Monday Mashup: Resolutions

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What are your new years resolutions?
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A Lemon
A Lemon 2 dagar sedan
The second one...that exactly how I lost all my weight.
Adrian Clark
Adrian Clark 3 dagar sedan
“I don’t care!” * rocket bench takes flight *
Benadryl Curdlesnoot
Benadryl Curdlesnoot 9 dagar sedan
Blue shirt guy is less than 5 lbs total so he actually would make a pretty good exercise ball
Ryan Groves
Ryan Groves 9 dagar sedan
When I lived in a house with stairs my nickname was thumper! Whether it was for dinner or I need to come downstairs right now you would always hear a thump going down the steps I wouldn’t fall down I kind of be jogging down the stairs and you hear a thump/foot hitting stair knocking sound or Thud thud boom thud boom boom thud, then yeah what u need or what’s for dinner or you need help with what! Mind you this was also a house that my family lived on the side of the hill by the way I hate those kinds of houses or neighborhoods because they’re not safe for kids to play on because that kids going to run down the hill after their dog ball bike and possibly scraped their knee as they tumble down +1 landslide or earthquake and those houses are going downhill like a domino effect but in a sliding Motion and possibly takes the bottom of the home out at first!
flaremuse 12 dagar sedan
1.1k fatty's
p jay
p jay 13 dagar sedan
elvin bautista
elvin bautista 17 dagar sedan
I'malegaladult69 18 dagar sedan
I just realised the fact that he could not lift the 5 pound body weight while hanging on from it having only that support him means he is less than 5 pounds
kulyo chanel afton
kulyo chanel afton 21 dag sedan
Im lucky because I laugh
Valspire Knight
Valspire Knight 23 dagar sedan
I wish I wasn't eating when I started watching this
Kozmonauta 05
Kozmonauta 05 24 dagar sedan
1:34 That's somehow satisfying
Steven Absolom
Steven Absolom 24 dagar sedan
1:39 I wish it was that easy.
jesse mogeni
jesse mogeni 24 dagar sedan
The fat boy went through the window cill
Mozoto 25 dagar sedan
The fact that he selects the highest weight and then just lifts the entire machine always makes me lose my shit :)
Totally legit YouTube moderator
Totally legit YouTube moderator 29 dagar sedan
The way that guy was biting his bottom lip before and after he got smacked on the butt with the towel person makes me think he likes that way more than he should...
skinny OWOgirl
skinny OWOgirl Månad sedan
Minecraft Man
Minecraft Man Månad sedan
1:44 go here
Theo Langankiikiln is
Theo Langankiikiln is Månad sedan
keep up da good workkkkk
glitchtrap the glitch of springtrap
glitchtrap the glitch of springtrap Månad sedan
1:35 that is what a fish looks like when it gets caught on a fishing hook
Rita - Only Fans - Free
Rita - Only Fans - Free Månad sedan
I kinda have a secret hope that on new years eve they would give sad larry a happy ending :(
??????????????? Månad sedan
Phineas and ferb when they have no ideas to do this
P U G Månad sedan
These guys punches cause area of effect damage
John King
John King Månad sedan
2:23 200 pounds
Владислав Шалыгин
Владислав Шалыгин Månad sedan
i did it???
Christine Ferreira
Christine Ferreira Månad sedan
Eating disorder humor. Stay classy 🙃 Honestly it was pretty damn funny
CJ Rodriguez
CJ Rodriguez Månad sedan
Obviously leg day was never done
rehab naseem
rehab naseem Månad sedan
didn't understand 1:50 part? Could someone explain me?
Main Account
Main Account Månad sedan
0:50 the window was already broken, he fell for it twice
Michael Maughan
Michael Maughan Månad sedan
So many views so little comments
Christian Reyes
Christian Reyes Månad sedan
Is anyone going to talk about the kid in the pool 0:42
Drago_Whooves 2 månader sedan
kinda expected the one with the hole and the train on here
Rare Wubbox Gaming
Rare Wubbox Gaming 2 månader sedan
1st one: I guess you can say he... *burned* some calories!
YI - 05ZP 811774 Artesian Drive PS
YI - 05ZP 811774 Artesian Drive PS 2 månader sedan
How did they manage to make the stairs into a roller coaster in 1 day?
KACPER Ł 2 månader sedan
Kisoo Gavares
Kisoo Gavares 2 månader sedan
1:33 me at the dentist when im 5
pinky girl
pinky girl 2 månader sedan
😂😂😂😂😂 😂
Jihad AR
Jihad AR 2 månader sedan
Master of Flames
Master of Flames 2 månader sedan
Just imagine being able to yank all that fat out
Donavan Charles
Donavan Charles 2 månader sedan
You you know back in the day are used to be fat but now I am skinny I lost like 31 pounds on my Instagram and towels and shows you all I’ll leave my Instagram here @zackrocks693
chikend guy
chikend guy 2 månader sedan
He don't care
joe 2 månader sedan
Where’s the one where the guy falls through the floor?
Bluey 2 månader sedan
they have the same face in the thumbnail
Stargazer 199
Stargazer 199 2 månader sedan
2:13 does it say “dick rubbing” on the board in the background?
Saki Lynn
Saki Lynn 3 månader sedan
If only it were that easy
Alpha Sheep
Alpha Sheep 3 månader sedan
JOHN KABOOM 4 månader sedan
No pain No pain No gain No gain
Alex Hutchins
Alex Hutchins 4 månader sedan
The people at 2:44 are pathetic. He doesn't even way 5 pounds. Probwbly closer 2 1 pound since he couldn't even get it to budge
Eary Marte
Eary Marte 5 månader sedan
Even strong people Miss leg day
Dededank 5 månader sedan
Devil Machine420xx
Devil Machine420xx 5 månader sedan
@2:48 he just squeezed him up n made em kiss that bodybuilders ass lmfao Edited
Passos 5 månader sedan
I'm LOOPY for Dinner!!!
