Eggdogs, Anime and Self Defense: Track Reacts With Trolley Tom | Cyanide and Happiness

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OH NO!!! Trolley Tom is self quarantining and he's bored as hell! Send him "train related videos" to watch.
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Hilarious Self Defense ▶
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Golden Boy - Sweet Peice Of Heaven Clip ▶
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Funnydotyes Månad sedan
You just woke up the ZAMSIRE COMMUNITY
Hugo’s Phone
Hugo’s Phone Månad sedan
Explosm I bought trial by trolley and it’s so good!
Ahmad ZR
Ahmad ZR Månad sedan
God😂😂😂more more more 😍😍
Viro Vac
Viro Vac Månad sedan
Somebody send this poor man some trains transformers clips!
Ste Bur
Ste Bur 2 månader sedan
Tom!!!!!!!! Can you react to your trolley tom videos? please????????
Calien 3 månader sedan
People in japan: we dont have porn here we have hentai
trainboy 1970
trainboy 1970 4 månader sedan
Can trolley Tom react to train formers
Jevil 4 månader sedan
I think Trolly Tom needs to get back out on the tracks when he’s done with this whole quarantine
A D 4 månader sedan
"Pokemon after dark" 💀
Luke Brundidge
Luke Brundidge 5 månader sedan
That’s not ash Ketchum if it was where’s his Pokémon
Trisha Capino
Trisha Capino 5 månader sedan
Make more vids
Omar Shehata
Omar Shehata 5 månader sedan
RJ Williams 2.0
RJ Williams 2.0 5 månader sedan
Hey Tom do react thomas and friends😎👍🍯
Sir squrtil
Sir squrtil 5 månader sedan
We need more
uh !?
uh !? 5 månader sedan
Cartoon japanese make the audience become abnormal so don't try to watch that crap. Is not for adult but is for weird person for sure!
Viktor Lindgren
Viktor Lindgren 5 månader sedan
one thing i can't wrap my head around (no pun intended) is censured pornography!
Aki Bru
Aki Bru 5 månader sedan
Somebody legitimately sent him a video of a trolley
Red Blue
Red Blue 5 månader sedan
Wholesome child murder
RomainDaGod 5 månader sedan
She probably wanna grab his poke balls yup shes gotta catch em all 😂😂😂 favorite part 2:18
Lizardio Thing
Lizardio Thing 5 månader sedan
Let’s send him the complete trolly Tom series
אילון זלוף
אילון זלוף 5 månader sedan
Railroad man song!
anonymous 5 månader sedan
This is why i don't watch anime
Lethal Lyrical Liger
Lethal Lyrical Liger 5 månader sedan
Hey Tom what would u do if want Santa slipped down ur chimney tonight?
Dandy Dan
Dandy Dan 5 månader sedan
Welp Trolley Tom just made me look up What DVDA stands for.
مصعب إسماعيل
مصعب إسماعيل 5 månader sedan
Neri Adele
Neri Adele 5 månader sedan
I keep forgeting that I've been in my house for 6 weeks now. This is great
StevenCMendoza 5 månader sedan
TBH I had downvoted and was about to watch something else when he got to Golden Boy. That switched my vote. That’s much better the beginning of the video was a total... “trainwreck!”
JPB Plays
JPB Plays 5 månader sedan
I wanna see more eggdog ❤
darknessblade 5 månader sedan
We need a track react of tom reacting to a track react of tom reacting to a track react of tom reacting to a track react of tom reacting to a track react of tom reacting to a track react of tom reacting to a track react of tom reacting to a track react of tom reacting to a track react of tom reacting to a track react of tom reacting to a track react of tom Trackreactception
One Man
One Man 5 månader sedan
*phone notification* Trolley Tom has had enough of your bullshit
Kreegam 5 månader sedan
Patty Ice
Patty Ice 5 månader sedan
MaKayla Farley
MaKayla Farley 5 månader sedan
Operation Teddy
gaming with diablo
gaming with diablo 5 månader sedan
Plot twist thats how baby trolly was born
Harry Allenby
Harry Allenby 5 månader sedan
It’s anime not a cartoon dam u. And if it was porn it would be called henti not porn get it right
JustForFun Hun
JustForFun Hun 5 månader sedan
Luqman hakim Elias
Luqman hakim Elias 5 månader sedan
Ерасыл Маханбет
Ерасыл Маханбет 5 månader sedan
2020 👍👍👍
billy boggerboy
billy boggerboy 5 månader sedan
1:38 that’s a kiwi tom
STR8UPSTOOPID 5 månader sedan
Fuck yes golden boy!!!!
BedSword Is The Name
BedSword Is The Name 5 månader sedan
Morrre morrrrrrrre I need morrrre!
afkwtf 5 månader sedan
Meatcanyon - RAILROAD
Krunk Krunk Krunk
Krunk Krunk Krunk 5 månader sedan
Anybody who knows the title of the anime
UpperGold Boy
UpperGold Boy 5 månader sedan
I wanna see a time where trollytoms voice actor breaks character
StaryExtra 5 månader sedan
It didn't show up in my notifications too... I came here because I was informed about a community post about it.
