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Hopefully we'll get to see our grandparents in person next year.
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hdnd Fadea
hdnd Fadea 9 timmar sedan
tim 12 timmar sedan
How sad for those kids
guilherme cunha
guilherme cunha 19 timmar sedan
3:14 Damn you thanos you snapped just when grandpa was about to tell a super story
Ramblin' Man
Ramblin' Man 20 timmar sedan
Grampa. This is so weird.
I like Potato
I like Potato Dag sedan
jesus christ the last one was depressing
Ang3loskyo 2 dagar sedan
2:10 well that’s kinda true
abon 2 dagar sedan
m&m 2 dagar sedan
God.. what could be worse than that
LiamDiamond 2 dagar sedan
Wait how did she get from down stairs into the room
Will Platt
Will Platt 2 dagar sedan
Oh snap
Zeborak 2 dagar sedan
Wait, what?! How'd she get upstairs so fast?!
Cillian Dowd
Cillian Dowd 3 dagar sedan
I feel bad for this grandpa 2:48
twz ziah
twz ziah 4 dagar sedan
Junk Bot
Junk Bot 4 dagar sedan
Junk Bot
Junk Bot 4 dagar sedan
Junk Bot
Junk Bot 4 dagar sedan
Chihuahua Ate Your Pants
Chihuahua Ate Your Pants 4 dagar sedan
My left or your left?
Anime 6am
Anime 6am 4 dagar sedan
Love these Mashups
msb1204 6 dagar sedan
I’m the 690th comment
rial59 evangelista
rial59 evangelista 8 dagar sedan
3:15 thanos was here
Aesthetic Addict
Aesthetic Addict 10 dagar sedan
Stephanie Mitchell
Stephanie Mitchell 12 dagar sedan
now that i seen grandpa die i wonder if i do is there gonna be a dark void?
protonightingale 13 dagar sedan
is that what happens when babys die then get revived by doctors
klee 13 dagar sedan
The second one gave me existential crisis
Andrew Marin
Andrew Marin 13 dagar sedan
Listening noob
Listening noob 14 dagar sedan
"Don't go into the room on the left!" The best one.
why creepy
why creepy 15 dagar sedan
F*** Samsu‌ng
CherryCherryDc2 15 dagar sedan
Well now i learned heaven doesnt exist
Ray Ruiz
Ray Ruiz 16 dagar sedan
I want to memorize that speech for when I die
Annie Anne
Annie Anne 16 dagar sedan
In the second one didn’t the man die?
The clones
The clones 16 dagar sedan
These are all terrifying
Ghostrider9727 16 dagar sedan
The first one kinda reminds me of the old goosebumps show on that one episodes
CherryCherryDc2 15 dagar sedan
TeddyWrld_ 16 dagar sedan
Ngl but if someone dies den gets back up screaming “it’s all lies it just a void, Darkness no light” I would be traumatized
TeddyWrld_ 3 dagar sedan
@Vivian Song ok this is dark💔
Vivian Song
Vivian Song 3 dagar sedan
Everybody would be unless your into that all alone in the void stuff but imagine what would be worst, trying to find a way out of that void then you see light in front of you and you run to it only to find yourself In bed with your arms and feet tied up and you see demons scooping up your insides and laughing and as you scream in pain and horror as you see them play with it a little the last thing you thought of before the never ending pain for the rest of your dead life was "I should have stayed in the void"
David Diaz
David Diaz 17 dagar sedan
Oh my lmao this is why pleasant news - a nihilist
Dejion Capers
Dejion Capers 17 dagar sedan
My man's got Thanos Snapped
Jerome fish keeping
Jerome fish keeping 17 dagar sedan
The Grandma's house short was the first I ever watched as a kid an man I was traumatized.
Noah Oien
Noah Oien 14 dagar sedan
That sort of thing kinda almost happened when I was at my grandma's house. She was changing her clothes and left the door open a crack, and when I walked by I accidentally looked inside. I wanted to carve my eyes out with a spoon.
osmosis 01
osmosis 01 17 dagar sedan
3:00 did G pa give his grandkids a mild pimp slap before picking out a bed time story? Lol 🤜👦👧👋🗯🦷🥺😴🙃
Porter Ijsseldijk
Porter Ijsseldijk 17 dagar sedan
How in the fuck did grandma get upstairs without the boy seeing her?
Samuel Diaz
Samuel Diaz 17 dagar sedan
The last one was just sad
Doggy Dude
Doggy Dude 17 dagar sedan
2:10 that's one of the deepest things I've ever heard in my life if this wasn't like a cartoon or somethin I prob would be traumatized lol
Anime Man
Anime Man 18 dagar sedan
I don't want to go i don't want time go
Sakellariou Dimitris
Sakellariou Dimitris 18 dagar sedan
Looks like grandpa didn't get to see the light yet
OCTO LUCKY 18 dagar sedan
That actually does happen when you die
Feles 87
Feles 87 18 dagar sedan
Those jokes are even darker than my soul is *HOW IS IT POSIBLEE!?!?!?!?!*
420 69
420 69 19 dagar sedan
I think the book was a Horcruxe
James 19 dagar sedan
A book take almost a thousand years to be blow and turn into dust damn that guy really old
bliz4 19 dagar sedan
damn some of them made me laugh a litte
salty yorkpeppermint
salty yorkpeppermint 19 dagar sedan
The birds are spys and arnt real
Clementtoh 23
Clementtoh 23 19 dagar sedan
1:00 white people
A.Guyeee 19 dagar sedan
A guyee approves.
