HOW THE HELL DO YOU SPONSOR A PODCAST? with Nikola Tesla | Purgatony Presents: Dead Air | Episode 1

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6 månader sedan

Tony Pergatelli's got a podcast where he interviews dead people! It's right here. You're looking at it. Enjoy Tony's in depth interview with Nikola Tesla, and give us suggestions on who he should interview next!
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Marco Moriarty
Marco Moriarty 8 dagar sedan
Make season 3
Nafisa Nawar
Nafisa Nawar 9 dagar sedan
Emparin 15 dagar sedan
When season 2?
[insert good name]
[insert good name] 15 dagar sedan
Wait only people that are dead can watch this? Oh no
Robert McMurrer
Robert McMurrer 17 dagar sedan
I want a month of Bone Box.
Sarah McDonald
Sarah McDonald 17 dagar sedan
"When is Season 2 coming?" "Great Question! Have a SPIN-OFF!" "This totally answers my question!"
Memento Mori
Memento Mori 18 dagar sedan
How the hell did not notice this
Alex Wiese
Alex Wiese 24 dagar sedan
Gonnerea one for ya tony
DeTao Official Music
DeTao Official Music Månad sedan
There's so many people that want season two of purgatony, why not crowd fund the project?
SquidWard Blox!
SquidWard Blox! Månad sedan
I mean, they brought it back. Right?
sans the comic
sans the comic Månad sedan
Why does he sway from side to side
Английский с Полиглотом
Английский с Полиглотом Månad sedan
🤙 Determinism is Freedom 🤙
Beomjoon (Joy) Park
Beomjoon (Joy) Park Månad sedan
Tesla and I have the same birthday as him and the birthday is Jul 10th
Haha funniii
Haha funniii Månad sedan
So will season 2 also come in the future?
ThezealotBob Månad sedan
Man my dogs loved the bonebox subscription !!!
Angel Arredondo
Angel Arredondo 2 månader sedan
Purgatony Season 2!
john saldate
john saldate 2 månader sedan
Do Kurt cobain
Red gifted Bee
Red gifted Bee 2 månader sedan
Hey I love this show and I know you will go on TYAY or what ever but..... Im 10 please make a second season please?
Geshki 2 månader sedan
Mihajlo Lukach
Mihajlo Lukach 2 månader sedan
Nikola tesla was serbian so am i
James Holbrook
James Holbrook 2 månader sedan
Wait why did he say the carrot was in his ass
James Holbrook
James Holbrook 2 månader sedan
Rogan has really gone down hill
andre chandika
andre chandika 3 månader sedan
More series like this pleaseeeeeeeeee explosm
Keegan January
Keegan January 3 månader sedan
This is not enough to satisfy us!!! WE NEED A SEASON 2!!!!
If You Know, You Know.
If You Know, You Know. 3 månader sedan
Ur computer doesn't get porn? It's of no use.
Mohamad Fazlalizade
Mohamad Fazlalizade 3 månader sedan
bone boxes ... The more annoying ads on everywhere these days are these fuking useless innovative new startup business opportunities...
Nathan Campbell
Nathan Campbell 3 månader sedan
This is my first time watching one of these videos
Justin Y.
Justin Y. 3 månader sedan
where do I buy the bone box
Whiteboard Poetry
Whiteboard Poetry 4 månader sedan
Can you imagine a streaming app called 'Explosm TV' with: - Cyanide and Happiness Shorts - Cyanide and Happiness Shpw - Pirgatony - Channellate - Dead Air - Chip Chapley - New exclusive content = $2.99
Cj Gambill
Cj Gambill 4 månader sedan
Fun fact capitalism was invented by a guy named Adam Smith
err404 4 månader sedan
The U2 album you can't delete 😂
Monish Barman
Monish Barman 4 månader sedan
Need some more of that old stuff
Castelo Negro
Castelo Negro 4 månader sedan
Hey, I am still waiting for the season 2, but man, this is so fun. I actually liked it very much. I REALLY hope they don't cancel this show. This character is my favorite one in these series by C and H.
lordjoe king
lordjoe king 4 månader sedan
Balls balls balls pull the carrot outta my ass!
