The Depressing Episode - S1E8 - Cyanide & Happiness Show - INTERNATIONAL RELEASE

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6 år sedan

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DrowningFish 2 timmar sedan
jesus christ
John Doho
John Doho Dag sedan
Sometimes disease is there and it will kill you suddenly. Every day is a day to laugh at death if i want to now... But this was sad. And funny.. Do you tell people you're dying or just wait
Ahmad Zaki
Ahmad Zaki 2 dagar sedan
God I feel bad for laughing
Ahmad Faiz Haikhal Durming
Ahmad Faiz Haikhal Durming 2 dagar sedan
its_MarionDaSkele.87 Woo
its_MarionDaSkele.87 Woo 3 dagar sedan
The ending made me wanna cry too 😂
Natalie labun
Natalie labun 3 dagar sedan
This has to be named cyanide and sadness
its_MarionDaSkele.87 Woo
its_MarionDaSkele.87 Woo 3 dagar sedan
6:58 if you've got a tiny little face wiith a tiny l-ittle mouth, c-come on down to lil bits!!
its_MarionDaSkele.87 Woo
its_MarionDaSkele.87 Woo 3 dagar sedan
That was a sad start wtf where did that attack come from 😭😭
Senior Researcher James
Senior Researcher James 4 dagar sedan
"If your hand is bigger then your face you have cancer." I almost laughed at the joke but then I realised he was serious.
Chico 3 dagar sedan
SUPERNOVA 5 dagar sedan
2:58 Is that a Family Guy reference
Hulenova 9 dagar sedan
I swear Cyanide and Happiness is the best at making depressing stuff. Fuck man. I'm an insensible motherfucker but those comics and animations. They are rough
Soumyajit Nag
Soumyajit Nag 13 dagar sedan
Make another one of these or I am unsubscribing
Ali Sentiro
Ali Sentiro 17 dagar sedan
This not happiness this is sad ness
Kyle Chester Abella
Kyle Chester Abella 3 dagar sedan
I get it
Rajae Hasart
Rajae Hasart 17 dagar sedan
Yeh life is really precious so plz ppl don't take it for granted
Lucas Costa
Lucas Costa 19 dagar sedan
wow, really cool, now I have three different types of depression
Kenzo Van wyk
Kenzo Van wyk 20 dagar sedan
The last one was the saddest
33的小居蹄 20 dagar sedan
Does anyone know the song's name? About 7:12
lucasgabriekll 21 dag sedan
i can't believe i'm actually sad after watching this
TerrorFist ll
TerrorFist ll 21 dag sedan
Wait this is different intro
Archangeru Rise Of The Wizards
Archangeru Rise Of The Wizards 22 dagar sedan
I laughed, because I am evil.
Yuvaan Joshi
Yuvaan Joshi 22 dagar sedan
I was sad about the grandma that cannot eat
ZFighterz 22 dagar sedan
What actually happen to intro guys mom?
Semitex 23 dagar sedan
funniest episode actually, no seriously lol
إبراهيم الجهيني
إبراهيم الجهيني 23 dagar sedan
Sooo sad
Golden Gamer
Golden Gamer 23 dagar sedan
How did the kids mother die... Was it... THE BIRD!!!
Betty Caravana
Betty Caravana 25 dagar sedan
The whole video was sad I cried on I feeled so bad for all of them for the where he cuts the names
Betty Caravana
Betty Caravana 25 dagar sedan
and also the one with the baby
cyber croc
cyber croc 25 dagar sedan
What happened for this video to be made
Dark Android
Dark Android 27 dagar sedan
oh god...i don't know but...i was ready to cry, when i wached the part of the man with small face :,v oh god that was so SAD!! i lauhged so as not to cry JAJA!
