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geo kakabadze
geo kakabadze 9 dagar sedan
Hello little friend! The part where he raises his arm to shake the other guy’s hand gets me. It so cut how he was kind and friendly
IsaiahTale 11 dagar sedan
How did getting his arm ripped of kill him
Aleem Balogun
Aleem Balogun 13 dagar sedan
I'll miss you lil friend
The Dukc
The Dukc 14 dagar sedan
Why couldn’t you just make it a happy one
Yusuf Sekandari
Yusuf Sekandari 14 dagar sedan
He was sooo cute why did you kill him you are a devil writer
Alpha Quirck
Alpha Quirck 15 dagar sedan
oh god why
Sara Light
Sara Light 16 dagar sedan
Any relations to Tiny style?
Sad Boy
Sad Boy 16 dagar sedan
I thought there was gonna be no death and i just imagine he just shows the little guy and the video ends
James The Animator
James The Animator 17 dagar sedan
Finnerhardpro 19 dagar sedan
Haha lol
Unknown User
Unknown User 19 dagar sedan
Dark af
Landedsacuce 7753
Landedsacuce 7753 20 dagar sedan
Why is there water in the bag?!??!?!?!? 0:19
Stinky Pinky
Stinky Pinky 20 dagar sedan
TGA GAMING 21 dag sedan
Rip Little Friend "Only lived 26 second in a video" - September 20, 2020
The Robot XD
The Robot XD 21 dag sedan
Wow that was fast
Veljko Djokic
Veljko Djokic 23 dagar sedan
I have one,he is now BIG friend
Honey is Sweet
Honey is Sweet 23 dagar sedan
Well that was unexpected
super plumber broos
super plumber broos 24 dagar sedan
Is Scarface
JayR's Crazy World
JayR's Crazy World 26 dagar sedan
Everybody putting f in the chat for little friend F
Ankush Rana
Ankush Rana 26 dagar sedan
The guy with little friend was actually the don baby, fully grown up.
mindaugux 27 dagar sedan
That is just sad actually...
RedNB7 27 dagar sedan
I kinda wish I had a little friend. That would be cool…
Justin’s Gaming videos
Justin’s Gaming videos 27 dagar sedan
He should have shared his hand with his finger.
asioe kiou
asioe kiou 27 dagar sedan
Bonus Frame: The mobster shots the guy with a big friend
Denis Veverica
Denis Veverica 27 dagar sedan
:( I thought he gonna kill him after that
Kasey R.
Kasey R. 28 dagar sedan
I was expecting the little friend to pull out a big gun
Luisfe Valenzuela
Luisfe Valenzuela 28 dagar sedan
I haven't laugh loud in a long time with C&H... Until now
Terracotta Geek
Terracotta Geek 28 dagar sedan
Very sad
dad i miss you its my fault you left isnt it
dad i miss you its my fault you left isnt it 28 dagar sedan
He may have been small but his life was tragically cut shorter
dcoog anml
dcoog anml 29 dagar sedan
At least the guy didn't murder him for killing his friend
Kai Dwyer
Kai Dwyer 29 dagar sedan
I think something is deeply wrong with me because I watched the arm ripping over and over again for no reason at all
Kai Dwyer
Kai Dwyer 29 dagar sedan
He keeps his lil friend pressed against his right nipple What a special friend
Chilldude 29 dagar sedan
That was sad
dcoog anml
dcoog anml 29 dagar sedan
White : green is the imposter I sow him killing little friend Green : no u *white was not the imposter * Little friend X : what the f
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu 29 dagar sedan
Scar face pulls out his little friend doesn’t die in movie
Da Vinci
Da Vinci Månad sedan
Why did the little guy died when he lost his arm
Da Vinci
Da Vinci 28 dagar sedan
Insert Name
Insert Name 28 dagar sedan
How many tiny humans have you seen who survived their arms being ripped off
THE USSR Månad sedan
its not even comedy anymore its just depressing
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu 29 dagar sedan
I thought this was a C&H Among Us short with C&H people.
Dip Rick
Dip Rick Månad sedan
The funeral a toilet a toilet have it all black at least. 😥😥😥😥😱😱😱😱😱 little friend noooooooo!!!!!!!!
Kimberly Dai
Kimberly Dai Månad sedan
That's so cute!!! And maybe using high five is more appropriate than shaking hands lol
kingofatlantistv Månad sedan
Mad Max
Mad Max Månad sedan
The hand should’ve been a gun
wow that's old
wow that's old Månad sedan
I can't stop watching this it's so amusing yet so sad
D J Månad sedan
Didn’t lolathon already do something like this? Idk, there is probably others who do it too, nice animation though
Golden Gear Grinder
Golden Gear Grinder Månad sedan
Meet tiny style's brittle bone diseased cousin
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov Månad sedan
Scar face pulls out his little friend doesn’t die in movie
pinknoisefloyder Månad sedan
what did i just watch
ItalEngRo Månad sedan
Noooo so sad, my eyes are watering but I am also laughing.
