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He's gonna get life for this

Cyanide and Happiness delivers daily comics to your face-hole on since 2005!
Created By: Rob DenBleyker, Kris Wilson, Dave McElfatrick
Directed By: Connor Murphy
Screenplay By: Kris Wilson
Story By: Connor Murphy, Kris Wilson, Mike Salcedo, Joel Watson, Rob DenBleyker, Dave McElfatrick
Voice Actors:
EMT 1 - Geoff Galt
EMT 2 - Connor Murphy
Narrator - Joel Watson
Driver - Adam Nusrallah
Animation Director: Bill Jones
Supervising Animator: Matt Thurman
Animation: Seth Gordon
Character Design: Jerald Lewis
Background Art: Shawn Coss
Animatic: Connor Murphy
Editor: Taylor Ransom
Supervising Sound Editor & Mixer: Ben Governale
Sound Design/Foley: Nic Federle, Ben Governale
Music: Steve Lehmann
Produced By: Adam Nusrallah
Production Manager: Autumn Soeder
Production Assistant: Michael Stewart

daleketchup 16 dagar sedan
We need MEDS vs Coronavirus!
Mar Maglapuz
Mar Maglapuz 23 dagar sedan
Beating the shit out of a guy until his dead: ❌ Beating the shit out of a guy until his alove: ✔️
هشام ڨرعيش
هشام ڨرعيش Månad sedan
I know that pepole beat others to deth but this guys beat him up to live
Al Villanueva
Al Villanueva Månad sedan
What my doctors did to me
I'macool yeah
I'macool yeah Månad sedan
I didn't no George floyd was in this NOT trying to be mean AF
d e d e d a n k
d e d e d a n k Månad sedan
The heroes we need, but don't deserve
Minemaster 1337
Minemaster 1337 Månad sedan
this is a clever idea
dark room
dark room Månad sedan
We need this in all governments
A Crazy
A Crazy Månad sedan
This should be the Free American healthcare
Jayyy Månad sedan
0:23 when you try to revive a teammate but there’s a glitch that stops it
Kenji Ridyard
Kenji Ridyard Månad sedan
Kimani Estime
Kimani Estime Månad sedan
Lol look at how there punching him.😂
The fan of Kirby
The fan of Kirby 2 månader sedan
Back when trolly Tom existed, and I had something to look forward to
Cataflex Gaming
Cataflex Gaming 2 månader sedan
They beat the shit out of him to life
xXSuperSkelletonXx 2 månader sedan
These guy can stop corona virus
Loony Dood
Loony Dood 2 månader sedan
Gta 6 Cops Be like
HpQx ZeUs
HpQx ZeUs 2 månader sedan
America in a nutshell
Foxyccc 13
Foxyccc 13 3 månader sedan
Make more pls
Emma Rickerby
Emma Rickerby 3 månader sedan
I get the joke
lbb studios
lbb studios 3 månader sedan
I like the baby sound
Cristal Vargas
Cristal Vargas 3 månader sedan
How do you even drive if you’re dead
AnthonynAleda Yang
AnthonynAleda Yang 3 månader sedan
On336 3 månader sedan
Aggressive medicing
Doctor_Cork 3 månader sedan
Why is one of them David Caruso 😂
Nicole Hartman
Nicole Hartman 4 månader sedan
This has to be the most wholesome C&H I've ever seen. 😆
{Incert Name Here}
{Incert Name Here} 4 månader sedan
Who else thinks that they should make a Cyanide & Happiness TV show.
Fani Melendez
Fani Melendez 4 månader sedan
so disgusting
Lord Zanthar Teh Allen
Lord Zanthar Teh Allen 4 månader sedan
No u
Fani Melendez
Fani Melendez 4 månader sedan
A dead person can not drive because there dead
cazonotch 2 månader sedan
Do you drive a car right if person was dead, unconscious their pressure on gaspedel meaning the car will spiral uncontrolled and crash
Darrion Williams
Darrion Williams 4 månader sedan
This is the reason I subscribed and liked
Mastadon King
Mastadon King 4 månader sedan
Puns....puns everywhere.
Ruslana Kulchytska
Ruslana Kulchytska 4 månader sedan
Like chi lo guarda nel 2345
lorenzo jones
lorenzo jones 4 månader sedan
They beat tf outta him🗣🗣🗣😂😂😂😂
Deathbatman 6615
Deathbatman 6615 4 månader sedan
Stop resisting
Jefersson Faustino
Jefersson Faustino 4 månader sedan
Fawksthephoenix1 4 månader sedan
too real
Trenten Kunz
Trenten Kunz 4 månader sedan
Chaotic good
I Can see you
I Can see you 4 månader sedan
We need these people in real life
Maialen Rodriguez
Maialen Rodriguez 4 månader sedan
Abcd Ef
Abcd Ef 4 månader sedan
It goes from a short to a series
want some dinner
want some dinner 4 månader sedan
I would like to see this made into a real show
WaitingPictures 4 månader sedan
Make a series out of that!
Luka Popovik
Luka Popovik 4 månader sedan
This is by far the best short in Cyanide and happiness history
tophat production
tophat production 4 månader sedan
Are these cops or main medics?
