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Created By: Rob DenBleyker, Kris Wilson, Dave McElfatrick
Directed By: Dave McElfatrick
Based on Original Comic By: Dave McElfatrick
Animation Director: Bill Jones
Supervising Animator: Matt Thurman
Animation: Matt Thurman
Animatic: Connor Murphy
Character Design & Props: Paul Blair
Editor: Taylor Ransom
Theme Song: "I Like Your Hat" - Dan Paladin
Sound Mixer: Ben Governale, Cymatic Studios
Voice Actors:
Blue guy- Rob DenBleyker
Crimson Guy - Dave McElfatrick
Produced By: Adam Nusrallah
Production Manager: Autumn Soeder
Production Assistants: Michael Stewart

Fingering Things
Fingering Things 4 månader sedan
I love seeing these comics animated
Call of Gruty
Call of Gruty 19 dagar sedan
@An Otamatone This got 2 thousands of likes
DIO'sNotDead 20 dagar sedan
these anime adaptations are really good
A D Månad sedan
@ExplosmEntertainment No, _I_ love _you._
The Anxious Pagan
The Anxious Pagan Månad sedan
@Atoxicate I don’t get it, sorry
Tammy xoi che hien khanh Le
Tammy xoi che hien khanh Le 4 månader sedan
I don’t love it, I adore it
The whiskery lion
The whiskery lion Dag sedan
Called it
ImaNerdANDaGeek 5 dagar sedan
the pacing feels really different
The Grim Reaper
The Grim Reaper 9 dagar sedan
I know that was whats going to happen
Angel Imposter
Angel Imposter 11 dagar sedan
I'll go get the white out
Under Communism, Even Illness Becomes Wellness
Under Communism, Even Illness Becomes Wellness 11 dagar sedan
i love the "comic classics" intro
Noob_ SaibotxX
Noob_ SaibotxX 13 dagar sedan
Called it
Trojann Perez
Trojann Perez 13 dagar sedan
this was the first cyanide comic i saw haha
Marybeth Sefcovic
Marybeth Sefcovic 15 dagar sedan
Its like saying your face is stuipid...lol..savage
califero c
califero c 15 dagar sedan
If in doubt highlight it out! 🤣
Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman 19 dagar sedan
How our English teacher saw a stupid homework! Hehe!
Hannes Biersack
Hannes Biersack 20 dagar sedan
Still waiting for the C&H Classics theme
mauricio spicher
mauricio spicher 26 dagar sedan
You twisted the t-shirt's colours XD
Baldibruh965 waterson
Baldibruh965 waterson Månad sedan
I mean, he is right
music Studio
music Studio Månad sedan
:D :D
DJ AD 2 månader sedan
roei meiri
roei meiri 2 månader sedan
what is the name of the opening theme? I really want to hear the full one! @ExplosmEntertainment
Golden Fist
Golden Fist 2 månader sedan
Christina Davies
Christina Davies 2 månader sedan
That's kind of offensive he literally said highlight anything that's stupid and he highlighted his face which basically means his face is stupid. that's so mean 😠
m m
m m 4 dagar sedan
shut up bot
Kaylee Wilson
Kaylee Wilson 3 månader sedan
These are so funny and stupid at the same time
Tony2Truuu TV
Tony2Truuu TV 3 månader sedan
Kitty Sparky
Kitty Sparky 3 månader sedan
Damn, that was deep
Kilswitch10000 3 månader sedan
He said anything not any one
Joy Varghese
Joy Varghese 3 månader sedan
The guy who highlighted forgot to see the mirror
Blazingfire 4 månader sedan
Well... he did say "anything"
HATrue 4 månader sedan
Ever watched a 6 second ad?
Nisa Rojas
Nisa Rojas 4 månader sedan
The one plot I could predict
Mr To3pper
Mr To3pper 4 månader sedan
Sam Lindsay
Sam Lindsay 4 månader sedan
Simple, insulting, and funny.
Theron Gibson
Theron Gibson 4 månader sedan
He played himself😂😂💀
Sparkle pup Man
Sparkle pup Man 4 månader sedan
HEY, I thought we agreed NOT to show green face
Jonathan Sauceda
Jonathan Sauceda 4 månader sedan
Wow no advertising very cool
Anwar Hannad
Anwar Hannad 4 månader sedan
Me:Um, hey, guys, I didn’t get the joke!
KonRud5 4 månader sedan
What about subtitles?! Some people can't hear you know!
death *
death * 4 månader sedan
good one
Wilsontheknight 4 månader sedan
It took me a second but I got it
Aldo Vigil
Aldo Vigil 4 månader sedan
260000 viewer
Nick Rameau
Nick Rameau 4 månader sedan
This was perfect.
LuckyMissLonely 4 månader sedan
Oh my, how awesome! The original comic came out back when I was writing my MA thesis, and I shared it on my facebook page. And now, even though I knew exactly what was going to happen, I still laughed out loud. xD
I'm a Plank lol
I'm a Plank lol 4 månader sedan
What I'm doing here ._.
Евгений Украинец
Евгений Украинец 4 månader sedan
это настоящий classic, я бы даже сказал pleasantly
Aryamaan Borah
Aryamaan Borah 4 månader sedan
A Lighter that is High is called a Highlighter
Josh Russell
Josh Russell 4 månader sedan
And don't call me Shirley.
sina p
sina p 4 månader sedan
TheRick 001
TheRick 001 4 månader sedan
The Highlight of my day (ba dum tss)
banana man
banana man 4 månader sedan
Is no one ever gonna mention the horrifying face masks the have for sale
J R 4 månader sedan
Felt that
Arcade 352
Arcade 352 4 månader sedan
I would just highlight myself
Mad Max
Mad Max 4 månader sedan
Let’s be honest highlighters are yellow not green that’s probably just a marker which four he is stupid
woodfur00 4 månader sedan
@Mad Max Highlighters are fluorescent. It's literally impossible to produce that effect on a screen.
