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A baby in a basket is left on a doorstep...

Cyanide and Happiness delivers daily comics to your face-hole on explosm.net since 2005!
Created By: Rob DenBleyker, Kris Wilson, Dave McElfatrick
Directed By: Connor Murphy
Screenplay By: Connor Murphy
Story By: Connor Murphy, Joel Watson, Rob DenBleyker, Mike Salcedo, Dave McElfatrick, Kris Wilson
Voice Actors:
Baby Man - Joel Watson
Old Man - Bill Jones
Old Woman - Trisha Mellon
Animation Director: Bill Jones
Supervising Animator: Matt Thurman
Animation: Matt Thurman
Character Design: Natalie Zusman, Connor Murphy
Background Art: Denise Magdale
Animatic: Connor Murphy
Editor: Taylor Ransom
Supervising Sound Editor & Mixer: Ben Governale
Sound Design/Foley: Nic Federle, Ben Governale
Music: Steve Lehmann
Produced By: Adam Nusrallah
Production Manager: Autumn Soeder
Production Assistant: Michael Stewart

ExplosmEntertainment 7 månader sedan
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Random CD
Random CD Månad sedan
You predicted the future of the lockdown
_Dafni.the.super.doge_ :D
_Dafni.the.super.doge_ :D Månad sedan
If you wondered why they never get out of their home, it’s because they were on quarantine
Erik Vymětal
Erik Vymětal 2 månader sedan
She look like mother from lerry
Viviana Porras Chuquipoma
Viviana Porras Chuquipoma 2 månader sedan
Este es el correo de mi mamá
Viviana Porras Chuquipoma
Viviana Porras Chuquipoma 2 månader sedan
A propósito soy justin
Mr. VevoVEVOpain
Mr. VevoVEVOpain 2 dagar sedan
Imagine just going to a random family and saying that
Cristal Dark
Cristal Dark 4 dagar sedan
Dude he survived years with no food or clothes.
Rafael 3D
Rafael 3D 5 dagar sedan
Not possible to talk or walk... It needs to eat and drink >?!
Dez Neasman
Dez Neasman 6 dagar sedan
Wasn’t that sad Larry’s mom!???!!!
Nocron 7 dagar sedan
timothy wells
timothy wells 8 dagar sedan
Trail by trolley. ( Pacolet south Carolina)
atlis bolt
atlis bolt 10 dagar sedan
You forgot to ring the door
MegaMementoMori 15 dagar sedan
They predicted COVID lockdowns!
-LemonyTea- 17 dagar sedan
How is he able to talk he never learned lol
Felix Berg
Felix Berg 17 dagar sedan
House being at 68: Everyone: We where so close to greatness.
Jacob LeBlanc
Jacob LeBlanc 18 dagar sedan
Who doesn't exit the front door in decades
Aleem Khokhar
Aleem Khokhar 18 dagar sedan
This is the Robinsons if he didn't go back in time to ring the doorbell
Joey Hawkins
Joey Hawkins 18 dagar sedan
No one ever knew how he ate, how he drank, also if he's in a blanket in the middle of winter, shouldn't he have hypothermia? Plenty time to sleep though. Also, how was he able to speak without going to school? It's a cartoon alright
XT_NighTraiN 7804
XT_NighTraiN 7804 18 dagar sedan
That’s Sad Larry’s mom!
Destory 18 dagar sedan
Not nice
darknessblade 18 dagar sedan
Those 2 people living in that house Took Social distancing to the extreme.
THE UNDEAD 19 dagar sedan
0:13 The house number is 68
Lucas Fisher
Lucas Fisher 19 dagar sedan
I feel sad for him, house 68, just 1 off.
Aaron Yandell
Aaron Yandell 19 dagar sedan
I'm sure thier neighbors like to host lots of kinky parties and makes good times in the bedroom.
Mavi Kartal
Mavi Kartal 19 dagar sedan
Don’t know what’s more unrealistic. Baby being able to live, stand up and grow up without food or drink or people not leaving their house for more than 30 years.
TheNoobster 20 dagar sedan
Wait isn’t that the same woman who was sad Larry’s mom?
