Monday Mashup: Fairy Tales #1

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Braedon Williams
Braedon Williams 28 dagar sedan
Is is sure a good mixtape beat
Defenestrated Studios
Defenestrated Studios Månad sedan
repulsel, repulsel, let down your hair
Laiay Månad sedan
BRYSON WALLACE 2 månader sedan
Who are $500 wins the priz
Jeniel Alicea Troncoso
Jeniel Alicea Troncoso 2 månader sedan
in 3:04 that face made me laugh
𝕬𝖉𝖔𝖑𝖋 𝕳𝖎𝖙𝖑𝖊𝖗
𝕬𝖉𝖔𝖑𝖋 𝕳𝖎𝖙𝖑𝖊𝖗 2 månader sedan
3:09 the step sound is like in a minecraft
K i l l m e p l e a s e
K i l l m e p l e a s e 2 månader sedan
I love dis
Fat Cat
Fat Cat 2 månader sedan
Star_ Scoot
Star_ Scoot 2 månader sedan
I find it funny how most guys like it shaved down (from what I've heard) there when in reality it just isn't worth it 😒
elora and lilah Cordier
elora and lilah Cordier 3 månader sedan
the princess voice is bootafull
Sherridon Wardally
Sherridon Wardally 3 månader sedan
There c'Mon Nasty
Sherridon Wardally
Sherridon Wardally 3 månader sedan
He's freaking crazy
Sherridon Wardally
Sherridon Wardally 3 månader sedan
TeenAge Wow Network
TeenAge Wow Network 3 månader sedan
1. Strong humor makes me laugh even more 😂😄😀 2. Powerful action and skills 3. Excellent impressions and character with thoughts. The total is I love the videos and comics! You made better videos than ever. I am so excited!! Yay! 👍👍😃😃😍❤️👏👏❤️❤️👍👍😃😀🎉🎉👍
Noah the epic Gamer
Noah the epic Gamer 3 månader sedan
Me before seeing my date 1:37 Me after seeing my date 2:10
pieordie 3 månader sedan
the first one is so relatable.
Kathleen Hooper
Kathleen Hooper 3 månader sedan
Maybe it would be better if the princess was blind for the blind date
CiCi G
CiCi G 3 månader sedan
I hate you
Omnipotent 8383
Omnipotent 8383 3 månader sedan
Basically the video is about: Girls vs boys dating Expectations dating
ExTract MLBB
ExTract MLBB 3 månader sedan
2:16 that very 🤢🤮🤮🤢🤢🤮🤮🤭😳
Ernest Gołębiowski
Ernest Gołębiowski 4 månader sedan
This mashup was just hilarious 🙈😅
DanRoom27 4 månader sedan
1:33 Some... 1:37 *BODY ONCE TOLD ME*
Soul the Shiny Eevee
Soul the Shiny Eevee 4 månader sedan
I heard Minecraft grass 3:09
IntergalacticTime 4 månader sedan
Those Minecraft walking noises though
OxiJeNus 4 månader sedan
3:10 Minecraft sounds came to my ear :d
JaxoLantern 4 månader sedan
I love how the prince went from "gonna get laid" to "gonna masterbait"
Colin R
Colin R 4 månader sedan
You know, the princess of the first story and the prince of the second might have gotten on well together!
Hudson’s tv
Hudson’s tv 4 månader sedan
mr. vince
mr. vince 4 månader sedan
2:55 it was this moment he knew he f*cked up
Nicole Gella
Nicole Gella 4 månader sedan
Gacha Blue boy
Gacha Blue boy 4 månader sedan
2:55 that dude is gonna be traumatized forever
Gacha Blue boy
Gacha Blue boy 4 månader sedan
2:23 why’s link here?
