Sad Larry Begins - Cyanide & Happiness Shorts

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5 månader sedan

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Sad Larrys sad origin story...
Cyanide and Happiness delivers daily comics to your face-hole on since 2005!
Created By: Rob DenBleyker, Kris Wilson, Dave McElfatrick
Directed By: Rob DenBleyker
Screenplay By: Rob DenBleyker
Story By: Connor Murphy, Mike Salcedo, Joel Watson, Dave McElfatrick
Voice Actors:
Baby Larry: Trisha Mellon
Dad Larry: David Sapp
Mrs. Larrison: Trisha Mellon
Doctor: Joel Watson
Baby Tie Guy: Autumn Soeder
Animation Director: Bill Jones
Supervising Animator: Matt Thurman
Animation: Kris Behr
Character Design: Connor Murphy
Background Art: Denise Magdale, Shawn Coss
Animatic: Elizabeth Del Rosario
Editor: Taylor Ransom
Supervising Sound Editor & Mixer: Ben Governale
Sound Design/Foley: Nic Federle, Ben Governale
Produced By: Adam Nusrallah
Production Manager: Autumn Soeder
Production Assistant: Michael Stewart

Mr. Toasty
Mr. Toasty 13 timmar sedan
I love how Larry has hairy cheeks
StainderFin 2 dagar sedan
Fucking sad larry suicidel on born
dragonmastress 2 dagar sedan
i wanna adopt Lary to give him a chance to be happy!
Cyan jellybean
Cyan jellybean 21 timme sedan
But he’s not a baby anymore...
canal do rei Matheus
canal do rei Matheus 2 dagar sedan
Sad baby was not good
WaveThePlayer LyleTheMost
WaveThePlayer LyleTheMost 3 dagar sedan
Why did I watch this shit 😶 🔫
love 4 dagar sedan
his dad’s voice always gets me
ANTI DIOS 5 dagar sedan
Antinatalism would've saved him the trouble
Nathaniel 7 dagar sedan
3 months!?!ummm!
Bailey Angus
Bailey Angus 7 dagar sedan
3 months
Teidor Halari Blah
Teidor Halari Blah 8 dagar sedan
I think ill grow stupid watching this.
II M4X II 9 dagar sedan
This is honestly pretty shit.
Violeta OwO
Violeta OwO 9 dagar sedan
Poor lary
7w7 ;-;
7w7 ;-; 12 dagar sedan
Dale Nichols
Dale Nichols 14 dagar sedan
Those are bad parents
Garrett Doro
Garrett Doro 15 dagar sedan
Least now we know why Larry is always so sad: child abuse
Katarina Stamenkovic
Katarina Stamenkovic 9 dagar sedan
Anne Marie farah Thervil
Anne Marie farah Thervil 16 dagar sedan
Bruh babys cry so much like bruh ;w;
Fernanda Aguilera
Fernanda Aguilera 16 dagar sedan
Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo larrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry sadddddddddddddddddddddddddd
Fernanda Aguilera
Fernanda Aguilera 16 dagar sedan
Why larry he HeS sad
Fernanda Aguilera
Fernanda Aguilera 16 dagar sedan
Oh my god
WEED 19 dagar sedan
Larry needs to roast these noobs
RED BOY YT 19 dagar sedan
Wtf Larry 😅
Ryan Nonya
Ryan Nonya 19 dagar sedan
You think your life is hard? I'm a high school junior wearing size 13 nikes. Men's size 13 nikes. Beat that.
Alix6x Gorg
Alix6x Gorg 20 dagar sedan
Realize how the doctor pulled the baby from the left and not from the mother?!
Just some Guy
Just some Guy 21 dag sedan
Is it just me or does the world around larry legitimately suck? Like, it's a world you wouldn't want to live in anyway.
mine craft games
mine craft games 21 dag sedan
We also need him to become a thanos villian and find the infinity stones so he can make everyone depressed
Medic 23 dagar sedan
That other baby is not normal
Choose Kindness
Choose Kindness 23 dagar sedan
"Somebody get me a margarita" !!! 😂
austin spruill
austin spruill 25 dagar sedan
Sad Larry's Mom and Dad are Arrested for attempted murder and child abuse and sentenced for 21 Years in Bikini Bottom Prison and theirBoth Proven Guilty
Darren the gamer
Darren the gamer 26 dagar sedan
It’s not Larry’s fault, it’s the parents fault cause his mother drink alcohol for three mouths while she was pregnant and the father did not even stop her wife’s death who got the idea to slap Larry in the butt that will make him cry worse
Nornorminer R4
Nornorminer R4 27 dagar sedan
Those people who want to hug and help Sad Larry to be Happy proves that this world is not that cruel...
