HOW TO EAT THE EARTH | Purgatony Presents: Dead Air | Episode 3

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Dead Air is now a cooking show! Tony interviews Gargantulax Eater of Worlds, an eldritch being with a passion for cooking!
Featuring Christopher Sabat as the voice of Gargantulax!
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Ntando Nzimande
Ntando Nzimande 26 dagar sedan
Still bummed that they stopped the actual series purgatony
Bottack 27 dagar sedan
I can relate
Foundation X
Foundation X Månad sedan
Anyone else notice he has the same voice/voice actor as trolly Tom lol
Nicu Strimbopol
Nicu Strimbopol Månad sedan
When is season 2 even coming out
Craig H
Craig H Månad sedan
Did this get cancelled?
Bowling Dude
Bowling Dude Månad sedan
Why does Gargantulax look like a skin for Vel'Koz from League Of Legends
Zachary Esquivel
Zachary Esquivel 3 månader sedan
We need 5 more comments.
Zaneplayz 45
Zaneplayz 45 3 månader sedan
Oh no hahahahahahhah
Mason Sauer
Mason Sauer 3 månader sedan
Is that the voice of all might
Robert Koos
Robert Koos 3 månader sedan
I like the first few episodes of the vest don't really think this new podcast is going to make it please go back to the old ways
PiCie Rema
PiCie Rema 3 månader sedan
Has the Cooked Earth With Spicy Chilli Sauce recipie been passed down the Gargantulax family line for generations?
Yonaldy Martinez
Yonaldy Martinez 3 månader sedan
????All might????
LosrGalaxy65 3 månader sedan
“ The world eater, *The Eater Of Worlds* “ I’m getting Serious Terraria Vibes From This
Solace 3 månader sedan
Have you seen Chef?
Indiana The 3rd
Indiana The 3rd 4 månader sedan
That world eater's voice sounds a bit like prince Vegeta
Karanpreet Chahal
Karanpreet Chahal 4 månader sedan
*About 6,000 Kelvin* "Who's Kevin?" ~Americans
42,069 Subscribers without any videos
42,069 Subscribers without any videos 4 månader sedan
Why does gargantulax sounds like krieg from borderlands?
Rafi Kazi
Rafi Kazi 4 månader sedan
I’m hungry now
The Amazing Arsonist
The Amazing Arsonist 4 månader sedan
Is it just me or does the elder god sound like Piccolo? *looks at credits* Oh dam it IS Piccolo!
ProdigiousMayhem 4 månader sedan
Y does the space work sound like someone from dbz
ProdigiousMayhem 4 månader sedan
Meant* worm
Shane Gary
Shane Gary 4 månader sedan
Is that prince vegeta
ChaDaeSan 4 månader sedan
Dfq this didnt notify on me
FawkesDaddy The Great
FawkesDaddy The Great 4 månader sedan that Vegeta?
CpXstudio 4 månader sedan
Ok episode 3 basically vegeta
Janiel AdventTime21
Janiel AdventTime21 4 månader sedan
They should Interview HP Lovecraft..
Mr. 4 månader sedan
How did he die?
Nicolas Vargas
Nicolas Vargas 4 månader sedan
1:00 THEN WHY IS HE NOT A GIANT WORM IN THE CORRUPTION? at least it had eyes lol
JMDgamer06 Dicuia
JMDgamer06 Dicuia 4 månader sedan
Come back for purgatory season 2
ULTRA LION 4 månader sedan
Wait, if this was recorded in 2000 and he eats the world in 20 years does this mean that at the end of this terrible year we'll all be eaten alive?
Dominique 4 månader sedan
That... that actually looks pretty tasty...
Souravendra Krishna Deb
Souravendra Krishna Deb 4 månader sedan
the gargantulax voice actor is amazing!
Kerry Christensen
Kerry Christensen 4 månader sedan
D. Jeffrey
D. Jeffrey 4 månader sedan
NicKirby 624
NicKirby 624 4 månader sedan
Isn’t the eater of worlds Pennywise, is this his cousin
Goku Teller45
Goku Teller45 4 månader sedan
It sounds like piccolo
RHEC WES 4 månader sedan
I only hear trolley tom from tony. I sure do miss Trolley Tom.
Kaden thaxton
Kaden thaxton 4 månader sedan
My dogs name is sweet pea😂😂
Bwsty 4 månader sedan
Oh jeez oh rick
Spartan Goku
Spartan Goku 4 månader sedan
Gargantulax, hmmm. Morbo, is that you?
DummySlime 4 månader sedan
I just realized Gargantulax has the same voice actor as Vegeta
Zoron 4 månader sedan
Oh lord I keep hearing trolley tom now
XD north
XD north 4 månader sedan
Well considering I'm watching them backwards changing it up doesn't affect me Tony you Wienerschnitzel full of piss
K!NGZ YT 4 månader sedan
why does he sound like vegeta saiyan Sega
Arjun Neopaney
Arjun Neopaney 4 månader sedan
Alex Louis Armstrong
S theking
S theking 4 månader sedan
so you can't talk to living people, but you CAN talk to people that die in the future seems suspicious
Tayson Gager
Tayson Gager 4 månader sedan
World eater is vegeta
Sans T.skeleton
Sans T.skeleton 4 månader sedan
The moment the world eater started taking I was like: PICCOLO!?
