Six Classic Cyanide & Happiness Toons | Cyanide & Happiness Monday Mashup

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Geno Sans1
Geno Sans1 Månad sedan
When he pulled the baby out of his hat, I asked, "who's womb did he pull that out of?"
OCTO LUCKY Månad sedan
The baby was still being delevolped
MangleSfm Gameing159
MangleSfm Gameing159 Månad sedan
Por baby
WolfClaw133 Månad sedan
kazumi _official19
kazumi _official19 Månad sedan
You now its not a animation good but its dangerous Make it watchable for young children you cant make a vidio animation like an animal or can motivate children
Cadaline 101
Cadaline 101 Månad sedan
Just a moment...AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!
Suzu Art
Suzu Art Månad sedan
I felt light headed after the first one-
Minnie Mouse World
Minnie Mouse World Månad sedan
The last animation I was crying on the inside
DexterbigX Månad sedan
I don't even think the magician was ready for the Festus baby
Alison Sturdevant
Alison Sturdevant Månad sedan
All of your first videos were the best ones!👍👍👍
Quinten De Bruin
Quinten De Bruin Månad sedan
Kickin' wizard brooo
Suzu Art
Suzu Art 2 månader sedan
*Let me just remind you how WEIRD the heads are-*
Billy bass
Billy bass 2 månader sedan
Ah yes I miss the SEpost where it wasn’t terrible....
Seth Bain
Seth Bain 2 månader sedan
Seth Bain
Seth Bain 2 månader sedan
Fábio Daniel Soave
Fábio Daniel Soave 2 månader sedan
Poor baby.
zlerner716 3 månader sedan
The victims and the policing should’ve been black for realism. I
Dani Kitchin
Dani Kitchin 3 månader sedan
Cardiac attack
OnionPretzel458 3 månader sedan
A little brother
E Keskin
E Keskin 3 månader sedan
I hate you so much
E Keskin
E Keskin 3 månader sedan
I hate you do much
Alvin Nguyen
Alvin Nguyen 3 månader sedan
Idk where the classic “I LOVE NOODLES” is
Tianni Thompson
Tianni Thompson 3 månader sedan
That baby......
Tony2Truuu TV
Tony2Truuu TV 3 månader sedan
Am I the only one that laughed harder than they should at the sign part one
김민수 3 månader sedan
The Malevolent Rider
The Malevolent Rider 3 månader sedan
Can we bring back super jerk?
Bot 9000 Who has a sword in his hand
Bot 9000 Who has a sword in his hand 3 månader sedan
cREATOR 3 månader sedan
Ladies and Gentlemen this is the time of no budget.
Francis Daniel Berba
Francis Daniel Berba 3 månader sedan
Hopscotch should have a sequel
Cherry Blossoms
Cherry Blossoms 3 månader sedan
Poor baby
Fearful352saturn 3 månader sedan
Im suprised that (the sign 2) was not flagged.
অনল KR. দাস
অনল KR. দাস 4 månader sedan
Super jerk 😂 awesome. Awesomely done
MR TOPHAT 4 månader sedan
2:24 that one kid that try’s to do a cool move in front of the cool kids
Michael Buehler
Michael Buehler 4 månader sedan
These are some of the earliest comics.
Awhitetide 4 månader sedan
Who read that sign first thing
OliCrack 4 månader sedan
*Now that’s A rt.*
Yakarinay 4 månader sedan
Blood baby
awesome Nikto
awesome Nikto 4 månader sedan
These old one are better than the new
yuck fou
yuck fou 4 månader sedan
that police one was actually so true ....police nowadays uhhuh
Lillian Longshore
Lillian Longshore 4 månader sedan
Why you not show arrested It Go?
Smart_SponGe 4 månader sedan
1:23 I remember this one
Felix Happy Gamer
Felix Happy Gamer 4 månader sedan
Why did the audio go to the left speaker though my headphones where broken
Nick Fleck
Nick Fleck 4 månader sedan
I remember all of thes
12 Coolkeion
12 Coolkeion 4 månader sedan
I’m surprise the baby can take multiple hit and still alive
50 Caliber
50 Caliber 4 månader sedan
2:39... We can rebuild him... We have the technology...
Mm Hh
Mm Hh 4 månader sedan
Rafael Chia Ruijie Index 27
Rafael Chia Ruijie Index 27 4 månader sedan
You gotta reanimate these
Mister Ugi
Mister Ugi 4 månader sedan
I love how at the beginning none of them have pop filters
Platypi007 4 månader sedan
Bro Sev
Bro Sev 4 månader sedan
Wow how is that baby not dead!
Goldie 4 månader sedan
Only ogs remember scrub a doo
Rovix 4 månader sedan
I must say that the last clip was not my proudest fap.
Kyle Bostrom
Kyle Bostrom 4 månader sedan
The edit at the beginning was so sloppy.
Darkness gaming
Darkness gaming 4 månader sedan
The real crime is hopping on a man
Andrei lorenz Alfaro
Andrei lorenz Alfaro 4 månader sedan
Wade you kill you all ka down people
Andrei lorenz Alfaro
Andrei lorenz Alfaro 4 månader sedan
I hate you so much!!!
