Monday Mashup: Babies #2

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6 månader sedan

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Babies are little bundles of joy!
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Robloxer Tiger
Robloxer Tiger 3 dagar sedan
Alligator:bye I don’t want to be a duck
foxlovingirl2006 :3
foxlovingirl2006 :3 8 dagar sedan
Its a baby with a gun!
Emmanuel Garcia
Emmanuel Garcia 9 dagar sedan
Kieran Hodge
Kieran Hodge 11 dagar sedan
make more games
Prince Rozzy
Prince Rozzy 20 dagar sedan
Livy C
Livy C 22 dagar sedan
Ej Got Game
Ej Got Game 26 dagar sedan
God can’t do that type one power
Noah Park
Noah Park 26 dagar sedan
is no one gonna talk about that this is the exact same clips as #1 but in a different order
Lemony Melody
Lemony Melody Månad sedan
Wait... Then where do baby storks come from?
Boss Baby
Boss Baby Månad sedan
Watch this Scene 0:52 And it's a saddest scene ever😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Enzho3com minguito
Enzho3com minguito Månad sedan
How, a byby have a gun!?!?!?!?
Fernando mcmaster
Fernando mcmaster Månad sedan
Never to give Dumass bird a baby
Juliana Perez Cruz
Juliana Perez Cruz Månad sedan
The second oneade me cry:
W S Månad sedan
Why is "non consent" somehow scarier than just using the shorter word? Is it because its vaguer?
Jasmely Romeo
Jasmely Romeo Månad sedan
Jasmely Romeo
Jasmely Romeo Månad sedan
1:21 👶👶👶👶👶👶👶👶🧒👶👶🧒👶🧒👶👶
ELOA PLAYER 2 månader sedan
Dick Bum
Dick Bum 2 månader sedan
Lucas Caley
Lucas Caley 2 månader sedan
Francisco Vargas
Francisco Vargas 2 månader sedan
Drake must of helped make this
Christina Yannakos
Christina Yannakos 2 månader sedan
Sean Quince
Sean Quince 2 månader sedan
Mom: and that how you came to us
Malic Mkalow
Malic Mkalow 2 månader sedan
T Br
T Br 2 månader sedan
On the breathing measurer thing the reason why it goes like beeeeeeeep it’s because it was unplugged to spatchcock Justin Berber die
Ramiro Reyes
Ramiro Reyes 3 månader sedan
I like the baby’s with guns it’s sooooo funny😂😂😅😅🤣🤣🤣😅😂😂😂😅😅😅🤣😅😅😅😂😂😅😅🤣🤣😅😅😂😂😂😂😅😅🤣🤣😅😅😂😂😂😅😅😅🤣
Unknown 3 månader sedan
0:56 that baby from 'The Depressing Episode' is visible at the back
GranRon0 3 månader sedan
I comino flor Madrid and my don’t stund te igles
490o 3 månader sedan
I wish real babies were as cute as the babies in the Cyanide and Happiness universe.
Canadian Home Chef
Canadian Home Chef 3 månader sedan
Babie with a gun
soydan sogukcesme
soydan sogukcesme 3 månader sedan
MIN 2:00 watch the weal hahahaha
Makayla B
Makayla B 3 månader sedan
Me: sees thumbnail Also me: It’s a baby with a gun
Hikaro Ribeiro
Hikaro Ribeiro 3 månader sedan
Ekek Euekeleoeos Eksem Skslspmd
Hikaro Ribeiro
Hikaro Ribeiro 3 månader sedan
2kslslsoe! Ekeleoeoelslslssn
Hikaro Ribeiro
Hikaro Ribeiro 3 månader sedan
Weyjeieoeke! Wjeksldoddnd
Ijaz Akbar Butt
Ijaz Akbar Butt 3 månader sedan
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂stork bird Eat baby
Demon Kxng 101
Demon Kxng 101 4 månader sedan
My money is on baby with a gun
HulajnogiŻyciem 4 månader sedan
Who is a champion 1 baby with one gun or two baby with three gun?
Makai Paulson
Makai Paulson 4 månader sedan
It's a baby with a gun! Run!
Kamila Nerka
Kamila Nerka 4 månader sedan
Baby factory xd
Youssef Bichr
Youssef Bichr 4 månader sedan
The fricken show was called tap water
A. Dawn Guin
A. Dawn Guin 4 månader sedan
Baby Ghost Was Cute QwQ
GunWithTheSilencer 4 månader sedan
This God's plan is better than Drake's Song
Marlos Santos
Marlos Santos 4 månader sedan
Patrik Ingblom
Patrik Ingblom 4 månader sedan
Ayaan Dutt
Ayaan Dutt 4 månader sedan
Holy shit... The head of the croc with the beak strapped on is in the background of a sketch called Bigfoot! I love it when I find these easter eggs!
Adam Avery
Adam Avery 4 månader sedan
Babies do not go out of the sky
Adam Avery
Adam Avery 4 månader sedan
But it's impossible to get babies falling down the sky and we don't get created twilight factory in
Adam Avery
Adam Avery 4 månader sedan
Babies do not be created by buy a factory in the sky
hector cardenas
hector cardenas 4 månader sedan
Geo Tadeo
Geo Tadeo 4 månader sedan
I was laughing so evilly when the duck eat the baby
José Vitor Marta
José Vitor Marta 4 månader sedan
... oh
darragh the meme lord
darragh the meme lord 4 månader sedan
All of you are B A B B I E S
Femke Sanders
Femke Sanders 4 månader sedan
Is it just me.....
