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Created By: Rob DenBleyker, Kris Wilson, Dave McElfatrick
Directed By: Dave McElfatrick
Based on Original Comic By: Kris Wilson
Animation Director: Bill Jones
Supervising Animator: Matt Thurman
Animation: Matt Thurman
Intro Animation: Paul Blair
Animatic: Connor Murphy
Character Design & Props: Paul Blair
Editor: Taylor Ransom
Sound Editor & Mixer: Ben Governale, Cymatic Studios
Sound‌ ‌Design/Foley:‌ ‌Nic‌ ‌Federle, Ben Governale
Voice Actors:
Green Guy - Kris Wilson
Mr. Literal - Dave McElfatrick
Mrs. Literal - Kate McElfatrick
Produced By: Adam Nusrallah
Production Manager: Autumn Soeder
Production Coordinator: Michael Stewart

Robinson Millanes
Robinson Millanes 11 dagar sedan
I literally don't get it somebody explain it to me?
GabiCraft 12 dagar sedan
I heard "funny you mention we are thinking of having one right now"
Ahsangamer 27 #4 IM NOT A NEW YOUTUBER
Ahsangamer 27 #4 IM NOT A NEW YOUTUBER 12 dagar sedan
S!LVER FROST 12 dagar sedan
( ͝° ͜ʖ͡°)
Itz_ Inkling Demon
Itz_ Inkling Demon 20 dagar sedan
That went dark real quick 😳😳😳
shickey 74
shickey 74 21 dag sedan
Let's just hope he doesn't come out half-baked
Fehér Hokimaki
Fehér Hokimaki 21 dag sedan
Don’t worry, the plans are in the oven
ILikeGuns1992 22 dagar sedan
Can anyone explain?
DishFace Kirtap
DishFace Kirtap 23 dagar sedan
Scpwhy 23 dagar sedan
Oh shiiiiiiii
Johnny Joestar
Johnny Joestar 24 dagar sedan
Ha ha oven go vroom vroom brrrrrr skrrrrrrrt drift boom whaaaam.
JohnBlockYT 24 dagar sedan
At first I thought he said we having one right now but it's actually they have one in the oven being cooked
gintoki 24 dagar sedan
The Shiny Zorua
The Shiny Zorua 25 dagar sedan
Plot Twist: “Got one in the oven” is their slang term for “Preparing One”
liam campbell
liam campbell 26 dagar sedan
Took me a while to get the joke haha
cclicker 26 dagar sedan
Oh i got it
Guinevere 27 dagar sedan
The married couple is surely as nazi.
khalid farid
khalid farid 28 dagar sedan
Put it on medium-high heat it will cook the best
Green Panther
Green Panther Månad sedan
Hey, the guy with the green shirt! It’s jimmy three balls!
Eri official
Eri official Månad sedan
Congratula- ● ● n
Cheeriopuff Månad sedan
When’s it gonna be done I’m hungry 🤤
Killer On Duty
Killer On Duty Månad sedan
Im German I dont understand the joke please help me
le dicen el mantecas
le dicen el mantecas Månad sedan
Ahora el hijo es de el verde
niels teinhart
niels teinhart Månad sedan
Oh no😰
Austin Kniga-Bartlett
Austin Kniga-Bartlett Månad sedan
Damn, that's dark.
Alexandria living3794
Alexandria living3794 Månad sedan
Oh lol shit forgot Mrs and Ms literal ahah
TSWUIPS ! Månad sedan
so... the happy couple are nothing but monsters.
Muhammad Sultan Khan
Muhammad Sultan Khan Månad sedan
Took me a sec😂😂
Queen Isha
Queen Isha Månad sedan
my heart dropped when i realized
Foxy Girl Gamer
Foxy Girl Gamer Månad sedan
i hate how i got the joke first time i watched
FitzChivalryFarseer2 Månad sedan
That's pretty funny as usual
Heyitsme Månad sedan
m3 media
m3 media Månad sedan
No wonder this became a meme
kingofatlantistv Månad sedan
Anime nation07
Anime nation07 Månad sedan
😂😂😂😂😂 get it
Envar Månad sedan
“Congratu-, wait a minute”
Kshitij Chauhan
Kshitij Chauhan Månad sedan
Mr and mrs litter
•F ł ú f f ý _ Ä ň î m á ț š •
•F ł ú f f ý _ Ä ň î m á ț š • Månad sedan
I didn't get it until I thought of their last names....
James Horsted
James Horsted Månad sedan
very well done.
Who the fuck is Idubbbz BurgerKing
Who the fuck is Idubbbz BurgerKing Månad sedan
The guy asking that question might also being taking that a little too literally, they could just be using a figure of speech. I think I’ve heard people refer to the ovaries as an oven before, especially in porn featuring bakers and pink horses.
Devin Solo
Devin Solo Månad sedan
Dad joke.
random potato
random potato Månad sedan
plot twist: the kid was kidnapped, so it’s technically not there child
Black Lotus15
Black Lotus15 Månad sedan
Who says you gotta smoke pot to get baked
theNYANkittyCAT Månad sedan
Oh no
[GD] SomeGuy
[GD] SomeGuy Månad sedan
*This hot dog sure is good.*
TheTealEmerald Månad sedan
Soooo does this mean that I am a king cause last names actually meaning what you are
ZeroGam3r_YT Månad sedan
I remember reading this and being confused for a few seconds after I finished it, re-read it and I realized their names were Mr and Ms. Literal.... *Im so fucking stupid I might need pills to deal with this shit*
Sammy Månad sedan
whaddt he saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Nick Ferrazza
Nick Ferrazza Månad sedan
Didn’t The Amanda Show do the same joke back in the ‘90s, except their’s ended with the Literals attempting to murder someone after taking the phrase “you guys kill me” literally?
