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There's some seriously weird stuff happening in the cave...
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Created By: Rob DenBleyker, Kris Wilson, Dave McElfatrick
Directed By: Joel Watson
Written By: Joel Watson
Voice Actors:
Kevin: Joel Watson
Darryl: Dave McElfatrick
Jeff: Dave McElfatrick
Steve: Rob DenBleyker
Allan: Rob DenBleyker
Cave Baby: Arthur McElfatrick
Additional Cavemen: Mike Salcedo
Additional Cavemen: Bill Jones
Animation Director: Bill Jones
Supervising Animator: Matt Thurman
Animation: Kris Behr, Matt Thurman
Character Design: Mike Salcedo, Bill Jones
Background Art: Elizabeth Del Rosario
Animatic: Connor Murphy
Editor: Taylor Ransom
Supervising Sound Editor & Mixer: Ben Governale
Sound Design/Foley: Nic Federle, Ben Governale
Produced By: Adam Nusrallah
Production Manager: Autumn Soeder
Production Coordinator: Michael Stewart

gundham tanaka playz
gundham tanaka playz 20 timmar sedan
I just watched 4 hours of sudded anime hearing English confused the shit out of me
Clinton Wilkins
Clinton Wilkins 20 timmar sedan
NordVPN sucks. Its so popular but doesnt mask shit when people use reavr's and OVH on gaming consoles.
erroneousdays Dag sedan
Their two cells rattling around their brains...
justaperson8910 Dag sedan
A monocle over an eye patch is both wicked evil and overly redundant at the same time.
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne 2 dagar sedan
PTA meeting be like:
WalkedStraw 2 dagar sedan
I want respect now "Welcome To The Shadow Garden" Doujinshi 317115
Zeborak 2 dagar sedan
0:17 i thought he called the meeting because he was the only one who can talk
Seifix Network
Seifix Network 3 dagar sedan
Meanwhile in another alternate reality were all humanity died because of invention of catapult
codmaster genius
codmaster genius 3 dagar sedan
1:03 then how do they know about how they were born?
Lucas Herquist
Lucas Herquist 3 dagar sedan
There is a file that says porn ha
Fawna FlyTrap
Fawna FlyTrap 4 dagar sedan
I find it funny how pranks were invented but babies weren’t.
Jonny Graham
Jonny Graham 5 dagar sedan
Soo basically how man kind should have happened?
D-weed 6 dagar sedan
Norway :D
rainbow sweater
rainbow sweater 6 dagar sedan
Only if they did this, I never had to deal with these exams.🙄
michaelflash123's stuff
michaelflash123's stuff 13 dagar sedan
Hayden Giroux
Hayden Giroux 14 dagar sedan
F to the real chad, Darryl.
Jack Hernandez
Jack Hernandez 16 dagar sedan
Wow if only they were smarter
SpilledCobra872 16 dagar sedan
Did anyone else notice the folder in the bottom left corner of the hacker's computer?
clinton phang
clinton phang 22 dagar sedan
"I called this meeting because-" Me: Oh you had ine job cavemen, ONE JOB
Lord Volvin
Lord Volvin 23 dagar sedan
*Plot twist: the old man at the end is Trolley Tom but in prehistoric times.
Vicarious Pasta
Vicarious Pasta 24 dagar sedan
Definitely my favorite short.
Father Maxi
Father Maxi 25 dagar sedan
Good thing with NordVPN I can watch certain SEpost videos that were blocked in my country
Not Jason Blooey
Not Jason Blooey 26 dagar sedan
If the homework folder is always full of porn, is the porn folder at 3:38 full of homework?
Dislexual 27 dagar sedan
Cavemen: have no concept of age, birth, or even day and night Also Cavemen: can build catapults, and according to the cave art, also have toilets, and are fluent in both caveman grunts and English
Mr. L
Mr. L 28 dagar sedan
Basically its what if caveman were total idiots.
