Punching Solves Everything | Cyanide & Happiness Monday Mashup

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Round one... Fight!
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Wesley Shuell
Wesley Shuell 3 dagar sedan
Wait....wait.....wait! Does that mean he has a ton of kids?
killcharge 5 dagar sedan
Ok the second one was actually kinda wholesome in a weird way
Essej Semaj
Essej Semaj 6 dagar sedan
RuralTowner 13 dagar sedan
That last one screams ONLY ONES - Baby's got a gun...
MotoX_808 13 dagar sedan
Someone explain that second one to me
Gabriel Yulaw
Gabriel Yulaw 13 dagar sedan
What's gonna happen to baby with a gun now.
Kal-El 16 dagar sedan
Duct taping a gun to a baby's head. Fricken genius I don't know why no one thought about it before.
Guilherme Heinlein
Guilherme Heinlein 17 dagar sedan
Tap Water.. Everlust.. Play Box.. Gu Tube.. Nice ads
Ichbims Derepep
Ichbims Derepep 24 dagar sedan
A baby with a gun? Im sorry is this some sort of american joke im to european to get?
Quin Gestel
Quin Gestel 28 dagar sedan
Plot twist: The baby with a gun... Read more
BossieCloverTheDarkSlasher 29 dagar sedan
No endurence=No power=Lose=Idiot
lilbits 29 dagar sedan
The third one was wholesome
simon chow
simon chow Månad sedan
Dad:my son. HE HAS TEN SONS
Le Fish
Le Fish Månad sedan
Thats the best way to kidnap have every kid go to your house
Some Random dude
Some Random dude Månad sedan
Is this the Nate robinson and Jake paul fight?
lovekiller122 TV
lovekiller122 TV Månad sedan
FIGHT TO THE DEATH like this commentIF U THINK so
Dr. Amzker rm -r /Brain
Dr. Amzker rm -r /Brain Månad sedan
Baby with guns , cmon😂😂😂😂😂
Mathgasm Månad sedan
I guess one baby is out gunned.
Jason B
Jason B Månad sedan
2nd 1 was soooooooooooooooooooooooooop cute.
Thomas-Joe Gray
Thomas-Joe Gray Månad sedan
I didn’t get the world star one
LampStand Månad sedan
3 years later: Here’s our returning champion, Baby with a gun!!! And our challenger!! 6 babies with 14 rocket launchers!
Tsriel Månad sedan
Baby with a Gun punches people with bullets.
Phoenix North
Phoenix North Månad sedan
What part of michigan?
G.G. Haugen
G.G. Haugen Månad sedan
Imagion dragons "Bullet in a gun" reminded me of baby with a gun
Kyle Broflovski -Tik toc: theratunderyourbed22
Kyle Broflovski -Tik toc: theratunderyourbed22 Månad sedan
1:23 i love it it's so heart warming having 10 kids
Juicy memes Setchy
Juicy memes Setchy Månad sedan
1:59 that’s ketchup not blood
oeaa72 Månad sedan
Alexandre Bizot
Alexandre Bizot Månad sedan
Quagmire in 2050
Arlo Bays
Arlo Bays 2 månader sedan
Omg just one punch and he explodes
Brayan Chautla
Brayan Chautla 3 månader sedan
Oh shit
Rares Rosu
Rares Rosu 3 månader sedan
Despite most of the comments, this mashup seems pretty sad to me actually. More cyanide than happiness and here's why I think that. Now please don't start the "that's bullshit" thing, and think about it for a minute (TL;DR works, though) . 1. @00:01 Airplane Dad: nepotism/ favoritism Incompetent people being given credit for their "ties" - people that can back them (parents, friends or people - in general - in high places). Guy only wishes to get some support, so that he can succeed, and help arrives. The "referee" - say judge of some kind (teacher, employer, real judge etc.) can't even "find" some rule that goes against it. Once he is successful, those who teamed up with guy, cheer him, while the others watch in horror. Do you know anyone in that situation? Does the short clip match, from this perspective? 2. @00:41 Seashell: religion (totally subjective) I remember that JB Peterson vs Sam Harris debate in Montreal, I think (or London, Sydney - can't really remember), when Sam says something like "I have a daughter. She's 5 yo and she LOVES Batman. If I told her that if she stopped believing in Batman, she'd burn in hell forever, she'll believe in Batman for the rest of her life" (yes, he considers himself an atheist) - hence, the child would be drifted away. Now consider that, together with the fact that young children look up to their parents, like whatever they say - goes. The end, after the logo - I think, maybe, remorse? Does the short clip match, from this perspective? 