Old Men Speedrunning Death | Cyanide & Happiness Monday Mashup

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So..... old...... must... die.....
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Mr:AA Ansari
Mr:AA Ansari 4 dagar sedan
I just disliked because If I did I’d be the 400 dislike lol it’s at 399 I’m lucky
Landry Longacre
Landry Longacre 4 dagar sedan
Can’t believe I only just realized how infinity war ripped off Cyanide and Happiness
Justin’s Gaming videos
Justin’s Gaming videos 8 dagar sedan
0:26 Looks like Thanos snapped again.
Circledev 10 dagar sedan
Thanos snaps
Mr. Mann.
Mr. Mann. 10 dagar sedan
bro this literally predicted infinity war the first clip
TrashDragon 13 dagar sedan
“Now you’re dead too!” “Fantastic!”
robotpirate man
robotpirate man 14 dagar sedan
Thanos chill
JJ Gopuku
JJ Gopuku 15 dagar sedan
LOL he's mom older than hes son
Jimmy Palacios
Jimmy Palacios 16 dagar sedan
Rip grandpa was a good man but was chosen to be snapped out of existence
QUELL ENEMIES 17 dagar sedan
0:35 *we're in the endgame now*
Βασιλης Κουκουσης
Βασιλης Κουκουσης 24 dagar sedan
Grandpa: Of course I read you Kids a story Thanos: You should Gone for the Head ''SNAP'' Grandpa: Oh Noooo!
JcTheAnimator 27 dagar sedan
My grandpa died 4 years ago no cap, and the first one reminds me of his death.
The Megalodon
The Megalodon 27 dagar sedan
0:30 its avengers infinity war
ICE CREAM Månad sedan
i dont feel to well
Bababooey Månad sedan
This is the best title every
The Nerd Beast
The Nerd Beast Månad sedan
You aren't allowed to play with my emotions like this
that one guy
that one guy Månad sedan
0:03 G҉R҉A҉N҉D҉P҉A҉. F҉E҉E҉D҉ U҉S҉ Y҉O҉U҉R҉ S҉O҉U҉L҉.
Silent Aries
Silent Aries Månad sedan
That little girl's voice actor is obviously a guy but it never fails to make me chuckle.
tim fischer
tim fischer Månad sedan
gee i dont feel too good grandpa
Ray Månad sedan
When I saw the grandpa turn to dust the first time it really messed me up
Tyloor L
Tyloor L Månad sedan
I don’t get the first one
masrafi islam
masrafi islam Månad sedan
thanos u idiot....
ric redaja
ric redaja Månad sedan
How is her mother alive when the kid turn grown up lol into 999 old Her mom is an elf
ric redaja
ric redaja Månad sedan
How is her mother alive when the kid turn grown up lol into 999 old Her mom is an elf
Light Wolf Productions
Light Wolf Productions Månad sedan
Thanos snapped the first guy out of existence
Lana Greene
Lana Greene Månad sedan
I love how dark some of these are.
Oikawa Tooru
Oikawa Tooru Månad sedan
How she not dead
Goatman Brigance
Goatman Brigance Månad sedan
Grandpa just got dusted
charlesberg 2 månader sedan
Ohhh, dude is literally 6ft under...
Lil Tom
Lil Tom 2 månader sedan
0:36 hes the TF2 spy
BATTLE CHANNEL 2 månader sedan
julius bielek
julius bielek 2 månader sedan
thanos snap
DJ Eta
DJ Eta 2 månader sedan
Grandpa.exe has expired Like to update aplication:
Desti The Octoling
Desti The Octoling 2 månader sedan
0:27 Kids? I don't feel so good.
Dutch Vanderlinde
Dutch Vanderlinde 2 månader sedan
First clip was thanos
Dawson Day
Dawson Day 2 månader sedan
Go to 140
Dawson Day
Dawson Day 2 månader sedan
Go to One minute
Idc2 2 månader sedan
Wow I feel sad for the first one
Yousef Ahmed
Yousef Ahmed 2 månader sedan
Thanos was their
Jasper Warren
Jasper Warren 2 månader sedan
Wait I just realised, there was an outlet in 1929. I think thats a *j o k e*
Nato Intalachai
Nato Intalachai 2 månader sedan
0:31 I don’t feel so good
Mjhops760 2 månader sedan
The im fucking old made me laugh so hard
Danny playz random stuff Le
Danny playz random stuff Le 2 månader sedan
I'm the fuc*in guy with the glaesses
Alex Schaal 2
Alex Schaal 2 2 månader sedan
0:35 I don't feel so good
Elijah The Marvelous
Elijah The Marvelous 2 månader sedan
0:30 Grandkids, I don't feel so good
Worst website
Worst website 2 månader sedan
Dreamedcar gaming
Dreamedcar gaming 2 månader sedan
the first one is not funny
Y 2 månader sedan
the tortoise one shouldve been on here
T Simpson
T Simpson 2 månader sedan
Thanos snaped In the first clip
Štěpán Simkanič
Štěpán Simkanič 3 månader sedan
0.35 oh fuck it happened again
Kurisuchanmozurēクリスチャンモズレー • 10 years ago •
Kurisuchanmozurēクリスチャンモズレー • 10 years ago • 3 månader sedan
Tis but imagination
I’m Existent
I’m Existent 3 månader sedan
impaled0corpse 3 månader sedan
Thanos killed grampa
Edgar Eliseev
Edgar Eliseev 3 månader sedan
When the bedtime story came , thanks snapped
Braig 3 månader sedan
Those ghost guys must’ve been really great friends if they still wanna hang out after he killed him basically
ronnin99 3 månader sedan
The hell was that first one
Marek Konkel
Marek Konkel 3 månader sedan
grandpa get snapped by thanos book
Ice of death
Ice of death 3 månader sedan
Thanos snap be like:
会先生 3 månader sedan
0:00 mr stark i dont feel so good
Not the cinnamon toast bun
Not the cinnamon toast bun 3 månader sedan
Stark...i dont feel so good
michelle thomas
michelle thomas 3 månader sedan
Wtf the f word
KillerKinkstar 3 månader sedan
Grandpa got thanos snapped
0ttmah 3 månader sedan
why is there enough clips to make this a title?
