book of God, the Noble Qur’an. Whoever repents and returns to God, cultivated this world and its end and escaped the torment of God. I hope that whoever reads my comment will act upon it.
Iluvnicka 2 månader sedan
Muggiz 2 månader sedan
Do yall think it's possible that the red globe-o-ranger is the fire whispers son?
Zackary Dion
Zackary Dion 2 månader sedan
allo je doit vous faire un gros commentaire par mon grand frère
shadowsa2b 2 månader sedan
...yup...still dead
Lewis K
Lewis K 2 månader sedan
Call this a mashup? It's just two clips stuck together
Lostwolf 2 månader sedan
4:00 as revenge for the lives that were lost the mustache police guy kidnaps his first born son
DC Long
DC Long 2 månader sedan
I cant wait to see new episodes. How about purgatony becoming king ding-a-ling
Sean Spahr
Sean Spahr 2 månader sedan
That's funny. I haven't seen my client anywhere in that video.
SquidWard Blox!
SquidWard Blox! 2 månader sedan
This might not have anything to do with the compilation. But you should make a new fart in a jar martin animation So martin has a dream And he is the only one who hasn’t farted in a jar. And everyone else he knows has, and makes fun about him for not farting in a jar.
Rey Rex
Rey Rex 2 månader sedan
Anyone else remember that time Plato was in a debate and he just flexed to shut them up
Ogbonna Ekene
Ogbonna Ekene 2 månader sedan
Great Episode most especially the Skater one
Rey Rex
Rey Rex 2 månader sedan
Wow that second one was just inane, absolutely ridiculous I can’t believe the stupidity I mean why would skateboarding in skate park be illegal, dumbass cop
CodeKirby 2 månader sedan
I am glad the phone is turned the wrong way.
The Cinemagician
The Cinemagician 2 månader sedan
Vladimir D.
Vladimir D. 2 månader sedan
What has the lady on the left 3:45 in her mouth...? looks like shit?
TOG YMK 2 månader sedan
Cyanide and Happiness doing their part and following the Three R's to help keep this world green.
Branden Hall
Branden Hall 2 månader sedan
As a trained firefighter I think you should call us...even if you just want to see us we do look good in our gear ;)
Tristan Davis
Tristan Davis 2 månader sedan
Do another something video
taco cat
taco cat 2 månader sedan
Come be lonely with me
DMjuniorgaming 2 månader sedan
am i the only won who happy that they came to this channel rlly late and can watch a million of there old animations and have new ones waiting for me or is it just me XD
CEO of Bruh
CEO of Bruh 2 månader sedan
The real danger was the friends we made along the way
Blonde in the meme Machine
Blonde in the meme Machine 2 månader sedan
The fire whisperer is the best
theHALObro 9622
theHALObro 9622 2 månader sedan
Is it just me or should asdf movie collab with explosm?
Eric Phillips
Eric Phillips 2 månader sedan
As a redhead who drives a van, I need a Fire Whisperer t-shirt.
ChrisHasVideos 2 månader sedan
I had Cosmo's shirt back in high school that I bought at a seasonal knock off market
F.B.I 2 månader sedan
“Yep still dead”
SeanIAm Green
SeanIAm Green 2 månader sedan
Weres John batman v d superman the most epic movie
Rough Woof
Rough Woof 2 månader sedan
*But we all know that the skateboarder is a Democrat or a Sovereign citizen.*
Brian Foote
Brian Foote 2 månader sedan
This comment confuses me
Zyair Daughtry
Zyair Daughtry 2 månader sedan
I vote for a FireWhisper 2!!!
Raquel Guadarrama
Raquel Guadarrama 2 månader sedan
Guy only ogs know that this is a Repost
dark stalkalight
dark stalkalight 2 månader sedan
can we just get new one instead of mash up over compilation over mashup ect.
Lobito 2 månader sedan
Lets Just punch the fire its normal
Animdude 2
Animdude 2 2 månader sedan
At least they didn't make the burnt house scene worst, like them both being full on naked but hey this isn't p hub, I gotta be kid friendly because of rules now have a great late monday
Wesley Allen Williams
Wesley Allen Williams 2 månader sedan
Some Old Firekeeper: “This isn’t what we meant by maintaining the Age of Fire...”
Shark Dentures
Shark Dentures 2 månader sedan
OK. I'm gonna have to learn how to switch a phone camera to forward facing A.S.A.P.! (tech illiterate Gen X-er, Boomer here) I don't want to be responsible for a murderer going free!
Kyle Harrison
Kyle Harrison 2 månader sedan
Can we spare a thought for the amount of time and effort that went into making convincing and smooth fire effects Also /r/killthecameraman
Maria cute
Maria cute 2 månader sedan
Twinkle Meena
Twinkle Meena 2 månader sedan
Need new content please THANKS
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