Not So Secret Agents | Cyanide & Happiness Monday Mashup

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3 månader sedan

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What type of shoes do spies wear??
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DeadEnderX X
DeadEnderX X 5 dagar sedan
Im glad they got tomska to voice agent 7
Eli Galvan
Eli Galvan Månad sedan
First one I try to watch with my mom 🤣
Th0r N1nja
Th0r N1nja Månad sedan
Is that tomska
EverydayCrevOfficial Månad sedan
Heh, breast of luck! I am going to die
Felipe Guillen
Felipe Guillen Månad sedan
hay my barthday is july 6
TheLoudHouse123 Månad sedan
Agent seven looks like Jonny English
Media Månad sedan
does the scientist guy's head not look like a bowling ball?
Dan F
Dan F Månad sedan
Agent 7's voice was very familiar, who voiced him?
Кирилл Смирнов
Кирилл Смирнов Månad sedan
Crazy Pie
Crazy Pie Månad sedan
Dick Tucker?!? I barley know her!
Jacob Moorcroft
Jacob Moorcroft Månad sedan
Huh, wonder why Tomska popped in for a voice role as Agent 7
Justkiwi Månad sedan
Mason The animator
Mason The animator Månad sedan
0:26 is that tomska????
Sneak 1
Sneak 1 Månad sedan
*big black buts* I prefer Japanese but go with what you want
odae kose
odae kose 2 månader sedan
BJ 700💣💣✈
SomeGamerPlays 2 månader sedan
Is that....Tomska?
Kazuo Inai
Kazuo Inai 2 månader sedan
I am almost 100 percent sure that agent 7 is Tom ska
Dawn Taylor
Dawn Taylor 2 månader sedan
Imagine who had to say that theme song
Just some random anime fan 1
Just some random anime fan 1 2 månader sedan
It’s sad they killed Dick Tucker off he was one of their more enjoyable characters
Make Up Your Mind inator
Make Up Your Mind inator 2 månader sedan
How come we didn’t get to see agent 7 driving his new car?
Azanii 2 månader sedan
i fell targeted lol
Azanii 2 månader sedan
i fell targeted lol
henry dresser
henry dresser 2 månader sedan
Is that fucking tomska?
aloo snackbar
aloo snackbar 2 månader sedan
New city hunter movie looks good
Trinidad Speaks
Trinidad Speaks 2 månader sedan
Why is no one talking about Agent 7 being voiced by Tom Ska?
Seth Leoric
Seth Leoric 2 månader sedan
I love how Clue gave him a rape car
Lazar Davidovic
Lazar Davidovic 2 månader sedan
Munangwa Nemarimela
Munangwa Nemarimela 2 månader sedan
"Big butt Big black butts" That one killed me😂😂👁👅👁
BLUE DRAGON BANDIT 2 månader sedan
I am 700th comment *sob*
Cannedtunagaming 2 månader sedan
Agent 7 sounds like tomska
Ren Amamiya
Ren Amamiya 2 månader sedan
Was that tomska?
Dr. Davenport Lee
Dr. Davenport Lee 2 månader sedan
its so dumb. but also so beautifully funny
Isabel Galeno
Isabel Galeno 2 månader sedan
XD he just gets a Boner on everthing
TNT YEATER 2 månader sedan
Agent 7 sounds like tomska
Eligijus Bučinskas
Eligijus Bučinskas 2 månader sedan
Are all of these just reuploded?
TOTAL XxOWNAGExX 2 månader sedan
Big black butts
Flash Berner
Flash Berner 2 månader sedan
P90 is a smg nt ar
Jennifer Gervacio
Jennifer Gervacio 2 månader sedan
Oohh i see what we have here 🙈🤣
Joshua Gelfand
Joshua Gelfand 2 månader sedan
I guess you could say he died hard
Wyatt Miranda
Wyatt Miranda 2 månader sedan
Why does agent 7 sound like Dee Bradley Baker from The Clone Wars
Dylan Christensen
Dylan Christensen 2 månader sedan
bobonaqa 2 månader sedan
big black butts
Bryne Amoah
Bryne Amoah 3 månader sedan
The pen should have fall down the table and exploded lame😒
Adam Cruz
Adam Cruz 3 månader sedan
bruh dick tucker is my favorite short
Atila Rocha
Atila Rocha 3 månader sedan
Que pênis grande
Oliver Grewin
Oliver Grewin 3 månader sedan
1:43 that's actually a submachine gun. Not an assault rifle...
Smol Boy
Smol Boy 3 månader sedan
Adam Disney
Adam Disney 3 månader sedan
How many times they said agent seven 🔽
xXYoungWolfXx 3 månader sedan
When they turn 2 og videos into a shitty complation
Victor Sanchez
Victor Sanchez 3 månader sedan
Jacob Joel Estrada
Jacob Joel Estrada 3 månader sedan
agent 7 sounds like tomska
F B I 3 månader sedan
“I need to press that button Button? Butt butts BIG Butts BIG BLACK BUTTS”
JcTheAnimator 3 månader sedan
Seriously, we need to see Dick Tucker vs Agent 7. Battle of the C&H Agents.