Nightwing438 Jian Roman
Nightwing438 Jian Roman 4 månader sedan
MEDS that act like cops
Josh Nunya
Josh Nunya 4 månader sedan
I legit love this
Exodust 5 månader sedan
We need a tv series damnit!
Jake Karns
Jake Karns 5 månader sedan
Anyone else fund this on Kickstarter and never received the actual game
Efuo Ighedo
Efuo Ighedo 5 månader sedan
Cooper Hicks
Cooper Hicks 5 månader sedan
He's gonna get life for this lol
Mojang 5 månader sedan
My internet sucks so much that I dont even have 1 bar or just 2 bars.
Mojang 5 månader sedan
My internet sucks so much that I dont even have 1 bar or just 2 bars.
Ilco Bosboom
Ilco Bosboom 5 månader sedan
nextime on MEDS FEDS VS MEDS
JADE BLUE JAYNES 5 månader sedan
They really hit that guy into he was alive again, oh god
AnimationWeeb 5 månader sedan
that was wholesome
Kadeem Saxton
Kadeem Saxton 5 månader sedan
Do they knew that he was dead 💀
Doge Empire
Doge Empire 5 månader sedan
0:38 *paramedics when you have corona
Doge Empire
Doge Empire 5 månader sedan
0:25 cops when you did nothing
Diego Lucano
Diego Lucano 5 månader sedan
The people who come after you’ve been *_wasted_*
BZ1 W 5 månader sedan
We need more meds
cyber the animatronic fox
cyber the animatronic fox 5 månader sedan
My only crime is eating Pepsi or Coca Cola flavored gummy.
Ni33erman 5 månader sedan
"He's gonna get life for this" 😂😂😂
lolguy20005 5 månader sedan
The penalty is the *bill*
Zion Powell
Zion Powell 5 månader sedan
This is the first Not messed up video
•Royal•Roses• 5 månader sedan
I kinda wish this was an actual show :3
Arceus Lord of Creation
Arceus Lord of Creation 5 månader sedan
Better than the American healthcare system
Camera 5 månader sedan
Neon 5 månader sedan
I would love to watch a series like this
ninitehchS navI
ninitehchS navI 5 månader sedan
I can't quite tell if it's just "hehe funny, cops but medics!" or some commentary on the American healthcare system dragging people into expensive treatment...
MTF- EPISLON 9 5 månader sedan
When multiclass monk and Cleric
Joshua Kim
Joshua Kim 5 månader sedan
Basically a glorified ER
Ally Stuck in a Well
Ally Stuck in a Well 5 månader sedan
Pls make this a regular series
Jonathas Lopes
Jonathas Lopes 5 månader sedan
make more videos of MEDS
JayvianTristan Choe
JayvianTristan Choe 5 månader sedan
“It’s a boy”
Nightwing438 Jian Roman
Nightwing438 Jian Roman 5 månader sedan
They were chasing a died body
Geta Geta
Geta Geta 5 månader sedan
killerj9er games and stuff
killerj9er games and stuff 5 månader sedan
0:25 just 15 seconds of them beating the livingshit out of them
Showcase Script
Showcase Script 4 månader sedan
“Dead shit”
UnKnOwN 5 månader sedan
Stop resisting! Stop resisting!
Justin T Ho
Justin T Ho 5 månader sedan
Darma 5 månader sedan
MEDS the series
NorthernStal The famously unknown penguin
NorthernStal The famously unknown penguin 5 månader sedan
As a medical staff I am very..... intrigued
JustForFun Hun
JustForFun Hun 5 månader sedan
Death is a crime punishable by life
CADET P 6 månader sedan
This short has to be turned into a show I love the drama and hilarity
WU KONG 6 månader sedan
Reviving 101 0:22
ilariooldgames11 6 månader sedan
Next: ASI: Accident scene investigaction
Dustin Miller
Dustin Miller 6 månader sedan
........ TARGETS STILL EXIST?!?!?!?! ..... I haven't seen one in years
Emanuel H.
Emanuel H. 6 månader sedan
I was like why are they beating and tazing this guy then I was like oh okay
JamesCheeseChips -_-
JamesCheeseChips -_- 6 månader sedan
I want more if this😂
B4and9n 6 månader sedan
Lone Krow
Lone Krow 6 månader sedan
0:02 sounds like JoJo Part 4 Crazy Boisy Bizarre town Opening 1.
Zalen Griffin
Zalen Griffin 6 månader sedan
Who's here after MEDS Las Vegas
•Its_gålåxy_Plåyz •
•Its_gålåxy_Plåyz • 6 månader sedan
Oh hell yeh
Annabel Endicott
Annabel Endicott 6 månader sedan
You're welcome Rob
Kameron Montgomery
Kameron Montgomery 6 månader sedan
in between wholesome and C&H
Kelly Gilbert
Kelly Gilbert 6 månader sedan
Goodbye Pink Days !
Goodbye Pink Days ! 6 månader sedan
Koda's Music
Koda's Music 6 månader sedan
can you make a move
Johnalogue 6 månader sedan
Usually when cops are in ambulances, it's in Hong Kong
Ali Moharam
Ali Moharam 6 månader sedan
Make this a show already
ÃLÍVĒ%LÚĆKŸ GÅMBĪT 6 månader sedan
Brady cat
Brady cat 6 månader sedan
Jimmy three balls versus meds
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