Spiders Everywhere Oh My God | Cyanide & Happiness Monday Mashup

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Spiders! Why does it have to be spiders!
Cyanide and Happiness delivers daily comics to your face-hole on explosm.net since 2005!

cool fool
cool fool Dag sedan
Instead of snakes on a plane its spiders in college
THE CAT Acacio
THE CAT Acacio 9 dagar sedan
What the f***
Jason Antares
Jason Antares 18 dagar sedan
I love how the file type is .dix
Jack Ringsred
Jack Ringsred 28 dagar sedan
Adrian Kuczala
Adrian Kuczala Månad sedan
leon leon
leon leon Månad sedan
So that's the Real spiderman was made.
MangleSfm Gameing159
MangleSfm Gameing159 Månad sedan
Spits out a shit don a spider's that right there just gave me the creeps I'm not one for big spiders but small ones I'm fine with but that That hell no
Axel vloggs
Axel vloggs Månad sedan
Hug to hug channels
Marijo Brcic
Marijo Brcic Månad sedan
He truly is spider-man😏
Favour Focham
Favour Focham Månad sedan
How much spiders were in him I did not like the big spider
Keith James
Keith James Månad sedan
Do you know you guble up a thousand tones of "SLITHER" per night
Brian Steward
Brian Steward Månad sedan
Plays Månad sedan
Legend says he is stilp spitting out spiders today
koolmunch Månad sedan
The thumbnail:is there. me: flaaaashbaaaaaaaaaack: Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
Roxana Hefley
Roxana Hefley Månad sedan
Quinten De Bruin
Quinten De Bruin Månad sedan
Spiders aren't bugs tho
Arthur Aquino
Arthur Aquino Månad sedan
A maaann....
Gacha Diamond
Gacha Diamond Månad sedan
Marian Maricas
Marian Maricas 2 månader sedan
Spider its a best frend!😂
Jay Williams
Jay Williams 2 månader sedan
Yeah me too I've been watching it for years
Darkseany 2 månader sedan
The webs on her face. Lmao.
Murad Wahid
Murad Wahid 2 månader sedan
No no 🕷🕷🕷🕷💀💀💀💀💀
John 3 månader sedan
i'm actually crying laughing at the last one
Q9 Swavy
Q9 Swavy 3 månader sedan
Criptic Clapz
Criptic Clapz 3 månader sedan
hes still spitting spiders to this day
Ethan Erpelding
Ethan Erpelding 3 månader sedan
I thought Cobra Commander got turned into a snake, not a paper@ 2:55
Beke 3 månader sedan
"did you know you eat an average of one spider every day?" *shoves box of spiders in his mouth*
azxi 3 månader sedan
Impressed this channel did no get demonitized
Olib2012 on roblox lol
Olib2012 on roblox lol 3 månader sedan
The fact I have arachnophobia
Cat Gaming
Cat Gaming 3 månader sedan
So funny
JANEASE FLORENTINO 3 månader sedan
i dont mind spiders except THE ASTRALIAN KIND
Y 3 månader sedan
its just gonna get back inside again I guess you can say it did go back *INSIDE* again in something 0:27 Sorry God :(
Gheto knight
Gheto knight 3 månader sedan
I was in the bathroom, I forgot I was watching this video, I heard the spider noises from this video. The amount of terror experienced at that moment was ass-shaking.
Ibujabbi 02
Ibujabbi 02 3 månader sedan
When i finish the video my face😲😲😲
krrrruptidsoless 3 månader sedan
So what this video is saying is that spiders subliminally get you to dream the last sequence to get you to open your mouth so they can crawl down into your guts and eat some of your food. Thus happens to meat eaters who keep a clean house. Spiders hate clean houses because there are no scraps to feast on when they ain't catching anything in their web So they eat the food from the guts of meat eaters when starving Prevent spiders eating food in your guts by going vegan
The Animator
The Animator 4 månader sedan
Like how many spiders a year do you eat?
d_piyush 4 månader sedan
Spiders everywhere but none of them became spiderman 😂
童夜 4 månader sedan
1:49 Dog
Mobilelegends EVO
Mobilelegends EVO 4 månader sedan
2:54 best plot twist
J4Plg 4 månader sedan
Think of something funny and like this comment
Leon Radomski
Leon Radomski 4 månader sedan
“Spiders are good bugs” Black Widow: *are you challenging me?!*
Blessing Mukiza
Blessing Mukiza 4 månader sedan
This channel Is maaaaaaaaaaaaad awesome
Neon mole
Neon mole 4 månader sedan
Well that second one made me feel sick... and yet, ones where people get killed I'm fine with... I feel like that shouldn't be the case
Megan Swanson
Megan Swanson 4 månader sedan
Spiders are not called bugs and spiders aren't nice
Bart Nuked
Bart Nuked 4 månader sedan
1:49 last chewing puppy head
Mustafa Adeleyke
Mustafa Adeleyke 4 månader sedan
The web on her face is hilarious.