3. @01:49 The tall boys: rebellious nature That height restriction is not there to bully children. It's there as a safety measure. "But why would we, as kids, do what other people say is safe for us? we can take care of our own. We're full adults, fully conscious and responsible. That rule is bullshit and discriminatory and we'll find a way around it to do what we want". And we see the result. Now a bright (also sad) part comes at the end. The child gets what he wants, or at least something he seems to be happy about, no matter the circumstances, like the kid that had to die for it (even if it will only inflate his rebellious nature/ ego for a short, with no real benefits in the long term). And the salesman (who might be considered as being the guy before, or not) is totally oblivious to the reality in front of him. Just because he's sitting in front of an equal, or higher status man (yes, that's a red flag). Does the short clip match, from these perspectives? 4. @02:17 That's it: something, whatever, aka "parenting" Now I remember something from Peterson's (see above) book (12 rules for life) - no link to it and no copyright intended whatsoever. And one of the rules sounded like "Don't do anything that would make your children annoy you", or "Don't let your children annoy you", something like that. Now what the guy does, is exactly the opposite of that: letting his children annoy him and scolding them, while taking no real measures against it. I mean, he DOES turn around the car, while going in the same direction. And I really believe that's what they wanted to show in the clip (hence the humor in it). Do you know anyone in that situation? Does the short clip match, from this perspective? These were my thoughts when seeing this video, so yeah, go ahead and say what you thought of. As fun as their videos might seem, to me, most of them have some serious meaning (while still staying fun as hell, though!) Another mashup would be "punching solves everything": @00:01: football, meaning soccer, for others (can be a lot of other stuff, but that's the first thing that came to mind); @00:45 influencers (hell, we had a 14 yo girl being beaten and humiliated by another girl of around the same age, while some guy/ girl was recording and other kids were just sitting around or cheering - and it happens pretty much all around the world, so this video hits the spot - just some random attention seeker and then some random people giving him the attention they seek - sometimes they might get the attention they want (the son), sometimes even more); @01:52: pretty mixed. Don't bring a sword to a gun fight (in this situation don't go barehanded) OR skill/ talent/ hard-work vs capabilities/ resources OR just bringing into attention gun laws, like they do in other shorts, too. Sorry for the long post, but there's no potato for you. Get your own!
Bryan Doles
Bryan Doles 3 månader sedan
The person inside of the punching bag reminds me of clash of clans when all those goblins were inside
The boxer is little mac
Handsome Lancer
Handsome Lancer 4 månader sedan
Why so many kids why did he leave so many mothers
my content is trash dont watch it
my content is trash dont watch it 4 månader sedan
Old sport Pal
Old sport Pal 4 månader sedan
Poor guy
Shiota 4 månader sedan
i dont get it i dont get the 2nd one
Rocky Raptor TV
Rocky Raptor TV 4 månader sedan
That waz wholesome even tho he has many sons
Logan H
Logan H 4 månader sedan
Poor that guy
Heather Wilson
Heather Wilson 4 månader sedan
And in this corner is a baby with a gun
katymeowsalot oof
katymeowsalot oof 4 månader sedan
2d one wasnt deadly FINAALLY I kinda wanted to cry ....
dreamwastaken ツ
dreamwastaken ツ 4 månader sedan
poor guy :(
LittlePwnageMusicFan 1337
LittlePwnageMusicFan 1337 4 månader sedan
Punching isn't really the answer. The right way to not get frustrated is to stop, take a deep breath, and think.
andy 4 månader sedan
That recording sounds real 0:46
Racer Red
Racer Red 5 månader sedan
Actually some people say violence is not the answer
Marilyn Perdue
Marilyn Perdue 5 månader sedan
They had us in the first half not gonna lie.
CYANIDE 5 månader sedan
Patrick Lau
Patrick Lau 5 månader sedan
Hmm... what would really happen if I really gave a baby a gun?
Ramiro Reyes
Ramiro Reyes 5 månader sedan
The second video made me cry😭😭😭
Pro_Blockman GO
Pro_Blockman GO 5 månader sedan
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕗ
Ahmed Mohammed
Ahmed Mohammed 5 månader sedan
I hated the puppets
Cookie Doge
Cookie Doge 5 månader sedan
He won?
