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True love.
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Sasindu Bimsara
Sasindu Bimsara 17 dagar sedan
TuSpore Draws
TuSpore Draws 28 dagar sedan
C'était émouvant ptn 🥲
Lolly 856
Lolly 856 Månad sedan
Did anyone else notice how Suzie's eye wound literally switched eyes
Divyesh Katariya
Divyesh Katariya Månad sedan
Anyone else saw the signs coming?
Gaius Marius
Gaius Marius Månad sedan
Poor Chad
LukasStuff Månad sedan
1:52 he woulda been out cold
erroneousdays Månad sedan
They went from talking normally to screaming at each other. Well- that's how breakups go.
Jayden Pippin
Jayden Pippin 2 månader sedan
Suzy is a bitch
Ngaboyasabyombi Emmanuel
Ngaboyasabyombi Emmanuel 2 månader sedan
Am I the only one who the eye wound of Suzy change place😂
The Emerald Frog
The Emerald Frog 2 månader sedan
Exit 23 a.k.a. The Crap Code
Lala Summers
Lala Summers 2 månader sedan
Lala Summers
Lala Summers 2 månader sedan
luiz Miguel Alves
luiz Miguel Alves 2 månader sedan
"We are moving too fast"
SanteriSuuri 2 månader sedan
like at 2:00 the girls scar or Bruise what ever just shanges the eye
MattapoisettPatton27 2 månader sedan
why is nobody talking about "I just wish i would have saw the signs coming" 1:50
Kayla Talley
Kayla Talley 2 månader sedan
Killer Kid
Killer Kid 2 månader sedan
Why did the bruise on her eye change sides
Zerox 64
Zerox 64 2 månader sedan
the guy driving the car: HA! loser 😎
kuswerdz 2 månader sedan
2:23 WTF the bruise on her eye transferred to her other eye. Also, Chad's face is brown but his neck is clearly peach.
Renver Bala De Guzman
Renver Bala De Guzman 2 månader sedan
Thats one way to end a relationship.
Ram Kumar Jain
Ram Kumar Jain 2 månader sedan
Her wish driving the car😂
wu1ming9shi 2 månader sedan
Well, Suzy if you see so many shortcomings in me then how about starting rattling off a laundry list of my own... is something i'd say if I weren't dying lol.
Dummy Dummy
Dummy Dummy 2 månader sedan
“This relationship is just moving too fast!” *No $hit, Sherlock.*
Dan g
Dan g 3 månader sedan
2:20 Susie: *Dies* Her black eye: Let’s switch things up.
Flint Lockwood
Flint Lockwood 3 månader sedan
Is nobody going to talk about how her "Shirt" Was the same color as her skin?
Legionbliss2309 Official
Legionbliss2309 Official 3 månader sedan
He legit just got friend zoned!!!! OOOOOOOH!
noobmaster69 3 månader sedan
plot twist:they jumped on another guy's car and then when they were focused on stargazing the owner of the car came and got mad at them so to troll them he decided to not scold them and drive the car to make them scared XDD
Suguna Devana
Suguna Devana 3 månader sedan
Bearly Alive
Bearly Alive 3 månader sedan
Iced Mocha
Iced Mocha 4 månader sedan
I love Jimmy’s voice♥️
Emma James
Emma James 4 månader sedan
Did anyone see the black eye on the girl jump eyes?
Daniel Fong
Daniel Fong 4 månader sedan
Is not bad
Lightman2112 4 månader sedan
Well I guess he got his wish they were together forever
Beyondo 5 månader sedan
Uh-huh. So because she doesn't like him anyway, thus the only way for the wish to keep them together forever is to kill them while they're close.
Tasty 5 månader sedan
CeeDee Comedy and Animations
CeeDee Comedy and Animations 5 månader sedan
Suzi is a real special gile
Lasajnaè Nae
Lasajnaè Nae 6 månader sedan
Still a better love story than Twilight
steve_BG 6 månader sedan
3 and I have been working
maelan waled
maelan waled 6 månader sedan
maelan waled
maelan waled 6 månader sedan
عنمادا يهتهحهدهسان
The fan of Kirby
The fan of Kirby 6 månader sedan
What a chad
Christian Grey
Christian Grey 6 månader sedan
My life in one video
Lucas Caley
Lucas Caley 6 månader sedan
Lucas Caley
Lucas Caley 6 månader sedan
Geetesh M
Geetesh M 6 månader sedan
So that's how you make a romantic, action, mystery, psychological, paranormal, dramatic racing movie.
Btsarenotgirls Geez
Btsarenotgirls Geez 6 månader sedan
Woulda pushed that b off the car
grim knight
grim knight 6 månader sedan
Plot twist: it was all in his mind
Alicia Hay
Alicia Hay 7 månader sedan
Alicia Hay
Alicia Hay 7 månader sedan
9 0o
Gillyfam !
Gillyfam ! 7 månader sedan
2:22 is it just me or did the bruise and I just switch
Piripi 7 månader sedan
ElTorLoi 62
ElTorLoi 62 7 månader sedan
Rubail Cabbarli
Rubail Cabbarli 7 månader sedan
Rubail Cabbarli
Rubail Cabbarli 7 månader sedan
Джейсон Вурхиз
Rubail Cabbarli
Rubail Cabbarli 7 månader sedan
Shivali Roy
Shivali Roy 7 månader sedan
Recommending this when I'm going through the same. Nice work SEpost.
