Monday Mashup: Food #2

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7 månader sedan

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Mmmm I love a nice, hot bowl of soup!

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Janene R.
Janene R. Månad sedan
1:01 it was the “no soup on lawn” sign for me💀💀💀
Adam Rode
Adam Rode Månad sedan
Gaming and more
Gaming and more 2 månader sedan
2:16 I think he just wanted chocolate chip because there isn’t chocolate chip in the future. And he totally lied
Fishy Lemons
Fishy Lemons 2 månader sedan
Lol just put it on the floor
NintendoStar64 Productions
NintendoStar64 Productions 2 månader sedan
3:47 Auuuugh?!
liquid nitrogen
liquid nitrogen 2 månader sedan
Why didn't the soup guy just put it on the counter
Roblox GAMER 2
Roblox GAMER 2 3 månader sedan
He used glass. Use paper bowls.
Erin Killinger
Erin Killinger 3 månader sedan
Those doctors were soooo stupid they thought that the soup would save him they made him die stupid doctors
Planet Saturn
Planet Saturn 3 månader sedan
0:12 flight of the bumblebee
Filip U-S
Filip U-S 3 månader sedan
17,740 like
Maya Layla
Maya Layla 3 månader sedan
Put it on the floor
Mathias Gaming
Mathias Gaming 3 månader sedan
Every1 Saying put it back in the microwave i say yeet the granmar
Mathias Gaming
Mathias Gaming 3 månader sedan
1:36 so does this mean if i wasted my life i would get free cookies?
Mathias Gaming
Mathias Gaming 3 månader sedan
3:37 that One guy
Hoa Ton
Hoa Ton 3 månader sedan
Wait if he’s allergic to everything doesn’t that mean he’s allergic to Clothes
Mathias Gaming
Mathias Gaming 3 månader sedan
Don't be that guy please, just apreciate the joke :)
music weeb
music weeb 4 månader sedan
noah blaker
noah blaker 4 månader sedan
um, what dose 01-006 mean? is that a scene?
Eten Reen
Eten Reen 4 månader sedan
I feel like the soup one is very true
Mr Fortnite
Mr Fortnite 4 månader sedan
Just put it in his grass
The Curator
The Curator 4 månader sedan
Why would they pour soup they know is boiling hot inside in blood stream in the first place
Maya Ash
Maya Ash 4 månader sedan
2:00 the jig is up if he breaks into a kids house with a different skin tone 😂
naquille Thecool
naquille Thecool 4 månader sedan
Why does the soup guy hold the bottom he can just hold the two handlers
Kevin_theminion 29
Kevin_theminion 29 5 månader sedan
Kevin_theminion 29
Kevin_theminion 29 5 månader sedan
Poor dude :(
jamie fontenot
jamie fontenot 5 månader sedan
Good point
Eat Your Vegetables
Eat Your Vegetables 5 månader sedan
The "Soup" short is my favourite. Makes me laugh, every time. Thank you for that.
Quetzalcoalt 5 månader sedan
Monday mashup on Friday. This is illegal.
Kiruramitsu 5 månader sedan
What with his teeth it’s like this one dude that I forgot
_ 5 månader sedan
Put the soup on the floor for christ sake
somegamerdude45 5 månader sedan
He could if put it back in the microave
ざっくりハイタッチ JP
ざっくりハイタッチ JP 5 månader sedan
no good
JC839 5 månader sedan
What’s sad is that there is actually some people that are literally allergic to everything. They don’t explode but have to live life in a bubble. Look up David Vetter, he spent 12 years in a bubble growing up.
griffins 5 månader sedan
oh shit put the soup back in the microwave
m1n3craft_ pr0
m1n3craft_ pr0 5 månader sedan
What kind of doctor would put hot soup to the iv of the patient!?!
Gavin Pierce
Gavin Pierce 5 månader sedan
You could have just put the soup back into the microwave.
Meme Lord
Meme Lord 5 månader sedan
This is the reason why you have a spot ready before you grab something hot
Hamburger Cat
Hamburger Cat 5 månader sedan
The first one was pretty dumb he could’ve put the soup in the microwave
George Zavalnik
George Zavalnik 6 månader sedan
sound 4
sound 4 6 månader sedan
Now kids that is how and why I have no fingers
Michael Ramirez
Michael Ramirez 6 månader sedan
I would of threw the first pie if there was 3 😂
gameingwiteGWA 6 månader sedan
Jayson Yang
Jayson Yang 6 månader sedan
Soup vs human soup wins
NetworkHoffman 7 månader sedan
Guy: **literally explodes** Another guy with blue shirt: I wOn't hAv wHat HEs hAving
Rachel Butler
Rachel Butler 7 månader sedan
Wait... Was that "home improvement" song and Grunt at the end?
Carlos Playz
Carlos Playz 7 månader sedan
I can name like a million other places he could of placed the soup
Gus Pollitt
Gus Pollitt 7 månader sedan
Who knew that Yancy's bubble would later come in handy.
Deejay Greg
Deejay Greg 7 månader sedan
Poor guy died before he could eat the soup
Vincent Wei
Vincent Wei 7 månader sedan
If he was allergic to literally everything, he wouldn't have even survived being in the womb
green cube fox
green cube fox 7 månader sedan
Saitama _stillchill