Sergio Canseco
Sergio Canseco 3 månader sedan
He had me at BBB
Mule The Donkey
Mule The Donkey 3 månader sedan
Dick's gotta get one of those things male dancers wear or something
That Guy
That Guy 3 månader sedan
İ think... İ think im Dick Tucker
epic dub gamer oof
epic dub gamer oof 3 månader sedan
Is that tom from eddsworld
some guy
some guy 3 månader sedan
3:47 just press it with your legs they arent tied to the rocket
Madara L Uchiha
Madara L Uchiha 3 månader sedan
Fake vaginas are awesome 😏
AllAmerican 3 månader sedan
I hear Tomska as Agent 7
Clyde crimsoncrow
Clyde crimsoncrow 3 månader sedan
If I would be a spy, I would be a gay agent who harass the other men. Dick tucker is my favourite character.
ln5t1nct 3 månader sedan
Is that Tom??
ray 317
ray 317 3 månader sedan
Hey make a 1hr compilation 😁😄
alex schnaider
alex schnaider 3 månader sedan
Soviet agent - more stereotypes))
Main Crit
Main Crit 3 månader sedan
What the freak was the other things used for, I must know agent H
Ezra BROWN 3 månader sedan
Did Tomska voice agent 7
bruhiwatchanime 3 månader sedan
I used to. Get in trouble for watching this
Ranibow Sprimkle
Ranibow Sprimkle 3 månader sedan
I never saw the end of that agent 7 clip
Loading 3 månader sedan
Just_Smi1e. 3 månader sedan
*S T I M U L A T E*
Coco Mina
Coco Mina 3 månader sedan
was this reuploaded?
Aerodynamic 1
Aerodynamic 1 3 månader sedan
Oh wow of course it has to be the soviets...that big red star.. *sigh* Explosm entertainment
SHAKURA'S ANIMATIONS 3 månader sedan
Wow. What app is used for the anims😁
Fetus Gaming
Fetus Gaming 3 månader sedan
Agent 7 sounds like Tomska, anyone else?
nick Jackson
nick Jackson 3 månader sedan
Should’ve called him Agent 69... Overall 11/10 would watch it a million times again👌
Sneak 1
Sneak 1 Månad sedan
Infection 3 månader sedan
Can you make more of this it's really funny hahahahah
Sparky Hart
Sparky Hart 3 månader sedan
Is TomSka voicing agent 7?
nopeity 3 månader sedan
I hear TomSka
Eliot stevens
Eliot stevens 3 månader sedan
What and why
Mystical Wolfy
Mystical Wolfy 3 månader sedan
Commit agent pen
Metro Samsung
Metro Samsung 3 månader sedan
Do you mean 007 James bond
Maidenlord 666
Maidenlord 666 3 månader sedan
That was me and middle school after I hit puberty
Martin Kalmus
Martin Kalmus 3 månader sedan
Samotbeatzz 3 månader sedan
Don't reupload vids please
s_lx 3 månader sedan
I just realized, does TomSka voice Agent 7?
Chip '
Chip ' 3 månader sedan
We want the return of Dick Ticker
Stephanie Shy
Stephanie Shy 3 månader sedan
My favorite channels
Stephanie Shy
Stephanie Shy 3 månader sedan
My Favorite Channels
Kai Bloemers
Kai Bloemers 3 månader sedan
Man if i had a p90 that shot lube my parents would take it away and use it for themselves
Devoured Eagle
Devoured Eagle 3 månader sedan
Hehe I think Dick grew up watching Beavis and Butthead 🤣 hehe...dick....grew UP huh huh
Demogame 54
Demogame 54 3 månader sedan
Where is Star Spangled Bastard?
tehreporter 3 månader sedan
For god sake! Have you ever seen a Bond movie? Those functions are vital for the completion of the mission!
Odept 3 månader sedan
Just realised agent 7 is voiced by tom ska
DatDerpBoi 3 månader sedan
Pls more Purgatony :)))
random gamer489
random gamer489 3 månader sedan
The last 20 seconds of don't talk makes it the best cynaide and happiness episode plz make more like how she took him and put him in her you know what plz make more like this
parsa fakhar
parsa fakhar 3 månader sedan
Big Black Butt? how did this not turn him off?
Fresh Memes
Fresh Memes 3 månader sedan
Hi people cyanide and happiness inspired me to make my own comics so far I’ve only uploaded 1 but anyone who sees this plz watch and tell me what u think ! Thanks 😊
Mc Fairy
Mc Fairy 3 månader sedan
agent 7? more like agent 69
Martin Kalmus
Martin Kalmus 3 månader sedan
68 Frend says that its get but you not do back ?
Soren Firestar
Soren Firestar 3 månader sedan
Orlando Reyes
Orlando Reyes 3 månader sedan
That's actually not cool