Rafael Chia Ruijie Index 27
Rafael Chia Ruijie Index 27 21 dag sedan
How did he learn how to talk
Milena Srbova
Milena Srbova 22 dagar sedan
Rapper: i grew up on the streets The streets:
Tyler Cozzi
Tyler Cozzi 22 dagar sedan
Everyone is asking about how the people didn't leave the house But no one is asking how the baby survived without no source of food?
Rijad Alibegoviç
Rijad Alibegoviç 23 dagar sedan
Is that... larry?
Alisha120058 24 dagar sedan
Looks like Sad Larry's mother.. Is that guy Sad Larry's brother?
Thawk Gaming
Thawk Gaming 24 dagar sedan
Muhammed Jassir
Muhammed Jassir 24 dagar sedan
It hurts me!!! 😢 Poor Baby!!! 😖
A Normal Gamer
A Normal Gamer 26 dagar sedan
gamer XD
gamer XD 26 dagar sedan
god dammit you made the house 68 why not 69
SynX_ Daily
SynX_ Daily 26 dagar sedan
Those elders was in quarantine that's why they didn't notice
JOSHUA CLIFTON 27 dagar sedan
Is that sad Larry’s mom
Adamcool360 27 dagar sedan
This man is a super humain he didn’t eat he didn’t drink he didn’t had clothe he stand a t the same spot for age learn to talk without anyone didn’t go to school and bruh why did t he ring when he was a teenager and no one ever ring to these house in there life dang these people and lonely and never leave their house
Julian Wilson
Julian Wilson 27 dagar sedan
Thats ridiculous how they didn't open that door once.
PYROBust 360
PYROBust 360 27 dagar sedan
They ordered door dash and asked them to always come through the back.
Da Vinci
Da Vinci 28 dagar sedan
Is it sad larry
Ęņģŕåvëđ 28 dagar sedan
Grown Up Gary.
Jack dude
Jack dude 29 dagar sedan
Is that sad larry mom?
h Månad sedan
wait so they never left their house after like 52 years?
Some Guy
Some Guy Månad sedan
He didn't get any food or water
The Amazing Spiderkid
The Amazing Spiderkid Månad sedan
Reson why he did not get let inside is cause the mom did not ring the door bell
Scorbunny Starter
Scorbunny Starter Månad sedan
Wait they didnt leave the house for years Covid 19 predicted
Canelo Cruz
Canelo Cruz Månad sedan
Whats an orphan bc i need information
abcddcba09 Månad sedan
1. How did he survive and grow up without food and water? 2. Who taught him to speak? 3. Where did he go? This is bothering me way too much!
Vlad Vorland Productions
Vlad Vorland Productions 27 dagar sedan
Cyanide and happiness logic
FM 13MPS Månad sedan
Sad Larry mom
Yis Pinto
Yis Pinto Månad sedan
You have been on the internet for so long that the number 68 infuriates u
Alessandra Montali
Alessandra Montali Månad sedan
Isn't She sad Larry's mother
Viviana Porras Chuquipoma
Viviana Porras Chuquipoma Månad sedan
Quiero combinar todo los suscriptores y seamos amigos de suscriptor
Viviana Porras Chuquipoma
Viviana Porras Chuquipoma Månad sedan
Me gusta tu programa
Viviana Porras Chuquipoma
Viviana Porras Chuquipoma Månad sedan
Podrías hablar en español por favor
Viviana Porras Chuquipoma
Viviana Porras Chuquipoma Månad sedan
Que es
creeper gamer
creeper gamer Månad sedan
That was sad larrys mom
jaguar Fortnite god
jaguar Fortnite god Månad sedan
Isn’t that sad larrys mother🤨
Lizard Love
Lizard Love Månad sedan
The Lesson We Learned Today Is: Babies Don't Need Food And Water To Survive.
スナエ Månad sedan
Isn’t the mom sad Mary
SLO Martinez
SLO Martinez Månad sedan
What happens if the grinch doesn’t get seen by the old women
SLO Martinez
SLO Martinez Månad sedan
In the shorts called “Orphan”
Eric De Lima costa
Eric De Lima costa Månad sedan
Y not 69
Jethilius Avalar
Jethilius Avalar Månad sedan
Half expected him to get hit by a car
Viviana Porras Chuquipoma
Viviana Porras Chuquipoma Månad sedan
Quiero el link del VRV
Viviana Porras Chuquipoma
Viviana Porras Chuquipoma Månad sedan
Kenny McCormick
Kenny McCormick Månad sedan
That was sad larry's mom!!!