MedalOfHonor 7 månader sedan
My condolences :(
Kejdi Shehaj
Kejdi Shehaj 7 månader sedan
Brian Benfield
Brian Benfield 7 månader sedan
"And you're always changing the subject too." Your're going to die! This reminds of like Total Drama Pahkitew Island with Sky and Dave.
Hayden Nugent
Hayden Nugent 7 månader sedan
Is this a reference to the 1978:movie grease? But this show style
Hayden Nugent
Hayden Nugent 7 månader sedan
Jake Krick I just said when the movie was made and I wanted to specify for other people
Zapp Branigann
Zapp Branigann 7 månader sedan
No? He's just a stereotypical jock and she is wearing a pink skirt. Also, why do you need to specify 1978, it doesn't make a difference if you do or not, it's not like there's multiple musical made movies, or just flat out movies, called Grease.
joe lim
joe lim 8 månader sedan
Kaligura Vauss
Kaligura Vauss 8 månader sedan
As susie dies her black eye changes eyes
Ceban Vlad
Ceban Vlad 8 månader sedan
*H A R S H*
Sonic Undead municipal
Sonic Undead municipal 8 månader sedan
She made up a list of everything that Jimmy is
Esti and Countryhumans
Esti and Countryhumans 8 månader sedan
Biggest life quistions 1. Bermuda triangle 2. Aliens 3. Who is driving the car
Your Sleep Paralysis Demon
Your Sleep Paralysis Demon 8 månader sedan
The #2 Susie was driving the car
Bayshaun Andrews
Bayshaun Andrews 8 månader sedan
He really clinging and annoying and can't he realize that she doesn't like him
XEGON 8 månader sedan
legend still says nobody knows who drive the car
Shreekara Raghavan
Shreekara Raghavan 8 månader sedan
Jimmy's wish came true in the end, he was together with Susie 'forever'
Tzch Rtky
Tzch Rtky 8 månader sedan
Just tell me what i am doing wronh
Marshmallows 9 månader sedan
Her last word:l…l am not ready😵
John the Echidna
John the Echidna 10 månader sedan
here's a sneak peek of a deleted scene from "Forest Gump"!
Jessica Schmollinger
Jessica Schmollinger 10 månader sedan
I think I just found a new hobby
Tails Howard
Tails Howard 10 månader sedan
The main thing there supposed to be talking about is who is driving.
Andriy Shapovalov
Andriy Shapovalov 10 månader sedan
Isn't it a parody of some movie where husband and wife tried to kill each other, and eventually did? In the final scene that fall down and layed in the same position on the floor of their home.
Regina Frazier
Regina Frazier 10 månader sedan
Jimmy the crazy
Alanna Delancy
Alanna Delancy 11 månader sedan
Palm Tree
Palm Tree 11 månader sedan
Jimmy does seems like an annoying dork, i feel bad for him but I don't dislike Suzie either
Patrik Masserati
Patrik Masserati 11 månader sedan
Don't be stupid buy a bike...😂
Caleb Yeo
Caleb Yeo 11 månader sedan
Janiel AdventTime21
Janiel AdventTime21 11 månader sedan
"See? And you always change the subject!" B*tch they're about to die!!!
Cheeky TikkiTT
Cheeky TikkiTT 11 månader sedan
syncdi 11 månader sedan
this made me unironically feel bad for jimmy. jimmy was so supportive and kind how could u not wanna be with someone like that bro!! i know this is just an animation but it still hits hard bro
Art Catastrophe
Art Catastrophe År sedan
2:23 is an animation error
Evan Beaudin
Evan Beaudin År sedan
Poor Chad
Shannon Vassallo
Shannon Vassallo År sedan
This looks like that one scene from grease🤣🤣🤣
Jacob Martin
Jacob Martin År sedan
Jimmy was very sad, as Suzy ran away from him. Never to be heard from again.
C Stump
C Stump År sedan
Did anyone else notice at 2:25 the red bruised eye on Susie switched sides
Tyee Beaulieu
Tyee Beaulieu År sedan
0:24 funniest shit ever😂
Joel Clifton
Joel Clifton År sedan
Her black eye switched sides at 2:24.
Who’s ur buddha
Who’s ur buddha År sedan
Wow she says all this when their about to die These two are going nowhere But Hell.
Richard Orta
Richard Orta År sedan
She lived But only because she got his heart And kidneys And liver And the one good lung he had left after the crash She told him at the grave that she was thankful for his organ donations allowing her to live on then admitted that she haf only dated him to hide the fact that she was into other women. She did promise to name the first boy she adopts after "Uncle Jimmy".
GamerFunGames Nathan
GamerFunGames Nathan År sedan
The way he says girl "gairl"
Mob Barley
Mob Barley År sedan
Pearl Jam - Last Kiss
Simon M
Simon M År sedan
When you break up with someone and your black eye switches sides
lyrics Songs
lyrics Songs År sedan
Air20 År sedan
2:23 Uh why does her pink eye change eyes
Nine År sedan
2:23 that bruise sure is great at teleporting.
StainderFin År sedan
This is fine....
oscar År sedan
oscar År sedan
Poor chaf
Bass Galaxy
Bass Galaxy År sedan
Poor Jimmy! 😔
Kiu Chun Aidan Wu
Kiu Chun Aidan Wu År sedan
hold up who was driving the car
Sara Lynch
Sara Lynch År sedan
I really don’t care that their breaking up and Jimmy is an idiot
xxscarlet mochacookieXx
xxscarlet mochacookieXx År sedan
make more kissing vids pls
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