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TCn TheClassicnathan
TCn TheClassicnathan 4 timmar sedan
Oh no :(
Missy Citty
Missy Citty 19 timmar sedan
I want a little friend..
CameronBallZ Dag sedan
Can we have an F in the chat for his little friend?
Minimiggie Gamer
Minimiggie Gamer Dag sedan
"Go find Nemo"
The sauce god
The sauce god Dag sedan
Christian Hutton
Christian Hutton 2 dagar sedan
Potato 2 dagar sedan
"Awww this is so cu- "OH MY GOD"
XIIMOONIIX moon 3 dagar sedan
Lil friend was so cute 😭💕
Juan C
Juan C 3 dagar sedan
Hello There
Hello There 3 dagar sedan
If the writers' abilities allow them to have the power to not kill little friend, they should use it
Tyler Sauverwald
Tyler Sauverwald 4 dagar sedan
I was gonna say does it mean say hello to my little friend and it happened
Andrew Simpson
Andrew Simpson 6 dagar sedan
Ngl,kinda sad
ThatBritishMemeGuy 6 dagar sedan
I’m crying
ALexa play despacito
ALexa play despacito 7 dagar sedan
Can we have a comics classics compilation?
Announcer Speaker Box
Announcer Speaker Box 7 dagar sedan
שר הביטחון של אורי ורד
שר הביטחון של אורי ורד 8 dagar sedan
I expected the mafia guy to kill the dude but apparently he was cool with it so if they cool I'm cool
Mothost 8 dagar sedan
Random Stuff
Random Stuff 8 dagar sedan
That just made me sad
Fireskullbro 8 dagar sedan
Not gonna lie I expected lil friend to have a gun but I was so wrong
の深淵ナイトメア・ノクターン 8 dagar sedan
As a veteran of this channel, I expected something much worse
Chris Munoz
Chris Munoz 9 dagar sedan
I was comment 911 I know where you live
Pastell_MC 9 dagar sedan
✨Dark Wholesomeness✨
Bexxebu 9 dagar sedan
R.I.P little friend.
Luiz Henrique Neves Costa Dias
Luiz Henrique Neves Costa Dias 9 dagar sedan
The funniest part is when he puts it into a plastic bag full of water to flush him
El Waltrex
El Waltrex 10 dagar sedan
Litlle friend vs tiny style?
tuth ber
tuth ber 10 dagar sedan
Im just sad now...
Temo Manden
Temo Manden 10 dagar sedan
Reconnecting Try again
Reconnecting Try again 10 dagar sedan
He flushed a plastic bag down the toilet, no wonder everyone wanted him dead
Box Guy
Box Guy 10 dagar sedan
his friend is gone.
Napthaly C. Dansalan
Napthaly C. Dansalan 10 dagar sedan
Hmmm thats funny
michaelflash123's stuff
michaelflash123's stuff 10 dagar sedan
RIP Little friend
Joshua Mcquade
Joshua Mcquade 10 dagar sedan
RIP little friend 2020-2020
Body of a man Spirit of a beast
Body of a man Spirit of a beast 10 dagar sedan
Plot twist : he becomes someone's little friend
Hannes Biersack
Hannes Biersack 11 dagar sedan
Still waiting for the C&H Classics theme
mm lya
mm lya 11 dagar sedan
thefoxxygamer21 11 dagar sedan
They had us in the first part not gonna lie
DJ Scully gaming
DJ Scully gaming 12 dagar sedan
poor scarface he lost he little friend :(
Tone Master
Tone Master 12 dagar sedan
I thought the little friend was gonna have a gun and kills the guy Talk about a twist ending
Danielk Hunterk
Danielk Hunterk 12 dagar sedan
Did someone say tiny style
Roni 14 dagar sedan
To sad
Pikachu YouTuber
Pikachu YouTuber 15 dagar sedan
I love how he flushes him like a fish
Crewe cab king
Crewe cab king 17 dagar sedan
NOOOO 😭😭😭😭
Arbitrary Everything
Arbitrary Everything 18 dagar sedan
This was so nearly wholesome.
Lapo Riccardi
Lapo Riccardi 21 dag sedan
Oscar Connelly
Oscar Connelly 23 dagar sedan
Say hi to my little friend can be used to say hi to something else special ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Pavel Mihai
Pavel Mihai 24 dagar sedan
Now i just realised that he (maybe) drowned him just to be sure that he is dead...holy shit!
Deu Branco
Deu Branco Månad sedan
Eric Moreno
Eric Moreno Månad sedan
Baldibruh965 waterson
Baldibruh965 waterson Månad sedan
R.I.P little friend
Vitaliy Otlyev
Vitaliy Otlyev Månad sedan
it gives me some kingdom rush vibes.say hello to my little friend.