Ryan Kraft
Ryan Kraft 4 månader sedan
Cymes 4 månader sedan
Tony needs to interview Jeffrey Epstein.
Curveball sliders
Curveball sliders 4 månader sedan
When Tony says Death it sounds like he's saying dad
Soul Master
Soul Master 4 månader sedan
I am so happy!!! This is better than season 1!
Daniel Knapp
Daniel Knapp 4 månader sedan
I did not know what galactus really was when i saw this the first time, so i was really disappointed in the movie when he turned out to be a cloud.
Sydney Martinez
Sydney Martinez 4 månader sedan
Bone box? I want it. Can you make this happen with real bones. I collect bones.
Spartan Goku
Spartan Goku 4 månader sedan
Wait a minute, the hat on the speaker, that’s what Death’s face looks like!
Noriaki Kakyoin
Noriaki Kakyoin 4 månader sedan
Death reminds me of Carl from Llamas with hats.
Hari Krishnan Nu
Hari Krishnan Nu 4 månader sedan
Help us from India
Isaac Shultz
Isaac Shultz 4 månader sedan
Tony is back!
Gifted Fox
Gifted Fox 4 månader sedan
I am cancelling my bone box orders, last box was cat bones.
An Xlusive
An Xlusive 4 månader sedan
Thanks to bone box for helping my aunt with her broken leg thanks bone box!
Sam 227
Sam 227 4 månader sedan
Redban already has a pod called “dead air”
Tina Grogan
Tina Grogan 4 månader sedan
This is actually a big misconception but Nikola Tesla actually stole the idea of electricity from Alexander Graham Bell because if you read into it if you find out Alexander Graham Bell thought of the idea of lights before Nikola Tesla thought of the idea of electricity can't have lights without electricity so common misconception people will believe for thousand of years
Briar Rose
Briar Rose 4 månader sedan
Idk if anyone has ever read the book thief by Markus Zusak, but I read it pretty much right before I watched the whole purgatory series and now I think of the voice of death as being the same narrator death in that book
sebastian filloy
sebastian filloy 5 månader sedan
the animation quality went to the ground, i mean, it has like 6 animations that loop, i really liked the show so that´s a shame, i still like the characters tho
Lazer Studios
Lazer Studios 5 månader sedan
"Queen of England isn't dead" Like that's ever gonna happen
Teh Leels
Teh Leels 5 månader sedan
mmm this is shitty and i dont think im interested in watching it.
Gabriel Sarkodie
Gabriel Sarkodie 5 månader sedan
I think Death likes to embarrass Tony cuz when he is not doing well with the interview he does not interrupt whereas in this episode he was doing pretty well and was connecting with Tesla. PS: Great show, I love it ❤. I want more
RoachDoggJR 5 månader sedan
How about Sleepingcast, not to be confused with the legendary golden shit called sleepycast
jotax94 5 månader sedan
this is just awesome, now let's interview hitler and why he dropped art school hitler stuff?
Dreamest Riot
Dreamest Riot 5 månader sedan
Make more pergotony vids
Earth Signs
Earth Signs 5 månader sedan
where can i buy bonebox? i need it NOW!!!!!!!!!!
Evanswift 5 månader sedan
Soooo this is “good morning from hell?”
Andrew Rebello
Andrew Rebello 5 månader sedan
Say it with me... SEASON 2
Lethal Lyrical Liger
Lethal Lyrical Liger 5 månader sedan
This is just great,even people in purgatory r in quarantine😂
nintendude 5 månader sedan
He should interview Kobe Bryant
Conner Chia
Conner Chia 5 månader sedan
Why didn’t they call it Dead Talk.
ERFAN NAJARI 5 månader sedan
DIDDLY DOO dum dum
DIDDLY DOO dum dum 5 månader sedan
Soo when we interviewing JFK
Dxsii !
