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Halt evil-doer! You've just attracted the attention of Mr. Magnet!
Cyanide and Happiness delivers daily comics to your face-hole on since 2005!
Created By: Rob DenBleyker, Kris Wilson, Dave McElfatrick
Directed By: Rob DenBleyker
Screenplay By: Rob DenBleyker
Story By: Joel Watson, Mike Salcedo, Dave McElfatrick, Kris Wilson, Connor Murphy
Voice Actors:
MR. MAGNET: Brock Baker
MUGGER: Alex Walker
OLD LADY: Laila Berzins
Animation Director: Bill Jones
Supervising Animator: Matt Thurman
Animation: Matt Thurman
Character Design: Paul Blair, Elizabeth Del Rosario
Background Art: Denise Magdale
Animatic: Connor Murphy
Editor: Taylor Ransom
Supervising Sound Editor & Mixer: Ben Governale
Sound Design/Foley: Nic Federle, Ben Governale
Music: Steve Lehmann
Produced By: Adam Nusrallah
Production Manager: Autumn Soeder
Production Coordinator: Michael Stewart

Chibs4life Timme sedan
All the pain in one video
Cyril Leung
Cyril Leung 3 timmar sedan
Melissa Gragg
Melissa Gragg 9 timmar sedan
I can describe this episode in just 6 words: That did *not* go as expected.
Phillip Lemmon
Phillip Lemmon 18 timmar sedan
The fucks and shits are what get me! LMFAO
Toxic_ Acid73
Toxic_ Acid73 20 timmar sedan
Amber Dag sedan
Who saw that comeing
Builder Robloxian
Builder Robloxian 2 dagar sedan
Aw Geez!
OriginalName 3 dagar sedan
The only problem with this is that the fallowing are not magnetic: bullets, 90% of firearms, phones, silverware, tools, and stops signs.
SonicPlushPlay 4 dagar sedan
What a dumb super power
HighIqHuman 5 dagar sedan
He's too good at saving lives, and he shot himself too
bonny bernard
bonny bernard 6 dagar sedan
0:10 LOL 😂😂
Lincoln Marceluk
Lincoln Marceluk 8 dagar sedan
Ok what the...
ninja ninja
ninja ninja 8 dagar sedan
Things sure suck up to him
Higgins 1605
Higgins 1605 8 dagar sedan
As much as this is so funny scientifically a gun bullet can't be attracted by a magnet
Lola Party
Lola Party 9 dagar sedan
Oh fuck
Butter 9 dagar sedan
Shouldn’t he be able to repel metal?
Marley from Marley and Me dog died
Marley from Marley and Me dog died 11 dagar sedan
This is a very rare episode... because it has common sense
Photheara Seng
Photheara Seng 12 dagar sedan
How to defeat magneto
Ethribin 12 dagar sedan
Bullets are not magnetic
Kyle 14 dagar sedan
I'd expect superheroes to have bulletproof suits.
Medic 15 dagar sedan
The grandma is so boomer she doesn’t know it’s his powers that’s killing him
sidek simon
sidek simon 16 dagar sedan
When do you think about the fact that he has the power to turn his magnetism on and off it’s kind of disturbing
SFM2 17 dagar sedan
Good JoJoke
Jack O'Neil
Jack O'Neil 17 dagar sedan
Kind of saw this coming
ALLAN LOUIS JEUNE 17 dagar sedan
Copper not magnetic
Gina Lea Mina
Gina Lea Mina 18 dagar sedan
Well shit he’s dead
grgozd bem
grgozd bem 19 dagar sedan
Now I se why having magnet powers would suck
Jonathan Allert
Jonathan Allert 19 dagar sedan
The cyanide and happiness cinematic universe
max trax
max trax 21 dag sedan
i guess this is the best suicide episode out.