Alvaro Migi Jose Serna
Alvaro Migi Jose Serna Månad sedan
Dude some people can relate to this 🥺 soo sad dude😢😩🥺
Alvaro Migi Jose Serna
Alvaro Migi Jose Serna Månad sedan
Dude this is soo sad😢🥺
Fuwafuwa Meidochan
Fuwafuwa Meidochan Månad sedan
The most depressing in this vid is how in the beginning there is no plottwist in cyanide and happiness video
Bhavesh Kabra
Bhavesh Kabra Månad sedan
Only problem with this is. People say it's depressing but it's a reality of life
ME Toons
ME Toons Månad sedan
M P Månad sedan
I think the Grandma in the care home was the worst for me :(
You are my favorite channel😂
Ruan Koen
Ruan Koen Månad sedan
This fucked me up in so many different levels actually
Romy carl Dela Cruz
Romy carl Dela Cruz Månad sedan
The intro is to depressing
The7Guy Månad sedan
I almost cried in the intro :(
Melanie Draper
Melanie Draper Månad sedan
"If your hand is bigger than your face, then you have cancer" I'm dying!! Growing up we would tell our friends the same thing. We would ask them to check, then when the other kid went to check, you would slap his hand into their face. Awe the '80s, back when we didn't have a cell phone to keep us entertained.
Padraic Kennedy123
Padraic Kennedy123 Månad sedan
Hard to find any type of cancer jokes funny when you've lost someone to it.
Paddy Mcguffie
Paddy Mcguffie Månad sedan
I understand wot u mean my grandad currently going through cancer treatment luckily it going well through for him before he was diagnosed I would laugh at all of this but now the moment the one wiv the guy tht has cancer comes I'm jus quiet completely different atmosphere around me during them moments jus emotionless Sorry for ur loss my friend
Joaquin Fairfax
Joaquin Fairfax Månad sedan
GREAT something i watch to make me happy made me depresed
The Infinity Nerd
The Infinity Nerd Månad sedan
They used up most of their budget so they had to cut out the Happiness to save money
Igor Soares
Igor Soares Månad sedan
I'm not crying,you're crying
Sam Lindsay
Sam Lindsay Månad sedan
7:08 Pops? From The Regular Show?
Kero Kun
Kero Kun Månad sedan
Lol XD
pej 4hout
pej 4hout Månad sedan
Idk how or what but im almost crying
Tri Aji
Tri Aji Månad sedan
Alexandre vale TV criativa
Alexandre vale TV criativa Månad sedan
پدرام آرین پور
پدرام آرین پور Månad sedan
Guys go and hug those who you love and are still alive before it gets too late
پدرام آرین پور
پدرام آرین پور Månad sedan
That was inventive. NICE
Kero Kun
Kero Kun Månad sedan
Kurd or arabic ?
Littlerose39 Xx
Littlerose39 Xx Månad sedan
I actually cried at the man with a small face
Nathan Dampil
Nathan Dampil Månad sedan
7:04 can someone tell me the song pls?
pawa1308 Månad sedan
i was 11 first time i watched it and understood noting from here, now this crap makes me sad.
JM Fronda
JM Fronda Månad sedan
Be honest I cry in my room
Mr. Monotone
Mr. Monotone Månad sedan
2:58 this one was kinda funny
Kulfon Månad sedan
Iwhge+ sibus b@: j#=jivs:-(
Anonymous User
Anonymous User Månad sedan
LOL wdym I'm not crying....
Error 404
Error 404 Månad sedan
at 3:54/11:07 laugh so hard
Cynical BGS
Cynical BGS Månad sedan
The ending...
Sheriff Joe
Sheriff Joe 2 månader sedan
Even my house couldn't hold my tears... I mean happiness uhhh I mean guh- Just shut up! I'm not crying! You're crying!
Batman 2 månader sedan
I like dark humor man but holy fuckkk
dio 2 månader sedan
the way you mix the good moments and the sad moments to make it more sad is absolutely perfect
༒Random guy
༒Random guy 2 månader sedan
This episode has made my depression worse
༒Random guy
༒Random guy 2 månader sedan
1:48 R.I.P
Taylor Sauce x
Taylor Sauce x 2 månader sedan
Rip bird
Putri Novie Lulu
Putri Novie Lulu 2 månader sedan
ITS so sad.