Myriad Montaine Professional Cat
Myriad Montaine Professional Cat Månad sedan
i thought a bullet was gonna come out of little guys arm when it was pointed at his head lol
TheBlueInspector Månad sedan
White : green is the imposter I sow him killing little friend Green : no u *white was not the imposter * Little friend X : what the f
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov Månad sedan
Tiny style origin story
The Arctic Phoenix
The Arctic Phoenix Månad sedan
What the fuc
Socrates7 vibing soda
Socrates7 vibing soda Månad sedan
Clay Soggyfries
Clay Soggyfries Månad sedan
Maggie the Chatty Hound
Maggie the Chatty Hound Månad sedan
I thought this was a C&H Among Us short with C&H people.
Me Who
Me Who Månad sedan
Did this earlier but there were millions of lil friends they were white and for some reason liquid
Noob_ SaibotxX
Noob_ SaibotxX Månad sedan
Top 10 saddest anime deaths
Gameinations Månad sedan
After a few more of these you can do a comic mash up
Kevin Månad sedan
i cringed
Erick Smith
Erick Smith Månad sedan
Being 6'4 this homw i feel with some my short friends.
Jose 6.9
Jose 6.9 Månad sedan
R.I.P Little Friend
music Studio
music Studio Månad sedan
Aos Månad sedan
I thought the little friend had a tiny gun that'll blow up his head with.
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose Månad sedan
Who else thought the little friend was gonna shoot him?
Tobias Holtmaat
Tobias Holtmaat Månad sedan
What if the little friend did have a gun...
Yohanan Shekhtman
Yohanan Shekhtman Månad sedan
Tiny style origin story
Jai Croosh
Jai Croosh Månad sedan
So deep and sad dammmmnnn
I_love_Grievous Månad sedan
So cute little friend i want one
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose Månad sedan
I came to laugh, not to cry 😭
Safaeit Hossain
Safaeit Hossain Månad sedan
They don't last very long.
cgvds045 Månad sedan
Kiddojaythegreat 09
Kiddojaythegreat 09 Månad sedan
😢rip little friend
Alex Månad sedan
DoctorX17 Månad sedan
João Pedro Jurema
João Pedro Jurema Månad sedan
Garbage Content Maker
Garbage Content Maker Månad sedan
Plot twist: Little friend was faking his death do over style
Mokhtar Salam
Mokhtar Salam Månad sedan
I think it will be a grenade and it will blow him up.
Napoleon I Bonaparte
Napoleon I Bonaparte Månad sedan
You’re got a friend in me?
Native American Swag
Native American Swag Månad sedan
He really did have a little friend! RIP SMH 🤦‍♀️😭👏🏻
Mohsin Sheikh
Mohsin Sheikh Månad sedan
Green is sus
theSuhChef Månad sedan
*cue John Wick...*
Qwil Månad sedan
Citron_Man Månad sedan
I came to laugh, not to cry 😭
Hi There! OFFICIAL Månad sedan
The imposter killing the mini crewmate instead of the main crewmate:
Transgirl Vs. The World
Transgirl Vs. The World Månad sedan
I honestly feel kinda sad now...
PhalanxKing Månad sedan
Little people lives matter!!
『IᴛᴢMʏᴀᴋᴜ』 Månad sedan
This was so sad...
Max Clinger
Max Clinger Månad sedan
i wish humans was that small as to p0ick on them and break them apart because humans are evil creatures
Miles Prower
Miles Prower Månad sedan
_What we us tinies do keep in silence~..._
Hasan Talya Beydağı
Hasan Talya Beydağı Månad sedan
Vore accidents
Sam Grad
Sam Grad Månad sedan
That’s why you buy a Tiny Desk Engineer
DrPainPhD Månad sedan
Scarface Level 67: pulls out little Friend: Level 1 Random Guy: 1.... Nope now level 2
Geronimo1617 Månad sedan
That man just killed Tiny Style’s boyfriend!
skullcrusher skull
skullcrusher skull Månad sedan
R.I.P little friend 😢😢
Mr Game
Mr Game Månad sedan
i feels bad
Dang_Buddy Månad sedan
i got to HAND it to them i was not expecting that
Jeffry Valle
Jeffry Valle Månad sedan
My little freind😢
BreadKittens Coy
BreadKittens Coy Månad sedan
How much for the little freind
Nater K
Nater K Månad sedan
Let's give him a hand
rasp berryboo
rasp berryboo Månad sedan
I want a little friend
commder cat 10
commder cat 10 Månad sedan
Poor scar face
Mbuyiselo Figlan
Mbuyiselo Figlan Månad sedan
That shit got dark real fast
lowesan Dune
lowesan Dune Månad sedan
I didn't understand and why he flushed him and not buried him. .
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