hourlay chhorng
hourlay chhorng 4 månader sedan
this is kinda creepy
dirt man
dirt man 4 månader sedan
0:25 and thats spiderman origin
Toby Temple
Toby Temple 4 månader sedan
Sure only an average of one
Cathy Milligan
Cathy Milligan 4 månader sedan
Why is the title to this mashup so funny
Ashley Ruano
Ashley Ruano 4 månader sedan
I would have spit towards him like at his face
Kalyn Nunez
Kalyn Nunez 4 månader sedan
Are you SERIOUS SPIDER don’t smoke or you get sick and die PERIOD!!!!😏
JJ Watson 34
JJ Watson 34 4 månader sedan
I thought the spider at the beginning was on my phone
Lydia McCann
Lydia McCann 4 månader sedan
Spiders in a box
devandrè nortjè
devandrè nortjè 4 månader sedan
Didnt he notice he was shitting spiders
Aaron Cristales
Aaron Cristales 4 månader sedan
Ha ha he did her like the spider😂🤣🤣
12 Coolkeion
12 Coolkeion 4 månader sedan
2:31 Woah that’s is some great reflex and quick dodging spider
Himiko Yumenoシ
Himiko Yumenoシ 4 månader sedan
Me: *a maaaannnn*
Jerry Furok
Jerry Furok 4 månader sedan
Wow more old content! Still funny, but old.
Scubay Du
Scubay Du 4 månader sedan
For the 228 people who unliked this... I will find you.
Chuck Espinosa
Chuck Espinosa 4 månader sedan
I don't want to touch this.
Hamza 4 månader sedan
0:26 the webs on her face lol
kostas kostas
kostas kostas 4 månader sedan
The spiders are the worst punishment ever
Ginea Shehata
Ginea Shehata 4 månader sedan
Lemon Squash
Lemon Squash 4 månader sedan
1:49 there's a dog in his mouth
God Hacker
God Hacker 4 månader sedan
just discovered I have arachnophobia...
New Stew
New Stew 4 månader sedan
Sly Gam3r
Sly Gam3r 4 månader sedan
The spider web on her face was a hickey!!
Nic C
Nic C 4 månader sedan
They don’t hurt anyone Except for when they do
LOLSflint 4 månader sedan
I have arachnophobia, and I am still watching this.
Dr. Davenport Lee
Dr. Davenport Lee 4 månader sedan
me (softly): dont 2020:
Joyce Amarillas
Joyce Amarillas 4 månader sedan
Omg i just saw a spider in our bathroom yesterday youtube algorithm is scary
Amitaba Chakrabarty
Amitaba Chakrabarty 4 månader sedan
A maaaaaaan😱😱😱
Madhu Bala
Madhu Bala 4 månader sedan
0:30 That's how Spiderman was born!
Death- PW
Death- PW 4 månader sedan
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Mihaku 4 månader sedan
would have been funnier if the guy spit the spideres into the dudes face and the dude opened his mouth and started choking on them.
bros nelson
bros nelson 4 månader sedan
Welcome to Australia 1:58
Totallyahooman 4 månader sedan
The spiders in my room watching this with me: 👁👄👁
Retard Gang
Retard Gang 4 månader sedan
3:00 I have decided I’m never going to open my mouth again.
Toxic_ Acid73
Toxic_ Acid73 4 månader sedan
Spider: When your wife needed something a little smaller.
234531 95895678
234531 95895678 4 månader sedan
I swear they get all of their ideas while high
Ashley The TrAshley
Ashley The TrAshley 4 månader sedan
Spiders aren't good bugs. They're homewreckers.
Da Vinci
Da Vinci 4 månader sedan
Once I watched this channel without faping for years :!
Courtney Lugdon
Courtney Lugdon 4 månader sedan
Ha this is funny as shit
davidgames 4 månader sedan
Have arachnophobia and I approve for arachnophobia
BOWSERLAVA1283 Animations
BOWSERLAVA1283 Animations 4 månader sedan
0:43 it’s just going to get back inside again.
Chexss 4 månader sedan
I feel like there's not much original content anymore...feels like half of these are replaying old content.
JoJo99x 4 månader sedan
but wait how did he do the apostrophe without holding shift at the same time 🤔🤔 perhaps there is a bigger mystery here
Chad dreemurr
Chad dreemurr 4 månader sedan
What in the actually f#$%% was that last part 0-0
Chilly 4 månader sedan
Why must you hurt me in this way
Theyoungsta_209 4 månader sedan
A classic ☺☺☺
Shubham Gupta
Shubham Gupta 4 månader sedan
Thumbnail at 2:07
Kloyd 4 månader sedan
EnTanGleMenT with Spider
Kohlson Sinclair-Baker
Kohlson Sinclair-Baker 4 månader sedan
I watched this when I was about 12 or so. I'm 14 now and I finally get the cobweb joke
MC PE 4 månader sedan
the most unrealistic part was when the spiders didn’t eat him from the inside
donald cardoza
donald cardoza 4 månader sedan
These fukin dark humours made cyanide the best🎉🎉
Orrling 4 månader sedan
No spider was hurt in the making of this video
Scott’s Aerial Videos
Scott’s Aerial Videos 4 månader sedan
The whole “you eat spiders in your sleep” is a myth. Spiders strongly dislike wet ground. Like your mouth. Not to mention they are more prone to go in your ears
Scott’s Aerial Videos
Scott’s Aerial Videos 4 månader sedan
Descending I had you in the first half!
Descending 4 månader sedan
Not helping...
Lacameron Gant
Lacameron Gant 4 månader sedan
WHAT DO THEY HAVE IN COMMON they all swallowed a spider at some point
Tusk 4 månader sedan
Dad and spider looking good
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