Freakpocalypse Demo with the Creators! Cyanide & Happiness Video Game

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7 månader sedan

Add Freakpocalypse to your Steam Wishlist AND play the free demo ►
The guys behind Cyanide & Happiness are playing the FREE demo (now available on Steam) of Freakpocalypse, our point & click adventure game.

Dylan_playz 8 dagar sedan
is there gonna be a mobile version? e_e
Steele Myers
Steele Myers Månad sedan
Yeah when are you actually going to release this
Daniel Rudd
Daniel Rudd Månad sedan
When is this out been waiting ages??
TygaCereal29 4 månader sedan
They been teasing this game since 2016😂
lil birdy
lil birdy 4 månader sedan
how much will the game cost?
40 year old guy From north dakota
40 year old guy From north dakota 5 månader sedan
Big riddle school vibes, I love it
Mary Obafemi
Mary Obafemi 5 månader sedan
yall have 23 days for this to come out in the summer.
Luis Romero
Luis Romero 5 månader sedan
Rylan Otter
Rylan Otter 5 månader sedan
What happened to the switch version?
Ace Harmon
Ace Harmon 5 månader sedan
Any switch release date yet
Tine Melk
Tine Melk 5 månader sedan
This is just like the South Park fractured butt whole game
Ricardo Aldeia
Ricardo Aldeia 5 månader sedan
Will be there a version for ps4
DaddyClickbait 6 månader sedan
i can't find the demo on steam
Axel Klintberg
Axel Klintberg 6 månader sedan
It would be fun if Killgore was in the game
Voxel the Glitch and Retro Mech
Voxel the Glitch and Retro Mech 6 månader sedan
Killagunz5 6 månader sedan
How the hell do I get the free demo I added to wishlist but it says coming this summer
Cinnamon Sun
Cinnamon Sun 6 månader sedan
Holly Pass I get it Hall Pass. XD.
Landon 6 månader sedan
blue with 44 subscribers
blue with 44 subscribers 7 månader sedan
*Don't buy their new game!!!* Rapture rejects(their game) died even before full release(during early access) Lmfao! wanna you buy their game? *just burn your money instead* (it's better)!!! About animations you guys are the best keep it up! XD
Muffin.Digital 7 månader sedan
why you play it too slow?
Bryson TYLER
Bryson TYLER 7 månader sedan
No not COOP CO-OP (add a rimshot) 🤣🤣😂😂🤣😁😁
gretchelle coloma
gretchelle coloma 7 månader sedan
Make a android version
Roy Henry
Roy Henry 7 månader sedan
What about the hero "all of them"
Phoenix RPs
Phoenix RPs 7 månader sedan
Is the demo not for PC? I tried to get it but it wouldn't give me the option.
Marcin Łukasz
Marcin Łukasz 7 månader sedan
Is demo out of steam or its restricted to USA? I cant find it in UE
Liquid Snake
Liquid Snake 7 månader sedan
*Can't wait for the PS4/Xbox One releases. Wait what? Oh that's right we're not worthy of the respect of the creators of Cyanide & Happiness which is ironic considering they have happiness in their name*
Duygu Kumanovalı
Duygu Kumanovalı 7 månader sedan
Pls dont release it with a cost cuz ı dont wanna use my money... even for the best game ever
Bash 7 månader sedan
Just download crack lol
Izzy 7 månader sedan
I just hope I can get this for PS5
Sediqa Afzali
Sediqa Afzali 7 månader sedan
du bist der beste😎😎😎😎
megna a
megna a 7 månader sedan
The game is boring as hell, seriously.
Purpellent 7 månader sedan
that’s your opinion and nobody asked
The Shiny Shinx
The Shiny Shinx 7 månader sedan
Now i just wanna see a Cyanide and Happiness movie, like where all the odd ball characters come together a defeat the Villain
Grafio7 7 månader sedan
Male your toys, Like funko pop
Jared Nowasielski
Jared Nowasielski 7 månader sedan
I’m so fucking pumped for this game
Fernando Pig Roblox
Fernando Pig Roblox 7 månader sedan
that demoman is a spy
Amaury 7 månader sedan
Full Release date? :)
Вова Кримець
Вова Кримець 7 månader sedan
GodEaterGT 7 månader sedan
I wish there is a phone vets
Vince Ho
Vince Ho 7 månader sedan
Is this game gonna be free when it comes out?
St3aven YT
St3aven YT 7 månader sedan
is this online
MATPAT 3000 7 månader sedan
How do you get plastic bag
Elena Rodriguez
Elena Rodriguez 7 månader sedan
Does anybody know what the actual data the game is gonna be released? And if it's gonna cost money?
