I Had A Bad Dream | Cyanide & Happiness Comic Classics

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Created By: Rob DenBleyker, Kris Wilson, Dave McElfatrick
Directed By: Dave McElfatrick
Based on Original Comic By: Kris Wilson
Animation Director: Bill Jones
Supervising Animator: Matt Thurman
Animation: Seth Gordon
Intro Animation: Paul Blair
Animatic: Connor Murphy
Character Design & Props: Paul Blair
Editor: Taylor Ransom
Sound Editor & Mixer: Ben Governale, Cymatic Studios
Sound‌ ‌Design/Foley:‌ ‌Nic‌ ‌Federle, Ben Governale
Voice Actors:
Monster - Joel Watson
Produced By: Adam Nusrallah
Production Manager: Autumn Soeder
Production Coordinator: Michael Stewart

Fallen Reed
Fallen Reed 5 timmar sedan
Jokes on you I expected that. (and you activated my trap card)
Devil skull
Devil skull Dag sedan
His bad dream was about me
Skid and Pump
Skid and Pump 2 dagar sedan
I honestly wouldn’t mind this tbh XD
Chickin Wing
Chickin Wing 2 dagar sedan
Black people be like
Jacob LeBlanc
Jacob LeBlanc 2 dagar sedan
Makes me wonder who's the parent
Cyrus Chaney
Cyrus Chaney 2 dagar sedan
Not t'he sleep paràlisis demon we deserve, but t'he one we need
Comic Strider
Comic Strider 3 dagar sedan
The Chasanater
The Chasanater 3 dagar sedan
Oddly wholesome
Dark Buffalo
Dark Buffalo 3 dagar sedan
Yo imagine a human experiencing a monster's bad dream
Gamer Ayush
Gamer Ayush 7 dagar sedan
I thought that the child was gonna have a bad dream...
Danny Horner
Danny Horner 7 dagar sedan
And then they
Seido 11 dagar sedan
That was unexpected...
the McDonald's clown2 MrDonald's clown 2
the McDonald's clown2 MrDonald's clown 2 14 dagar sedan
the random kid: uhhhhh ok?
Cornell Waters
Cornell Waters 14 dagar sedan
❗ Thank You!
Trinston Michaels
Trinston Michaels 19 dagar sedan
Trinston was here ...
Axvia 23 dagar sedan
Sleep Paralysis
Napoleon Complex
Napoleon Complex 24 dagar sedan
We need more of these.
TheOneAboveAll 27 dagar sedan
We should always help out like that
Niko Månad sedan
Where’s the mom
Roberto Vargas
Roberto Vargas Månad sedan
don't worry son i am gonna take care of him
The ShapeShifter
The ShapeShifter Månad sedan
Baldibruh965 waterson
Baldibruh965 waterson Månad sedan
Just a Gamer
Just a Gamer Månad sedan
Opposite Day?
•Jacko Fox•
•Jacko Fox• Månad sedan
I'll help you, it's not like you scared me to death, yeah go ahead sleep, I'll be fine this is fine.. god please help me..
Josh son ofZeus
Josh son ofZeus Månad sedan
If you
Drow ._.
Drow ._. Månad sedan
bro XD
Nashad PLAYZ
Nashad PLAYZ Månad sedan
In the earth we call it a nightmare
Clara Baca
Clara Baca Månad sedan
i love the clasics
Achlys Månad sedan
I was expecting that tbh
CHMON Månad sedan
I like how the kid just lays there with the monster like it's normal
lilggamer Månad sedan
Does anyone know the name of the song used in this?
Dawning Void
Dawning Void Månad sedan
What was bad enough to scare him.
MemeyBoi Månad sedan
what scared him
Raven Månad sedan
I imagine this is how i looked to my parents when i went to their room because i had a nightmare
TheNerdiestBear Månad sedan
What the actual fuck?
John Pidgeon
John Pidgeon Månad sedan
This is what happens if you play doom for to long,your paralysis demon well get nightmares
Tyrant-Den Månad sedan
The ending of Nightmare in My Closet traumatized me like nothing else in my childhood. And I couldn't put it into words so when I tried to discuss it with adults, they would read it to me like that would solve the problem. "See, he's not really scary." "I DO NOT WANT HIM CLIMBING BED WITH ME!"
Tophat Boi
Tophat Boi Månad sedan
Okay the comic version looked scarier because of the style
KillerQueen msp
KillerQueen msp Månad sedan
Marcus B
Marcus B 2 månader sedan
This feels like it would be one of those "1 sentence horror stories".
Bryan Doles
Bryan Doles 2 månader sedan
Looks like jimmy williams got out again
Game Boy
Game Boy 2 månader sedan
Ding's Burner's Burner
Ding's Burner's Burner 2 månader sedan
Who else is satisfied with the way that the buffet wheel goes around when the vault opens up. It goes around the inner and outer parts of the lock. It's so satisfying
Asher Kagui
Asher Kagui 2 månader sedan
My Fact: the more you dreams. the more longer to sleep
NO 2 månader sedan
If something crawled out from under my bed, it would find its head detached.
Dangerous path
Dangerous path 2 månader sedan
Mads L Boldreel
Mads L Boldreel 2 månader sedan
One of my all time favorit panels
gioyu comi
gioyu comi 2 månader sedan
I like how the kid accepted quickly the fact that he has to comfort the thing hes scared of
Falcatox Retris
Falcatox Retris 2 månader sedan
omg i actually remember seeing this and showing my friends lol
Just Pete
Just Pete 2 månader sedan
its getting more dark
Super Ratz
Super Ratz 2 månader sedan
Couldn't stop laughing.