Mad Max
Mad Max 4 månader sedan
woodfur00 True but that marker is just green if it was light green it would be A highlighter
woodfur00 4 månader sedan
Ummmmmmmm. You know they come in multiple colors, right?
Killer Kong
Killer Kong 4 månader sedan
The last time I was this early I had a son...
Regular Invader
Regular Invader 4 månader sedan
I thought he was gonna dye the whole paper green.😑
Kay Way42
Kay Way42 4 månader sedan
I Love these videos
TCTS Studios
TCTS Studios 4 månader sedan
the 🟩🙂 of stupidity, everybody.
Trinston Michaels
Trinston Michaels 4 månader sedan
Trinston was here. .
tuna gürkanlı
tuna gürkanlı 4 månader sedan
It must be in instagram
Juston Brock
Juston Brock 4 månader sedan
Lmfao. Y’all deserve 100X more subscribers I swear. Y’all make the best content so keep it up😂
H.G. Da' Gr8 One
H.G. Da' Gr8 One 4 månader sedan
LOL, Short and sweet. Keep up the good work!
Alexander The Simpatiuri
Alexander The Simpatiuri 4 månader sedan
Cyanide and Happiness is going to shit :/
Makayla B
Makayla B 4 månader sedan
I love it
SmashLiXs 4 månader sedan
people who don't think highly of themselves would highlight themselves
JJay is Dead
JJay is Dead 4 månader sedan
This was posted 3 seconds ago and 500 comments
Nicolás Brotons Gómez
Nicolás Brotons Gómez 4 månader sedan
Holy 💩 that was the funniest 30 seconds of SEpost
David Doyle
David Doyle 4 månader sedan
rainystorm88 4 månader sedan
I thought he was gonna highlight his name on the paper... but I guess the face works too 😂
Red Hawkfield
Red Hawkfield 4 månader sedan
It's a paper on the flat Earth theory, obviously.
B S 4 månader sedan
Knew that was gonna happen
Rosegold Beats
Rosegold Beats 4 månader sedan
i have not laughed in a while, i watched this video and then i realised i still haven't laughed in a while
Jonsku 666
Jonsku 666 4 månader sedan
Why in god's green earth is the planet all green now?
Devin Gendron
Devin Gendron 4 månader sedan
Wasn’t this originally a rip on YECs and people who don’t acknowledge evolution? Why change it?
Devin Gendron
Devin Gendron 4 månader sedan
sweetdaveyboy Welp....must have found someone’s rif on the format then. Weird. Cest’la’vis
sweetdaveyboy 4 månader sedan
I wrote it. It wasn't.
ThoMass3630 #
ThoMass3630 # 4 månader sedan
Please make sad Larry Origins
Tony Goodman
Tony Goodman 4 månader sedan
Chef Ratty
Chef Ratty 4 månader sedan
It was the vault of content
Taro Kamara
Taro Kamara 4 månader sedan
Damon Aura
Damon Aura 4 månader sedan
david Cum
david Cum 4 månader sedan
Wtf just happened?
Jack 4 månader sedan
So that why i always got face paint!
Sammy Cool
Sammy Cool 4 månader sedan
This is the first cyanide and happiness short that I have watched that did not involve death, dismemberment, and or partial nudity. In other words, the first child friendly short.
petrus landen
petrus landen 4 månader sedan
Nitholas X
Nitholas X 4 månader sedan
Lol me
Serena Occhino
Serena Occhino 4 månader sedan
Dude their animation has gone downhill it used to be longer and now they mostly reuse videos Its sad to see
Amber 4 månader sedan
When you see racism presented uncritically in a draft submitted to you.
Shane Driscoll
Shane Driscoll 4 månader sedan
I remember these so well
Duy Vũ Đỗ Khắc
Duy Vũ Đỗ Khắc 4 månader sedan
oh my god
Mikoy Fernandez
Mikoy Fernandez 4 månader sedan
It's awesome to see classic comics get animated!
John Crowther
John Crowther 4 månader sedan
Can ya make the comic a bit bigger at the end it’s really hard to see
ffeff feefef
ffeff feefef 4 månader sedan
can you make a new eposide ? pls
Dragon66898 4 månader sedan
Harsh but I love it.
Kiwi Burga23
Kiwi Burga23 4 månader sedan
Anyone else watching this in 2023?
NapazTrix 4 månader sedan
I remember this strip
Kemueli Kedratate
Kemueli Kedratate 4 månader sedan
Um ouch
HuntDra 4 månader sedan
At least he was honest. :D
LK Films
LK Films 4 månader sedan
I mean, The blue guy is not wrong
Chris .M
Chris .M 4 månader sedan
i love animations
Nathan Fleming
Nathan Fleming 4 månader sedan
Please animate tall justin
Lasajnaè Nae
Lasajnaè Nae 4 månader sedan
I was thinking there was a word "You" in the paper and then he highlights it and shows it to the author...
Lasajnaè Nae
Lasajnaè Nae 4 månader sedan
I was thinking there was a word "You" in the paper and then he highlights it and shows it to the author...
Star Platinum
Star Platinum 4 månader sedan
It would be cool if you did one with the comic style
mjstory1976 4 månader sedan
Who didn't see that one coming 😂
A Random Guy77
A Random Guy77 4 månader sedan
Impstar 4 månader sedan
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