Andrei lorenz Alfaro
Andrei lorenz Alfaro 4 månader sedan
Don't kill boys
Andrei lorenz Alfaro
Andrei lorenz Alfaro 4 månader sedan
Don't kill woman
Andrei lorenz Alfaro
Andrei lorenz Alfaro 4 månader sedan
No kill baby
Andrei lorenz Alfaro
Andrei lorenz Alfaro 4 månader sedan
No nononono
Rileyplayz Roblox
Rileyplayz Roblox 4 månader sedan
He keeps a baby out of his hat Hey so do I 😃😃😃😃😃😃
The Night Plays
The Night Plays 4 månader sedan
The man with a magical hat
Angrynoodle Twenty Five
Angrynoodle Twenty Five 4 månader sedan
I love how everyone is worried about the offensive "beating of babies" and not the guy knocking a woman unconscious for refusing a sexual favor and then undressing her...
Hayden Avellona
Hayden Avellona 4 månader sedan
That baby sure does like being hit by everything.
Chattman4311 4 månader sedan
I was waiting for there to be sex toys in the hat
Kochie 4 månader sedan
In super jerks defense he DID save her life
Tanaka Marape
Tanaka Marape 4 månader sedan
Waiting for "The Sign Part 3"
not normal!!
not normal!! 4 månader sedan
Tyffanee Lavely
Tyffanee Lavely 4 månader sedan
The SCRUMPADOOCHUS one & the last one with the cops & baby, alway crack me up. Yes the last one is dark humor, but it's a joke. U know, those things that most people are too sensitive about now-a-days?
cyan 4 månader sedan
Cyanide & happiness have gotten so much better at animations
Average Boi12
Average Boi12 4 månader sedan
Are we gonna acknowledge that they had the same song for ten years
The Sheriff
The Sheriff 4 månader sedan
Cardiac attack. Shapow!
Joshyboh 4 månader sedan
Hopscotch monster could be a very interesting scp lol
Ignacy Krawczyk
Ignacy Krawczyk 4 månader sedan
2:35 for a second I thought that he said "I ... I don't care"
Osaze Hinds
Osaze Hinds 4 månader sedan
You should do some new toons in the classic animated style.
GrayDoughnut 384
GrayDoughnut 384 4 månader sedan
0h god no... N0T THIS 0NE if you're wondering which one I'm talking about I'm taking about the first one
bird up
bird up 4 månader sedan
Oh man, I distinctly remember the Newgrounds vibe to the animations.
Panzer Kunst
Panzer Kunst 4 månader sedan
The hat one is my favourite since I watched it something like ten years ago Those classic sketchs are the best!
Angelo Fuentes
Angelo Fuentes 4 månader sedan
The cops are abuseing the baby
Lauryn Baynes
Lauryn Baynes 4 månader sedan
Anyone remember the old one about peanut allergies? Miss that one the most
Riyadh Firdauseh
Riyadh Firdauseh 4 månader sedan
I'd pay for the darker stuffs
Redin Löwenherz
Redin Löwenherz 4 månader sedan
Police are bad
Cactus Cloud
Cactus Cloud 4 månader sedan
Cardiac attack *SHAPOW!*
pocos world james
pocos world james 4 månader sedan
Poor kid it was just a kid you killed a baby first you kill it's mom now your tortureing it poor guy I hope he survives
Tans Ace
Tans Ace 4 månader sedan
Why is the baby not crying did anyone notice that On the episode The sign :)
Giovanti Walton
Giovanti Walton 4 månader sedan
....."I Love Noodles"?!?!?!?! O_O That animation quality SCREAMS OG AF!!
Chinenye Ezema
Chinenye Ezema 4 månader sedan
They’ve really come a long way
Mugurlu TR
Mugurlu TR 4 månader sedan
For the magic trick: Me: I want a girlfriend! Magician: Kid, I'm a magician. Ask for something more realistic, like an elephant with wings
Bryson Grondin
Bryson Grondin 4 månader sedan
Everyone's so pissed about Dan Harmon doing shit to a doll but this is ok.
BAK Robert Johnston
BAK Robert Johnston 4 månader sedan
Now we just need remasters of these
Ruslan Masinjila
Ruslan Masinjila 4 månader sedan
100mph guy was my favorite
Mardus _
Mardus _ 4 månader sedan
I red the sign, .....................................wait gotta go the cops are outside
SlimeyTO 4 månader sedan
They are all animated by rob
victoria muthoni nyambura
victoria muthoni nyambura 4 månader sedan
Didn't like this mashup found it insanely offensive. Knocking out a lady to get her clothes off(sexual abuse) & them cops brutally beating a kid(INCLUDING his mother) running over the kid(child abuse). Ain't nothing funny about playing around with that sh.
HeroMieme STW
HeroMieme STW 4 månader sedan
I thought you guys went bankrupt and changed actors but then I remembered these were old animations sorry lol
Lacameron Gant
Lacameron Gant 4 månader sedan
thats one way to get an abortion
GoGoGiraffe208 4 månader sedan
Is it bad I kept binge watching Cyanide and Happiness videos until I got to these? I saw these before this mashup.
Alfonso Escalante
Alfonso Escalante 4 månader sedan
I was hoping for noodles
UnKnOwN 4 månader sedan
Woah woah its just a baby. *Kick*
UnKnOwN 4 månader sedan
"Super jerk"
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