Saitama _stillchill 7 månader sedan
Dang the soup was hard boiled
F!@#Guilt 7 månader sedan
How many people get the Batman reference?
X-GASLY -X 7 månader sedan
Future cookie thief
SAILIN' THE SEAS 7 månader sedan
Hello everyone! For making quarantine a bit funnier to everyone I just created the series of Covid19. Hope you like it!
Raul Hedgebomber
Raul Hedgebomber 7 månader sedan
3:30 he died by coronavirus
Minecraft Door
Minecraft Door 7 månader sedan
Aurelio Arzate
Aurelio Arzate 7 månader sedan
I would have put the soup on my head boom salved caso serado
Vengeance X
Vengeance X 7 månader sedan
Look at dis duuude
Kavon Morris
Kavon Morris 7 månader sedan
Why didn't he leave the soup in the microwave.....
Mr Lemons
Mr Lemons 7 månader sedan
Really homeinprovement
Comrad Hub
Comrad Hub 7 månader sedan
*He could just open the microwave door and then let the soup stay there to not burn ya hands.*
Dmon Slayr
Dmon Slayr 7 månader sedan
0:59 Drunken Dwarf from Osrs
Rose Diana
Rose Diana 7 månader sedan
No way in his in the futher
Picklebobpie 7 månader sedan
Just put the soup back in microwave with the door open
Game Chair Studios
Game Chair Studios 7 månader sedan
I dont see why he didnt put the soup on the old lady. Probably her time anyway, grandma's live soup
El Mocho
El Mocho 7 månader sedan
Im watching on a Wednesday not on a monday
Logan Fragoso
Logan Fragoso 7 månader sedan
Make a c&h short that has someone in a vacuum store and he gets the #1 rated vacuum but he opens it & the scene cuts to him holding a naked guy with a pole in his butt inhaling dirt
alpha leonis
alpha leonis 7 månader sedan
The old dude is a genius
czerwony4655 cr
czerwony4655 cr 7 månader sedan
The soup is a Little creepy and couldnt he leave it on the oven and turn it off?
Hamster En ligne
Hamster En ligne 7 månader sedan
Put it back into the microwave and set something on the table so the hot soup won't damage it. Know what, just leave the soup in the microwave until it's at a manageable hot temperature.
Shane Sudia
Shane Sudia 7 månader sedan
That soup is the cause of global warming
totally deimos
totally deimos 7 månader sedan
Just put the soup back in the microwave
Rodi Mhafal
Rodi Mhafal 7 månader sedan
I have a question why is there a code in 0:17 at the top right corner saying "01-006"
Dragoș Truica
Dragoș Truica 7 månader sedan
Corona Virus
Jordans Channel
Jordans Channel 7 månader sedan
Do they upload new ones anymore
PaperKoops [SCRATCH]
PaperKoops [SCRATCH] 7 månader sedan
PixelatedJesus 7 månader sedan
Why doesn’t he just put the soup on the grass
PixelatedJesus 7 månader sedan
Or sidewalk
Danger Chicken Dc
Danger Chicken Dc 7 månader sedan
Anyone else notice that the soup packet looks like a poke ball?
red project
red project 7 månader sedan
When your lazy to make new animations:
Kevin Sanchez
Kevin Sanchez 7 månader sedan
In 0:17 they forgot to remove the thing on the top left corner
Mai Main Jermaine
Mai Main Jermaine 7 månader sedan
At least he doesn’t have to worry about washing his hands for the coronavirus COVID-19 3/17/2020
Franko Oknarf
Franko Oknarf 7 månader sedan
Mellymel Sanchez
Mellymel Sanchez 7 månader sedan
Harry the handsome blicher part 4
Damon Badgett
Damon Badgett 7 månader sedan
Honestly he could have laid the soup back in the microwave.
FAILNOUGHT flnght 7 månader sedan
3:33 jojo this is the last of my hamon
Jędrzej Koszewski
Jędrzej Koszewski 7 månader sedan
0:17 They left a frame stamp. (Upper left corner.)
Forest Giliad
Forest Giliad 7 månader sedan
Wait so if yancy was allergic to everything then wouldn't the composition of his own body kill him?
DJ ARSENAL 7 månader sedan
2nd one reminds me of rick sanchez
Petar Belic
Petar Belic 7 månader sedan
How do you make videos so fast?
ENDERS STEEL 7 månader sedan
Well that was a ball
Rivers Bliss
Rivers Bliss 7 månader sedan
-He could't put the soup on the floor?- vm.
alexandur 7 månader sedan
So funny totally
Aaron Armstrong
Aaron Armstrong 7 månader sedan
What are weird reference to home improvement with Tim the toolman Allen
Duncan Fletcher
Duncan Fletcher 7 månader sedan
He could have put it back in the mico wave
Faiz Shafizan
Faiz Shafizan 7 månader sedan
How many time I watch the same things .OH please 😤
ReApEr CLAN 7 månader sedan
his face tho, every teen agers face of pimples like that size thou
Nick Zhang
Nick Zhang 7 månader sedan
0:43 this idiot just put it back into the microwave -.-
TheMimaps 7 månader sedan
00:16 w-what is that code on top left ?
Eddi Hurta
Eddi Hurta 7 månader sedan
you should know let soup stand 2 minutes to cool down!
Ausy 7 månader sedan
"I WON'T have what he's having!" made me snort
Creci2 Topic
Creci2 Topic 7 månader sedan
Corona Virus 3:15