spookith the one
spookith the one 4 månader sedan
What the fuck was that horse sound effect
p a r r o t 0.0
p a r r o t 0.0 4 månader sedan
Alfredo Garcia
Alfredo Garcia 4 månader sedan
Ikram Ikram
Ikram Ikram 4 månader sedan
1:39 thats what I call the perfect prince 3:00 is that hear come from I thought
hipalex is og `
hipalex is og ` 4 månader sedan
Is it just me, or did they just put minecraft grass sounds on this part of the video 3:08
Red Star
Red Star 4 månader sedan
1:34 Expectations vs reality
the unkillable cat
the unkillable cat 4 månader sedan
Minecraft noises I heard them the repulse one at the end
Liam Oihan Sadlier Puy
Liam Oihan Sadlier Puy 4 månader sedan
Dragosword22 The legendary dragon king
Dragosword22 The legendary dragon king 4 månader sedan
That restaurant seems dead
Over 233
Over 233 4 månader sedan
Why you call us frieks
ree beast 696
ree beast 696 4 månader sedan
Can you download that app on my tablet and CA
Hailey Lin
Hailey Lin 4 månader sedan
the rapunzel one is like the one from Wah Banana
Marco Bauer
Marco Bauer 5 månader sedan
Minecraft sound effects
MaliciousBard 5 månader sedan
I wonder if his kind, i wonder if he's strong, and i wonder if he's an absolute chad.
Jegi-san 5 månader sedan
the last one is a classic
Nattawat B.
Nattawat B. 5 månader sedan
**m a s t u r b a t e**
Asher Jamal
Asher Jamal 5 månader sedan
The only reason why she didn’t like him is because he broke the mirror 😂
Meme Daddy
Meme Daddy 5 månader sedan
Lmao the minecraft sounds
idk help
idk help 5 månader sedan
3:10 minecraft block noises
John smith
John smith 5 månader sedan
3:09 is it me or i heard Minecraft Grass Walking Noises..
Mr. Shiner
Mr. Shiner 4 månader sedan
Liam Oihan Sadlier Puy you don’t care? Then why bother responding? Stfu.
John smith
John smith 4 månader sedan
@Liam Oihan Sadlier Puy ;(
Liam Oihan Sadlier Puy
Liam Oihan Sadlier Puy 4 månader sedan
Gabriel Lepke Baroni
Gabriel Lepke Baroni 5 månader sedan
nain nain naui
Lil Mcoy
Lil Mcoy 5 månader sedan
Did anyone hear the minecraft grass noices?
Nufael Akeef
Nufael Akeef 5 månader sedan
What the hell?
Fluffy Boi
Fluffy Boi 5 månader sedan
The way he slides down
Mac Sween
Mac Sween 5 månader sedan
Dyze hair!
Sindi Mashaba
Sindi Mashaba 5 månader sedan
Hey I like you're videos keep them going😎😎
Yanice Plomp
Yanice Plomp 5 månader sedan
The Breader
The Breader 5 månader sedan
One word to the prince: Simp
TheKingK 5 månader sedan
did u noticed 3:12 minecraft sound
ray shirogane
ray shirogane 5 månader sedan
R3ND3R 5 månader sedan
they had the Minecraft noises in 3:10
KrissAtic :}
KrissAtic :} 5 månader sedan
3:10 dis footsteps r frm minecraft Mojang: raids for copyright
Liam Oihan Sadlier Puy
Liam Oihan Sadlier Puy 4 månader sedan
Who Cares?
Elinore Valerie Cabacungan
Elinore Valerie Cabacungan 5 månader sedan
AD4MFOURSIX 5 månader sedan
I now realise the Repulsel part i heard they put minecraft walk on grass effect and the horse walk effect
NG Sings
NG Sings 5 månader sedan
I probably watched this 100 times stewpz
Lauren Bonner
Lauren Bonner 5 månader sedan
I just realized that a majority of these cartoons are basically making fun of popular stereotypes.