Pomken Dip
Pomken Dip 28 dagar sedan
R.I.P. Darrel: something - something
Richard Maddin
Richard Maddin 29 dagar sedan
Alright, who sus
Dith Ponce
Dith Ponce 29 dagar sedan
1:37 a Baby 👶
Dith Ponce
Dith Ponce 29 dagar sedan
0:59 *You are Suck it Daryl, you blow in it!*
GG Pablo8
GG Pablo8 Månad sedan
I truly believe that that is how migration happened
Liquid Snake
Liquid Snake Månad sedan
More like NerdVPN
Nicolas Etienne
Nicolas Etienne Månad sedan
The symbol of woke people everywhere.
Emma Stephens
Emma Stephens Månad sedan
Short and sweet :)
Emma Stephens
Emma Stephens Månad sedan
Short and sweet :)
Not bruhify but bruhify
Not bruhify but bruhify Månad sedan
"keep watching to end for a special animation" _Nord VPN_ It is acceptable
grim knight
grim knight Månad sedan
You guys remember the scientist who thought he made a teleport machine but actually it was a time machines! He trow books and stufc in that there was a cave man who found them and build things at the end that caveman came to future hit the scientist and trow him in time machine and he became the scientist himself! That scientist that was sent to the past had a mastach but his mastach and his cloth was burned, the burned cloth became something similar to cave man outfit! I thinl this guy is the same man! Look how smarter he is and how normal he talks and he can write books and shit! So my theory is this guy was pissed at the caveman who sent him to the past so he came up with a plan to destroy the earth and that bastard caveman. He manipulated them into killing their children and you can see how happy he was in the end he destroyed human race
blaster915 Månad sedan
Darlene OBanner
Darlene OBanner Månad sedan
Wow I know he did he had sex
Liam Oihan Sadlier Puy
Liam Oihan Sadlier Puy Månad sedan
3:48 When you recognize the colour combo
Austin Gehman
Austin Gehman Månad sedan
They invented the Catapult but couldn’t tell what a baby was lmfao
Cracker Snap
Cracker Snap Månad sedan
I love the Steve Allen joke.
Noahnimates Månad sedan
Now i get why they died in the end...
Joshua pere
Joshua pere Månad sedan
Pls don't say Holy shit 😔
Charles0304 Månad sedan
Joshua pere
Joshua pere Månad sedan
Pls don't say Goddamn
Charles0304 Månad sedan
Warckloks123 Månad sedan
Hvor er brunost gangen?
Joel Martinsson
Joel Martinsson Månad sedan
I love the idea of "Steve" being one of the original names that has been going around since caveman times.
GoodLuckCookies Månad sedan
"goofy ass wigglers"
NotmrTaco Månad sedan
Hey my parents did this to me!
Stick Bug
Stick Bug Månad sedan
"Hard to sneak into a cave when your head has been bashed into a meat soup with a big ass rock" I'm dying
Sean Fisher
Sean Fisher Månad sedan
Lol! Cavemen tech was a trebuchet!
That Orange
That Orange Månad sedan
0:00 •-------------- 2:00
Adelina Quintana
Adelina Quintana Månad sedan
I literally screamed no as soon as I saw the catapult.
Charles0304 Månad sedan
Joseph Jung
Joseph Jung Månad sedan
Non simps: exists My brain:
PZ4 gamer
PZ4 gamer Månad sedan
Charles0304 Månad sedan
Steven Lopez
Steven Lopez Månad sedan
I just thought it was you from far away.
Little Gacha
Little Gacha Månad sedan
What about the cord.....
Matthew P Moreau_22
Matthew P Moreau_22 Månad sedan
Evolution is evil!
Sammo Studio
Sammo Studio Månad sedan
How did this not happen
Full moon Chan
Full moon Chan Månad sedan
Trains, Tanks, and History.
Trains, Tanks, and History. Månad sedan
I like Daryl he reminds me of my stupid neighbor Dwain.