Jonathan Lee
Jonathan Lee 4 månader sedan
Holy shit Tony died under 40?
FUSION FERRARI 2 4 månader sedan
Man i love this creature
Logan Krieger
Logan Krieger 4 månader sedan
Ladies, get you a man who knows how to slow cook!
Portia Curry
Portia Curry 4 månader sedan
Let the planet eater eat the sun or something
Jacob Sturner
Jacob Sturner 4 månader sedan
This isn't good
Jo Collum
Jo Collum 4 månader sedan
03:20 03:29 03:25
John Martin
John Martin 4 månader sedan
Damn all might
jaMes briCe
jaMes briCe 4 månader sedan
Kenny from South Park since he has died more times than anyone.
jaMes briCe
jaMes briCe 4 månader sedan
SlickNickP 4 månader sedan
egnaro9 4 månader sedan
Kazooo 4 månader sedan
No add? :(
Tony_yeung 4 månader sedan
Now I know how to cook a planet :D Wait I'm called Tony too :/
JJ_TIME 13 4 månader sedan
oopsy444 4 månader sedan
That sounds like Chris mofoking sabat? I really hope it's not an impersonator
junelourens 4 månader sedan
Why dont you interview Adolf Hitler
Joseph Brice Stroneski
Joseph Brice Stroneski 4 månader sedan
Please Interview Marilyn Monroe.
mike macdonald
mike macdonald 4 månader sedan
World eater sounds like Major Armstrong from full metal alchemist
Ryan Rockz
Ryan Rockz 4 månader sedan
Just bring back purgatony
Roy IMVU 4 månader sedan
I am just here laughing at Tony's misery.
Hugh Fergusson
Hugh Fergusson 4 månader sedan
That sucked
BAK Robert Johnston
BAK Robert Johnston 4 månader sedan
Does this count as purgatony season 2
smashpro1 4 månader sedan
Wait, no ad in this episode?
TCTS Studios
TCTS Studios 4 månader sedan
Dave 4 månader sedan
I don't get along well with pepper. Can I use Hell-andaise sauce instead? I would also want to cut off the American continent. Too much fat, I want to watch my figure.
A Jar Of Maeo
A Jar Of Maeo 4 månader sedan
Are people seriously ignoring that they got the english dub actor for All Might to voice a world-eater?
Green Geralt
Green Geralt 4 månader sedan
Everything with Tony is just the best. Love these shows.
Dan The man
Dan The man 4 månader sedan
Make purgatony season 2
Sika Nambi
Sika Nambi 4 månader sedan
Isaac CHEUNG 4 månader sedan
This is like The Onion in its prime
Gorth335 4 månader sedan
Nationwide Corona vibes
Cohben Chino187
Cohben Chino187 4 månader sedan
Im sad that we didnt see a tony and trolley tom crossover episode
Remiphysco1313 4 månader sedan
Tony is the best character you've made
[ Guardian ]
[ Guardian ] 4 månader sedan
2 things 1. It should’ve been Gordon Ramsay And 2. Does the world Eater sound like Piccolo From DBZ
the original skittle
the original skittle 4 månader sedan
I wish we could have a real podcast like a full hour of this
Big41jay 4 månader sedan
How about himself from the past?
Austin M
Austin M 4 månader sedan
Tony: "...on the third episode?" Death: "Now it's a cooking show!" Me: I suddenly feel a deep sadness, like half the content creators on youtube cried out in anger, but were immediately silenced. Odd.
Sir Will The Coin Knight
Sir Will The Coin Knight 4 månader sedan
Sounds like Vegeta lol
jointscript 4 månader sedan
This is just stupid... do a normal episode... this is idk like a parody
LaSteve 4 månader sedan
Zachary link
Zachary link 4 månader sedan
Now dids is contant. :)
Superdave OZY
Superdave OZY 4 månader sedan
Vegeta, Piccolo, All Might, and now a Lovecraftian Obliteration God
Michael Buehler
Michael Buehler 4 månader sedan
Best episode so far.
chat lol
chat lol 4 månader sedan
Poor Tony... 😔 I want to hug him.
Supa Diverse
Supa Diverse 4 månader sedan
Vegeta👀👀👀is this the voice actor for him 🤔 if it’s not it sounds just like a proper vegeta 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Supa Diverse
Supa Diverse 4 månader sedan
Just give tony the purgatony tv show already 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️idk what it is bt this is just hilarious 😂 🤣🤣🤣
Noah Smeester
Noah Smeester 4 månader sedan
Solution tell fox news to tell earth to worship gargantulax then he wont have a hunger for our fear since we aren't scared
Justin butcher
Justin butcher 4 månader sedan
Carl Minor Sr
Carl Minor Sr 4 månader sedan
MonochromaticPrism 4 månader sedan
4:57 "Waaaaah. I wonder if it tastes good. Waaaaaah."
Jake Orlando
Jake Orlando 4 månader sedan
Look at head 4:38
Deep Pasta
Deep Pasta 4 månader sedan
And I was hoping that being pathetic ended after death. And that having a successful podcast made me cool. 😭
samoel červ
samoel červ 4 månader sedan
Why do i want to see him... it
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