The Deadliest Animals | Cyanide & Happiness Monday Mashup

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Dogs, Ducks, And Lions oh my!
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Therian Learner
Therian Learner 7 dagar sedan
For that lion dude, there is such thing as a nose
Lazergaming 155
Lazergaming 155 Månad sedan
How come Donovan duck got a special intro?
Lord ShrekingTon
Lord ShrekingTon Månad sedan
The first one was the deadist animal
Reizyl Cavero
Reizyl Cavero 2 månader sedan
Ah yes twist our minds
Marcus Murray
Marcus Murray 2 månader sedan
If u look up porking the receptionist this video will show up
Arcosian x
Arcosian x 3 månader sedan
2:18 bruh you want your head bitten off
TheRawringDog 3 månader sedan
That tiger mom was useless Let her son witness death and then coverd his eyes
Akshay Prakash
Akshay Prakash 4 månader sedan
I wonder why they have a shredder in a completley random room in the house
Chronic Plush Films
Chronic Plush Films 4 månader sedan
Can someone tell me what the twist was in circus trick i mean I know the animals and humans switched but what does that have to do with anything
Vanessa Cogdill
Vanessa Cogdill 4 månader sedan
Poor puppy pepper
Aisling Cronesgrove
Aisling Cronesgrove 4 månader sedan
So like a 5 year old couldn't decide over pussy or the d... he considered both
Emily Graetz
Emily Graetz 5 månader sedan
Correction: The Deadest Animals
Stephen White
Stephen White 5 månader sedan
Breathe out of your nose
CombraStudios 5 månader sedan
it was never the animals who killed...
Hazim Gaming
Hazim Gaming 5 månader sedan
The circus guy death by tiger
Leonardo McDuck
Leonardo McDuck 5 månader sedan
that is ture.when u got an unhappy family 2 grow up.
The little Salinas and Mckelvey
The little Salinas and Mckelvey 5 månader sedan
Title: The deadliest animals Literally every main animal in the shorts: *dies*
Khashayar 5 månader sedan
Te falta calle Pibe
Te falta calle Pibe 5 månader sedan
Peper the dog = F :(
DangerIncreased 5 månader sedan
So, the hooman is Donaven And thats a duck -_-
Alejandro Camacho
Alejandro Camacho 5 månader sedan
Ify dad or mom ask for pick one I pick my dog
HiHowZ itgoin64
HiHowZ itgoin64 5 månader sedan
Wha-*why was there a woodchiper*
LittlePwnageMusicFan 1337
LittlePwnageMusicFan 1337 5 månader sedan
There ARE some CUTE animals that CAN kill you.
EditcouR 5 månader sedan
Is this a repost
EditcouR 5 månader sedan
I saw this along time ago
Blackdeath39 Muffin
Blackdeath39 Muffin 5 månader sedan
Plot twist humans are the deadliest animals since they caused the death of the rest
OneShankyBoi 5 månader sedan
That first one hit me HARD
demo nas
demo nas 5 månader sedan
Blue guy sounds like the duck in that duck song
Skelton warrior stop motion videos
Skelton warrior stop motion videos 5 månader sedan
That duck leg looks different
Shih Hao Chiu
Shih Hao Chiu 5 månader sedan
I've always wanted a dog
Trinston Michaels
Trinston Michaels 5 månader sedan
Trinston was here
karan jagvender
karan jagvender 5 månader sedan
Father puts his di** everywhere , most American thing I've heard....
Mr. T Rex
Mr. T Rex 5 månader sedan
The deadliest animal is human
Taha 5 månader sedan
Ok grandpa
Soul Sniper 24k
Soul Sniper 24k 5 månader sedan
Naci Rachell
Naci Rachell 5 månader sedan
Lions killer
Deshan Simon
Deshan Simon 5 månader sedan
Guess humans are one of the deadliest animals😭
ᎷᎬ̈ᎪᎠᎾ̷Ꮃs ᯼ 5 månader sedan
Sugoi Dekai
Sugoi Dekai 5 månader sedan
Ohh this the second part
Dom Frei
Dom Frei 5 månader sedan
Naci Rachell
Naci Rachell 5 månader sedan
Dog Died
Gavin Richards
Gavin Richards 5 månader sedan
Me on 2:45: OMG HAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!!!! *inhale* *wheezing so hard*
Alisa Madalana
Alisa Madalana 5 månader sedan
The third and last video was the funniest.
Biggs Media
Biggs Media 5 månader sedan
Джамал Гамидов
Джамал Гамидов 5 månader sedan
Oh my god
Malcolm Borton
Malcolm Borton 5 månader sedan
Espeodor II
Espeodor II 5 månader sedan
But I love the big soft bed though
Magic Hurricane
Magic Hurricane 5 månader sedan
When are you guys making a movie to go out in cinemas?!?!!?
حيدر الخويلدي
حيدر الخويلدي 5 månader sedan
Dave Thompson
Dave Thompson 5 månader sedan
The deadliest animals are the friends we made along the way
Steven Green
Steven Green 5 månader sedan
Circus guy:Don't worry folks this trick is perfectly safe.(proceeds to deep throat lion with his head.Causing him to clamp down on instinct.Killing circus guy.But head is still lodged in his throat and the lion suffocates to death in front of an audience of lions.) :P
Joel Delfino
Joel Delfino 5 månader sedan
make strams in twich to have another source of income besides the patreon, so the people donate money, sub or bits :)
CrazyCookieToonz 5 månader sedan
2:23 *was that the bite of 87!*
LOL FACE 5 månader sedan
The first one is just the deadist
Mr Mystic
Mr Mystic 5 månader sedan
That last one reminds me of Madagascar 3 but without the human riders.