Cole Simons
Cole Simons 7 månader sedan
When is it coming out for Switch?
Swagger fox101
Swagger fox101 7 månader sedan
Cyanide and happiness... When will there be a crossover between cyanide and happiness universe and asdf?
doot doot
doot doot 7 månader sedan
I love cyanide and happiness and from what i can fell the game looks cool but really disappointed in this video. I had my phone on max volume and couldnt hear the audio or see the tiny text, why wouldnt you make the game full screen. Also that one guys voice was ridiculously loud
Tekashi Webmyster
Tekashi Webmyster 7 månader sedan
Please put tony purgateli
james millar
james millar 7 månader sedan
10 mins in . bored out my skull ... ill try remember i wanted this before i watched this video
Tree Lybundith
Tree Lybundith 7 månader sedan
Can you make than game on mobile app and ipad
208 2dboy
208 2dboy 7 månader sedan
When will it be out in ??? Plus can you add some cutscenes plz Oh and also by the way will there be a Part 2 DLC for the new game ???
darkness 7 månader sedan
El juego tiene un bug que se trava cuando consigues el pase
Shifter 7 månader sedan
Will this game be free?
account? 7 månader sedan
Why the hell don’t they have their own show
Josefina Pujols
Josefina Pujols 6 månader sedan
account? They have actually
Joe Boxer
Joe Boxer 7 månader sedan
This sucks nothing happened
Liam sml
Liam sml 7 månader sedan
Is the White Knight a Boss
Sask FF
Sask FF 7 månader sedan
Alguém do Brasil
Gabriel Garcia
Gabriel Garcia 7 månader sedan
Will this be on android or iOS
Purpellent 7 månader sedan
steam or switch
Miguel The Movie Encylopedia
Miguel The Movie Encylopedia 7 månader sedan
It reminds me of the South Park RPGs where the world is filled with references, characters, and episode nods to the show (in this case cyanide and happiness). I LOVE IT
Mustafo Mahmudov
Mustafo Mahmudov 7 månader sedan
DragonClawZero 7 månader sedan
What about switch
Purpellent 7 månader sedan
it’s on that too i think the demo will be releasing soon hopefully
Ethan jubb
Ethan jubb 7 månader sedan
Adrian Krüger
Adrian Krüger 7 månader sedan
I absolutly love it! This was a good investment i made in 2018. One question though: When are we (the ones who supported the game back in 2018) gonna get the game? (Coz I never recieved a mail about it and I almost even forgot about it when you didnt talk about it for like a year)
Justus Schönberger
Justus Schönberger 7 månader sedan
i would be down to voice german stuff for free
E-Nonymouse 7 månader sedan
downloaded, look forward to it!
Patrick Anderson
Patrick Anderson 7 månader sedan
I hope the "Cut it in half" guy gives you a 'half-off' costume.
michaelflash123's stuff
michaelflash123's stuff 6 månader sedan
Because half is missing
WizzyToons 7 månader sedan
“Welcome to half-off Oscar’s half-off emporium where price is no issue because, I CUT IT IN HALF!”
Mochi Maker
Mochi Maker 7 månader sedan
Characters that would be great boss battles: .Harry the Handsome Butcher .the white Knight .Beer run guy .Jimmy Williams
Axel Klintberg
Axel Klintberg 6 månader sedan
Veljko Bogdanovic
Veljko Bogdanovic 7 månader sedan
Demo wont start for me
Thabiso More life
Thabiso More life 7 månader sedan
Guys I'm a fan
Kacper Korcyl
Kacper Korcyl 7 månader sedan
Omg why do you talk so fucking much i just wanted to watch demo ahhhhhhh
Amata love s*x
Amata love s*x 7 månader sedan
weird, guy 🐼 ☺
MAJESTIC ARTgal 7 månader sedan
I hope there will be some boss battles, similar to South Park: Stick Of Truth or South Park: Fractured But Whole, With some funny dark humor that the shorts always have, But I see it more like of the Stick of Truth.
Techno _ King
Techno _ King 7 månader sedan
They already said yes so i say no
MAJESTIC ARTgal 7 månader sedan
@Techno _ King What?
