Freakpocalypse: Welcome To Netherton

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You are a weird, unpopular, ginger-headed orphan, and it’s time to save the world.
You play as Coop “Go Away, Weirdo” McCarthy and all you want to do is make the world a better place. The trouble is: Nobody likes you, school sucks, you can't find a prom date, everybody bullies you (including your teachers), and your attempts to help only make things worse. Will you escape high school alive? Who will love you? Do you even deserve love? Why is this game called Freakpocalypse? Find the answers to these questions and more by looking at, talking to, and touching everything within the C&H universe.
Key Features:
►Just like playing in a Cyanide & Happiness animated cartoon filled with dark humor
►Fully voiced dialogue and a large cast of crazy freaks
►Interact with your favorite characters from the Cyanide & Happiness ►Universe including Ted Bear, Shark Dad, Señor Cleanfist, and more!
►An absurd amount of characters and objects to look at, touch, and talk to
►Cinematic cutscenes and a completely original soundtrack
►Unlockable costumes for you to find, wear, and embarrass yourself with
►Optional sidequests for special rewards and replayability
►Run OR walk - just like in real life!
►Achievements based on how good (or bad) you are at the game
►Secret ways to die!
►Part 1 of an ongoing apocalyptic prom story!
►Brought to life thanks to 15,000 sexy geniuses on Kickstarter
►Experience life as an unpopular loser*
*hopefully for the first time
Cyanide and Happiness delivers daily comics to your face-hole on since 2005!

sad lad
sad lad 26 dagar sedan
So this is where my face comes from
phantom gaming
phantom gaming Månad sedan
Dino Kaijiu
Dino Kaijiu Månad sedan
did they finally reach the funds to release on console i remember they only able to release this on pc?
omega ink sans gaming
omega ink sans gaming Månad sedan
when does this come out
HALF A Studios
HALF A Studios Månad sedan
So nervousited!
GamersUnite99 2 månader sedan
Is it still going to be on the Switch also?
GodOfShadow 2 månader sedan
Prepare To Play
Lucy gr
Lucy gr 3 månader sedan
I ila
Raymundo Juarez
Raymundo Juarez 3 månader sedan
Please tell me this is going to have a DLC. And a physical version of this game on the switch because I don’t have storage.
Gmaster Hero
Gmaster Hero 3 månader sedan
I thought it was a movie when I saw trailer make a movie about it
Gary Varkey
Gary Varkey 3 månader sedan
I played the demo. It's an awesome game.
Dragons 4real ._.
Dragons 4real ._. 3 månader sedan
yes ama use my pc get this think am ready later some people are thinking i want it on mobile how are you going to move tap? how about go front but i also have switch... which should i use it on say it in the comments pls
jhanyariel 3 månader sedan
wasd 3 månader sedan
When can we pre-order tho?
P R Harshvardhan Bhargava
P R Harshvardhan Bhargava 3 månader sedan
You guys should also bring out a paid mobile version. I'll buy it in a fart.
matthew robbinson
matthew robbinson 3 månader sedan
Im abig fan
matthew robbinson
matthew robbinson 3 månader sedan
I wanna play this game ☺
Erick Castellanos
Erick Castellanos 3 månader sedan
Me: *goes to steam for details* The game: rated teen Me: pathetic
Chewy McDabber
Chewy McDabber 3 månader sedan
I’m the 900th comment
Sheldon 3 månader sedan
What about rudy? Is he in the game?
Aaron Alex
Aaron Alex 4 månader sedan
It's gonna be on the phone?
Darwin Valladares
Darwin Valladares 4 månader sedan
It's that real or fake game?
Marked Infinity
Marked Infinity 3 månader sedan
Kokosák 4 månader sedan
0:03 It's just me who heard: Donavan duck!
Keigo Tamaki
Keigo Tamaki 4 månader sedan
This has creeped me out where my dad lives is called netherton wth
Raymundo Juarez
Raymundo Juarez 4 månader sedan
The game is also coming to the Nintendo switch.
BaoHadir 4 månader sedan
I'm planning to buy this as soon as I can
Runboy 4 månader sedan
Cyanide and happiness has created so many games
Camel 4 månader sedan
Demo is great
Jordan Illman
Jordan Illman 4 månader sedan
Can I donate my taxes to keep a bad boy in a cage ?
Asteroid508 Xbox
Asteroid508 Xbox 4 månader sedan
Looks good
Asteroid508 Xbox
Asteroid508 Xbox 4 månader sedan
HADISH 4 månader sedan
was the music re-composed after 11 years ?
MAHATIR AHMED 4 månader sedan
I need MEDS on this game.
MusiciansApprentice 4 månader sedan
I'm so ready for this!
ruler ruliento 2031
ruler ruliento 2031 4 månader sedan
I want this game NOW! Although it reminds me a bit of indiecalipse XD
Sir Eric
Sir Eric 4 månader sedan
0:08 You will see Rudy’s Grave
Ola Vito
Ola Vito 4 månader sedan
New intro?
Īgņa Now
Īgņa Now 4 månader sedan
Can I play it on my android phone?
Steve Stevens
Steve Stevens 4 månader sedan
Ernesto Miguel Sicad
Ernesto Miguel Sicad 4 månader sedan
When you get a notification 3 days later..
