FREAKPOCALYPSE LIVE with Kris Wilson and Hideous Mutant

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Greetings, loyal Cyanide & Happiness freaks!
We have been hard at work for YEARS now to bring you our point & click adventure game, Freakpocalypse. We're so hype to announce that it is available TODAY on PC, Nintendo Switch, and Epic Games!
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Ahsangamer 27 #4 IM NOT A NEW YOUTUBER
Ahsangamer 27 #4 IM NOT A NEW YOUTUBER 6 dagar sedan
Thiago Vieira
Thiago Vieira 27 dagar sedan
Don't buy it! the Trailer is a misleading advertisement. The videos and photos show a post apocalyptic story that does not exist. The game ends as soon as the apocalypse begins. If they had put it in the game title "part 1", I wouldn't have bought it. The game is poorly translated into other languages ​​and full of bugs. The translation was done on google translator, they even translated the names of the characters, which interferes with the gameplay and the understanding of the puzzles. Several times the point of interaction did not work and crashed 2 times when playing. I feel cheated!
Demon King Diablo
Demon King Diablo 28 dagar sedan
I am not freak😡😡😡
Demon King Diablo
Demon King Diablo 28 dagar sedan
So why am i here i again?
Cyber Trace
Cyber Trace Månad sedan
Terribly short misleading advertisement and no information of it an episode series of game You disappoint us cynide and happiness 😔
thekingofash21 Månad sedan
Put it on xbox and I would by it
Jaime Jimenez
Jaime Jimenez Månad sedan
Mutant is a good cohost. Hope he’s still somewhat intact for a part two!
Ch S
Ch S Månad sedan
The amount of work put into this was really well done, the jokes were on point, and the fact that everything is voice recorded shows the amazing potential for the game... that being said, I feel like I got duped big time. I had no idea it was going to be released into parts, and now makes for an incomplete experience. If that was clarified in advertisements, then I feel like you wouldn't get much of a backlash over the gane
Emi Gómez
Emi Gómez Månad sedan
I agree I was pretty pissed when I reached the ending and saw a big ass tittle of to be continued, and I honestly felt scammed out of my money since there was no clear indication that it would be a series and the marketing only built it up to be a full game rather than a simple fragment...
v-b Månad sedan
its not on steam i am so mad ):{
Joe Moma8madick
Joe Moma8madick Månad sedan
Skip the first 4 minutes
Sonora0Redwing Månad sedan
Why release it in parts? Why not give us the whole game to begin with
Matias Wiege
Matias Wiege Månad sedan
ok look, I hope you do not plan to charge each chapter because it would be a fucking robbery of teltalegames and at least a boy from Argentina who saved a lot of his money to buy his game, I do not want to be frustrated for not being able to play his full game because they want to continue making money
Vortex Knight
Vortex Knight Månad sedan
You can't advertise your game as a full game without mentioning it's split into three parts. That's "misleading advertisement", it's illegal.
Kaczka 743
Kaczka 743 Månad sedan
i thought that game was a joke but i saw it at epic store today...
Detahramet Månad sedan
So, where's the rest of the game guys?
Nick Månad sedan
Is there an mobile edition too?
Peter Pan
Peter Pan Månad sedan
Game is a scam
John Smith
John Smith Månad sedan
It's a little interesting I guess but it looks so cheap, the backgrounds are like 1280x768 stretched to 1920x1080. And instead of voicing every useless garbage item in the game they could've completed the game story, instead the game ends right when the chemical explosion happens and you think things will get interesting it's just "boom" and credits. If you expect it to be like South Park the Stick of Truth don't get your hopes up at all.
Platypuses united
Platypuses united Månad sedan
I have the ps5
Arti James
Arti James Månad sedan
Pls heart this
Arti James
Arti James Månad sedan
Best game eve
Jin-woo X granger • 10 years ago
Jin-woo X granger • 10 years ago Månad sedan
Is it available on Android
Jocelyn Garcia
Jocelyn Garcia Månad sedan
The game ended on a cliffhanger
Jocelyn Garcia
Jocelyn Garcia Månad sedan
The game ended on a cliffhanger
Jocelyn Garcia
Jocelyn Garcia Månad sedan
The game ended on a cliffhanger
Jocelyn Garcia
Jocelyn Garcia Månad sedan
The game ended on a cliffhanger
maxy boi
maxy boi Månad sedan
Will there ever be season 2 of purgatony?
noel hutchins
noel hutchins Månad sedan
Video game creators won't be making a game from the perspective of a happy well-adjusted confident-narcissist bully.