Protag Shilex
Protag Shilex Månad sedan
I guess they're gonna raise their kid into judaism?
NewVise Månad sedan
This brings a whole new meaning to "There's a bun in the oven."
NewVise Månad sedan
Rodrigo TM
Rodrigo TM Månad sedan
Tooth Demon
Tooth Demon Månad sedan
What if literal was just their last name?
MiiKasar Månad sedan
That Penguin Dragon
That Penguin Dragon Månad sedan
Oh it took me a short while to get it xD
Moodi World
Moodi World Månad sedan
Didn't understand the joke Can somone explain?
Outsiders. Månad sedan
Back when Cyanide and Happiness was actually good
Ancient Toast breb
Ancient Toast breb Månad sedan
I prefer them sautéed in butter and garlic but ok
Nether World
Nether World Månad sedan
Turtle Plays65
Turtle Plays65 Månad sedan
Alright thats enough internet for today
D Class
D Class Månad sedan
12ismypassword Månad sedan
there is about 15 frames per sec ins
KGK Skull
KGK Skull Månad sedan
This kind of plot twist is why the video game is gonna be awesome, This channel is like if Walt Disney And shamalan had a child and then Robin Williams and the people who made the starfish hitler costume from kamen rider had a child, and then those kids had a child that ended up finding a shed full of chainsaws and squeaky toys abandoned in the woods
Definitely NOT a Genocider
Definitely NOT a Genocider Månad sedan
Ah yes, is this perhaps Captain Literally's origin?
ShotAimSudip Månad sedan
At 0:15 can someone tell what did they said?
The Grizz
The Grizz Månad sedan
“ We have one in the oven right now”
Imortalthejust alex the great
Imortalthejust alex the great Månad sedan
Now this is funny 😆
SP3 Frost
SP3 Frost Månad sedan
Literally no
CoolestHarbor12 Månad sedan
🄴🅈👍🄴🅈😡 🄰🥵 🄴🙋‍♂️🄾🄷😶 🄰🙊 🄴🅈🦆🄰🐔 🄰🄷🤣 🄰🄷😎 🄰🄷🤡 🄰🄷😱 🄰🄷🥶 🄰🄷😈 🄰🤠 🄴🄷😒 🄾🄷😰 🄰🅈🤑🄰🅈😤🄴
joe ****
joe **** Månad sedan
This seems familiar, seems like I've watched this before the day it was here on SEpost
Ral Månad sedan
Yes! They made it!
Pucky Nguyên
Pucky Nguyên Månad sedan
I don't understand that english word and all means of the video
DICKBUTT Månad sedan
Mushroom_hunter Månad sedan
I don't get it, whats the joke? I do this all the time
king kono
king kono Månad sedan
This is one my favorites
Angry Kittens
Angry Kittens Månad sedan
Maybe they shouldn't hide the sausage anymore. They should chop it up and serve it with dinner!
BunnyTheCreator Månad sedan
Stinger_is_ded Månad sedan
Must be a Jewish baby
ItsJarrell Månad sedan
So at first I didn't get it but then I realized their names are Mr and Mrs Literal😂
Jacob kaniel yap
Jacob kaniel yap Månad sedan
super tp guner
super tp guner Månad sedan
Bruh I got it right when it showed the guy looking scard for life
A P Månad sedan
Mr. Literal: What's wrong... Do you not like Goat meat?
Master Nix
Master Nix Månad sedan
Subtitles say it's an vietnamese video... Lol
Haytham Kenway
Haytham Kenway Månad sedan
i didn't get it
Wersty Månad sedan
Captain Literally, balanc restored
Lewis K
Lewis K Månad sedan
Shit video
Daniel the epic gamer
Daniel the epic gamer Månad sedan
These are short and slick, just not as short as my...
Darren Bailey
Darren Bailey Månad sedan
Let’s just hope the oven wasn’t on
Johan Mandal
Johan Mandal Månad sedan
The last piano 🎹 note 💥
yemi Månad sedan
I don't get it.
not creative
not creative Månad sedan
Why tf did youtube unsub me twice?
Bangaa Brute
Bangaa Brute Månad sedan
I prefer to roast my children. Nice and slow.
Jack Gibson
Jack Gibson Månad sedan
Well that was unexpected
GAstreet Månad sedan
Yes..Yes.. MORE!!!
Sans Pie02
Sans Pie02 Månad sedan
Baby’s shouldn’t smoke.
Sage Spaeth
Sage Spaeth Månad sedan
Plot twist: They're actually not literal, it's just their last name
Imaginary magician
Imaginary magician Månad sedan
Can't wait for the Stockholms come back.
I’m bored wby
I’m bored wby Månad sedan
Hey I’ve seen this one
Matheus Ryos
Matheus Ryos Månad sedan
I didn't undestand
General Fuck yeah Anime Titties
General Fuck yeah Anime Titties Månad sedan
The real question is: is it their kid or someone else’s?
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