Luka Harvima
Luka Harvima 4 månader sedan
Baby factorys workers are having a good time :D
Maria El Jazouli
Maria El Jazouli 4 månader sedan
Maria El Jazouli
Maria El Jazouli 4 månader sedan
The baby had a drop : the stork ate the baby
Shirley Leng
Shirley Leng 4 månader sedan
megaboy 64
megaboy 64 4 månader sedan
The second 1 made me cry but after it was just gods plan
Lexi Johnson
Lexi Johnson 4 månader sedan
When she went to heaven 🥺
mohammed emdad
mohammed emdad 4 månader sedan
What's happening in baby factory
Jacob Luna
Jacob Luna 4 månader sedan
God's plan is never over!
ben the pokemon player
ben the pokemon player 5 månader sedan
Let's see what's on gods planwheel croana virus croana virus croana virus and caroana virus
Aziz GamingYT
Aziz GamingYT 5 månader sedan
Wtf did he say wtf phillipines?
Oyuncu Creeper1 BSP
Oyuncu Creeper1 BSP 5 månader sedan
0:08 , Turk is USA's back XD and turk saved the world from say vak vak for crocolide's cant waiting and leaving [C× ] [C× ] [C× ]
shadow trooper 28
shadow trooper 28 5 månader sedan
1:10 well I know what I'm having for dinner
Erick Tapia
Erick Tapia 5 månader sedan
I like how the baby laughs very innocent, well the other one is in pain.
Chris Jasper Christobal
Chris Jasper Christobal 5 månader sedan
eating a baby is a bad idea
Ervin 277
Ervin 277 5 månader sedan
Coloca esa mierda en éspañol
Keysha Aqilla
Keysha Aqilla 5 månader sedan
what just is baby ghost
Ricardo Yzaguirre
Ricardo Yzaguirre 5 månader sedan
I hate god because he kills people
prescription 5 månader sedan
American stork should’ve had a trucker mesh cap
Wexp 5 månader sedan
Ten ludziki są po angielsku a my jesteśmy w Polsce
Denis 333
Denis 333 5 månader sedan
Crazy believer, that,s why I and others became atheists, but in the end I don,t know who destroys this world of atheism or christianity, but I think that,s why so many negative things happen in the world because of this religion!
Denis 333
Denis 333 5 månader sedan
I wish the world didn,t judge atheists anymore for all the things that happen on the planet, so it's not nice to judge
ジョンソンエディー 5 månader sedan
sandra zemljak
sandra zemljak 5 månader sedan
My brother and sister is duo dead mom and dad😭😭
toto good
toto good 5 månader sedan
That's a sine
Yee Jia en
Yee Jia en 6 månader sedan
Hahaha baby and bird
Clack Tloc
Clack Tloc 6 månader sedan
0:29 dont worry, hunt time death for pelicaaans RAAAAA
Noor klarp
Noor klarp 6 månader sedan
DoNotLikeMyComment IfGay
DoNotLikeMyComment IfGay 6 månader sedan
It's a BABY with a GuN
無名之輩 6 månader sedan
Baby gun
Mario Felipe Estebanes
Mario Felipe Estebanes 6 månader sedan
I realize a baby with a gun is from TOM Sky
Thuan Toan Tran
Thuan Toan Tran 6 månader sedan
Baby with the gun
Thuan Toan Tran
Thuan Toan Tran 6 månader sedan
God plan
ButterMan 6 månader sedan
A random Guy
A random Guy 6 månader sedan
When will it be 200 babies with 300 guns
Andrea Wimer
Andrea Wimer 6 månader sedan
This is literally the same thing as #1 but in a different order 😡
Xxlegit DashxX
Xxlegit DashxX 6 månader sedan
1:57 this explains alot
ok waffles
ok waffles 6 månader sedan
coronavirus:*EXIST* god:thats alot of damage lets give it some more
ChocoBrawler 01
ChocoBrawler 01 6 månader sedan
There was no gunshot wound from baby with a gun on the buff dude. It was all for show. Just like WWE.
Cargo James
Cargo James 6 månader sedan
More purgatony
Adam M.
Adam M. 6 månader sedan
R'Vex Noonien
R'Vex Noonien 6 månader sedan
When they have nothing to create... They just cut from old videos and combine to new
Jon Bone
Jon Bone 6 månader sedan
Tiny face baby!!!
Jasper Joaquin
Jasper Joaquin 6 månader sedan
Wow a baby with a gun
The Cringe boiis
The Cringe boiis 6 månader sedan
1:22 Mercy me hospital?
The eye Lord Jack
The eye Lord Jack 6 månader sedan
Gods plan is the best one ever actually cage fight is also good
Matthew Pirkle
Matthew Pirkle 6 månader sedan
God: more cancer well on the plan it goes Me: my life right now 😂😂😂😭😭💀.
• Chøco Puddin •
• Chøco Puddin • 6 månader sedan
That pelican is a fricken legend
order 66
order 66 6 månader sedan
Scary realization from this... the Cyanide and Happiness universe potentially has flying alligators
Flutt Butt
Flutt Butt 6 månader sedan
Baby ghost, ngl pretty cute .3.
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