Monday Mashup: Pets #1

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Lei Villapando
Lei Villapando 10 dagar sedan
polo chaparro
polo chaparro 19 dagar sedan
Why wasn't this guy there during the Australia fires?
Sieu Chau
Sieu Chau 23 dagar sedan
carlos eduardo pinto crase Botafogo
carlos eduardo pinto crase Botafogo 29 dagar sedan
O cachorro seria um ótimo traficante aqui no Rio de Janeiro
Chaptastik Månad sedan
Now I know that it was Monday on the 17. 02.2020...thanks Cyanide and happiness
Blue Bxrry
Blue Bxrry Månad sedan
Why do you have fire as a pet 1. That could kill you 2. That’s bad 3. That poor man is there 4. Don’t turn your back you’ll make it worse 5. Get out the house if that’s happening 6. Call the fire department 7. Get some help
Dake Long
Dake Long Månad sedan
Send the fire whisperer to Detroit
CARL JOHNSON Månad sedan
that blue shirt guy.. took TANK word literally 😂😂
2b rodari
2b rodari Månad sedan
3:06 that wasn’t expected
Tuts tuttsypoo
Tuts tuttsypoo Månad sedan
It was pregnent all along 1:02 look back at the couch
FangABXY FangABXY 2 månader sedan
2:49 this is very inaccurate. The police would shoot the dog with little hesitation.
Abigail Arredondo
Abigail Arredondo 2 månader sedan
Remember kids, if you see a dog with a gun walk away slowly.
Mirelis Nivar
Mirelis Nivar 2 månader sedan
Omg 😱 ):
Joslynn Playz
Joslynn Playz 2 månader sedan
Cup Head
Cup Head 2 månader sedan
Love how they counted the fire as a pet
Henry Stickmin
Henry Stickmin 2 månader sedan
Their asses looked like Burnt Burgers
Kosta molloy
Kosta molloy 2 månader sedan
The fire whisperer is supernanny on crack
Year 3099
Year 3099 2 månader sedan
Atta boy my ass
Elijah Ortiz
Elijah Ortiz 2 månader sedan
Who is watching this in 2020 Fire lives matter lol sike
Kirbö Mäins
Kirbö Mäins 2 månader sedan
Atta boy *dog shoots cops*
Kirbö Mäins
Kirbö Mäins 2 månader sedan
the dog is used for drugs
Kirbö Mäins
Kirbö Mäins 2 månader sedan
atta boy
Random Mango
Random Mango 2 månader sedan
*Fire is indeed a pet*
Jose Reyes Bonilla
Jose Reyes Bonilla 2 månader sedan
There should a be a series of the fire whisperer😂
mas nois
mas nois 2 månader sedan
Time too kechupp hahaha
The Angry Badger
The Angry Badger 2 månader sedan
I though the Fire Whisperer was gonna be called Dude Fire
Panayiotis Christodoulou
Panayiotis Christodoulou 2 månader sedan
Ethan Arrieta
Ethan Arrieta 2 månader sedan
The rich: haha hes poor The poor: *shows undearwear* IS THIS POOR!? The rich: awwww lucky
Alex Oses
Alex Oses 2 månader sedan
Si me gustan tus vídeos me gustan tus vídeos pero una cosa puedes hacer los vídeos en español
Deep Mantri
Deep Mantri 2 månader sedan
That's why you don't make glass tanks
Lion‘s studio
Lion‘s studio 3 månader sedan
Jajaja 😂
SliceAndDice CODM
SliceAndDice CODM 3 månader sedan
The pistol became a machine
Pumkin Spice
Pumkin Spice 3 månader sedan
Are we just gonna ignore that the dog shot a pistol like a machine gun *without* reloading once?
BroCraft 3 månader sedan
why is pick up butt on the fridge 0:24
MovingPotato 3 månader sedan
I like this keep doing what you doing this is keep this better keep going on like this keep doing your job
Igor Zajac
Igor Zajac 3 månader sedan
OG DOOM Slayer
OG DOOM Slayer 3 månader sedan
Atta boy
TheA1pha5hadow 3 månader sedan
Lets ignore the fact that the dog can handle guns.
Silas Alves
Silas Alves 3 månader sedan
a dog whit a gun my day is safe
Jeffy Paul
Jeffy Paul 3 månader sedan
I like the fish tank one and I actually get a tank but like fish tanks I called 15 he climbed in and then it was actually a tanke but with fish
Kai_The_ Noble
Kai_The_ Noble 3 månader sedan
0:44 whos the lady in the picture?
mario&king videos
mario&king videos 3 månader sedan
Atta boyyyyyyyyy
Re4r 3 månader sedan is a pet now..