Animation videos
Animation videos 22 dagar sedan
Well what did you think was gonna happen
Eduards Vilkasts
Eduards Vilkasts 22 dagar sedan
he forgot to turn it off
Josh Christopher
Josh Christopher 23 dagar sedan
Its suicide
Mr. L
Mr. L 24 dagar sedan
That was the first time the burglar tried this 😂
SongWriterSaturdays 25 dagar sedan
lyadh 101
lyadh 101 26 dagar sedan
How did he even make it to the crime scene alive?
kermit man
kermit man 26 dagar sedan
Being a protagonist in these shorts can be death penalty bad
Infinite videos
Infinite videos 26 dagar sedan
Poor guy☹️😣😖😔😩
Irfansofea Mohdazizul
Irfansofea Mohdazizul 28 dagar sedan
I love he pain
philip gao
philip gao 29 dagar sedan
Is this a jojo reference?
XAVER BEANWOOD 29 dagar sedan
that's a useful power! - no one ever
Maximus Farrugia
Maximus Farrugia Månad sedan
if magneto was realistic
turtlesfan44 Månad sedan
Moral of the story: even super heroes need to learn how to use their super powers
Cool Dude
Cool Dude Månad sedan
I don't know how you guys do it But you always find a way to turn the sickest shit in to the funniest shit
Baldibruh965 waterson
Baldibruh965 waterson Månad sedan
Is there a way he can turn off the magnet power It's too late anyway he's dead
Tuong Pham
Tuong Pham Månad sedan
Most bullets aren't magnetic.
Paul Nolin
Paul Nolin Månad sedan
Christian Mendez
Christian Mendez Månad sedan
Realistically that bullet wouldn't do anything it would probably be made out of copper the only thing that would be effective would be that knife
Alfonso Ramírez
Alfonso Ramírez Månad sedan
Pero me da risa🤣🤣😂😂
Kim Leathwood
Kim Leathwood Månad sedan
Kim Leathwood
Kim Leathwood Månad sedan
Kim Leathwood
Kim Leathwood Månad sedan
Me too brock baker
Alfonso Ramírez
Alfonso Ramírez Månad sedan
Que tonto
Alfonso Ramírez
Alfonso Ramírez Månad sedan
Que se le ocurrió a hacerse ese traje de imán si sabe que el imán a trae el metal
Alfonso Ramírez
Alfonso Ramírez Månad sedan
Que se le ocurrió a hacerse ese traje de imán si sabe que el imán a trae el metal
Cameron LaPage
Cameron LaPage Månad sedan
Marvel Ruins in a nutshell.
EvanWatcher Månad sedan
The robber had Throns III
doyen byron
doyen byron Månad sedan
That made sense though
Juan Coria
Juan Coria Månad sedan
Is it murder or suicid
Juan Coria
Juan Coria Månad sedan
@Poop head yea
Poop head
Poop head Månad sedan
That is the question
Ventein Bronson
Ventein Bronson Månad sedan
Wow the trauma
Shasha Jonday
Shasha Jonday Månad sedan
Well its hes fault for having such things
ismail ahmad
ismail ahmad Månad sedan
Rip mr magnet
Solar Flare
Solar Flare Månad sedan
Me: Ahhhhh- what are we screaming at? Robber: *Points* Me: OH WTF-
Snow Wolf
Snow Wolf Månad sedan
Most bullets are lead so how did the bullet hit him?
Hong phong Le
Hong phong Le Månad sedan
Hold up! I thought bullet made of cooper .This vid is bullshit.
shaky prune 38
shaky prune 38 Månad sedan
I think the rober may have some law suit to mr magnet for tempt in murder ( like he pulled a gun but the "hero" fired at him
Avkez Ramos
Avkez Ramos Månad sedan
This is going to ATTRACT the deomonitization team. Get it, because its magnet and it attracts. No. Ok fine
Maria Kusumaningrum
Maria Kusumaningrum Månad sedan
Even badguys feel bad for super heros
Mini_TiniBRasil 34
Mini_TiniBRasil 34 Månad sedan
the reality of magnet:
Johnnys Truck channel
Johnnys Truck channel Månad sedan
He didn't kill him, the ambulance did
Aiden Turnage
Aiden Turnage Månad sedan
Does that count as murder or suicide
Eiram Jacob
Eiram Jacob Månad sedan
|ㄒ丂 丂ㄖ 乃卂ᗪ
Nahum tt 2
Nahum tt 2 Månad sedan
Mr magnet worst super hero
michael fiorentini
michael fiorentini Månad sedan
Mr.magnet 2020-2020
Kyle Li
Kyle Li Månad sedan
The rip off version of magneto
Chetan. Månad sedan
Kinda satisfying ngl
Robby S
Robby S Månad sedan
You just made magnetic powers the worst power a hero can have.