2OZ bonnie
2OZ bonnie 5 månader sedan
maybe that was sad larry
Victorious Plays
Victorious Plays 5 månader sedan
My son's you're all adopted
Doge time Gaming
Doge time Gaming 5 månader sedan
Lol the punch out reference 😂
Elias Calladitto
Elias Calladitto 5 månader sedan
0:51 “F*** you” 😂
Erin Killinger
Erin Killinger 5 månader sedan
I think he is the one that created boxing
Fishy ReactZ
Fishy ReactZ 5 månader sedan
I love how emotional fist fight is and also at 1:17 you can see Bob Ross at the related videos
Pallet Recovery
Pallet Recovery 6 månader sedan
Since when in the cage fights, baby's are allowed to have gun lisences
Absent Boi
Absent Boi 6 månader sedan
I love a baby with a gun
CKTT HLNK 6 månader sedan
1:38 "insert sons come in"
Ernest Gołębiowski
Ernest Gołębiowski 6 månader sedan
Children with guns is best part 🙈😅
h Broodje
h Broodje 6 månader sedan
Baby with a gun reminds me of Khabib... easily defeats
Jayden Barajas
Jayden Barajas 6 månader sedan
Indiana The 3rd
Indiana The 3rd 6 månader sedan
Before the video ended I was wondering are they gonna show three kids shoot each other with guns
FitzChivalryFarseer2 6 månader sedan
But which baby group won!!?
mjstory1976 6 månader sedan
FourArtifacts 6 månader sedan
Who else wants to see a baby with a gun vs two babies with a gun
Birdywar 6 månader sedan
ok the 3rd one had nothing to do with punching
First Light
First Light 6 månader sedan
He must have a lot of baby Mama's
Kcool23 6 månader sedan
This channel awesome
Kcool23 6 månader sedan
This channel good
Kcool23 6 månader sedan
I love this channel
Dobbie Dobbie
Dobbie Dobbie 6 månader sedan
The baby with A gun thing is copy right Tom ska
Haley K
Haley K 6 månader sedan
Haley K
Haley K 6 månader sedan
The first was related the real life world.
The Sputnik 1
The Sputnik 1 6 månader sedan
At 1:59 you must read the cages title... Comment what it says. And if you look near the speakers you will see the community sponsors.
Jojo 6 månader sedan
The guys at explosm entertainment are savages
ChrisDGamer 7 månader sedan
Didn't they just copy baby with a gun from Tomska?
MeAndEverything 7 månader sedan
"We have a baby with a gun" *TomSka left the chat*
Mystery Hero
Mystery Hero 7 månader sedan
So two babies with three guns are they a tag team?
Mystery Hero
Mystery Hero 7 månader sedan
Oh shit baby packing heat
Sandy Garcia
Sandy Garcia 7 månader sedan
Just wanna watch YouTube geez!
Just wanna watch YouTube geez! 7 månader sedan
In the dark corner of the street weighing in at 206 pounds! Aaaa raaapist! And on the sidewalk weighing in at 130 pounds! Aaaaa beautiful independent womaaan! With a gun! That’s what we call an “ equalizer”. Take em down ladies ❤️😏
spider knight
spider knight 7 månader sedan
where r u son
Thrasher49 7 månader sedan
2:30 tomska flashbacks
Caolán McGeown
Caolán McGeown 6 månader sedan
“Get out of my house!!!”
King BRG
King BRG 7 månader sedan
Stop fighting you guys. BOP
Amino games
Amino games 7 månader sedan
0:36 i feel like it's gears 5 it's a game
Edison Cervantes
Edison Cervantes 7 månader sedan
Baby with a gun
Fortnite with The homey’s 44
Fortnite with The homey’s 44 7 månader sedan
ROBLOX Xooyasd
ROBLOX Xooyasd 7 månader sedan
The Baby with a gun
DiseasedRat 7 månader sedan
I used this advice at school
Madara Jurgina
Madara Jurgina 7 månader sedan
A baby with a gun ha and two babys with three guns
JADE BLUE JAYNES 7 månader sedan
1:57 this is sponsored by tap water
Michael Clinard
Michael Clinard 7 månader sedan
This s*** is so stupid and funny at the same time I find myself thinking this is retarded I'm turning the phone off but no sir that don't work you draw us in and we've got to finish the videos (EAT YOUR HEART Out SOUTH PARK ). You guys are geniuses for doing this I look forward to seeing you guys on adult swim
TheMiningBeaver 7 månader sedan
I love how in the 2nd part of Cage Fight the refs had a bandage on his tum
Xzill gaming
Xzill gaming 7 månader sedan
OH SHIT ITS A BABY WITH A GUN, hurry somebody get detective Tomska here!
Alex Peet
Alex Peet 7 månader sedan
I’M also in Michigan world star world star
ItsMeNeko 7 månader sedan
the title made my life depressing.... i punched my grandpa who is sick... he died from my punch...
Ooriley2 7 månader sedan
World star
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