Somethingsuperbland 27 dagar sedan
Why can’t Larry just go on a rampage
Charles Robert Pike
Charles Robert Pike 27 dagar sedan
I noticed that every single episode Lary gets kicked with some food in the face: cake,macaroni, milk bottle,chirstmas dinner,breakfast
Evan Cary
Evan Cary 28 dagar sedan
The doc sounds like Kenny Albert.
Awi Sintaro
Awi Sintaro 28 dagar sedan
1:22 "I dance" Look at Larry ass and beard
Yuhao Ho
Yuhao Ho Månad sedan
He needs therapy
Pinkish Man
Pinkish Man Månad sedan
Wow that guy got his wish on an origin story
Minh Phan
Minh Phan Månad sedan
Mr. L
Mr. L Månad sedan
For the love of god, can you please make Larry happy
Navy seals Steven
Navy seals Steven Månad sedan
oh my
I did it Like this
I did it Like this Månad sedan
Its all fun and games, till sad larry finds out about death plus and orders it for everyone on credit
depressed dude
depressed dude Månad sedan
Saddd 😭😭😭😭
DoktorVinter Månad sedan
Okay so this was the saddest shit ever.
Aalema Abdullah
Aalema Abdullah Månad sedan
Everyone in the comment needs to stop being such a wimp. Let the sad Larry continue! It's just a cartoon, like cmon.
Pyotr Jan R. Torres
Pyotr Jan R. Torres Månad sedan
This one right here A part of cyanide
Jaden ZombieSlayer
Jaden ZombieSlayer Månad sedan
1:25 kicks milk
Jaden ZombieSlayer
Jaden ZombieSlayer Månad sedan
1:23 how you do how happy you in baby words
S Kumar2209
S Kumar2209 Månad sedan
glitchymcwar Månad sedan
its nature.. ahhhhh
Johnsdale Månad sedan
Jaden ZombieSlayer
Jaden ZombieSlayer Månad sedan
0:35 Larry dad For Fuck Sake Larry
Jaden ZombieSlayer
Jaden ZombieSlayer Månad sedan
0:42 YOUR RUINING THE HAPPIEST DAY OF MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Me Lol I'm dying 😂
spinswapshiftshift Månad sedan
me: sees baby dancing me: cute dancing baby: kicks bottle at larry me: ow
Some Raccoon With Internet Access
Some Raccoon With Internet Access Månad sedan
I felt bad for the baby 😆
Luke BlankPaper
Luke BlankPaper Månad sedan
Sounds like my childhood!
Inky Grimm Ananas
Inky Grimm Ananas Månad sedan
I'm sorry for Larry
Eiram Jacob
Eiram Jacob Månad sedan
ꀍꏂ꒒꒒ꂦ ꒒ꍏꋪꋪꌩ ꌚꍏꀷ?
Sarah EL Manferrah
Sarah EL Manferrah Månad sedan
WTF baby so cry fally mommy daddy SO FUCKING NO S**** Up sad Baby so time for cry.😥
Kacper XXX
Kacper XXX Månad sedan
Then he got adopted, named Arthur and he's life in society was complete shit, he got crazy and began to call himself Joker
philip johnson
philip johnson Månad sedan
Basically the world dealing with male depression
somebody the cheese thief
somebody the cheese thief Månad sedan
Poor Larry he needs a beer... No he needs fucking vodka... A lot of vodka
Little Meap
Little Meap Månad sedan
I’m sick of your shit Larry
Did you know ALL babies cry when born? sad or not sad that ALWAYS cry when born
Xiao Wei Shi
Xiao Wei Shi Månad sedan
1:23 Larry is already hairy
KopyKats Månad sedan
maybe I'm Larry...
KFC7165 Månad sedan
1:21 this is some megamind shit
Nightwing4380 Jian Roman
Nightwing4380 Jian Roman Månad sedan
1:21 it’s the guy from the first Sad Larry vid
Nightwing4380 Jian Roman
Nightwing4380 Jian Roman Månad sedan
0:21 Sad Larry
JimXInfinite Månad sedan
I want an episode where sad Larry talks to a therapist about his bad experiences and gets anti depressants to make him more happy.
