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Can... can I touch it?
Created by Rob DenBleyker, Kris Wilson, Dave McElfatrick and Matt Melvin
About Cyanide and Happiness:
Cyanide and Happiness is a daily webcomic on that was created by Rob DenBleyker, Kris Wilson, Dave McElfatrick and Matt Melvin in 2005.

Dark Soul twt
Dark Soul twt 16 timmar sedan
I come from the future
Erik Chovance
Erik Chovance 3 dagar sedan
Salt Rock
Salt Rock 4 dagar sedan
People who don't leave their house: *"Pathetic mortal beings"*
Senior Researcher James
Senior Researcher James 5 dagar sedan
I can imagine the last part with start wars music.
Kuntal Kanani
Kuntal Kanani 16 dagar sedan
XIIMOONIIX moon 23 dagar sedan
I wouldn't mind this apocalypse
Logan Hoffner
Logan Hoffner 24 dagar sedan
This just confirms that anyone with facial hear must be murdered immediat..... Wait. Hold on. Gimme a minute...... ........ ....... Ok, Now commence the mass execution of all with facial hair.
King JamesIX
King JamesIX 26 dagar sedan
This is what war of the worlds should have been.
Canadian gamer
Canadian gamer 28 dagar sedan
The beard takeover
Mel86 Månad sedan
I wish I could resist, but ...
Vladir Gaeser
Vladir Gaeser Månad sedan
As someone with an intense beard.. Yes this is how it works.
Augustine Samuel Thappalodath
Augustine Samuel Thappalodath Månad sedan
Beard symbiote
ShiftersMidnightsun Månad sedan
Run barbesall RUN!!!😱
Pissed off bucket guy
Pissed off bucket guy 2 månader sedan
"They call him... THE BEARD SLAYER!"
Xagger Darin
Xagger Darin 2 månader sedan
This should be a scp
Kooky Piranha
Kooky Piranha 2 månader sedan
top 10 most dangerous scp
MasterRose88 2 månader sedan
Not gonna lie, this would be a perfect SCP.
Zangetsu Gaming
Zangetsu Gaming 2 månader sedan
Dear god, where the hell did thoses beards come from!?
Nerd Boy
Nerd Boy 2 månader sedan
Object class: Euclid
Nerd Boy
Nerd Boy 2 månader sedan
@Shut it Down you’re right
Shut it Down
Shut it Down 2 månader sedan
I think it would be more like a keter class object
TheMythicWaffle 2 månader sedan
I would not want to touch that beard
CARL JOHNSON 2 månader sedan
LightningZapper :King of Lightning
LightningZapper :King of Lightning 2 månader sedan
And the cycle continues
George Jacinto
George Jacinto 2 månader sedan
I oddly saw this one coming buuut did not expect the laser blast..
Trinston Michaels
Trinston Michaels 2 månader sedan
Trinston was here.
Hamdaan Abdulrahim
Hamdaan Abdulrahim 2 månader sedan
There's a new scp (the beard) on the loose
liquid nitrogen
liquid nitrogen 2 månader sedan
I blame Trump
Spacemiaou67 2 månader sedan
Maybe it lacks a lot of plot elements for now, but it could a nice concept for a horror movie. (Except for the beard shooting lasers.)
real linkzilla
real linkzilla 3 månader sedan
Some body call a barber
Brady King
Brady King 3 månader sedan
What if someone already has a beard
Brady King
Brady King 3 månader sedan
I remember my dad showed this to me when I was 7 not knowing the rest of this channel was super innapropriate
Miku Biohazard
Miku Biohazard 3 månader sedan
Este es uno de mis favoritos 😂😂😂
Rowan Hill
Rowan Hill 3 månader sedan
Imagine if this was sponsored by dollar shave club lol
Kanishka Goswami
Kanishka Goswami 3 månader sedan
This video is there to mock and hate on beard! in general..... And i support the video with 👍👍👍 Bcuz im bearded and i f hate that..
That1 thing
That1 thing 3 månader sedan
6 years ago
zZFlaviusBoss 3 månader sedan
This is a xk end of the world scenario
shush yt
shush yt 3 månader sedan
how does he die does he die from asphyxiation?
apricity 3 månader sedan
I touch my beards unconsciously after watching this.
The Roblox Gamer
The Roblox Gamer 3 månader sedan
This is legit a keter class scp
Mark Nguyen
Mark Nguyen 4 månader sedan
This is so funny omg haha why am I laughing ther is no learning in this why hahahah
ethan cobabe
ethan cobabe 4 månader sedan
This is why I have a modified shotgun that shoot flechette shaving razors.
Happily Ever Never
Happily Ever Never 4 månader sedan
They totally copied that one episode from Kidsnextdoor
Coursaire 4 månader sedan
this is captain coursaire of the unshaven resistance... we're coming for you bearded menace!
Elijah James Perez
Elijah James Perez 4 månader sedan
Hagen Austin
Hagen Austin 4 månader sedan
The new beardinator nice
evilminders 4 månader sedan
I remember see this one in a book.
Dante Alighieri
Dante Alighieri 4 månader sedan
"And this is how the Corona virus expanded in all the planet..." "I don't care!"