Julia Meyer
Julia Meyer 2 månader sedan
Oooooooh my god! Why did I even watch this?! It literally says depressing. ; _ ;
killer queen
killer queen 2 månader sedan
i cried alot through the last one
killer queen
killer queen 2 månader sedan
where is the happines?
sopheak game Recorder
sopheak game Recorder 2 månader sedan
Please can you make a sad more and don't be joke
Warren Wilde
Warren Wilde 2 månader sedan
Dude, how dare you?
Stéphane Smirnow
Stéphane Smirnow 2 månader sedan
Serenity Fox
Serenity Fox 2 månader sedan
These guys got me through lockdown
Robin Storm
Robin Storm 2 månader sedan
this is so sad!:_(
Ayesha Mookadam
Ayesha Mookadam 2 månader sedan
This is the least messed up thing I've seen
Um Excuse me
Um Excuse me 2 månader sedan
Now I think of the intro guy way differently
LlamaStudio 1324
LlamaStudio 1324 2 månader sedan
i was about to cry at the end but the music at the end made me happy
THE SOLDIER 2 månader sedan
God... depressing shit again
B20C0 2 månader sedan
The Roman numerals on the gravestone are even more depressing than the scene.
LoDefGaming 2 månader sedan
the ending of the video made me feel a lot better
MADBOI07 the toxic kid
MADBOI07 the toxic kid 2 månader sedan
...I was depressed now I am more depressed thx dude
Nathan Devine
Nathan Devine 2 månader sedan
How dare you make me cry you bastard
PLAY BALADON GAMES 3 månader sedan
Tiny face , big fellings
SwooHD 3 månader sedan
First time that Cyanide & Happiness lets humans have feelIngs
Sam Richards
Sam Richards 3 månader sedan
So basically he tried to save his girlfriend but he ended up making her retarted
qwonchamp the boi 69,420
qwonchamp the boi 69,420 3 månader sedan
Dont be mad cause rhe video ended hapily cause it ment to cheer us up
AxcnWYD 3 månader sedan
This makes me want to quit life
Liz Robles
Liz Robles 3 månader sedan
Dat was so sale i almost crie😭😭😭
Liz Robles
Liz Robles 3 månader sedan
Martin Rivera
Martin Rivera 3 månader sedan
so ... that's why it took me so long to find this chapter while in quarantine, the last part was fucking depressing
Tra Tran
Tra Tran 3 månader sedan
Cyprus 100
Cyprus 100 3 månader sedan
That little face guy needs some lil bits
NickuGrowtopiaにく 3 månader sedan
Cyanide & sadness Show
Tobias Harnisch
Tobias Harnisch 3 månader sedan
You crazy bastards! You deserve every (dis)like for this Video! Mostly for the End! XD
Mapache Sovietico
Mapache Sovietico 3 månader sedan
Este capitulo la baja :c
Liz Robles
Liz Robles 3 månader sedan
MØHÅMMÊD JÄSÎR J 3 månader sedan
It was really, a depressing one!!! 😰
Juraj Krivuš
Juraj Krivuš 3 månader sedan
Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy 😥😥😥😥
Matthew Grima
Matthew Grima 3 månader sedan
This was VERY depressing but still beautiful. This came from one of the best SEpost channels to ever exist.
Robert Mruz
Robert Mruz 3 månader sedan
You made me cry
Griffin Willmore
Griffin Willmore 3 månader sedan
I knew this would be sad but holy shit I just feel like I need to live my life rather than spend my time on my phone because you never know how much time is left. I’m going to start reaching my goals. Thank you
Jakpos •
Jakpos • 3 månader sedan
the depressing part was sad
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