Kampung Artis
Kampung Artis 5 månader sedan
Quest 6 månader sedan
Two loops would've been fine, they just took it to an extreme level
jesse mogeni
jesse mogeni 6 månader sedan
I was told to do my homework so we got a room
The fan of Kirby
The fan of Kirby 6 månader sedan
You’re telling me that a guy weighs less than 5 pounds
Globox Moment
Globox Moment 6 månader sedan
I DONT CARE A classic
Xuan Bin Ng
Xuan Bin Ng 6 månader sedan
Minecraft villagers when they challenge
Lucas Caley
Lucas Caley 6 månader sedan
Sweeping Cloud
Sweeping Cloud 6 månader sedan
I’m gonna try the pie in mouth trick Don’t do it I lost a lot of blood and organs
Phantom Works Studios ( PWS )
Phantom Works Studios ( PWS ) 6 månader sedan
Wait you guys missed one! There was the one where he fell into a hole in the ground and there was a train under him forcing him to run all day to loose weight!
Das4bugGaming indonesia
Das4bugGaming indonesia 6 månader sedan
Potato_Boy 6 månader sedan
So your telling me this baby man doesn’t even weigh 5 pounds?
Kirbö Mäins
Kirbö Mäins 6 månader sedan
Andria kuzmanovic
Andria kuzmanovic 6 månader sedan
Psychic Cream Corn
Psychic Cream Corn 6 månader sedan
Anybody else think that kid was literally gonna burn his fat by entering the atmosphere
Celestia Ludenberg
Celestia Ludenberg 7 månader sedan
That guy never really seems to care about weight loss does he
Mehul Jain
Mehul Jain 7 månader sedan
No ones gonna talk about the movement of titties in the first short?
xVik_ 7 månader sedan
Resolutions: 2160p 1440p 1080p 720p 480p 360p 240p 144p 60p
A duck with a YouTube channel
A duck with a YouTube channel 7 månader sedan
Would’ve been funnier if he’s like “Why do we have to do this _every night?_ “
Nehemiah Bell
Nehemiah Bell 7 månader sedan
Man that's messed up 😡😱
Daniel Wynne
Daniel Wynne 7 månader sedan
Ah god I can relate so much to the last one. They're always so obnoxious about how fit they are they're a nightmare and actually laugh at you because your limit on the bench is nothing to them. Nightmares they are.
The Krusty Toon
The Krusty Toon Månad sedan
There logic us pretty ass backwards people go to the gym to get fit not because there already muscular.
enock cc
enock cc 7 månader sedan
Sara E
Sara E 7 månader sedan
I wish that’s how I works 1:20
meylin troncoso
meylin troncoso 7 månader sedan
KidHasBlades 7 månader sedan
Rube goldbergs origin story
Anonymous Person
Anonymous Person 7 månader sedan
The body builders in this vid skipped leg day.
Orrling 8 månader sedan
I died at the gym skit... xD
Sir BadassB
Sir BadassB 8 månader sedan
If I had a bench like that. I DON'T CARE!
MaxszGrilled 8 månader sedan
Best way to prevent fat lazy children eating your stock:Anti obese stair case!
tony cee
tony cee 8 månader sedan
2:40 little did they know he was only 5 pounds
Tanwant Nahar
Tanwant Nahar 8 månader sedan
2:39 All of em, Skipped leg day.
Kenny .K
Kenny .K 8 månader sedan
1:56 Plot Twist: This guy eventually make his own gym called Planet Fitness.
boss gamer gamer
boss gamer gamer 7 månader sedan
Kenny .K
Kenny .K 8 månader sedan
1:56 Plot twist: This is the origin story for The Founder of Planet Fitness.
boss gamer gamer
boss gamer gamer 7 månader sedan
Valtaline 8 månader sedan
Watching this before i eat ?
PlayzFortnite 8 månader sedan
Lucky i dint have stairs
Juliano 8 månader sedan
2:16 What new gym-goers think they will see at the gym. 1:07 What they actually see.
Steve W
Steve W 8 månader sedan
No pain, No pain.
Shawn 8 månader sedan
0:05 Why are they having dinner in the day light
RedKiller 8 månader sedan
When you think your strong : 2:00
IcyI 8 månader sedan
At least he lost weight
Another Ness Main
Another Ness Main 8 månader sedan
Imagine the disappointment in the parents if he had just walked down the stairs instead
determined kid
determined kid 8 månader sedan
That what i thought, then i started thinking if the parents are smart then the stairs would turn into escalators or something
Heinsann Biel Catarman
Heinsann Biel Catarman 8 månader sedan
I wish i have a slide stairs
Braden Kay
Braden Kay 8 månader sedan
that kid in the pool definitely drowned lel
Buddyboo 8 månader sedan
Man I really want a bench like that
𝕊𝚞𝚐𝚊𝚛 ఌ 𝕊𝚞𝚖𝚒𝚗
𝕊𝚞𝚐𝚊𝚛 ఌ 𝕊𝚞𝚖𝚒𝚗 8 månader sedan
0:37 bruhhh I thought he’d burn his fat😅😅
Layla Bishop
Layla Bishop 9 månader sedan
2:14 who else realized that his weight was less than 5 lb
allways ok
allways ok 9 månader sedan
I dont care XD
Rawmantikos 9 månader sedan
1:25 Reminded me of the girl who got killed in Saw.
FIRERUBEN 2018 9 månader sedan
2:23 makes no sense
Infernape PlayZ
Infernape PlayZ 9 månader sedan
Edwin Algarin
Edwin Algarin 9 månader sedan
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