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heerdyse edits
heerdyse edits Dag sedan
I love these
Fishy Dishy
Fishy Dishy 3 dagar sedan
anyone notice something? go to 3:12 and pause The White Knight is a NAZI!!!
I know I’ve got a small dick but
I know I’ve got a small dick but 6 dagar sedan
Poor guy. Had to deal with the &nal cleanup
Pumpkaboom 6 dagar sedan
1:19 how my dad is thinking he’s “parenting”
Alejandro 7 dagar sedan
Señor means lik mister Idk how to say it
Cranberry Juice
Cranberry Juice 11 dagar sedan
ok but who called the cops if everyone cheered?
Serious Silliness
Serious Silliness 12 dagar sedan
Talk To Me Nice
Talk To Me Nice 13 dagar sedan
"Don't... Read... These... Words" dammit they got me
Kasey R.
Kasey R. 13 dagar sedan
Plot twist the White Knight's actually black
Zaphod Beeblebrox
Zaphod Beeblebrox 13 dagar sedan
Where exactly in South Carolina is the store where I can buy a White Knight t-shirt?...
Luke Little
Luke Little 13 dagar sedan
Was the flag so post to be rascest cuz it ain’t
Eryvac *00
Eryvac *00 13 dagar sedan
The confederate flag? Yes, it is pretty racist
Inferno YT
Inferno YT 14 dagar sedan
Inferno YT
Inferno YT 13 dagar sedan
I know dude its just funny
Eryvac *00
Eryvac *00 13 dagar sedan
That is a part of the joke. Good job figuring it out, detective
Chuong Dang
Chuong Dang 15 dagar sedan
Germans watching 3:02 of the video: mein gott...
Noob buster001
Noob buster001 16 dagar sedan
Can't he just touch instead of punch
Modest Duck
Modest Duck 17 dagar sedan
Did you say... ?!?!?!?!!?? g R i M E ?!?!!??!!?!??
Private s00p
Private s00p 17 dagar sedan
KKK nazi and the confederates
Moo moo and yo boy looking Lewis
Moo moo and yo boy looking Lewis 17 dagar sedan
Vector YellowJacket
Vector YellowJacket 17 dagar sedan
OMFG did mr clean fist just give the prisoner sudsy hole XD
Dads Son
Dads Son 17 dagar sedan
The fact that the white night flew on a burning cross reminded me of the racist people in cone heads burning black people on crosses
zadz2 17 dagar sedan
I wish that when I punch a kid I get applauded like Mr. Clean fist
De Su
De Su 18 dagar sedan
I love how on the wk short it says degenerate scum and then freds whatever shows up
Cruz Man
Cruz Man 18 dagar sedan
TragicMilk 18 dagar sedan
Plot twist The White Knight is black
Just some dude
Just some dude 18 dagar sedan
1:27 me when I hear someone say they're gonna buy Lil Has X's Satan shoes.
Kristofer Kamzarov
Kristofer Kamzarov 19 dagar sedan
The white knight should have the power to shoot fire crosses from his arms
Khánh giang Trần
Khánh giang Trần 19 dagar sedan
Racist superhero white knight
Eryvac *00
Eryvac *00 13 dagar sedan
That is the joke, yes. Good job figuring it out, detective
Global Warrior
Global Warrior 19 dagar sedan
Kitchen Gun The sequel
Gabriel Willingham
Gabriel Willingham 19 dagar sedan
Well the kid had it coming
Chris Hung
Chris Hung 19 dagar sedan
Cut down the police head please
Chris Hung
Chris Hung 10 dagar sedan
@Eryvac *00 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Eryvac *00
Eryvac *00 13 dagar sedan
@Chris Hung did you just reply to your own comment?
Chris Hung
Chris Hung 19 dagar sedan
*not funny at all*
Indigo Love
Indigo Love 20 dagar sedan
That last short...........its a no for me. But sometimes I feel like they do be like that.........its just very um....uncomfortable to watch I guess. Dont hate on me tough! And dont say then dont watch it then. I had no idea that was going to be on there and I was really expecting a different outcome but considering this channel idk why i expected anything.
Eryvac *00
Eryvac *00 13 dagar sedan
The other short involved child abuse, sexual assault and vandalism, but racism is too much for you? Ok
gaming lp HD
gaming lp HD 20 dagar sedan
im not sure what it is, but something tells me that that the white knight might me a white supremacist, im not sure though.