Larry Nalgas tristes Simp de La Lucha
Larry Nalgas tristes Simp de La Lucha Månad sedan
Lo vi en Switch, en descuento, claro que lo voy a comprar
Kris Baines Jr
Kris Baines Jr Månad sedan
My name is Kris too
valorant HJ
valorant HJ Månad sedan
Daily Random Games for Mobile
Daily Random Games for Mobile Månad sedan
Spanish switch???:(
SolarTV Månad sedan
i would donate if i had money to spend here
Sandoval Jose
Sandoval Jose Månad sedan
Sandoval Jose
Sandoval Jose Månad sedan
i Jose
Calen LaQuier
Calen LaQuier Månad sedan
I stopped watching because he's talking like that
Pyro85 Månad sedan
Is this game ever going to come to iTunes?
Fish Canyon
Fish Canyon Månad sedan
This game is boring af, alooooooooot of dialogue, might as well have made it a visual novel
randomkidTalking always
randomkidTalking always Månad sedan
Then why are you here
Shadow Weaver
Shadow Weaver Månad sedan
I just bought this on switch the other day and I was disappointed because I paid the 20 for it thinking it was the full game and not part one of 3 I’m wondering when parts 2 and 3 will be released and are they being added to the game to make it a full game or how is that going to work
1 1
1 1 29 dagar sedan
Wait you guys paid for the game?
Shadow Weaver
Shadow Weaver Månad sedan
@Hayden Solon can you get a refund on steam or not Nintendo you can’t honestly if I could get a refund I would and buy it when full game came out but Nintendo doesn’t do refunds
Hayden Solon
Hayden Solon Månad sedan
Same thing happened to me on steam, they’re avoiding all questions about it right now, it never even said the game wasn’t done
Shadow Weaver
Shadow Weaver Månad sedan
Well hopefully I saved some people 20 dollars and disappointment because even in the videos on Nintendo store of the game it makes you think it’s the full game then you buy it and go what the hell where’s the rest of the game
Harriet O'Grady
Harriet O'Grady Månad sedan
I’m only gonna buy the game when the FULL game is on the switch
bamfux Månad sedan
Stream starts around 4:15
WW660 Månad sedan
Best game of 2021! Payed 3 1/2 hours already and died from the based spice and Beavis and butthead references. Pure comedy and it has been a game of my prayers for a very long time. Glad to play a funny game that is reals and not feels oriented. Super Straight patch maybe?
ExoticTurtle Månad sedan
Does the game come with the funny zombie
Garth Jacob
Garth Jacob Månad sedan
When is part 2. I just beat the 1st part twice, once yesterday and twice a few minutes ago, I hope part 2 comes out soon. I really like the game and it leaves me wanting more.
Cat Electrical
Cat Electrical Månad sedan
@Chocodots once yesterday and twice a few minutes ago; that's thrice
Chocodots Månad sedan
@Cat Electrical ?
Cat Electrical
Cat Electrical Månad sedan
That's thrice
Furry Petal
Furry Petal Månad sedan
Well.. Uhmm.. I'd Buy It If It Was Playable On Phone And Not PC. 🙁
Bucket Head
Bucket Head Månad sedan
Must be a Monday
Colloid Månad sedan
Game is way too short, trilogy or not. Def not worth 20 bucks
Kai Samuels
Kai Samuels Månad sedan
Game looks trash your just paying for the art style
Xylonflosse 60
Xylonflosse 60 Månad sedan
when is the next part comming of the game
Cactus Patches
Cactus Patches Månad sedan
Like now for air
Cactus Patches
Cactus Patches Månad sedan
I want that
KGK Skull
KGK Skull Månad sedan
I both like and dislike the game. The inside jokes, references, humor, and the amount of times I wanted to shoot Kent in the throat with a tank round is just, impressive. The art style is pure explosm, and the sound of the foot steps is amazing. Problems, items for progression are sometimes too hidden or seem too vague for use, items blend in a little too much but when you find them you start getting twisted ideas. Unfortunately the problems are that the game is not fully out, that cliffhanger style doesn’t work unless there is a list of episodes and such, and the hints given from the hint button seem way too vague. But this game, shows some amazing potential, now all we need is the butt shark, dick squid, and for Kent to be shot right in the balls
theandrew van
theandrew van Månad sedan
is it available on ps4 store also when will there be another pergatony vid
theandrew van
theandrew van Månad sedan
@Lou9896 damn
Lou9896 Månad sedan
Nope it didnt raise enough money on kickstarter for PS
Username Not found
Username Not found Månad sedan
Someone said greeting
Ken Cole
Ken Cole Månad sedan
1:06:10 when you said my speedrun was about twice as slow as yours that’s because in my speedrun I watched all the cutscenes which was hilarious and in the school section I got stuck twice if I didn’t do that it probably would have took me 25 to 30 minutes
Tanja Hot
Tanja Hot Månad sedan
The stream starts at 4:17
Jacob Rengen
Jacob Rengen Månad sedan
Can you get this on iPhone
Parker Berg
Parker Berg Månad sedan
No, it’s only on “Steam” and “Switch”
Fortde Gamer
Fortde Gamer Månad sedan
This game is a best game of year
KID COOL 1.o Månad sedan
Wait where is mr.B***
KGK Skull
KGK Skull Månad sedan
Mr bitch was made after the game was being developed. So he most likely won’t be in the game
Hal Verde
Hal Verde Månad sedan
Low volume. Sucks.