Quiten Hoogeveen
Quiten Hoogeveen 19 dagar sedan
I’ll go back to S adopted do you want to say did you adopt it fuck with it let me suck
Kin Hoe Lai
Kin Hoe Lai 19 dagar sedan
Your grandpa so old, he is blown away with the dust covered on the old book.
Thangtluangi Bawlte
Thangtluangi Bawlte 19 dagar sedan
What the (grandma house) mean hos grandma is naked and what!!!?
David David
David David 19 dagar sedan
Haven't I seen this one before?
Clebert Sebro
Clebert Sebro 19 dagar sedan
*dear god*
TheGamersEmpier *
TheGamersEmpier * 19 dagar sedan
At 3:15 Thanos happened
Overlord Glaucus
Overlord Glaucus 19 dagar sedan
'Oldies But Goodies', it would be nice if not so much gets reposted and not 1/3 of the short 'Cyanide & Happiness' posts exist out of self-promotion.
The Red Roblox Ninja
The Red Roblox Ninja 19 dagar sedan
Grandpa got snapped by thanos
Billyada W
Billyada W 19 dagar sedan
What you don't want to see in somebody's house? A naked grandma
Randy Milles
Randy Milles 19 dagar sedan
Can u guys put more of ur stuff on VRV
Cameron Mcfadyen
Cameron Mcfadyen 19 dagar sedan
I love how in the last one the little boy sounds more like a girl then the girls does.
odinn tryggvason
odinn tryggvason 20 dagar sedan
Omg now I really don't want to die
Prf. kopperfield
Prf. kopperfield 20 dagar sedan
Mr. Holmes
Mr. Holmes 20 dagar sedan
The psycho nurse is hot "they all do that haha lol
thegamevisor 20 dagar sedan
Grandpa turned into master Oogway at the end
Andi Kryeziu
Andi Kryeziu 20 dagar sedan
I love how the nurse is just so used to them coming back and screaming that there is no afterlife
jeff is dead we killed him
jeff is dead we killed him 20 dagar sedan
Rex Jolles
Rex Jolles 20 dagar sedan
Absolutely delicious
shinobi gaming
shinobi gaming 20 dagar sedan
I have seen those so many times
Jesus Borquez
Jesus Borquez 20 dagar sedan
Thanos snapped
simple guy
simple guy 20 dagar sedan
This came out on a Tuesday
Sentry Gun Main Man
Sentry Gun Main Man 20 dagar sedan
I love the demonic " GRANDPA!"
12 Coolkeion
12 Coolkeion 20 dagar sedan
Someone did a thanos snap on the second grandpa
Scott Johnny Helgemo Aune
Scott Johnny Helgemo Aune 20 dagar sedan
The girl in the last short looked scary....
Steven Green
Steven Green 20 dagar sedan
In the old school horror movies nobody ever listens to the old person's warning.SAGGY BOOBS coming to a theater near you!!! Rated Y for yuck. XD
yktv kl
yktv kl 20 dagar sedan
More comps
GamingBoy126 20 dagar sedan
He is dumb he should have stayed out
Shinobi X
Shinobi X 20 dagar sedan
Missed chance to say "Oldies but Goldies"
Ooriley2 20 dagar sedan
Gary Collins
Gary Collins 21 dag sedan
The last was thanos.
Sarintoph 21 dag sedan
James Evans
James Evans 21 dag sedan
That nurse b WOKE as fck
Eef Neleman
Eef Neleman 21 dag sedan
Respect your elders! Unless they're batshit crazy, that is.
Vegeta 21 dag sedan
3:13 lol Thanos snap
drix 21 dag sedan
The book is made of a living humans flesh why it's fade I am to smart :)
Oceans of Dreamers
Oceans of Dreamers 21 dag sedan
Oh my goodness! The naked grandma would traumatise even an adult watching this! ...... I need to wash my eyes with clorox now......
strategy knight
strategy knight 21 dag sedan
Maggie best waifu for 2020
Dr Paperbottom
Dr Paperbottom 21 dag sedan
Bird is showing us everything XD
Nackzer 21 dag sedan
When is the next purgatony?
Jai137 21 dag sedan
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust
Khyzerxavier Nuique
Khyzerxavier Nuique 21 dag sedan
Google stadia kid
Gaming LastDot
Gaming LastDot 21 dag sedan
Sorry meant explosm
Gaming LastDot
Gaming LastDot 21 dag sedan
Umm explode can you make another sad Larry video but instead he actually does something because if I was with sad Larry I will actually appreciate him but others just abandon him on the first try so please
Gronzen 21 dag sedan
...I remember thinking the second one was so dark and I realized the grandpa was gone for like... a second or two, and he could've absolutely just done all that to mess with the kid, then had a heart attack, which is somehow both darker and funnier in my mind.
ReaperCat 21 dag sedan
On grandpa storytime thanos has snap his fingers
meme boy
meme boy 21 dag sedan
I have learned a lesson today never go in the room on the left
Dark_Weedle 21 dag sedan
Ah yes teleporting grandma Who looses her clothes
Alan Taylor
Alan Taylor 21 dag sedan
I've experienced the void as well, it was definitely life changing. I no longer fear death because I know what it's like. There is no pain, there is no joy, there is no hope or sadness. Just nothing. Not even the ability to think.
-ELYK - 21 dag sedan
I watched the last one and immediately thought: mr. Stark, I’m not feeling so good
averythesuperhero 20 dagar sedan
Never heard that one before.
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