Logan Benda
Logan Benda 20 dagar sedan
When the criminals do finally break out, I hope The White Knight, Shark Rad, Mothman, and John Battman team up tp stop them. Hopefully with the White Knight having his mask removed, revealing that he's Black.
Youtubez Anime Art Fanz
Youtubez Anime Art Fanz 20 dagar sedan
I just noticed if you take mr cleanfist and flip his character upside-down.... imma just leave this for yall to figure out what i mean
꧁Kɪɴɢ ʙɪʟʟ ᴄɪᴘʜᴇʀ꧂
꧁Kɪɴɢ ʙɪʟʟ ᴄɪᴘʜᴇʀ꧂ 20 dagar sedan
akansha vishnoi
akansha vishnoi 21 dag sedan
I didn’t understood cleanfiist 2 can someone explain?
Jake Johnson
Jake Johnson 20 dagar sedan
He is a superhero with the power to clean anything, but the twist for his powers is that he has to destroy the object to clean. He was arrested for assaulting a kid
Cheesus 21 dag sedan
I love both, they are so awesome! Please get them sequels😁
The Undead
The Undead 21 dag sedan
Señor Cleanfist Reminds Me Of KITCHEN GUN
•Black Bird•
•Black Bird• 21 dag sedan
Señor Cleanfist is basically a living Kitchen Gun
Zanemob 21 dag sedan
White Knight makes me laugh every time...
Jaime Jimenez
Jaime Jimenez 21 dag sedan
Shark Rad sucks... but he wasn’t in this comp 🤔
Trap Kvng
Trap Kvng 21 dag sedan
I would rather have toilet gun
PaviCerak 21 dag sedan
I lost my shit when he stabbed his tire 😂😂😂😂 why lmao
Eryvac *00
Eryvac *00 13 dagar sedan
Napoléon I Bonaparte
Napoléon I Bonaparte 21 dag sedan
Señor Cleanfist gave that man a “clean fist”.
Rayeez tm
Rayeez tm 18 dagar sedan
I got you bro .
Crazy Cartoons Doc
Crazy Cartoons Doc 21 dag sedan
How racist
Andy Reinsel
Andy Reinsel 21 dag sedan
Plot twist the Harlem globetrotters were smuggling drugs and the white knight is not racist.
USSR communist tell the end
USSR communist tell the end 22 dagar sedan
Nazi moment 3:01
Steijnpy 22 dagar sedan
Kitchen gun VS señor clean fist
אוריאל טויל
אוריאל טויל 22 dagar sedan
I used to really like your jokes they were really funny but it's racist disgusting 🤮🤮
Jaylens29 22 dagar sedan
Comments: balanced at 500 Me: nope
Charavyn Hackett
Charavyn Hackett 22 dagar sedan
Ya we do lol
Donut 22 dagar sedan
Did you say.... *gRiMe*
dontrious Tik Tok videos
dontrious Tik Tok videos 22 dagar sedan
Yeah you just part 2
dontrious Tik Tok videos
dontrious Tik Tok videos 22 dagar sedan
This is really funny
GGIGotHydra 22 dagar sedan
I just realized that Señor Cleanfist is basicly a worse Crazy Diamond.
Siddhant Dash
Siddhant Dash 22 dagar sedan
Stringy 22 dagar sedan
3:31 racist XD 😂
spidertrey 23 dagar sedan
the new klasman chant "in brightest day. in darkest knight. no black man shall keep there rights. beware my rage Klansman might"
Gaming Knight
Gaming Knight 23 dagar sedan
Do one with the black knight
Enchanted Shears
Enchanted Shears 23 dagar sedan
Petition for jailbreak including fart in a jar martin
Bearly Alive
Bearly Alive 23 dagar sedan
Señor Clean fist could literally kill someone and get away with it
Eryvac *00
Eryvac *00 13 dagar sedan
The cops would notice how meticulously clean the body is
Ram Lapira
Ram Lapira 23 dagar sedan
And then the comments fromt the original video made their entrance once more.
Fade_Storm 23 dagar sedan
10000000000000000000000000000000 day
Mooh 23 dagar sedan
I liked Señor Cleanfist
Nunya Bidness
Nunya Bidness 23 dagar sedan
So the person who cleans her house is Mexican, big surprise P S. he obviously skipped leg day
prestxn 23 dagar sedan
Edgar Gaitan
Edgar Gaitan 23 dagar sedan
Senor cleanfist parte 2 pls
Nícolas Genérico
Nícolas Genérico 23 dagar sedan
Who else is already predicting almost 35.78% of the jokes? I think i am getting consumed by this kind of humor.