Techno _ King
Techno _ King 7 månader sedan
SEZLINC 7 månader sedan
*Trust me, I totally didn't interact with every single object and person in the demo.*
treils 7 månader sedan
Io non potevo entrare in live
AVIAN 7 månader sedan
I cant wait to torrent this
itz pretty peachy
itz pretty peachy 7 månader sedan
How could i have missed this 😓
Category five
Category five 7 månader sedan
Why Rapture rejects dead? It's a great game
Shane Driscoll
Shane Driscoll 7 månader sedan
I love the music
Shane Driscoll
Shane Driscoll 7 månader sedan
@Steve Lehmann no problem
Steve Lehmann
Steve Lehmann 7 månader sedan
Caesar cch
Caesar cch 7 månader sedan
Imagine playing a 15min demo for one hour! Just imagine
Diamond Brony
Diamond Brony 7 månader sedan
I don't give a shit to listen to them!
Xamper 7 månader sedan
Fu** i miss it
Seamus Buckowski
Seamus Buckowski 7 månader sedan
Todd I have a question. Can you get freakpocalypse on Nintendo switch and Apple iPads ?
Purpellent 7 månader sedan
on switch but not mobile (yet)
Dying light
Dying light 7 månader sedan
Henry the Banana
Henry the Banana 7 månader sedan
WHO WANTS ANY OF THIS FOR FREE 🍌🍕🍔💰👃🏼🥥🥔🍫🍎🎁🦶🧀🌮👅🥞👍❤️🧠🤟💩👁🍦🎂🥧🍉
Henry the Banana
Henry the Banana 7 månader sedan
Purpellent here you go 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊 and would you like some money on the side with that? And one more question how are you today
Purpellent 7 månader sedan
emoji police, open up
Jairus U Coronado
Jairus U Coronado 7 månader sedan
Solar :D
Solar :D 7 månader sedan
this game has the perfect blend of comedy and adventure, downloading it when i can :)
MiniGamingFox 7 månader sedan
Hey gimme a borito
KnightFrost 7 månader sedan
TLK GANG 7 månader sedan
Listen to my music🔥🔥
Vimlesh Pal
Vimlesh Pal 7 månader sedan
It is available in play store???
łukasz nowak
łukasz nowak 7 månader sedan
Shadow Knight
Shadow Knight 7 månader sedan
So this is a South Park RPGs but a adventure game
Jose Hernandez
Jose Hernandez 7 månader sedan
Where can I find that song at the beginning i cant get it out of my head. The one from junk mail.
Foolish Gamers
Foolish Gamers 7 månader sedan
I have a video for the intro music on my channel :)
michel rygiel
michel rygiel 7 månader sedan
Noon_Sunflower 7 månader sedan
I remember when I was like 3 with my like 7 year old sister watching cyanidehappiness. Saddest part is we knew every inappropriate joke and scene.
GROOTS 7 månader sedan
@Noon_Sunflower no I believe it happened you just weren't around the age of 3 or you're lying about you're age, just sayin
Noon_Sunflower 7 månader sedan
GROOT do you want an award or..? Why don’t you believe me? It happened for sure. I was there lmao😂
GROOTS 7 månader sedan
@Noon_Sunflower because I'm curious now and I don't believe your story. You said you were 'like 3' and it started in 2014, so you should be around 8, 9, 10. Anyway, who cares I'm just a stranger on the internet. I'll start bytheway, I'm 14.
Noon_Sunflower 7 månader sedan
GROOT why do you want to know?
GROOTS 7 månader sedan
@Noon_Sunflower Just say how old you are because it's impossible to guess
FNO Cam 7 månader sedan
Please add to Xbox or ps4 please!!!!!!!!!
Carine S
Carine S 7 månader sedan
It's not happening
Zarick Toups
Zarick Toups 7 månader sedan
PS4 please
Sean Marlow
Sean Marlow 7 månader sedan
Please say this will be on the switch
Carine S
Carine S 7 månader sedan
I it is they are trailers by Nintendo for this game just search it
Annihilator27 7 månader sedan
Where the Switch demo tho
The_charlanator09 7 månader sedan
Stranger things
Malachi Finley
Malachi Finley 7 månader sedan
Man I hope you guys get this so big that it will port to console but in the meantime I hope you know I'm going to pre order and play the shit out of this game once it comes out!!!
Tobías HM
Tobías HM 7 månader sedan
Can I change the lenguage to Spanish?
Gaspard François
Gaspard François 7 månader sedan
We would like to have it in France
Broomkitty 7 månader sedan
I was in the stream and somone timed me out for saying ........
Sean Marlow
Sean Marlow 7 månader sedan
Broomkitty 7 månader sedan
@Daniel Mallory seriously its true
Daniel Mallory
Daniel Mallory 7 månader sedan
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