RoxanneTheWolf Darkscales
RoxanneTheWolf Darkscales Månad sedan
Josh son ofZeus
Josh son ofZeus Månad sedan
RimworldPlayer. Månad sedan
Dude... The auto-generated captions were perfect for me at some parts.
Little Gacha
Little Gacha Månad sedan
Instantly turns on captions
Alex the Lord of Fire
Alex the Lord of Fire Månad sedan
If they threw rocks to everyone they didn't know how come the tribe has mixed races??
Toodles Von Drake
Toodles Von Drake Månad sedan
And everyone died. The end.
LinusGaming Månad sedan
Im from norway🤩
Adrian figueroa
Adrian figueroa Månad sedan
The only sponsorships I stick around
Aaron - Sim City
Aaron - Sim City Månad sedan
Is that the spider-affair woman
Wars of the Blade
Wars of the Blade Månad sedan
2:16 TOM?!
Sans Peter Griffin
Sans Peter Griffin Månad sedan
Meanwhile in an alternate universe
Funny Momentz
Funny Momentz Månad sedan
Stupid internet
MurkMire Månad sedan
I can’t even begin to fathom how humans survived for so long, because I can 100% see this happening.
The Light Entertainment
The Light Entertainment Månad sedan
NordVPN is protecting ExplosmEntertainment from the FBI that is gonna arrest them because they make offensive jokes
Gabriel Picazo
Gabriel Picazo Månad sedan
They just killed themselves for stupid reasons
leon leon
leon leon Månad sedan
Best commercial ads ever! 🤣
Sprytny Zawsze
Sprytny Zawsze Månad sedan
you killed all the communists of the world! you are a hero :)
Nice reference from the bible Pslam 137:9 "Happy are those who take away your infants and BASH THEM ON THE ROCKS"
Henry TheGreatAmerican
Henry TheGreatAmerican Månad sedan
Well, at least the writing is getting better. I was getting sick of all those butt and penis shorts.
SgtxAnus Månad sedan
Happy to see youre back buddy
That1SadGuy Månad sedan
And this is how britain one day took over a large percentage of the world
Fighting Bot X
Fighting Bot X Månad sedan
I cant believe we where that dumb
Ketil Helt enig
Ketil Helt enig Månad sedan
Me that live in norway :O did he say norway!?!?
G48DownX Månad sedan
Get my ladder.
Alekzander Venegas
Alekzander Venegas Månad sedan
It's crazy to think that these kinds of things with the whole sacrificing of baby's was a real thing in many ways than one.... this portrayal just so happens to be funnier tho 😂
Lina Tonheim
Lina Tonheim Månad sedan
3:23 when your country is mentioned in foreign media
Tapey TPOT
Tapey TPOT Månad sedan
ILikeGuns1992 Månad sedan
NordVPN again oh my
Pikachu Månad sedan
why she talking about the next thyme
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt Månad sedan
“Does anyone knows what this thing is?” “It’s ....... food” ”Your a god dam genius”
The Cheese
The Cheese Månad sedan
These animations can be so creative for the ads
DragieULTRA Månad sedan
babies are so darn cute...... them b killin me
Random Number
Random Number Månad sedan
Pornhub, NordVPN... when did this funny series degenerate into a bunch of stupid ads that no-one cares about? I don't need a VPN and I've been watching PornHub since before C&H existed. Can you go back to making clever and witty stuff instead of 80% blatant advertising? Thanks.
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt Månad sedan
Dude am Norwegian
anton tan
anton tan Månad sedan
Y4 BOI Månad sedan
somewhere in an alternate universe
dragonanimekid Månad sedan
Who was the hacker
Siarra Woodbury
Siarra Woodbury Månad sedan
Oddmerx Månad sedan
Definitely one of Steve's jokes
Krystal Patterson
Krystal Patterson Månad sedan
Your mom was the hacker
[B•L•U•E - L•E•A•F]
[B•L•U•E - L•E•A•F] Månad sedan
Oh its the wife that slept with a spider
Bruh Månad sedan
Are you on tik tok
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