Gustavo Martins da Silva
Gustavo Martins da Silva Månad sedan
It's Sad Larry's mother
The Light Entertainment
The Light Entertainment Månad sedan
I'm surprised that they did not walk out the door for 37 years I'm mean goodness also how did the baby not die from the cold and hunger and thirst and whatever? But still funny
Cheese the hoonter
Cheese the hoonter Månad sedan
It’s sad Larry’s lost sibling
Bionicokura Månad sedan
I did not expect trolley tom to apear
mister bars
mister bars Månad sedan
Wait is he sad larry
Hernandez Rodriguez Axel David 3IV15
Hernandez Rodriguez Axel David 3IV15 Månad sedan
How are they not dead?
Angelos Charitos
Angelos Charitos Månad sedan
So he can't starve to death and didnt ring the doorbell untill he was an adult
Andres Paloblanco
Andres Paloblanco Månad sedan
Christopher Langer
Christopher Langer Månad sedan
Sad larry's mom
Maniac Max
Maniac Max Månad sedan
should of dropped him off at house 69
Deadly Grub
Deadly Grub Månad sedan
Damn that's sad Larry's mother in the origin story
Wes Pez
Wes Pez Månad sedan
Worst orphan parents ever
TARZ ANIMZ Månad sedan
This looks like a secret sad larry Episode (future comment 2020) And also you already made Sad Larry begins
TARZ ANIMZ Månad sedan
This looks like a secret sad larry Episode (future comment 2020) And also you already made Sad Larry begins
Waluigi Needs justice
Waluigi Needs justice Månad sedan
0:40 Tiny pp moment
Yederson Rules
Yederson Rules Månad sedan
That’s sad Larry mum
Gyldenlev Månad sedan
Sad Larry’s mom ????
Depression Månad sedan
GachaJJ ._.
GachaJJ ._. Månad sedan
It's sad Larry's mom!
Troll_Dem _Neebs
Troll_Dem _Neebs Månad sedan
Isnt that Larry's mom from Sad Larry origins ? Does larry have a brother ?
Steve Anerson
Steve Anerson Månad sedan
thủy thủy
thủy thủy Månad sedan
Look at woman was sad look like larry?
VocalBoid889 [ボーカロイドボーイ889]
VocalBoid889 [ボーカロイドボーイ889] Månad sedan
Was that Sad Mary?
Kent Gil
Kent Gil Månad sedan
Sad Larry's mom whut
Nick Bumblebee
Nick Bumblebee Månad sedan
The reason the people never left their houses was because they were social distancing
Turtle Månad sedan
Altino Agent Ricci 547
Altino Agent Ricci 547 Månad sedan
IS LARRY S MOM!????!??
gaming lord563
gaming lord563 Månad sedan
The number on the house was 68, you have to hate your kid a hell of a lot to leave him at the house next to 69 instead of walking a few more feet to the right.
Hunter Vocke
Hunter Vocke Månad sedan
He made the address 68 instead of 69 I'm now depressed
romeo donasco
romeo donasco Månad sedan
how did he live without eating any food ???
Conrado Arce Jr
Conrado Arce Jr Månad sedan
Isn't that Larry's mom?
The Shöcker Pit
The Shöcker Pit Månad sedan
Will he ever get a job tune in next week to find out
SomePerson Online
SomePerson Online Månad sedan
Hold on, Hol on, Hol on...wasnt the mom Sad Mary? 🤨
Zer0xxCooL Månad sedan
I thought it was gonna be a for sale sign
Qiyana My Darlin
Qiyana My Darlin Månad sedan
Why isn’t Sad Larry sad in this video?
Train Track
Train Track Månad sedan
Isn’t that Sad Larry’s mother?
Yann Minola
Yann Minola 2 månader sedan
Sad Larry's mother, i swear !
Mr. Super
Mr. Super 2 månader sedan
Isn’t that sad Larry’s mom?
Jokeleth KuruEisner
Jokeleth KuruEisner 2 månader sedan
Either the baby is Larry’s long lost brother Or this is a “What if” where his mother left him and he grew up like this Or Larry stopped being sad after being born and became sad again after he left “home”
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