Aurelio Valladares
Aurelio Valladares 4 månader sedan
The rise of the beard
Alessander_cen3004 roblox
Alessander_cen3004 roblox 5 månader sedan
Mom: your grounded cus you smash your tablet with a hammer me: I have to smash the bell and like mom: shit your grounded after it ends in 10 years
Vigo Kovačić
Vigo Kovačić 5 månader sedan
Who the hell says: "That's an intense beard you got there!"
guerney2000 5 månader sedan
"So, that's how I got my beard" "I don't care!"
Charlie XG
Charlie XG 6 månader sedan
Why I will never get a beard
Maukustus 6 månader sedan
so this is what happened to vsauce?
ZunTsu The Loveomos
ZunTsu The Loveomos 6 månader sedan
Moral Of The Video: Never touch someone else's facial hair, it's creepy and nobody likes that
Jethilius Avalar
Jethilius Avalar 6 månader sedan
This is wut my mom thought of my beard
Player_2 Gaming
Player_2 Gaming 6 månader sedan
moral of the story here- dont touch stranger's beards!
Johan Bardos
Johan Bardos 7 månader sedan
This oughta be an SCP
ryan cashner
ryan cashner 7 månader sedan
SCP-[REDACTED] has breached containment. Attention this is an XK class end of the world event.
eazy peazy english
eazy peazy english 8 månader sedan
Give me some of those. I mean it🤪
dragon beast
dragon beast 8 månader sedan
Jimmy Johnson.
Jimmy Johnson. 8 månader sedan
And thats how world war 4 started
Uzair Ahmed
Uzair Ahmed 8 månader sedan
You should never sit down directly after an intense workout
DERPATRON 47 8 månader sedan
That is a beird sketch
Killer Kirby
Killer Kirby 8 månader sedan
Ahh the new scp
Gianfranco Espinoza
Gianfranco Espinoza 8 månader sedan
Stop reminding me that it's a tough time for new Yorkers
Abi Showkath Ali A
Abi Showkath Ali A 8 månader sedan
I'm getting rid of my beard like RIGHT NOW
Moonlight Lps
Moonlight Lps 8 månader sedan
How to get a beard go to this place and get yourself a beard
Poyraz King
Poyraz King 8 månader sedan
Scp 035?
junior Researcher Power
junior Researcher Power 9 månader sedan
Me: 2020 cant get worse 2020 watching the video: Wright that down
White Fox
White Fox 9 månader sedan
Uh-oh, looks like the SCP Foundation is going to get involved.
elpida tsagkoulidou
elpida tsagkoulidou 9 månader sedan
Nata1014 10 månader sedan
That [REDACTED] should be contained!
Yuri Yamazaki
Yuri Yamazaki 10 månader sedan
Name of music at the end?
Eliandamaryah Gonzales
Eliandamaryah Gonzales 11 månader sedan
Get the hair cut slayer he will kill the beards
Sir JJ
Sir JJ 11 månader sedan
*looks at mirror* I'm watching you beard
jbugg 11 månader sedan
Is this how COVID-19 started?
Lawyer Man
Lawyer Man 11 månader sedan
Solve that Mr. Monk 😁
Dhaval Pankhaniya
Dhaval Pankhaniya 11 månader sedan
BeardApocalypse is not a joke
copy righted person
copy righted person 11 månader sedan
This is like corona virus
Alpha Dragon1337
Alpha Dragon1337 11 månader sedan
This got dark faster than i can say darkhumor
༺Supernovส༻ 11 månader sedan
0:16 the Tree is on top of the bench dafuq
Oceanic beans
Oceanic beans År sedan
Man really? No one said no homo?
Wood År sedan
The beards worst enemy is the mustaches
Nicola 2002
Nicola 2002 År sedan
This is why cyanide and happiness is so funny and nosense. This is the 1st short I saw
GHOSTBOY Aka Leroy År sedan
I knew it
Minoru År sedan
This got some Junji Ito's vibe.
Time lord
Time lord År sedan
This could be a cool show
Saiavinn År sedan
It's an oldie but a goodie.
Thomas Goodman
Thomas Goodman År sedan
Corona virac
Brandon300 Animations
Brandon300 Animations År sedan
If that happened I would shave it off immediately
Blitz Afk
Blitz Afk År sedan
Im shaving my dads beard off now
Haunt DHB
Haunt DHB År sedan
A whole new world(from Aladdin)
The Whimsical World of the Wonderful Worthywood
The Whimsical World of the Wonderful Worthywood År sedan
It’s the prophecy
Kirsty Burston
Kirsty Burston År sedan
I hated this years ago
youssef plays
youssef plays År sedan
The bear is like the baby alien form alien vs predetor
K9 År sedan
Obey the Beard!
CleanWater official
CleanWater official År sedan
That's deep bro
VV5 Girl
VV5 Girl År sedan
This is un-beard-ieveable!
Pikachu Comments
Pikachu Comments År sedan
"And that, kids, is why I always carry nair with me!" (Shows dad hiding in a sewer with his kids and wife)
Pikachu Comments
Pikachu Comments År sedan
No one, not a single soul: Cyanide and Happiness: *BEARDS*
Rangernoob År sedan
That guy runs slow af
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