Nashad PLAYZ
Nashad PLAYZ Månad sedan
Dresde8n Henderson
Dresde8n Henderson Månad sedan
Melee weapons that are wood is better
Alison Sturdevant
Alison Sturdevant Månad sedan
That hit the spot!!👍👍🤣🤣🤣🤣
Aaron _YT
Aaron _YT Månad sedan
You will never stop laughing 😆 fu*k sake
David Stull
David Stull Månad sedan
This video is interesting, I'll be honest. However, whenever he attracts everything all at once, shouldn't he have died? I mean, a saw and a sign puncture his head and he still tries to scream
Carlito 622
Carlito 622 Månad sedan
Chase Dean
Chase Dean Månad sedan
But bullets are made of copper and lead
Chase Dean
Chase Dean Månad sedan
Except military .556
Moe.G Månad sedan
Why did the robber care so much about him being impaled when the he was going to kill him?
Hakan Kaya
Hakan Kaya Månad sedan
Next time get the opposite
GamingToTheMax Månad sedan
Lee Bee hua
Lee Bee hua Månad sedan
Nightwing4380 Jian Roman
Nightwing4380 Jian Roman Månad sedan
Metal Manipulation
Gatcha Grace
Gatcha Grace Månad sedan
Wow!! that was something
Ok Boomer
Ok Boomer Månad sedan
BFDI Jumping funding: Corporation For Public Broadcasting Viewers Like You Thank You
Ok Boomer
Ok Boomer Månad sedan
Cyanide and Happiness Mr. Magnet Credits: Created By Kris Wilson Rob DenBleylek Dave McElfatrick Directed By Rob DenBleylek Screenplay By Rob DenBleylek Story By Joel Watson Mike Saledio Dave McElfatrick Kris Wilson Connor Murphy Animation Director Bill Jones Supervising Animator Matt Thurman Animation Matt Thurman Character Design Paul Blair Elizabeth Del Rosario Background Art Denise Madgale Animatic Connor Murphy Editor Taylor Ransom Theme Song "I like your hat" Dan Paladin Sound Editor/Mixer Cynamic Studios Ben Governile Sound Design/Foley Nic Fedelre Ben Governile Music Steve Lethman Voice Actors Brock Baker - Mr. Magnet Alex Walker - Mugger Laila Berzins - Old Lady Produced By Adam Nustralla Production Manager Autumn Soeder Production Coordinator Michael Stewart © 2013 Explosm All Rights Reserved
GeneralB Månad sedan
How do you think he got his powers
Meme Man
Meme Man Månad sedan
Why does his screaming remind me of purple guys death scream
Main Crit
Main Crit Månad sedan
The real question is how the hell did this guy survive until now, he should have been impaled, think about it his mum would also get impaled when he was in her belly lol
Le Misanthrope
Le Misanthrope Månad sedan
Yamato EX
Yamato EX Månad sedan
Should has turn off his magnet power before using the gun.
Mary Bitar
Mary Bitar Månad sedan
van decoteau
van decoteau Månad sedan
XdaX Månad sedan
i love that they literally just killed a new hero. THEY DONT WANT PEOPLE ASKING FOR SEQUELS.
TJ Soguilon
TJ Soguilon Månad sedan
Poor guy, got attracted by brutality...
Lucas J Lehmann
Lucas J Lehmann Månad sedan
So that is why Magneto didn't become a superhero.
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