Siti Musfirah Mespuan
Siti Musfirah Mespuan Månad sedan
shaky prune 38
shaky prune 38 Månad sedan
Every male in one of these films is bald..
First Name Last Name
First Name Last Name Månad sedan
That explains everyone in our people
jEy Em
jEy Em Månad sedan
I usually laugh at these kind of videos... But i feel bad for Larry, he gets spanked and his face just gets burnt from the hot milk.
Christian Wurtzbacher
Christian Wurtzbacher Månad sedan
There should be an episode where Larry becomes immortal and is never able to kill himself and end his suffering which, in turn, would make him have even more suffering
noob gamer
noob gamer Månad sedan
My favorite part is the part when the other baby kick the bottle in his face
Prithvi Gembali
Prithvi Gembali Månad sedan
Wasit just me or was that really not funny
CORN Månad sedan
It's not supposed to be funny. This series is actually supposed to be very sad
JAMIE LOVE Månad sedan
I know this is a video but god screaming at a baby will make it worse and there supposed to cry
HenryPlayz 2 månader sedan
Isnt that yellow shirted baby is from sad larry first one?
Si Gendut
Si Gendut 2 månader sedan
Wow why you don't cheer your baby up not toreture
sarah_ the_era
sarah_ the_era 2 månader sedan
But every baby cry when their born are you a real doctor bruh
operation ghost shadows gamer
operation ghost shadows gamer 2 månader sedan
Give sad larry a happy ending to happy larry
LazyGamerTM 2 månader sedan
I feel so bad for Larry
duk 2 månader sedan
now make an episode of larry finally having a good day
David Smith
David Smith 2 månader sedan
i fucking hate this series everytime i watch this i get more fucking sad
Ogre 0iram
Ogre 0iram 2 månader sedan
I love sad larry's saga. Hope he gets a happy end sometime.
BLACK BIRD 2 månader sedan
Okay I'm just going to say it I don't like how Larry is literally sad for almost everything I get it his mom is an alcoholic so he's going through a lot but literally he had people being nice to him that same baby danced for him when he was an adult but he was sad and he went to work and they were planning a surprise birthday party for him even though he was giving them crap I know he's been through alot but like there are certain moments where he could have been happy but he's just so freaking sad this is why I don't like the character
Ben Stang
Ben Stang 2 månader sedan
"I'm sick of your shit Larry!"
Giovanni Ramirez
Giovanni Ramirez 2 månader sedan
And doctor babies cry when their born!
qtr aaa
qtr aaa 2 månader sedan
I feel bad about Larry
Sleep Paralysis Demon
Sleep Paralysis Demon 2 månader sedan
Larry must have the single strongest mental fortitude if all mankind. I would've snapped my own neck.
Cestarian Inhabitant
Cestarian Inhabitant 2 månader sedan
This explains some things...
Judy Patterson
Judy Patterson 2 månader sedan
they are bad parents like try to rock him to sleep then always cry when the born duhh but when sombody is sad try to cheer them up but those are worst parents in the world
Official Edited Soundtracks
Official Edited Soundtracks 2 månader sedan
Larry is a good man. I believe him. I can fix it with him.
The Paper Empire
The Paper Empire 2 månader sedan
1:22 to 1:26 is a reference to the very first Sad Larry Animation.
Joshua Carvalho
Joshua Carvalho 2 månader sedan
Why is sad Larry always sad before he was born
C h u m C h u m
C h u m C h u m 2 månader sedan
*that part where they were quiet for a second after the baby danced and made Larry cry by kicking milk at him made me laugh*
churcan cheats at chessboard
churcan cheats at chessboard 2 månader sedan
If anybody remembers the reference about the dancing baby *CONGRATULATE YOURSELF*
Dr Paperbottom
Dr Paperbottom 2 månader sedan
For real all he wanted Larry is love with girl
ExP MatheusinhoZzz
ExP MatheusinhoZzz 2 månader sedan
Goldfish Brisk
Goldfish Brisk 2 månader sedan
Honestly sad larry needs a sad ending you know to fit the beginning of his saga?
Agent Black97
Agent Black97 2 månader sedan
Did anyone else notice sad larry was born with a 5 o clock shadow
RandomAtics 2 månader sedan
Did she drink while pregnant for six months?
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