Lachezar Endera
Lachezar Endera Månad sedan
Can I get a discount LOL
Joaquin Månad sedan
I wish you could get it on Xbox or mobile
Lou9896 Månad sedan
Kick starter didn't make enough for Xbox and as for mobile probably never
Hghbrurjnrnfhru Hruyururjrrhurrjdjndueiej
Hghbrurjnrnfhru Hruyururjrrhurrjdjndueiej Månad sedan
This should be the new fallout
AgentWuT Månad sedan
I just feel bad for coop Also. In a universe where coop is in ours: the f*ck you want?
Waydii Tv
Waydii Tv Månad sedan
I'm definitely gonna play this game
Ticket stubs
Ticket stubs Månad sedan
This is like the south park games. 10/10
KGK Skull
KGK Skull Månad sedan
It’s more like Sam and max but less comedy through confusion and more thinking with insanity
Manaroth 27
Manaroth 27 Månad sedan
its nothing like any south park game its just bad the only content are the first 30 mins and the last 2 almost all the known comedy style is gone with only 1-2 hours of game play im furious i wasted any thought on this game
Max Månad sedan
I wish the zombie and mister game director could shut up, so I can actually watch the game and decide whether I want to play it myself, that would be great.
Butty Crack
Butty Crack Månad sedan
They will end up abandoning this game like they did with Rapture Rejects
Martyr Machine
Martyr Machine Månad sedan
This looks stupidly boring.
Mohanad Mahmoud
Mohanad Mahmoud Månad sedan
I really liked the music
SoPro Månad sedan
Tieline 25 dagar sedan
marg0tten Månad sedan
so damn overpriced.
ColieDee Kenzo
ColieDee Kenzo Månad sedan
Melanie Mills
Melanie Mills Månad sedan
This music reminds me of the guy who clicked on his spam. 🤣
Patrick Huskey
Patrick Huskey Månad sedan
I wanted to watch this but I kept hearing commentating. Anyways if there's a clean version of the video/movie alone I would like to see it
Cracker Snap
Cracker Snap Månad sedan
What a waste of my money
Atiqun Rahman
Atiqun Rahman Månad sedan
Is it for free?
JARJCR97 Månad sedan
love the look and the feel of the game but I cant stand all the constant talking it takes my focus away from the game but keep up the good work and God bless
null-subject Månad sedan
It's almost as if "Rapture Rejects" didn't happen, wow! Imagine how it would look if you guys were still stealing money from people by selling that dead game on steam, even though you have totally abandoned it. That would be real scummy!
Ducky Månad sedan
Life fuel right here
Daniel Rudd
Daniel Rudd Månad sedan
Let's hope we don't have to wait long for the next part
joegrows420 Månad sedan
Came to see what the game was like. Stayed for the 3 eyed commentator 🤣🤣🤣
John M.
John M. Månad sedan
its Ted Bear
Joseph Y Corral Jr
Joseph Y Corral Jr Månad sedan
Terry Månad sedan
Just tell me why this game is not free Our country can not buy anything from steams or amazon or even paypal this are ban for us please if you like your fans please share this experience with us pleasssse
Terry Månad sedan
@joegrows420 even if you passed them you should know workers in here get 30$ per month
Terry Månad sedan
@joegrows420 how can i tell you bieng filter is different than ban yes we can go to steam and play free games with vpn but we cant buy them
Terry Månad sedan
@joegrows420 we can use vpn but still we cant share our card in paypal because America has boycotted us
joegrows420 Månad sedan
Nord vpn or express vpn would be the best option
joegrows420 Månad sedan
@Terry have you tried using a vpn? That might work bro , good luck 👍
Davit Kalandadze
Davit Kalandadze Månad sedan
67th yeet i wish i had a nintendo switch to play this game
TMXL PL Månad sedan
In poland now its 8am. 5 hours ago i was sleeping. I couldnt watch this stream.