Poco Loco
Poco Loco 2 månader sedan
SCP-(REDACTED) has broken out of the facility at bed A
gioyu comi
gioyu comi 2 månader sedan
aola wili
aola wili 2 månader sedan
I like how the kid accepted quickly the fact that he has to comfort the thing hes scared of
ok waffles
ok waffles 2 månader sedan
*Well uhhhh at least there is a plot twist*
Zombieguy pg3d
Zombieguy pg3d 2 månader sedan
So wholesome
Lord DIO
Lord DIO 2 månader sedan
Understandable take the Couch tho
doire aintu
doire aintu 2 månader sedan
Sleep paralysis demon: I had a bad dream. Me: ok you can get in next to the ghost that lives in my mirror.
aola wili
aola wili 2 månader sedan
even better at 0.25 speed
Luke769 Animations
Luke769 Animations 2 månader sedan
Poor guy… even sleep paralysis demons have sleep paralysis demons
doire aintu
doire aintu 2 månader sedan
That was strangely wholesome
clinton phang
clinton phang 2 månader sedan
Hang on, does Justin. Y come here? If he does then Everyone's Gangsta till Justin. Y comes
Rubber DuckJuan
Rubber DuckJuan 2 månader sedan
Anyone else getting some Come Play vibes🤔
Loly1478 2 månader sedan
Son: i have a brother? Father: ...
延宇畏【SUPERBRY】 2 månader sedan
If it was Rihanna, she would be talking with him.... ...you know...like...I talk with the monster that's under my bed.... ....
Adam Case
Adam Case 2 månader sedan
and now that guy is gonna have a bad dream every day for the rest of his life while waking and sleeping.
ZX GALAXY 2 månader sedan
I was not expecting that at all! 😂
Anime Fan
Anime Fan 2 månader sedan
toad 2 månader sedan
when ur in creative mode
Hurricane Trashcan
Hurricane Trashcan 2 månader sedan
The kids face at the end got me so good
Adonan the Stoic
Adonan the Stoic 2 månader sedan
That was so fucking wholesome it hurts.
Dummy Dummy
Dummy Dummy 2 månader sedan
*Plot Twist: That’s Doomguy as a kid.*
The Prophet
The Prophet 2 månader sedan
even better at 0.25 speed
A Nieman
A Nieman 2 månader sedan
Wha... wha... what?!?!
Again Not Again
Again Not Again 2 månader sedan
When you think you had a bad dream but you're the bad dream itself
Alan21 Marquez avila
Alan21 Marquez avila 2 månader sedan
oh no my sock!
Kayla Is Awesome
Kayla Is Awesome 2 månader sedan
That was strangely wholesome
ImNotJasmine 2 månader sedan
Nobody: my sleep paralysis:
Magentapurple YAP
Magentapurple YAP 2 månader sedan
So my sleep paralysis demon has sleep paralysis demon?
FIREGUY 2 månader sedan
… That’s actually quite handsome…
ミィルク・チ[MiilkT] 2 månader sedan
Demons really are picky. When I had a bad dream, you don't see me going under my bed do you?
Michael Yu
Michael Yu 2 månader sedan
Honestly, if you're a parent just sleeping at 3 am and suddenly you are awaken by a dark silhouette of a humanoid that appears by your bed, you'd be afraid too.
Heathen 2 månader sedan
I had a bad dream too
cozentie 91
cozentie 91 2 månader sedan
Is it just me or did they put more frames into their animation
Daniel Lee
Daniel Lee 2 månader sedan
*I got a notification this got uploaded 15 minutes ago, video says its been a day, and I had already watched it yesterday, wth SEpost XDDDDD*
zainy_inc 2 månader sedan
zainy_inc 2 månader sedan
zainy_inc 2 månader sedan
silent wolf
silent wolf 2 månader sedan
The bfm (Big friendly monster)
Ya Boy Pringles
Ya Boy Pringles 2 månader sedan
Why does this remind me of 2020 Come Play
Jorge Alcacar
Jorge Alcacar 2 månader sedan
Lol funny
Bob Ross
Bob Ross 2 månader sedan
I have Gordon Ramsay face now
Delaw MV
Delaw MV 2 månader sedan
its a dajal!!!
Francisco Crouset
Francisco Crouset 2 månader sedan
If he is his son, I don't want to meet his wife
Damon Badgett
Damon Badgett 2 månader sedan
They are making so many career saving decisions. Their spreading far and always have a fallback plan
NicFlix Videos
NicFlix Videos 2 månader sedan
Awww lmao 😂
Ashley DeShazo
Ashley DeShazo 2 månader sedan
That's...low-key wholesome
music Studio
music Studio 2 månader sedan
DANK EGG 2 månader sedan
Me watching this in bed •=•
C A M 2 månader sedan
I’ve been watching for 7 years
DODO 2 månader sedan
Cyanide and Happiness is the CEO of plotwist
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose 2 månader sedan
make another where its just the opposite, the kids head is upside down under the bed telling the monster i had a good dream, and then he spoons the monster under the be
Trollface Killa
Trollface Killa 2 månader sedan
Well he's going to be in for an early morning surprise 😏
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