Myrrh 5 månader sedan
3:09 its footstep sound effect from minecraft
Liam Oihan Sadlier Puy
Liam Oihan Sadlier Puy 4 månader sedan
Weldon Ng
Weldon Ng 5 månader sedan
2:37 anyone realize the grass sound is from Minecraft?
FORCURRENTLY yt 5 månader sedan
I love repusel
k k
k k 5 månader sedan
At 3:09 listen to the ground, it sounds like mincraft.
k k
k k 4 månader sedan
Well you care enough to comment on here-
Liam Oihan Sadlier Puy
Liam Oihan Sadlier Puy 4 månader sedan
Robert Shan
Robert Shan 5 månader sedan
1st one R E L A T A B L E
Mickey 5 månader sedan
What the heck why does a butterfly 🦋 know how to pick up blush ;-; HOW WHERE THEY TRAINED (Edit) yes I did like my own comment
涂沁辰 5 månader sedan
Ah. wonderful
Remikol 5 månader sedan
3:11 it is minecraf sounds??
Liam Oihan Sadlier Puy
Liam Oihan Sadlier Puy 4 månader sedan
mydudeguy77 5 månader sedan
Nobody: Fairy tale guy: MINECRAFT GRASS NOISES
mydudeguy77 5 månader sedan
I have a switch but my mom would never let my buy it
Liam Oihan Sadlier Puy
Liam Oihan Sadlier Puy 4 månader sedan
All depends on how old you are
Nicholas Musser
Nicholas Musser 5 månader sedan
If the princes trade places everyone could have had a happy ending.
Magnus Keay-Wilson
Magnus Keay-Wilson 5 månader sedan
So true
Cyber Nubmaster
Cyber Nubmaster 5 månader sedan
..that's a fair point
Aashish Malla
Aashish Malla 5 månader sedan
I came back after like a year and it's this one.
Logomahgogo Is Da Best
Logomahgogo Is Da Best 5 månader sedan
miau1792 5 månader sedan
Y love this!
Stanley 5 månader sedan
It could all turn out well if they just swap dates
Devesh Verma
Devesh Verma 5 månader sedan
What's that background music during first half of the video
HIFLY 5 månader sedan
So is this just your way or releasing the same videos again for more views and money? This channel has lost its ways
pianoskater 666
pianoskater 666 5 månader sedan
U've uploaded this 4 years ago dude...
Trainspotting Mayhem
Trainspotting Mayhem 5 månader sedan
But it's wednesday
Khaled Borici
Khaled Borici 5 månader sedan
3:10 Minecraft walking sound effect
Liam Oihan Sadlier Puy
Liam Oihan Sadlier Puy 4 månader sedan
One question, WHO CARES
Hyeonkyo Shin
Hyeonkyo Shin 5 månader sedan
Let me plz know the original song of princess
high kid
high kid 5 månader sedan
Let down your hair 😂🤣
Jank_stunts 5 månader sedan
Dude that dude in the first one is totally me
PK Droid
PK Droid 5 månader sedan
Tonight!!! I’m gonna beat my meat Tonight..
jawad mansoor
jawad mansoor 5 månader sedan
Now I get it, repulsul
ethan bosch
ethan bosch 5 månader sedan
I wonder why the princess one still hasn't been taken down xD
Atik 5 månader sedan
These two sketches are my all time favorite
The one glorylucky
The one glorylucky 5 månader sedan
Where is the livestream?
jefferson 158
jefferson 158 5 månader sedan
verydisliked 5 månader sedan
3:10 when u hear minecraft walking on grass sound -gamer
Liam Oihan Sadlier Puy
Liam Oihan Sadlier Puy 4 månader sedan
When everyone in the world sees the comments being 100% this, and no one cares
super bendy chris
super bendy chris 5 månader sedan
1:36 Every Pedifile At Age 18 2:10 When They Get Kicked Out Of The Stript Club
Venkatesh A
Venkatesh A 5 månader sedan
Mouse operating mouse 😂🤣
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