StaryExtra 5 månader sedan
Wait, why didn't this show up in my recommendations? I WAS WAITING FOR THE NEXT EPISODE FOR WEEKS!
gacha bunny
gacha bunny 5 månader sedan
Please react to the I Like Trains song for the I Like Trains kid
It's_yo _gurl_Alice
It's_yo _gurl_Alice 5 månader sedan
This dude is talking about shit while watching the things
hannah banana
hannah banana 5 månader sedan
I could find a video of two trolleys talking to each other for trolley tom to react to. Edit: well i couldn't find any, but i found the best train driver announcement if that's okay.
puppymolly123 5 månader sedan
Of all the scenes they could have reacted to I’m surprised it wasn’t toilet worship. 😆
MachinaZer 0
MachinaZer 0 5 månader sedan
It’s called hentai, and it’s art
DioiD 5 månader sedan
The line "cartoon teenagers too embarrassed to fuck" is an amazing sentence.
Dust 5 månader sedan
Whats the title of the anime at 3:11
Fishsmell 5 månader sedan
I need to know for research.
Kid Gamer
Kid Gamer 5 månader sedan
The only problem with this show is that his reactions are way too early.
Aaron Rawls
Aaron Rawls 5 månader sedan
Lllllllleeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrooooooyyyyyyyyy jjjjjjjjjjeeeeeennnnnkkkkkkkiiiiiiinnnnsssssssss
crazyboy Luula
crazyboy Luula 5 månader sedan
Is it me or is tis for kids
brendan kubert
brendan kubert 5 månader sedan
pokemon after dark
Jisung Wang
Jisung Wang 5 månader sedan
"She probably wants to grab his poke balls" Now this is gold
TheGamerPokemon 5 månader sedan
I suggest: "I like trains (music video)" by TomSka
John Connor
John Connor 5 månader sedan
So your whole fam base is a bunch of virgins.
shadow super star
shadow super star 5 månader sedan
Watch end of the line by mcvee
Maria 1816
Maria 1816 5 månader sedan
Where do I send a video?
Christmas Cat
Christmas Cat 5 månader sedan
peyton/skylar gatcha fun and sad videos
peyton/skylar gatcha fun and sad videos 5 månader sedan
Is this pokemon after dark
Shi Ch4n
Shi Ch4n 5 månader sedan
2:30 my ears turned into eyes. Heard nothing, saw everything.
Conor Murphy
Conor Murphy 5 månader sedan
Oh the painfully unfunny writing
Mecha Jesus
Mecha Jesus 5 månader sedan
It's safe clean and only burns a lot of coal!
ttc9able 5 månader sedan
I literally couldn't hear the videos he was watching.
Joker 5 månader sedan
"Cartoon teenagers too embarrassed to fuck" Sums up most cliche anime series.
Reaper Wick
Reaper Wick 5 månader sedan
I gotta say, this is cringe.
Luis Fernando
Luis Fernando 5 månader sedan
"Is this what Japan thinks sexy is?" LOL, nailed it! But many weirdos are being Japanized into Loli lover degenerates.
Leonard G
Leonard G 5 månader sedan
Thomas the tank engine pyorn?
L&M Automotive
L&M Automotive 5 månader sedan
I want more of trolly Tom
marthvon 5 månader sedan
trolley tom reacts to tanya getting isekai'd by a train
Ethan Brandt
Ethan Brandt 5 månader sedan
"Just wholesome child murder" ~Trolly Tom 2020
J Will
J Will 5 månader sedan
Doesn’t Japan know about porn? ...🤣
FuccSimps 5 månader sedan
I'll never forgive the Japanese!!
AJtheAggravated 5 månader sedan
Can we get track reacts as a ring tone?
Moax Lycan
Moax Lycan 5 månader sedan
React to Gigguk’s Rail Whores
Jaden Jones
Jaden Jones 5 månader sedan
I like it when Trolley Tom said shes gonna grab his pokeballs, i falled on the floor dying of laughter
colin vang
colin vang 5 månader sedan
Golden Boy is a 10/10 chinese cartoon.
MAGESTIC CRAB! 5 månader sedan
محمد الغندور
محمد الغندور 5 månader sedan
Bruh what is this anime
Fond99-Nui 5 månader sedan
I mean, there is an anime that involves trains if he's into that.
Slender Sans
Slender Sans 5 månader sedan
J Barnes
J Barnes 5 månader sedan
11foot8, at least it has a railroad.
Ian Capps
Ian Capps 5 månader sedan
2:08 is the hentai, btw
The NuttHead
The NuttHead 5 månader sedan
JHR studios
JHR studios 5 månader sedan
Rollie the coach
JHR studios
JHR studios 5 månader sedan
Also maybe roly the coach
JHR studios
JHR studios 5 månader sedan
Rollie the coach
JHR studios
JHR studios 5 månader sedan
Rollie the coach
JHR studios
JHR studios 5 månader sedan
Rollie the coach
JHR studios
JHR studios 5 månader sedan
May steam rise once more my fellow tram engine people as US train engine people take back the rights of what is ours
Noah Marshall
Noah Marshall 5 månader sedan
Trolly tom need to react to boku no pico
Jamal Tyrone
Jamal Tyrone 5 månader sedan
I love Trolley Tom's cheery sign off! :D
dylan samai
dylan samai 5 månader sedan
2:12 the best serie ever
Nathan Hannon
Nathan Hannon 5 månader sedan
I'm eternally grateful to the guy that sent him the eggdog video
Rpu4 5 månader sedan
Hi Trolley Tom, You should talk about trolleys around the world. I know You would not start with Trolleys used in Slovakia (no one is talking about stuff from this (my) country, it is like double hell, but we are climbing up to regular hell), so You can start with San Francisco Trolley.
Z. Toast
Z. Toast 5 månader sedan
Trolley Tom should watch Boku no Pico