HOW DO BIRDS F**K? with Charles Darwin | Purgatony Presents: Dead Air | Episode 2

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5 månader sedan

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Tony Pergatelli interviews Charles Darwin, and everything goes perfectly fine, in today's episode of Dead Air. Hooray!
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MizantropMan 5 månader sedan
Damn, why didn't I get notified when the first episode came up?
kite man he
kite man he 2 månader sedan
ExplosmEntertainment hi
kite man he
kite man he 2 månader sedan
ExplosmEntertainment EEEE
kite man he
kite man he 2 månader sedan
ExplosmEntertainment e
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kite man he 2 månader sedan
ExplosmEntertainment e
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kite man he 2 månader sedan
ExplosmEntertainment e
Mr lava
Mr lava 13 dagar sedan
Krazy b0y
Krazy b0y Månad sedan
Tony:Blood apron.....Duh Fuk That fucking got me
Kimani Estime
Kimani Estime Månad sedan
I think Tony resembles a squirrel more
Kelly B
Kelly B 2 månader sedan
Hoping the blood apron was just an apron that didn't get stained
VAULT-BOY CULT 2 månader sedan
I need blood apran
vykintas simkus
vykintas simkus 2 månader sedan
Blood apron
JIMMIE PASSON 2 månader sedan
Hmm I was thinking Florida but.. okay.
The Fallin TV
The Fallin TV 2 månader sedan
Hope deepweb doesnt go out of business when blood apron open's for business
Zilch71 3 månader sedan
When is the next season of it coming out? Why isn’t this a funded show on Netflix like wtf?
bum fight gamer
bum fight gamer 3 månader sedan
Atomik Doggie
Atomik Doggie 3 månader sedan
"in Ohio most likely" damnnn
Leeroy Maans
Leeroy Maans 3 månader sedan
I wanna show this to my bio Prof. Comment 666
Noel Maldonado
Noel Maldonado 4 månader sedan
“Power through you useless meatball!” 😂
Zanderfish 123
Zanderfish 123 4 månader sedan
Thank you for the fucking code code fingers
Drastic Zenaku
Drastic Zenaku 4 månader sedan
I couldn’t stop laughing when Charles started talking about birds fucking I mean what the hell
Aaron B
Aaron B 4 månader sedan
Darwin and Freud need to start a show together.
Cookie Master
Cookie Master 4 månader sedan
I'll take 10 blood aprons
Jay Obrien
Jay Obrien 4 månader sedan
Season 2/3 of purgatory 💀 please
James Umapathi
James Umapathi 4 månader sedan
Ad "wanting to cook your human without all the prep" Me "The frig what ah hell nah
Goatman Brigance
Goatman Brigance 4 månader sedan
Isn’t it impossible for you to take a shell of of a turtle?
ItsGav233 4 månader sedan
I want them actually bring back Purgatony. That shit was lit
JMDgamer06 Dicuia
JMDgamer06 Dicuia 4 månader sedan
There’s no stars, there’s no sun, no time off for anyone, no clock on the wall, there’s no end to it all, everyone’s on overtime and there’s no OVERTIME, Oh your book of life is weighed on the good, bad divider, Oh there’s to much to grade for a cynical decider, This is hardly working, this is hardly living this is my jooob.
Nero Zero
Nero Zero 4 månader sedan
/w: so how do i sign up do i just say fingerfood and i get them monthly and is it traceable
Tay K
Tay K 4 månader sedan
Power through you useless meatball! I've found my new favorite thing to tell at my coworkers
Mobile Toot Force
Mobile Toot Force 4 månader sedan
666 Demons
666 Demons 4 månader sedan
This should be on Spotify
drockjr 4 månader sedan
This new format isn't fun.
Skelton Slay8er
Skelton Slay8er 4 månader sedan
“POWER THROUGH YOU USELESS MEATBALL”!!!! Me to myself while at the gym
TheJerseyWolf 4 månader sedan
Max and Charles Darwin need to meet.
June Hollybell
June Hollybell 4 månader sedan
hey now ohio is great.