Domovon Månad sedan
Me too man
Davit Kalandadze
Davit Kalandadze Månad sedan
In georgia its 11am 5 hours ago i was asleep
William Egby
William Egby Månad sedan
Your paying about 20$for an unfinished 1/3 of the game. Got stuck for 4 hours, just for the game to abruptly end at part of the game that should have the freaks.
Olivier Paquette
Olivier Paquette Månad sedan
@Austin Whims honestly, no i'd just wait for the full game because it just made me dissapointed
William Egby
William Egby Månad sedan
@Austin Whims don't buy it now it's not done. They should have stated that it wasn't finished
Shadow Weaver
Shadow Weaver Månad sedan
I agree I bought it on switch thinking it was the full game I bought it day before release and just as soon as it starts getting good it abruptly ends I paid 20 for it well 10 % off of 20 but with tax it’s still pretty much 20 and it’s way to short and only 1/3 and Nintendo doesn’t give refunds I would say wait till all 3 parts I did enjoy my time with it but I thought it was a full game release not a prerelease with 1 of 3 parts and no idea on release of parts 2 and 3
Austin Whims
Austin Whims Månad sedan
Was it worth the money
Olivier Paquette
Olivier Paquette Månad sedan
yea i finished it in 3 hours and stops when it gets interesting!
mrcheese Cupcake
mrcheese Cupcake Månad sedan
Hey can we go to the purgatory
adam philp
adam philp Månad sedan
If I ever remove the nail, I Am Dead.
adam philp
adam philp Månad sedan
God lol. Such a beauty of a game
Emin Uçar
Emin Uçar Månad sedan
Terrakinetic Månad sedan
Hm... $17.99 7:55 Maybe...
Tuğrul Çelebi
Tuğrul Çelebi Månad sedan
bu oyun bi satlik enaz bukadarmı uğraşıyorsu
ApplePiedArts Månad sedan
When is the mobile version coming out?
Novice noob
Novice noob Månad sedan
Probally never
Will Morgan
Will Morgan Månad sedan I gonna have to pay for every part? I just beat Part 1, and I don’t wanna pay for this 2 more times
Will Morgan
Will Morgan Månad sedan
@Shadow Weaver I got it on Steam, but I spent too much time exploring so now I can't get a refund.
Shadow Weaver
Shadow Weaver Månad sedan
Agreed I paid 20 dollars on switch and it doesn’t say it’s only part one and Nintendo does not give refunds even though the game is technically unfinished it’s part one of 3 so if it’s not included in the purchase price I will not buy another video game from them
Will Morgan
Will Morgan Månad sedan
@KGK Skull yeah, you’re right
KGK Skull
KGK Skull Månad sedan
@Will Morgan we won’t know until the time comes
Will Morgan
Will Morgan Månad sedan
@KGK Skull no, my point is that I don’t want to pay AGAIN for something that I thought was finished. I’ll be fine if the next parts are added in an update, but I don’t want to pay 2 more instances of $20
Himanshu Sharma
Himanshu Sharma Månad sedan
Not so good game
ThatBoiDAROCK Månad sedan
I’m just confused how it got on Switch before PS4/5 and the Xbox One and Series X
ThatBoiDAROCK Månad sedan
@Lou9896 Thanks for the info. I didn’t know
Lou9896 Månad sedan
The kickstarter didnt raise enough money for PS/box only switch
ThatBoiDAROCK Månad sedan
@Lale Lalic I never said I owned a PS5. I was just using next gen consoles as an example. Also, I said it was weird that it wasn’t coming to the other two consoles because this is more of a mature game where Nintendo is more of a Family Friendly company
Lale Lalic
Lale Lalic Månad sedan
How could ps4/5 get spiderman before any other platform? Shut up you rich bastard who can afford PS4/5
wilster gaming
wilster gaming Månad sedan
I could not get it on my nintendo switch because I am not old enough it says I need to be older I don't care about vilonts
wilster gaming
wilster gaming Månad sedan
Well sorry
Saab Guy
Saab Guy Månad sedan
@wilster gaming thats not how you spell violence
wilster gaming
wilster gaming Månad sedan
Vilonts is like people getting slaughtered or getting ripped in have
BlueBrickCinema Månad sedan
Scott Owens
Scott Owens Månad sedan
This entire part is lol
Scott Owens
Scott Owens Månad sedan
Scratch that
Scott Owens
Scott Owens Månad sedan
9:24-9:26 lol
Scott Owens
Scott Owens Månad sedan
(Insert Michael Owens's theme)
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