Mr.T Rex
Mr.T Rex 4 månader sedan
A game for the all family
Kurt Bruening
Kurt Bruening 4 månader sedan
The weird thing is that this game is Available on PC and Nintendo Switch. It’s weird how it’s not also on Xbox One or the upcoming Xbox, same with the PS4 and PS5
Nekurad Moba
Nekurad Moba 4 månader sedan
Awt no computer
BlueRedAndYellow 4 månader sedan
Great. Game about a high school looser (according to the dum6 society) made for a looser
PRUSSIAN EMPIRE 4 månader sedan
First we need to Know how Valued the game is i hope could be $12.34 or $32.99 Cuz Looks like that only money i have ;-; (DONATE)
Julien N
Julien N 4 månader sedan
0:14 the fake acid "Oh jeeeeeez !"
Kele 4 månader sedan
Its like south park, but better
cmyanmar13 4 månader sedan
Digging the Matrix homage at the beginning.
Davidfistytwo Boi
Davidfistytwo Boi 4 månader sedan
When’s it going to be out?
Briel 1020
Briel 1020 4 månader sedan
Neon Mixtape
Neon Mixtape 4 månader sedan
When your ad is longer than the vid
Heidi Barker
Heidi Barker 4 månader sedan
That computer screen punch at the start gave me nostalgia
Szymon Przybysz
Szymon Przybysz 4 månader sedan
Where's my ladder
Rodrigo Appendino
Rodrigo Appendino 4 månader sedan
Cyanides & Happiness: The Stick of Truth
Xgckl 4 månader sedan
I thought the kissing scene was uncomfortably long to begin with, then they showed the scene with sound again.
Unusual Problems
Unusual Problems 4 månader sedan
Please dont overpass 50 dollars lol
Marked Infinity
Marked Infinity 3 månader sedan
It's $30, it's on their Kickstarter page.
Alex The Great
Alex The Great 4 månader sedan
Dude is this seriously a game? I cant wait for it to be on xbox game pass so i can stop being so poor and play it
Turk Comrade
Turk Comrade 4 månader sedan
Take my money
Art With Kev
Art With Kev 4 månader sedan
Can't wait for when it comes out 😀
E EE 4 månader sedan
Simon Henriksson
Simon Henriksson 4 månader sedan
Reminds me of the stick of truth
Handsome Jack
Handsome Jack 4 månader sedan
Someone already leaked the full game.
D'Marquis Monroe
D'Marquis Monroe 4 månader sedan
Why do I see this being a full fled tv show
L.A. nimations 201X
L.A. nimations 201X 4 månader sedan
This is giving me Poptropica vibes like you wouldn’t believe
Viggo Demarco Gonzalez Pinet
Viggo Demarco Gonzalez Pinet 4 månader sedan
I'm sorry but I can't play this, I only have a Xbox one :(
Gilbert McGlurk
Gilbert McGlurk 4 månader sedan
Poptropica vibes anyone?
Spaceinvader42424 4 månader sedan
Now they need a game about purgatony
Nereida Barrios
Nereida Barrios 4 månader sedan
Can it be on mobile for free
Just a Biscuit
Just a Biscuit 4 månader sedan
I’m going to buy it if it’s 30€ or below
Rare 4 månader sedan
I hope we get to see the beer guy.
Mustafa Naseer
Mustafa Naseer 4 månader sedan
ʀo̸ᴄᴋᴇᴛ_ʙu̸ɴ 4 månader sedan
Climetrix 4 månader sedan
How much will it cost?
Pickle Rick
Pickle Rick 4 månader sedan
sad thing anout this game is only fans will understand the jokes
Luke Vallega
Luke Vallega 4 månader sedan
When will it go on mobile tho?
Faby Z
Faby Z 4 månader sedan
an •_•
an •_• 4 månader sedan
Is mothman a bossfight?
an •_•
an •_• 4 månader sedan
Is trolley tom In it
Mc. R
Mc. R 4 månader sedan
me: ready for the game also me: i cant get steam *sad person noises*
Kingstoff Animations
Kingstoff Animations 4 månader sedan
Will you ever do a cyanide and happines the movie?
Very tired 32
Very tired 32 4 månader sedan
I really hope the MEDS police are here
jhon doe
jhon doe 4 månader sedan
For phone? If not still fuck yes!!
Anderp Nelmac
Anderp Nelmac 4 månader sedan
Poptropica vibes
DoctorX17 4 månader sedan
Item added to wishlist!
DangerIncreased 4 månader sedan
Ready player One 😎
Lerax the 7th
Lerax the 7th 4 månader sedan
Maybe for another game we can make our own character
Will Sanford
Will Sanford 4 månader sedan
Never ask a man his salary, a woman her age, Cyanide and Happiness the release date and price of Freakpocolypse
Mohammad Samara
Mohammad Samara 4 månader sedan
Adding it to my wish list... Looks a lot of fun and hilarious
Jordan Hairline
Jordan Hairline 4 månader sedan
Please make it free and is it going to be on the consul
-V- WhItEandFuRy -V-
-V- WhItEandFuRy -V- 4 månader sedan
A Must buy game !
horsthorst11 4 månader sedan
Soon they will upload a video titled: Freakpocalypse: Welcome to Gameiscanceledton
BendyandtheDankMachine 4 månader sedan
Why would I buy the game when I can go outside and get the same thing for free?
NoxicWaste 4 månader sedan
I legit thought this game was out already..
Vimorain 4 månader sedan
i am not sure if i follow plot of this video,but i like anyway ...
YTkingblue 4 månader sedan
Exited as hel
youtube revenue
youtube revenue 4 månader sedan
Whens it gonna be free
stan el mc comedia
stan el mc comedia 4 månader sedan
i want to be in android to
Alex Salto
Alex Salto 4 månader sedan
I'd buy if on console
Bill Novakos
Bill Novakos 4 månader sedan
2020 so far:
Cherryblossom ink
Cherryblossom ink 4 månader sedan
Give this game to me I need it so bad I hope 🤞 it gets put on the switch soon 😁
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