Shadow bolt haseo
Shadow bolt haseo 4 månader sedan
Why is it not surprising that's is what Charles Darwin is like that honestly I am pretty sure that was accurate to the real one
JayJay 5 månader sedan
The code didn't work :( I'm sad cause my fingers aren't coming
Mistress of Big Balls
Mistress of Big Balls 5 månader sedan
it's something, subscribe dude 😝 👙
Edyn Craig
Edyn Craig 5 månader sedan
I fucking love you two together you're adorable
Jay Jones
Jay Jones 5 månader sedan
Am ordering from blood apron Right now.
Mr. Whyte
Mr. Whyte 5 månader sedan
Well we wanted season 2 and this is what we got. Thank you for blowing your money on garbage like Trolley Tom. Yeah maybe they could spend that money on a real season 2, but let's face it. They'll realise that this is just good enough to keep a bunch of the kids watching. Sorry this is poorly done basement rate comedy. It's not clever, and feels like they have lost their creativity so they're just trying to grab low hanging fruit. Explosm you had amazing potential but 12 years later you're on the verge of being has beens. Maybe you shouldn't have kicked out Matt or maybe you should have tried a little harder/smarter with your finances. Sadly unsubbed and removing your content from my feed.
Razzo 5 månader sedan
It's not season 2 but it's the best well get
Little Karma
Little Karma 5 månader sedan
They studied ninjitsu 😭
Zachary link
Zachary link 5 månader sedan
Michael Buehler
Michael Buehler 5 månader sedan
Like the jab at sponsored products in SEpost videos.
SeriousHerd 5 månader sedan
The blood apron thing is for me im not only in Ohio I love humans.
Xanthus Suhtnax
Xanthus Suhtnax 5 månader sedan
yep blood aprons the service for me
Arun Venu
Arun Venu 5 månader sedan
darwin was some old hag watching parakeets bang😕😂
dalinds69 5 månader sedan
Michael Jackson sounds like a good guest to invite on.
Comedy dosage
Comedy dosage 5 månader sedan
Invention of super fuckfinch 2:35
Jason Bestine-Blood
Jason Bestine-Blood 5 månader sedan
I live in Ohio and am offended by the statement that people in Ohio eat human, we very rarely do I for example only munch on toes every other day
GameUp 5 månader sedan
Ohio here. Death gets us
Anthony porter
Anthony porter 5 månader sedan
I love this strange video :) best one yet
Sarada Page Diocletian
Sarada Page Diocletian 5 månader sedan
Actually we're in Rhode Island not Ohio
E-Nonymouse 5 månader sedan
Charles darwin's idea of early hominids, Hobbits!
Marcian Butnariu
Marcian Butnariu 5 månader sedan
Yeyyy Tonny Purgatory 😁😁
Penguin Guy17
Penguin Guy17 5 månader sedan
"in ohio probaby" *me who lives in ohio* god dang that was so offensive I let go of my dinner and he ran away, god damn it now hes going to the cops
Ryan Peters
Ryan Peters 5 månader sedan
Love it
MrEvers 5 månader sedan
Mother Teresa was an ultra-conservative Christian who was strongly against abortions, and any form of anti-conception, including condoms. She didn't help those suffering in desease or poverty, because "suffering brought them closer to Christ", she was only interested in converting people to Christianity, and all the donations to her causes went to that end
The realz gamer !!
The realz gamer !! 5 månader sedan
Demons or Ohioans lol I love there
Space Kangaroo
Space Kangaroo 5 månader sedan
Yubi yubi!
Mathieu Leader
Mathieu Leader 5 månader sedan
Hannibal Lecter loves blood apron
Lord Slapaman
Lord Slapaman 5 månader sedan
Wait a minute this isnt hitler
Never Ending Party
Never Ending Party 5 månader sedan
"In ohio most likely😢😂"
Exoryn 5 månader sedan
"Let's get off birds-" *NO TONY NO-*
Epic Soviet
Epic Soviet 5 månader sedan
I Really love thes serios
Bizarro Plasticman
Bizarro Plasticman 5 månader sedan
Why does Charles Darwin sound like John Cleese?