Dxsii ! 5 månader sedan
Kim Jong-Un
dari8930 dari8930
dari8930 dari8930 5 månader sedan
Chipper Leon and the Prince of Sciatica
Chipper Leon and the Prince of Sciatica 5 månader sedan
The music popping up so often CHINESE WATER TORTURE
DGneoseeker1 5 månader sedan
His computer doesn't get porn? He's from England in the near future?
Jamestown 5 månader sedan
I was afraid this episode would Edison-bashing, but I'm pleasantly surprised. I'll be sure to buy a subscription of Bonebox.
Malcolm Grant
Malcolm Grant 5 månader sedan
Me: Season 2!! ExplosmEntertainment: SIKE
mongoose08 5 månader sedan
The Double Rainbow Guy
Wilfred Peake
Wilfred Peake 5 månader sedan
tony doesnt get porn that poor man
Claircendre 999 XIX
Claircendre 999 XIX 5 månader sedan
i want a bonebox ovo
Couch Republic
Couch Republic 5 månader sedan
i love this but i hope we get more purgatony
Yvung Queen
Yvung Queen 5 månader sedan
I like Purgatory better...
Divyesh Katariya
Divyesh Katariya 5 månader sedan
Where's the link to get bone box?
Kazuma Pantsu
Kazuma Pantsu 5 månader sedan
i miss tonyyy
Nick Hinkle
Nick Hinkle 5 månader sedan
I love this stuff
Pratibha Patil
Pratibha Patil 5 månader sedan
Who is death's voice actor?
Miss Mysty.g
Miss Mysty.g 5 månader sedan
P-p-pergatony is back? FINALLY!!
Silverspacewolf 7
Silverspacewolf 7 5 månader sedan
Wait if time is irrelevant then wouldn’t every one be dead?
Rob Freebeard
Rob Freebeard 5 månader sedan
All computers get porn, Tony. Even if it's just ASCII/ANSI porn.
Robert A
Robert A 5 månader sedan
The concept is a lot like Rooster Teeth's Good Morning From Hell, but they both have their own energy and both great.
h man
h man 5 månader sedan
The king returns
Jozefu Hašiš
Jozefu Hašiš 5 månader sedan
Why did anyone leave a like on this piece of shit? I would be complaining about none of the jokes landing, but I don't even see any attempts at a joke besides the one about Tesla that miserably failed. The whole video is just an introduction to an awful format that, aka 6 minutes and 25 seconds of nothing. I genuinely do not understand how someone can hear "bone box" five times and laugh their ass off to a point at which they leave a like and tell the creator to keep making this boring, unfunny and repetitive content.
Falonthorne 5 månader sedan
This episode wasn't in my sub tab, i only know this exists becuase of the second episode.
Son Goku sama
Son Goku sama 5 månader sedan
You don’t get porn oh my lord you are suffering
Dylan Da destroyer
Dylan Da destroyer 5 månader sedan
I like the U2 reference when Apple gave u a free U2 album u could not delete
Jeffrey Fiegen
Jeffrey Fiegen 5 månader sedan
Poor lad doesn't get porn, I pity you Tony
MONKEY BOB 5 månader sedan
My budget can only allow me too watch SEpost so why not ads tony
spose so
spose so 5 månader sedan
This show must be saved!!!
Bubbly Oasis
Bubbly Oasis 5 månader sedan
I love everything about this.
El Cazador
El Cazador 5 månader sedan
Is this a personal attack to h3h3?
Gery Ghost
Gery Ghost 5 månader sedan
Dsath:Tony they didn't die yet Tony:But I thought time was irrelevant Death:Tony...The Queen of England doesn't DIE DUMBASS
Thimoté Bardon
Thimoté Bardon 5 månader sedan
0:35 @h3h3 @loganpaul
Frederic Taylor
Frederic Taylor 5 månader sedan
Sean Connery is dead
Sgt_ undead
Sgt_ undead 5 månader sedan
I would love to see more purgatory episodes am i right?
The 3195
The 3195 5 månader sedan
Comment like subscribe
NoTSaD 5 månader sedan
Fans : asking explosm can we get a season 2 Explosm: im gonna pretend i didnt see that
Hassan Ali
Hassan Ali 5 månader sedan
Can we have SEASON 2 PURGATONY ?
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