Manc3r 23 dagar sedan
Damn, cleanfist went Street fighter on that car.
N_TAG 23 dagar sedan
Senor cleanfist is just the superhero version of kitchen gun change my mind
Rivers Rampe
Rivers Rampe 23 dagar sedan
I was thinking that the white night looked like a kkk member and then it was confirmed
Noah Blackwood
Noah Blackwood 23 dagar sedan
Everyone's mouths at 1:43: 0
Noah Blackwood
Noah Blackwood 23 dagar sedan
The Kitchen Gun as a personality
The Noname Household
The Noname Household 23 dagar sedan
I'm curious to see white knight's white cave 🤣🤣🤣
MeLikeTurtles 23 dagar sedan
Señor Cleanfist: "Did you say... grrrrrrrime?" Guy: No. 🤣
Leon King
Leon King 23 dagar sedan
"Did you say grime?"........"No"
Awi Sintaro
Awi Sintaro 23 dagar sedan
"Did you say Crrrrimee" NO
Awi Sintaro
Awi Sintaro 23 dagar sedan
Still waiting for them to make a come back from the Jail Gang
Karl Sniper
Karl Sniper 23 dagar sedan
Señor Cleanfist reminds me of the Kitchen Gun by the BBC
Darkknightthug 24 dagar sedan
Daniel Lifshaz
Daniel Lifshaz 24 dagar sedan
Make more sad larry vids
the dude
the dude 24 dagar sedan
Has anyone realised that the white knight wears nazi boots at 3:11?
Eryvac *00
Eryvac *00 13 dagar sedan
Yes. Literally everyone who watched it noticed. That is the whole point of him putting his feet up in the first place
Jhdf Gffb
Jhdf Gffb 24 dagar sedan
Skylo Ren
Skylo Ren 24 dagar sedan
Where is shark red?
Gaming VODS
Gaming VODS 24 dagar sedan
More purgatony
Frost Hill
Frost Hill 24 dagar sedan
Mean clean all the bacteria 🙃
archampion 24 dagar sedan
When cleanfist gonna break out of jail with harry the handsome butcher?
Weird Nav
Weird Nav 24 dagar sedan
white knight loved it ;DDDDDD
Mutraxation 24 dagar sedan
White Knight be like: Innocent people gets arrested: *i sleep* Someone says something racist: *REAL SH*T*
Mrmoneyman Goes crazy
Mrmoneyman Goes crazy 24 dagar sedan
Is it just me or for some reason I feel like Harry the handsome butcher should be here
Eryvac *00
Eryvac *00 13 dagar sedan
He isn't a superhero, though
storm coomer
storm coomer 24 dagar sedan
If cleanfist fists you're ass, would that mean he cleans your ass?
Eryvac *00
Eryvac *00 13 dagar sedan
That is the point of the joke at the end. Good job figuring it out, detective
Nether World
Nether World 24 dagar sedan
MaevaLeaNdjoli-Lassiri LLN
MaevaLeaNdjoli-Lassiri LLN 24 dagar sedan
whYLiE09 24 dagar sedan
Idk man, for my money I would've made a much better mashup....
lyAAAgushka Chad Broski
lyAAAgushka Chad Broski 24 dagar sedan
We need the breakout
R.J. 24 dagar sedan
Not gonna lie, you had me in the first half [White Knight] LOL
jong junsheng
jong junsheng 24 dagar sedan
The wk shoes have the swastika on it
Eryvac *00
Eryvac *00 13 dagar sedan
That is a part of the joke, yes. Good job figuring it out detective
Rick V
Rick V 24 dagar sedan
Look *Mr. Clean's Latino cousin*
SpaceCat1 24 dagar sedan
Senior cleanfist could be helpful if he lightly punched everything like a punch tap of some sort
SpaceCat1 13 dagar sedan
@Eryvac *00 yes
Eryvac *00
Eryvac *00 13 dagar sedan
@SpaceCat1 you're really overthinking this 4 minute joke video, aren't you?
SpaceCat1 13 dagar sedan
@Eryvac *00 then he should get a needle and poke things very hard
Eryvac *00
Eryvac *00 13 dagar sedan
We don't know if his powers work like that. He slashed tyres with a knife, and that still cleaned them, so his powers aren't just punching things to clean them. It's more like he cleans anything he actively damages
bvfromruvitaliy 24 dagar sedan
Two really nice shots!
Justin Pehrson
Justin Pehrson 24 dagar sedan
The white knight was the first short I ever watched and boy dies it sum up the entirety of this channel
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