WaitWhyImHere Månad sedan
Me:aww it was cu- *lil' friend dies* Me: :(
Anothergamei Boi
Anothergamei Boi Månad sedan
*Visible confusion*
Zoiky 21
Zoiky 21 Månad sedan
The. Fuck. Did. I. Just. Watch.
ten gościo
ten gościo Månad sedan
R.I.P My little friend X-2020 "That friend live on our little heards"
Clawgre Hellsing
Clawgre Hellsing Månad sedan
LOL rip little friend
Mister LUnity
Mister LUnity Månad sedan
Darker, darker, darker, and darker.
Bluey Månad sedan
the thumbnail spoiled it
somebody the cheese thief
somebody the cheese thief Månad sedan
Poor little friend
parth rawal
parth rawal Månad sedan
What the hell was this ???
магамед курамагомедов
магамед курамагомедов Månad sedan
Ihsana Rasheed
Ihsana Rasheed Månad sedan
Tony Montana vibes
SBG animation
SBG animation Månad sedan
Plot twist: he really did that
Shen Doodles
Shen Doodles Månad sedan
Did somebody say Tiny Style?
JUANITO QC Månad sedan
Sacrifice My own life for Pakistan
Sacrifice My own life for Pakistan Månad sedan
Lo key this sad rip my little friend
Oaktopus Månad sedan
I can't even be surprised tbh.. he shook that little friend's hand with his whole hand! He wasn't ready.. All he needed was a. Thumb and finger
Faisal Farooq
Faisal Farooq 2 månader sedan
Why are these called classic? I mean I still remember watching them when they came out and it feels not long ago.
SaltedEx 2 månader sedan
I felt pain at the end
ThatAnimation Kid
ThatAnimation Kid 2 månader sedan
ThatAnimation Kid
ThatAnimation Kid 2 månader sedan
Rip little friend f in the chatt
spookith the one
spookith the one 2 månader sedan
"good bye my lil friend :'("
Aiden Rj Maestro
Aiden Rj Maestro 2 månader sedan
I thought the little friend have a gun and gonna shoot the other guy
Again Not Again
Again Not Again 2 månader sedan
"Salute my little friend"
John Pidgeon
John Pidgeon 2 månader sedan
Now say hello to my big friend
Kritical- zo
Kritical- zo 2 månader sedan
Top 10 saddest anime deaths😔
geo kakabadze
geo kakabadze 3 månader sedan
Hello little friend! The part where he raises his arm to shake the other guy’s hand gets me. It so cut how he was kind and friendly
IsaiahTale 3 månader sedan
How did getting his arm ripped of kill him
Aleem Balogun
Aleem Balogun 3 månader sedan
I'll miss you lil friend
The Dukc
The Dukc 3 månader sedan
Why couldn’t you just make it a happy one
Yeet Mageet
Yeet Mageet 3 månader sedan
He was sooo cute why did you kill him you are a devil writer
Edgeshot 3 månader sedan
oh god why
Sara Light
Sara Light 3 månader sedan
Any relations to Tiny style?
Sad Boy
Sad Boy 3 månader sedan
I thought there was gonna be no death and i just imagine he just shows the little guy and the video ends
SlippyMcCheeseHead 3 månader sedan
Finnerhardpro 3 månader sedan
Haha lol
Unknown User
Unknown User 3 månader sedan
Dark af
Landedsauce 7753
Landedsauce 7753 3 månader sedan
Why is there water in the bag?!??!?!?!? 0:19
Stranger Man
Stranger Man 3 månader sedan
TGA GAMING 3 månader sedan
Rip Little Friend "Only lived 26 second in a video" - September 20, 2020
Lemmings. Tabodi The Pokémon Style
Lemmings. Tabodi The Pokémon Style 3 månader sedan
Wow that was fast
Veljko Djokic
Veljko Djokic 3 månader sedan
I have one,he is now BIG friend
Honey is Sweet
Honey is Sweet 3 månader sedan
Well that was unexpected
super plumber broos
super plumber broos 3 månader sedan
Is Scarface
Angel Imposter
Angel Imposter 3 månader sedan
Everybody putting f in the chat for little friend F
Ankush Rana
Ankush Rana 3 månader sedan
The guy with little friend was actually the don baby, fully grown up.
mindaugux 3 månader sedan
That is just sad actually...
RedNB7 3 månader sedan
I kinda wish I had a little friend. That would be cool…
Justin’s Gaming videos
Justin’s Gaming videos 3 månader sedan
He should have shared his hand with his finger.
asioe kiou
asioe kiou 3 månader sedan
Bonus Frame: The mobster shots the guy with a big friend
Denis Veverica
Denis Veverica 3 månader sedan
:( I thought he gonna kill him after that
Kasey R.
Kasey R. 3 månader sedan
I was expecting the little friend to pull out a big gun
Luis 3 månader sedan
I haven't laugh loud in a long time with C&H... Until now
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