Tantronic 3 månader sedan
3:13 he bought the 2 in one
Prince of Gaming
Prince of Gaming 4 månader sedan
This is kinda like how the government is managing the USA
Prince of Gaming
Prince of Gaming 3 månader sedan
UncountedWall never mind
UncountedWall 3 månader sedan
Surik Gox
Surik Gox 4 månader sedan
Fire whisperer : all is fine
music weeb
music weeb 4 månader sedan
music weeb
music weeb 4 månader sedan
jerzy rudy
jerzy rudy 4 månader sedan
a fire is a pet? nnot even a joke (spelled incorrect on porpoise)
aj 4 månader sedan
ars130807 Yt
ars130807 Yt 4 månader sedan
3:15 legends says he’s still jumping like a fish
Jack Gibson
Jack Gibson 4 månader sedan
Am I the only one who’s concerned that the dog is shooting a pistol but it’s shooting like a mini gun
• Poley NG • [] [Cupcake Teari] []
• Poley NG • [] [Cupcake Teari] [] 4 månader sedan
Sike! You thought!
E Gamer
E Gamer 4 månader sedan
AtTa BoI
The Magical Iluminator
The Magical Iluminator 4 månader sedan
The thing of the atta boy is so cursed ;-;
Viliheti Siilata
Viliheti Siilata 4 månader sedan
Your dumd
Purple Zovian J
Purple Zovian J 4 månader sedan
Guilty Guy
Guilty Guy 4 månader sedan
0:14 where wer u when we needed you in AUSTRALIA????
Diana Villarroel
Diana Villarroel 4 månader sedan
Can we talk about why explosmentertainment classifies fire as a pet
armin limberg
armin limberg 4 månader sedan
Blake Martin
Blake Martin 4 månader sedan
Its was a Karin so its okay
Scarlett Rivera
Scarlett Rivera 4 månader sedan
He’s homeless
Scarlett Rivera
Scarlett Rivera 4 månader sedan
He just ruined her house
Snowy Blossoms
Snowy Blossoms 4 månader sedan
I still don't get the dog with da gun. :((
john aranda gaming boy
john aranda gaming boy 4 månader sedan
Cosmo is super nanny for fire
kk's vlogs
kk's vlogs 5 månader sedan
Caramelldansen search it up
destroyer102794 5 månader sedan
I thought he was gonna say his name was Guy Firei 😂
Karol Kwiatkowski
Karol Kwiatkowski 5 månader sedan
Typowe psy
Lazer Shu99
Lazer Shu99 5 månader sedan
that last one was amazing
xXSimpNationXx 819
xXSimpNationXx 819 5 månader sedan
When my friend first time come to camping and make fire camp: 0:33
Krzysztof Gregulski
Krzysztof Gregulski 5 månader sedan
Sasuke UchihaPG3D
Sasuke UchihaPG3D 5 månader sedan
Atta Boy....
Nur Ashikin
Nur Ashikin 5 månader sedan
Jesse Buckley
Jesse Buckley 5 månader sedan
This is terrible really terrible 😼
EyesOfByes 5 månader sedan
How Trump handles fire.
True Damage
True Damage 5 månader sedan
Atta boy xd
RenStimpy&Unikittyfan71 robby
RenStimpy&Unikittyfan71 robby 5 månader sedan
0:57 this part made me laugh
Creighton Cox
Creighton Cox 5 månader sedan
The fish tank is the new product of a war
Somya Arora
Somya Arora 6 månader sedan
are the creators high lmao??
J Mika
J Mika 6 månader sedan
Hahahaha...looks like this guy from "My cat from hell"
ANDROID GAMER 6 månader sedan
Why does the gun sound like a Submachine gun
Villamor, Aezys Arren M.
Villamor, Aezys Arren M. 6 månader sedan
John Wick’s dog
John the echidna
John the echidna 6 månader sedan
In this time of crisis? oh hell no!
Dominik Kovacevic
Dominik Kovacevic 6 månader sedan
It's me Lunk
It's me Lunk 6 månader sedan
Attaaa boyyy!!
Caleb Poulter
Caleb Poulter 6 månader sedan
a rare soul a life well done :DD
obsiidiqn 7 månader sedan
Kyra Mills
Kyra Mills 7 månader sedan
Ok now turn around *the whole house is on fire but she doesn't care* thank you fire whisperer
Jeff Mills
Jeff Mills 7 månader sedan
His but omg no way
TNTGamingYT 7 månader sedan
3:14 When you think your a fish LOL
D lucky#7's
D lucky#7's 7 månader sedan
What about a woman whisperer ?
Nighty Nine
Nighty Nine 7 månader sedan
3:02 aquaman 3: the dryyy lands!
Thanh Trinh
Thanh Trinh 7 månader sedan
Ada boy is what I call my name
Dylan The memer
Dylan The memer 7 månader sedan
This is too funny 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 and the dog! 😂 HAHA
INFINITE JACKELS 7 månader sedan
Ok 👌
Mich mari
Mich mari 7 månader sedan
ArmoredPP 7 månader sedan
I like how fire is classified as “pet”.
Kirkisgrizz 7 månader sedan
Dog uses g-18
Jigga Man
Jigga Man 7 månader sedan
Good boy
kaarousel yt
kaarousel yt 7 månader sedan
is the fire whisperer suppose to be super nanny
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