Augustus Brynak
Augustus Brynak 5 månader sedan
In Ohio D8} I LIVE THERE At least I have a reason to go doom slayer with me double barrel
Adam Leach
Adam Leach 5 månader sedan
Lol good stuff, makes me happy :)
GodsPerfectFailures 5 månader sedan
"Who is this for?!" "Demons tony, and some humans too, quiet ones who keep to themselves, probably in Ohio". He's talking about Jeffrey Dahmher.
Cloudous 5 månader sedan
Horrible sponsor job, they didn't mention the link, so how i am going to use the code to get my free fingers? Dammit i want to get my 5 fingers discount on fingers.
Nick Lanter
Nick Lanter 5 månader sedan
you said in Ohio most likely?! im dead thats funny af bc its true we do eat humans here, well least some of us
Tea and Crumpets
Tea and Crumpets 5 månader sedan
Could you put links to the ADs in the description please?
Tough Bickies
Tough Bickies 5 månader sedan
These podcast episodes are ruining Purgatony for me. Sigh, killed one of my favorite, current adult cartoon characters.
michael Noyola
michael Noyola 5 månader sedan
I really want season 2
draco5991rep 5 månader sedan
I tink I will use this Blood Apron Service.
stevonthe1st 5 månader sedan
Adolf Hitler... Tony Pergatelli interviews Hitler and it turns out he had some actual good intentions or some shit. That or Josef Stalin
Kerry Christensen
Kerry Christensen 5 månader sedan
Dxsii !
Dxsii ! 5 månader sedan
“Blood Apron... The *fuck”*
Lorenzo Kwok
Lorenzo Kwok 5 månader sedan
Natural selection
PraetorGix 5 månader sedan
Much much better this time! It was such a disappointment in the last episode when poor Tesla was barely there for a couple seconds.
MrBrandon9653 5 månader sedan
Must have more and I want a boat load more.
DestherCZE 5 månader sedan
This is what i signed up for.
Walrus with Legs
Walrus with Legs 5 månader sedan
Purgatony needs to be a show on adult swim
DA GASEOUS NOOB 5 månader sedan
Crazy pervs are great for ad sells with this audience
Ryan Mitchell
Ryan Mitchell 5 månader sedan
As an Ohioan can confirm I like that ad :)
TMAS 5 månader sedan
Lol, never seen anyone clown darwin like this, brutal lol
Just Some guy with a beard
Just Some guy with a beard 5 månader sedan
Blood apron please there copying stach Cameron ha ha XD totally relatable stache Cameron best ad
Winter Davis
Winter Davis 5 månader sedan
Why diss Ohio
JJ 5 månader sedan
Death sounds like Thick44
LostCyn 5 månader sedan
I can’t tap it my fingers are just bones no skin
Γιώργος Σωμαράκης
Γιώργος Σωμαράκης 5 månader sedan
Okay now I would like Pythagoras, what could possibly go wrong...
WhyNot? 5 månader sedan
1:31 Ugh, Ohio
CliffJumper gaming
CliffJumper gaming 5 månader sedan
never before have i heard someone refer to Charles Darwin as Chucky D
The Mobile Gamer
The Mobile Gamer 5 månader sedan
Why dont you guys make more purgatony?
Darkness ML
Darkness ML 5 månader sedan
Delicious feet
P0werPuppy 5 månader sedan
This is even funnier than the last!
Daniel Stein
Daniel Stein 5 månader sedan
How about Donald Trump as next guest? I guess undead count as well: unaffected by Corona, false skin colour, desperately in need of brains ... it's so obvious when you think about it
Henry TheGreatAmerican
Henry TheGreatAmerican 5 månader sedan
Sheesh.... if they turned Darwin into a perv, I can only imagine what they would do with Michael Jackson.
Dudeist Preist
Dudeist Preist 5 månader sedan
I would love an actual podcast like if the emperor had a text to speech. Death that would be great.
TallestKAT 5 månader sedan
Hey!! I’m from Ohio! Where can I order Blood Apron?
six stix
six stix 5 månader sedan
The Ohio statement tho 😂
Nimori -David-
Nimori -David- 5 månader sedan
Now the pope rejects creationism. What a world...
Crimson The Saiyan
Crimson The Saiyan 5 månader sedan
Blood Apron.. ok