Kendrick Bohringer
Kendrick Bohringer 3 månader sedan
That first clip took place during infinity war
Maxm cperner
Maxm cperner 3 månader sedan
0:35 Mr Churchill I don't feel so good
Pog 3 månader sedan
I think He cheated
Sandra Plotecher
Sandra Plotecher 3 månader sedan
Chelsea Hoover
Chelsea Hoover 3 månader sedan
0:31 thanos has done this
MemeAzim Likes MSM And Brawl Stars
MemeAzim Likes MSM And Brawl Stars 3 månader sedan
0:52 The way he Naruto Runs there though.
Mansor Atiqi
Mansor Atiqi 3 månader sedan
Serten mhn
Serten mhn 3 månader sedan
Trailer for infinite war
Kacper Jacewicz
Kacper Jacewicz 3 månader sedan
Player grandpa was slain by thanos
RAPHDAM LE VRAI 3 månader sedan
Grandpa: mr stark i dont feel so good
Moongo the memer
Moongo the memer 3 månader sedan
1:37 did his mom just live longer?
Nick Johnson
Nick Johnson 3 månader sedan
Endgame in first clip?
behdad g
behdad g 3 månader sedan
0:33 don't worry.he will be back after hulk's snap
Joobaly 77
Joobaly 77 3 månader sedan
Remember when this channel made shorts instead of just putting a bunch of their old ones together
Agente [REDACTADO] 3 månader sedan
I dont miss mi grandpha, i love him
Rick Martinez
Rick Martinez 3 månader sedan
Well that's just sad from the begging but the middle and the ghost part are funny
Father Maxi
Father Maxi 3 månader sedan
Thanos why
Musiciswasup 3 månader sedan
"Grandkids, I don't feel so good"
Satan 3 månader sedan
Count on C&H to question my own mortality
Andy Alien
Andy Alien 3 månader sedan
Bro endgame spoilers
Just Pugz
Just Pugz 3 månader sedan
The thanos snap
Max Balck
Max Balck 3 månader sedan
Fitness dances around
David Layne
David Layne 3 månader sedan
I'm fucking old
just someone with weird profile picture
just someone with weird profile picture 3 månader sedan
Grandpa: dies sadly Music : TETET TERERET
joku tällänen
joku tällänen 3 månader sedan
That first one is when Thanos snapped his fingers ??
Zeno Logic
Zeno Logic 3 månader sedan
Memba the game "The Legend of Starfy"?
Cash Jackson
Cash Jackson 3 månader sedan
My! This videos as old as me!
Drogon The Black Dread Returned
Drogon The Black Dread Returned 3 månader sedan
Damn it Thanos
leafyishereisdumbname aka ThanosetalgiaMemeories
leafyishereisdumbname aka ThanosetalgiaMemeories 3 månader sedan
thanos joke thanos joke
Cat Man
Cat Man 3 månader sedan
kids Never NEVER blow near your grandpas
illReplyWithOkIfUTryToInsultMe 3 månader sedan
Grandpa was thanos snapped or just disentigrated from oldness
Kae Fgrade
Kae Fgrade 3 månader sedan
1 : Steve!? I haven't seen you since you died!! 2 : Yeah now you're dead too!! 1 : FANTASTIC!!
Mr. mysterious shadow
Mr. mysterious shadow 3 månader sedan
Wow Thanos snapping got rid of Grandpa and the book.
Hosatus 3 månader sedan
That first one was just... sad. Theres normally like, a punchline or something but that was just depressing
Heresy Solo
Heresy Solo 3 månader sedan
Not as depressing as sad Larry's sad existence
celestial squirrel
celestial squirrel 3 månader sedan
Door one is kinda sweet tho🥺😢
Build a boat That’s what I do for a living
Build a boat That’s what I do for a living 3 månader sedan
That’s a fast grandpa
ali jahromi
ali jahromi 3 månader sedan
Dude wtf!!!??
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