Lennart Barrett
Lennart Barrett 5 månader sedan
why didnt the lion just breathe through his nose smh
Lennart Barrett
Lennart Barrett 5 månader sedan
@Wavemaninawe i thought just his mouth was blocked
Wavemaninawe 5 månader sedan
The mouth and the nose (and the ears) connect to the throat. They stem from the same plumbing.
the21ms .new_save_file
the21ms .new_save_file 5 månader sedan
Deadliest pets PEPPER: DEADliest
Rowen Batts
Rowen Batts 5 månader sedan
I'm earlyyyyy
Big Noob
Big Noob 5 månader sedan
VancePants 5 månader sedan
Is this titled "Deadliest Animals" or "Deadest Animals"?
Rick Martinez
Rick Martinez 5 månader sedan
Eli j Martinez: please the only dangerous animals are scorpions spiders snakes anacondas piranhas and tigers!😃
Nicholas Flores
Nicholas Flores 5 månader sedan
These parents are just ,... worse than William afton
Siniša Mađioničar
Siniša Mađioničar 5 månader sedan
Zack Lepplin
Zack Lepplin 5 månader sedan
For me when my parents divorced I wish the wood chipper was there for me they were just arguing about who gets me because neither of them wanted me lmao
Hados_RM 5 månader sedan
Good old times when you guys were still funny
lar son
lar son 5 månader sedan
Aw so sad for that dog in that divorce
Just a peace of cake
Just a peace of cake 5 månader sedan
Lol DONAVAn duck I get it
E_ normastits
E_ normastits 5 månader sedan
"got any grapes?
Christian Sarmiento
Christian Sarmiento 5 månader sedan
One of my teacher's name is Donovan and that jingle always pops in my mind whenever I hear his name.
Darryl Spence
Darryl Spence 5 månader sedan
I love your videos but why the weird jokes 🧐
עומר ליבוביץ'
עומר ליבוביץ' 5 månader sedan
Where's Clawford the big blue cat
roboguy 540
roboguy 540 5 månader sedan
Donavan duck is still my favorite.
ClawedLion97983 Lion97983
ClawedLion97983 Lion97983 5 månader sedan
Andrew Giles
Andrew Giles 5 månader sedan
Precipire 5 månader sedan
Damn I wish the wood chipper was an option for me
Sean Dunne
Sean Dunne 5 månader sedan
Thay woodchipper was a better parent/owner that they'll ever get, it took care of them in an instant.
Schuhey 5 månader sedan
PSA: Don't feed ducks bread.
yes Heng
yes Heng 5 månader sedan
they chose the dog before the kid
Gamer Raichu
Gamer Raichu 5 månader sedan
Soo... "deadliest" as in the animals that *die.* Fair enough XD
J. B
J. B 5 månader sedan
I wish we had a wood chipper at my home.
[Apocalyptic] ]Nightmare[
[Apocalyptic] ]Nightmare[ 5 månader sedan
Ppl who name is Donovan:😔
[Apocalyptic] ]Nightmare[
[Apocalyptic] ]Nightmare[ 5 månader sedan
That's my name irl
ashgcy 5 månader sedan
Ah yes, my favourite animal, the wood chipper. It’s an endangered species don’t you know
Erick Castellanos
Erick Castellanos 5 månader sedan
Wonder why all the animals have cloths but the lion that died
Daemen G
Daemen G 5 månader sedan
10.5M subs, Can't come up with something new? Not getting paid enough? Stop with the re posts and put something up that's not a replay. Thanks.
Silver bullet Pro
Silver bullet Pro 5 månader sedan
When the year 9 lebs are both offering fake hi fives
Umar Williams
Umar Williams 5 månader sedan
After 8 years I now understand this joke 1:59
Say my fucking name
Say my fucking name 5 månader sedan
I love watching this and eating a fat ass sandwich
Vodka for life rifugiato di tik tok
Vodka for life rifugiato di tik tok 5 månader sedan
Moment there Is the noise
Trev Williams
Trev Williams 5 månader sedan
Either I’m out of touch when it comes to C&H or that one was really well done (or both) but I did NOT see the Donovan duck coming lol
xNJAxNinjaYT 5 månader sedan
I thought the dog was going to split in half and walk to both of them and fall over and die from bleeding out but still these animations surprise me u can never truly guess what exactly will happen in these episodes
Fredrik Schandorff
Fredrik Schandorff 5 månader sedan
That`s so dumb! The exhaust is not supposed to face a wall. Look at that mess!
luka gamer
luka gamer 5 månader sedan
Yea I'm scared now kids are watching this animations come on there are much blood and gore here
QuantumStriker 003
QuantumStriker 003 5 månader sedan
We get it.....humans are the deadliest animals
Mrinal Rohilla
Mrinal Rohilla 5 månader sedan
Why nobody is taking about Poor Donavon
Djunaidah Abdullah
Djunaidah Abdullah 5 månader sedan
What The Heck The Lion Kill The Circus Guy in Circus
Just wanna watch YouTube geez!
Just wanna watch YouTube geez! 5 månader sedan
Cyanide and happiness should make a Red Bull commercial, like a fake one with a different product name.
d j
d j 5 månader sedan
the dog in the background picture in the first short isnt the same one as pepper.......wonder what happened to him
Sibanarayan M
Sibanarayan M 5 månader sedan
So, humans are the deadliest animals
Void Phenomenon
Void Phenomenon 5 månader sedan
คุคุ มิง เรนจ้า'จ้า'
คุคุ มิง เรนจ้า'จ้า' 5 månader sedan
2 am
AtomicPenguin07 5 månader sedan
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